Changing China through its Youth – Part 4/5

February 2, 2011

Back to Wang Xiaolei, the Chinese rapper, who at the end of Part 3 shared a story where he met a Chinese girl on-line and sent her all his money so she could come live with him.  His money vanished and she never arrived but he keeps a poster-sized picture of the girl he never met in person on his wall.

Then Wang Xiaolei says there is a social problem in China. “Many girls only believe in money. They think they have to marry someone rich.”

Well, yea! In the US, we call such girls “gold diggers”. Women like this exist the world over. He just isn’t meeting the right girls.  After all, where does he spend most of his time—in bars/nightclubs singing his rap as a DJ.

Yet, opportunities exist for Wang Xiaolei that did not exist before 1980. Today, he works in a nightclub singing his songs and talks of starting his own record label. Prior to 1980, there weren’t any nightclubs in China and there were no private businesses.

The Internet love story he shared with Frontline embarrasses Wang Xiaolei.

In fact, if Wan Xiaolei had done some research he might have discovered what I did in a few second at What It’s Worth at “Watch out, says the FTC, for any Lothario who wants to get you out of the safety of the dating site and onto your personal e-mail or IM, who was planning to visit you but then can’t because of some tragic (read: costly) event, who needs your financial help to get back on his feet, or who claims to love you much, much too quickly. And note: Do not wire money. It’s not like a credit card where you have the backing of a big corporation. It’s like cash. Once you do it, it’s gone.”

If you say that maybe Wang Xiaolei couldn’t find this information because of Chinese censors, consider that China has a very active Internet with hundreds of millions of people on-line.

In fact, China has its Google and Baidu, search engines that find topics on Websites and Blogs in China that I’m sure discuss this same topic since the Chinese have more active Bloggers than any other nation.

Since this Internet love scam is alive and working in China (as it is in the US for the naive and gullible), there must have been others who were burned and then Blogged about it.

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