Lessons from History

March 12, 2010

Most of the top men in China’s modern government are engineers. They think logically. They plan. For this reason, China has a powerful military to protect the country, and China is leading the world in green energy.

Prospect Hill

The last Ming Emperor, Ch’ung-Chen, hung himself from a tree on Prospect Hill when the Manchu claimed China.  Ch’ung-Chen failed. Instead of appointing ministers to different posts to help rule the empire, he tried to do all the work of government himself. The last Dynasty, the QING (MANCHU) 1644-1911, were not popular with the Han majority and there were brutal rebellions where millions died. The emperor before Ch’ung-chen, the T’ien-Ch’i emperor, spent most of his days doing carpentry instead of doing his job.

It appears that China’s current leaders learned from the mistakes of these Emperors. China’s president cannot serve for more than two, five-year terms, and retirement is mandatory at sixty-seven. In addition, the Chinese Communist Party has more than seventy million voting members who debate and discuss issues behind closed doors. Decisions are not made lightly.

Then there is the Communist Youth League with seventy million more members.

See “No Political Machine” http://wp.me/pN4pY-dh