The Religious Cult that Contributed to China’s Decline

It could be argued that religion has only played a ‘major’ role in Chinese Culture and Politics one time.

Even today, more than 800-million Chinese say they do not belong to any organized religion and the largest religion in China is Buddhism representing 18.2-percent of the total population, and less than 0.05-percent of China’s population are Christians, 0.015 are Muslims, and about five hundred are Jews.

Then there was the White Lotus Society that brought down the Mongols.

Persecution of the White Lotus Society started during the Mongol led Yuan Dynasty (1271 – 1368). Due to this persecution, the White Lotus Society changed from one of peace and tranquility and organized protests against the Mongol rulers, the first non-Han to rule China.

When the Mongols defeated the Song Dynasty, they broke the almost 1500-year progression of dynasties ruled by the ethnic Han Chinese … the fifteen hundred years when China was the most innovative country in the world.

The Han Chinese are bound together with a common genetic stock and a shared history inhabiting an ancient ancestral territory spanning more than four thousand years, deeply rooted with many different cultural traditions and customs. Even though the Mongol Kublai Khan practiced Confucianism, that did not make him think like the Han Chinese.

Since Yuan Imperial authorities distrusted the White Lotus Society, the Mongol led Dynasty banned them, and the White Lotus that were mostly Han Chinese went underground.  The White Lotus also started to predict that a messianic Christ like figure would come and save them from persecution.

The White Lotus led revolution started in 1352 around Guangzhou. A Buddhist monk, Zhu Yuanzhang, joined the rebellion. Soon, he became the leader by forbidding his soldiers to pillage, in observance of White Lotus religious beliefs.

By 1355, the rebellion had spread through much of China. In 1356, Zhu Yuanzhang captured Nanjing and made it his capital. Then Confucian scholars issued pronouncements supporting Zhu’s claim of the Mandate of Heaven, the first step toward establishing a new dynasty.

Zhu Yuanzhang liberated China from the Mongols and became the founding Emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1643), but this Chinese Han led Dynasty would break from the methods used by all the previous dynasties led by Han Chinese.

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114 Responses to The Religious Cult that Contributed to China’s Decline

  1. Trump is a monster with power. History is filled with monsters like Trump. I think most if not all major civilization throughout history have collapsed, a monster like Trump has been the one responsible for lighting the fuse that blew it up.
    Trump is not unique. History shows as that. Too bad the Republican Party is so corrupt, they have not done anything to reign Trump in. All it would take is Trump’s cabinet using the 25th Amendment to declare Trump enthrallment unstable to get rid of him and replace him with Pence. Pence will bring his own problems to the White House since he is a minion of ALEC and the Koch brothers, but hopefully Pence will not be a monster that destroys a civilization.

    • Pray that someone stops Trump one way or the other.

      • If anyone could use drones like in the film Angel Has Fallen, it would have to be a billionaire that hates the traitor more than the rest of us that are not Trumpists.

      • Lloyd President Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper and James Comey . I also read Two White House officials said later on Monday that Mr. Trump was not finished, and that Christopher A. Wray, the F.B.I. director, and Gina Haspel, the C.I.A. director, could be next in line to be fired. Removing these senior officials — in effect decapitating the nation’s national security bureaucracy — would be without parallel by an outgoing president who has just lost re-election. How many people Trump fired for doing their jobs ? Before became elector United States has 5 FBI directors in the history including who Richard Nixon fired from there how many FBI directors America had until today ? I never had read something like that , as well Trump fired from the White House other’s people? The constitution give the authority to the president to fired whoever their want without the chance to appeals ?

      • I’ve read a lot about Trump since 2015. Before then, I heard about him occasionally because of The Apprentice TV show (that I never watched) and his Art of the Deal book (that I never read and he didn’t write – he paid a ghost writer to write it for him), but that was all I knew about him.

        The day all that changed was during the presidential debates between him and Hillary Clinton. When I was watching the debates I was fact checking them and at the end, almost if not everything that came out of Trump’s mouth was a lie and then there was him stalking Hillary as she stood behind her podium and he walked around like he was a serial killer waiting for his moment to strike and kill her. Hillary wasn’t totally correct either but her lies or errors were nowhere close to Trump.

        Since then I learned Trump was a malignant narcissist, a serial liar, a failed businessman, a traitor to his country, a greedy SOB, a cheat, a fraud, a guy who doesn’t read much and has a very short attention span, someone with thin skin who casn’t take criticism but hands it out like he’s on fire, and the clincher, he expects everyone to by loyal to him like devout Jews, Christians and Muslims are loyal to God. To Trump, everything is about him, him, him, him. IF someone in his administration didn’t agree with him, didn’t follow his orders even if they were against the law, or criticized him in any way, he got rid of them. Trump expected total obedience. He expected anyone around him to worship him as if he was God. Oh, and he lives to get revenge on anyone for any reason he thinksof, and he enjoys it when it gets his revenge by bankrupting someone and/or destroying their lives.

        Here is a link that lists all of the people Trump fired or who resigned from his administration. Be patient while you are scrolling through the list. It’s LONG. And, Brookings says this list does not include Cabinet secretaries.

        I think RUP means he fired them or forced them to resign. Some were promoted to higher positions because of their blind loyalty and praise of God Trump.

      • Lloyd how much it’s the budget for the defense ?

      • Lloyd that amount of money is a lot compared with the rest of the 10 tops country’s . I don’t know much as you do regarding the budges but I think it’s a lot of money. That amount of money could protect us from a war between the evil Putin just in case that evil Putin start a conflict with us ? Let’s said a war with Russia and us USA started the money and budget can stop them with the misil and submarine that the evils Rusian got ?

      • If Putin is crazy enough to use Russia’s nuclear weapons on the US, that will be the end of life on this planet as we know it.

        It’s called mutually assured destruction.

        If the US and Russia end up in a conventional war without using nuclear weapons, Russia and Putin will be utterly destroyed before that war ends but the cost of fighting that war may also destroy the United States economically.

        That is called a Pyrrhic victory.

      • FEDERAL AVIATION REGULATIONS ( drones are “ legal “ to put penalty to Americans for flying drones legally ?

      • I’m thinking of the drones used in this movie.

        Angel Has Fallen

        But, whoever had access to and used drones like that would have to change the name of that operation to Devil Has Fallen.

  2. It’s Amarican on the same way ?
    Let’s read this ,,, .
    I know that are totalitarian religions as well as Regime now the constitution should respect the right of Religion to the Jehovah Wiseness organization because in China was / is banned.
    Russia was/is banned , in America Jehovah Wiseness was banned , American is the Head of the World 🌎. What county is the neck and the feet’s ?
    I know that China’s culture and cult it’s very important and have importantes the world 🗺.
    Now United States, China , Rusia and Cuba , the only country free of Religious is U.S. A .
    Why ?
    Because the constitution was funded by rights and good people died for it .

    • The US Constitution is only for the United States. One country cannot pass laws for another country. They can try, but will probably fail big time since other countries and their citizens do not like other countries telling them what they should do.

      If China’s government thinks a religion or cult is too political, then there is little to nothing the United States can do.

    • The US Constitution is also being subverted by David and Charles Koch and their Kochtapus and the ALEC machine they launched 45 years ago to subvert the US Constitution so they can turn the US into a fake Christian theocratic kleptocracy. If the Koch brothers succeed, do not be surprised if all religions that they do not approve of end up on a much longer list of religions and cults that are no longer allowed even in the US.

      • As an example, in Lancaster, California, where the Koch brothers have no sway, it takes $50 and 15 minutes to get a permit to put solar your home. That’s reasonable price but $ 150,000 and 9 moth waiting .
        Wow you can instala to the hole hood solar to the San Francisco, house owners ?
        Lloyd $ 150 , 000 vs $50 sound crazy .
        I should believe what I’m sending to you this ,,?

        Because liberalism is about freedom, transparency, and allowing people to make their choices without coercion, subsidy, fraud, theft, or threat of violence.

        And the Koch brothers (David ran for US Vice-President on the Libertarian ticket in 1980…against Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush!) have used their profits to seek to bribe the elected officials to purchase the US government to use it as an instrument to coerce, subsidize, defraud, steal, and threaten any and all people who stand in the way of the Koch brothers and their desire to seize land, water, fossil fuels and, apparently, to pollute without limit.

        A better question is…why would conservatives or Republicans or conservative Republicans see the Koch brothers as evil?

        One good answer is that the Koch brothers do not believe in small government, they believe in big government that does what the Koch brothers tell it to do, and the Koch brothers do not believe in a free market that requires minimal subsidies to function, they believe in building on this world, in which $2 trillion in subsidies goes towards fossil fuels.

        As an example, in Lancaster, California, where the Koch brothers have no sway, it takes $50 and 15 minutes to get a permit to put solar your home. That’s reasonable to liberals and conservatives, right?

        In Ohio, where the Koch brothers have spent tens of millions trying to use government to crush competitors, it can cost $150,000 and up to nine months to get a permit to put solar panels on your home. That’s unreasonable to virtually everyone, liberal or conservative, on earth, or would be if you explained the situation and contrasted it with Lancaster.

        Basically, the Koch brothers are like venture capitalists or investment bankers, putting money into people who pitch them and tell them how the Koch brothers will get a great Return On Investment, but these pitch-makers are not entrepreneurs or executives, they are elected officials who are going to take from public funds in a way that allows the Koch brothers to profit privately.

        If you do the cost curves for solar pricing, the oil industry will be mostly over in the US by 2030 (See Tony Seba’s book, Clean Disruption). The Koch brothers have such a terrible name that they would never be successful in solar. So they have to try to use their money while they have it to change the government so that the government will devote itself primarily to keeping the economy from doing what it wants to do, which is turn towards renewables.

        Solar was a $1 billion a year industry in 2004 and a $100 billion a year industry in 2014, globally. By 2024, it will be $1 trillion a year and, according to Deutsche Bank, will be $5 trillion a year by 2030.

        If these two projections are correct, the Koch brothers will lose tens of billions, so it’s worth investing hundreds of millions to change the odds.

        And that’s bribery, which is not liberal or conservative, or Liberal or Conservative. That’s treason.

      • Tesla bought Solar City and I had one of the Tesla people come to my house to give me a quote. After all the rebates, the cost for solar cells on the roof, all the electrical work and a battery pack similiar to the one Tesla uses in its cars, cost $13,500. The electric bill would have dropped to almost nothing and if there was a power failure, the Tesla battery would power the house for a couple of days or longer.

      • Lloyd if the power leaves now in California you can survive a whole week? Wow wonderful, you are almost in paradise.

      • Not yet. I don’t have the solar cells or the battery pack yet. I have to save the money. I don’t want to borrow and pay the interest on the loan.

      • One way or another those greedy owners of the world , they get our money one way or another , right way or wrong way ( there’r ways)
        nobody lives forever they don’t , if they want to bring the money to heaven , most of them said there going to heaven , those arrogant people think they can decide or chose the same way of God , those greedy could be called greedy’s , more fools , Jesus called one of them fool , or stupid, well Lloyd let me check before send it to you .
        Let’s see ,,🤔
        The Bible is more accurate than I thought…
        Then he said to them: “Keep your eyes open and guard against every sort of greed,p because even when a person has an abundance, his life does not result from the things he possesses.”q 16 With that he told them an illustration, saying: “The land of a rich man produced well. 17 So he began reasoning within himself, ‘What should I do now that I have nowhere to gather my crops?’ 18 Then he said, ‘I will do this:r I will tear down my storehouses and build bigger ones, and there I will gather all my grain and all my goods, 19 and I will say to myself: “You have many good things stored up for many years; take it easy, eat, drink, enjoy yourself.”’ 20 But God said to him, ‘Unreasonable one, this night they are demanding your life from you. Who, then, is to have the things you stored up?’s 21 So it goes with the man who stores up treasure for himself but is not rich toward God.”t

        The Koch brothers are liberals ? Well I think they are not inmortal , if they think they don’t , something is wrong with them , they could said we are going to heaven or whatever they can do not much , more money they earned less change to go to 🤔where ?
        I’m don’t know ether Lloyd

      • The Koch brothers call themselves libertarians … not liberals. But they are fake libertarians.

        Charles and David Koch are extremist Catholics (comparable to Extremist Muslims) that do not even agree with the current Pope.

      • Good afternoon Lloyd .
        The letter said this .
        Dear parent/ Guardian .

        Congratulations. MELANIE CASTILLO has been accepted to LBA Academy Charter Hight Scooll for the 2018-2019 Schooll year .

        Lloyd is a huge letter and I’m not confortable at all because I never did nothing to try to enroll my Daughter to any Charter Schooll , my Daughter it’s a top students at Hieleah Gardens Hialeah Schooll and it’s a public Schooll , almost 3 thousands students and Melanie was invited to Washington DC . Because she is the top list on Dade County , she won plenty awards and I was told by the principal that Melanie has a Garantte Scholar ship , predtion according her GPA almost 4 , Lloyd the point is this , My daughter and Son where abuse at the crooked charter HEA . Then I’m home quit and I read this letter that mess my day and I work like to expose this corruption or maybe someone who knows that I’m a activist Opositor to Charters schools and the letter was sensed international to the purpose of close this Charter that is very close to HEA and they will loss money , what do you think I should do ?
        I would like to expose this at world press but I’m don’t know how to do what you do with Diane I wish I could do as a lithe as you , I wold like to go and seat with the Superintendent or go to court because this is ridiculous it’s over and over again and again

      • Did someone else fill out an application for your daughter? If not, think about having a lawyer send them a letter that spells out how the charter school will be dragged through the courts and the media if they continue their attempt to hijack your daughter from the public school she attends.

        Don’t forget, if this private sector charter school is owned and opearted by frauds, liars and conartists, there is probalby nothing they will not try since we live in the age of Trump. Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal”, a book he didn’t write (he paid someone else to write it for him), should have been called, “The Art of the Con”.

      • LBA Construction & Business Management Academy

        A Non-Profit -Miami Dade County Public Charter Schooll .
        ( 305) 822-8455
        Ms. Jennifer Jaynes
        I called them they tried to ding out who I’m because I questioned them, before they questioned me because I won’t tell them who I’m , because they will do wherever they have to spread , Reibel Castillo the Troublemaker who expose the truth about Charters crimes and Frauds , those individuals the less they think if they comite the mistake to send the letter to an father and advocate for the good education and the education its bleak because Charters are Business , I think I have to escalate this case because the Charters are not respecting my family , thanks Lloyd let’s see how I can find a Lawyer and move on Againts this crooked, the battle against those who destroyed the future of my son and the peace of my house start 4 years ago , you once told me that when people are still alive , people can fight back , like those who fight for the constitution civil world

      • For a civil war to have any chance at success, I’ve read that at least 5 percent of the population must be ready to fight. In the United States, that means more than 16.25 million people. I don’t think this country is there yet. That doesn’t mean all 16.25 million are in the rebel army, because there must be people that support them with weapons, medical care, and food.

        I’m not sure if that many Americans will ever be ready to fight a civil war again. The U.S. is the fattest country on the planet. More than 70-percent of citizens are fat or obese and probably couldn’t fight their way out of a thin paper bag.

        One person or even a few cannot fight a civil war. They will just be committing suicide and go down in the history books as insane killers and terrorists.

        No, a civil war requires millions of people willing to rise up together in anger who are willing to risk everything to throw off the yoke of tyranny. I don’t see that happening in the U.S. To many people are addicted to bad food, sugar, drugs, video games, texting, binge-watching TV.

        I read that many people in the EU think that the country the founding fathers created with the U.S. Constitution is Lost. I’m beginning to think that too.

      • No Lloyd don’t think like those people , you did a lot for this country and are still doing a lot , look, because of you Charters are not doing the way because you teach me how to peaceful expose their tricks

      • Lloyd no we don’t fill out any form or nothing like that , those crooked stolen the information from a source that should be bring to court

      • I’ve read that charter schools buy the lists of student names that are already enrolled in public schools. Our personal information is on sale to anyone that wants to buy it. Corporations are free to do whatever they want in the Trumpish, Koch-Suckers’ world.

        I suggest you contact the principal at your daughter’s public school and tell him what the corporate charter is doing. Let that princpal know you don’t want your daughter in that corporate charter school and ask if that principal knows how to stop that corporate charter school from kidnapping (stealing) your daughter from the public schools.

      • Thanks Lloyd I really Appreciate it , I’m very close to my daughter Schooll I will go and see how they are not doing nothing to stop those crooked

      • Your daughter’s school probably doesn’t know what the Corporate Charter is doing and even if they do know, they probalby don’t have the money to hire a laywer and go after the greedy, lying corporate frauds. To buy justice in the US, you must have a lot of money to pay a lawyer with no gurantee you will win but with a gurantee tha tyou could end up broke and bankrupt.

      • That’s because Alberto Carvahlo is a shill for the corporate Charter School establishment. I was told this !

      • Lloyd everyone should know this because this Charter ( Hiealeah Education Academic.Inc’s Principal don’t want to paid the money for damage by the way if Jeb Bush has pictures with him as well other board of owners on the social media ( the puctures was posted and share with me , they want what I won’t do it they want me get in panic and I won’t let the fear stop me because fear it’s a trap I know you have no fear . Take care

      • Lloyd I was kick out of a new super market called Fresco y mas , my wife told me that a new marked was opened door in the city , as women’s my wife get those specials and she say I should go to see if the quality and the price where good , well I went there I was locking around inside , the manager came to me and told me I have to go because I was spaying for other super marked called Sedano’s supermarket. I can’t believe I replayed to the idiot , then I told him your are slander on me because of that I called his G manager and the same time I called at Sedano’s Supermarket Headqueter
        after that I was told that the new market has been supporting the local elections that is bribery I mean using thee’r money to support public party’s it’s hard to see how those crooked are linked with charters schools also , it’s hard for me to stay with out pro – se how ?
        Let’s see because could cost me a lot but I got no more money to loss

      • What does this have to do with the topic of this post? The “About” page is a better place to leave comments that do not relaste to the topic of a post. Then there is my other blog about education issues where this comment would fit better.

      • I’m feel down because if post it the comments on the wrong blog . Lloyd the reason , I was not intentional , I cannot forget that you are a loyal and kind person. People don’t understand that under pressure abd working with hundreds things at the same time it’s impossible do everything perfect , I did my best and I hope one day people put on others shoes my shoes , most people should know that I’m not fighting for money and people should not that I’m pretty sure that no many have done what I did down here and national to expose abuse of power and students if people waht more for me , they should be colled , lazy and more because I’m losing everything fitting for others , because of that .

      • Crazy is Normal is the blog I use to discuss education issues

      • Lloyd I hope your doing well . I’m moving forward with the law sue again Hialeah Education Academic. Inc because an old person who knows a lot about how this city it’s running told me that the best thing it’s close the case and move because Chaters Schooll runner don’t want go to a huge fight in criminal court because what they did it’s a huge case that could send a lot of them to jail.

      • Sounds like a group, class-action suit. If Hialeah thinks they will lose, they will offer a settlement first to avoid a guilty verdict.

      • Yes Lloyd Children and family report was adulterad the city of Hiealeah is expecting me bring in at a strong law firm , Lloyd the defender attorney that the city of Hialeah hired it’s an executive of a big Charter school Chain , I have the hole clue , it’s easy to win because city of Hialeah hired a lawyer that is conected , * connection ( conflict of interest because that way the tax-payer money is finishing inside a Lawyer and executive of that Chain conected with Hialeah Education Academic.Inc .
        The lawyer could be in trouble double because hiding BEJAIN a schemes crimen it could finished IN Heaquater of the fbi at wash DC.
        It’s a huge case .
        Someone told me that I should not hold any probe , I have the choice I have the game they have the money and they connection but think about this . Life isn’t hard to manage when you’ve got nothing to lose.

      • Let them have it!

      • Let them have it ? Good morning Lloyd let them have it ? Thanks Lloyd

      • let sb have both barrels
        also give sb both barrels, hit sb with both barrels informal

        From the Cambridge Dictionary, to be more specific

        “Let SB (Son of a Bitch) have both barrels”

        >>to attack, criticize, or punish someone very forcefully:

        >>He arrived late to meet his girlfriend at the airport. She gave him both barrels.

        ..England football fans can expect to be hit with both barrels if they misbehave during next month’s European Championship finals.

      • Lloyd no matter what the truth always found the right way to says the True is here , you have been telling the truth that you should be to Paradize I’m an very grateful person who can tell who is evil and who don’t . Lloyd the world it’s facing hard times hard to handle ( prophecy .

        Donald Trump Is Losing His War on Truth – Slate

      • Lloyd I hope your doing well , I miss you and I want to tell you , I appreciate a lot everything you have done done for my and my family, my daughter it’s , the school sistem need prole like you .
        May God bless you . Lloyd I’m been very busy fighting with the law sued agains the city and Charter schools involved with the abuse of my Children’s . I miss you Lloyd because you teach me a lot and for FRE the best teacher I ever had .
        Take care and make God bless you !

      • Thank you. The gears of justice in a democracy move slowly and are expensive.

      • you are rfgtb Lloyd and more neurons dying, last night a policeman of hieleah pull me over and as soom i got my driver license, i hear some one telling him by radio, let go that guy, because he has a huge case open again the city snd the officer left fast after i ask him what i did wrong, misconduta becsuse asked driver license, registration and insure with our tell first what i did wrong! That means the city do not want me to open more complains! No easy stay in this city full of crooked! Thannks Lloyd for replay.

      • I think that policeman was pulling you over to see if you were in the U.S. illegally. Florida’s government belongs to Jeb Bush and it is corrupt but it is also controlled by the GOP and Trump wants to build that wall and toss every minority out of the US without due process rights. Trump dreams of being an all powerful dictator with the power of life and death over all of us.

      • Lloyd is true , what I can do to get rid of this nightmares, I can’t keep supporting this discrimination , this case it’s not easy but I won’t give , the only thing I asked to God is a place where I can go , even if my family stay here , this Remember me , the Dictatorship in Cuba Peter Pan inmigration parent’s got no more choice that fight against Castro I got friends that his daddy’s where killed fighting inside the Island, others abandoned the island and those who don’t appreciate what they parents did for them are subverting this State and city , I can’t do it by yourself dear Lloyd , I’m going to move , where ? I don’t know but I’m not keeping with my miserable life .
        Take care Lloyd I have to go somewhere because I’m going trough a lot , if this state is a Country Runing ilegal , it’s not other choice I have , to much pressure Lloyd . Where I’m going I don’t know yet .
        Thankful for everything you have done , it’s no easy to énfasis I have to let go this pressure that it’s consuming my heart.

      • The only suggestion I can think of is to research cities with a population of 250,000 or more and find one that is led by Real Progressive Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who acts and sounds like a real progressive. It’s possible that even in Florida there is a city with a progressive Democratic mayor and police chief.

        Alexandria is not the mayor of a city. She is running for Congress out of New York City. Avoid all Republicans and Corporate Democrats.

      • New York it’s a good place ? Or California? Because I don’t want stay in this State , I would like to go farm away from the most corrupt state of America , I don’t know what job I’ll found it but anyways I’m not workin here , I’m been putting everything of my money and power to fight evils corruption but it’s time to make a move , it’s hard Lloyd but I’m not going to take the risk of stay here , I don’t trust in any police because they are crooked and I’m not going to take the risk of that crooked relating with Charters Schools Rulers , send some hit man and kill me . Remember the Insider ? I’m not going to quit but Lloyd it’s real and stress this is a war 24/7 , Do you image leaving inside a city where everyone knows me , especially corrupts Publics figures?

      • Thanks Lloyd for your suggestion . I have to go as I knew that the day was coming because Lawyers are crooked here and they don’t want fight agains those evils , they are cowards , my question is how those crooked lawyers can hurt people with out money and quit ? It’s very frustrating I told them they should never lie and said that they are very agresive demanding they defender and they did nothing by lie . Crazy Lloyd my Lawyer stolen my money , that crooked should never be hired by the FBI as his ago . Steve Rosie stolen my money a crooked and lier who told he will defend my children’s and he did nothing , I called him and told him crooked and he said nothing coward lier , it’s frustrating Lloyd, thanks God I’m not Jaison borne

      • From Brian Krassentein , I read this he fallow md in TUITER, I’m exposing everything on TUITER and everywhere.
        This guy it’s an enemy of Trump it’s not easy .
        Look what he said .

        BREAKING: Target just issued a statement saying that they are ‘deeply troubled’ over Trump’s tariffs.

        They say that prices are going to rise on everything from school supplies, baby items, etc

        Walmart, Kohl’s, L.L. Bean, Macy’s & 290+ other companies have come forward as well!

      • Trump is a total wrecking ball. If he manages to survive and stay in the White House, he will bring down the United States and do his worst to destroy global civilization and probably be the cause of our species extinction. But he can’t do it alone. His horrible, mean, deplorable, fake Christian base will help him destroy us as they set fire to themselves.

      • I never seen something like this ,, you maybe are RIFHT , I think your right because you have been right since I meet you , you never has told me something about this dude that it’s nothing but the truth, Wow Rusian and America never has been working together since second war 2 , by there Russia and America save the world , but now the future it’s bleak, I Grow up inside a Dictatorship my Children’s born here and my heart it’s here but I’m thinking to move to Italy . Take care Lloyd!

      • Russia (The Soviet Union) fought against Germany in World War II because they had no choice. Before World War II was started by Germany and Japan, Russia signed an agreement with Hitler that Russia would not attack Germany and Germany would not attack Russia and then, a few years later, Germany broke that agreement and invaded Russia.

        That’s why Russia ended up fighting with the U.S., the U.K. and other allies to defeat Germany.

        This is an example of, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. That doesn’t mean the enemy of my enemy will always be my friend.

        Once Germany was defeated, The Soviet Union was no longer our friend and Russia had not been our friend before World War II. Things returned to what they had been like before World War II but they became worse once Russia has nuclear weapons.

      • But Germany and Japan learned that they make a black page in the history but Rusia as you said have been played dirty games for a while and now Two leaders one trained by the KGB and the other trained by NONESENSE. Who is that ? Doom question Lloyd , this guy is doing NONESENSE since he started at the White House , Lloyd there is not going a 3rd world war , Smart People are planing a better plan , One of those Evils will walk away or they will understand how it’s play with the world , I’m telling common sense not many like them it’s impossible stay there and mocked at the world it’s insulting INTELIGENCE and that is stupid I think something is going to happen , I don’t deserve bad things to no body but I don’t support crooked , today I hear an speeches of Trump he mentioned God a bunch of time and he afirmes that God it’s blessing what God it’s doing , that is NONESENSE because God don’t like evils people ,
        I would like share with you this and please Lloyd don’t forget that I respect your position as well you agreed with the Democracy you are very inteligente and well read this article. Thanks

      • Studies have revealed that there is probably a psychopath gene and that 1-percent of all humans are psychopaths.

        4.2 Psychopathy

        “Psychopathy is a serious personality disorder characterized by antisocial behavior, untruthfulness, irresponsibility, and lack of remorse or empathy. It has been hypothesized that the psychopath is primarily deficient in fear reactivity, and consistent with this hypothesis is the reliable finding that psychopaths show less fear conditioning as indicated by poor skin conductance classical conditioning (Lykken 1957).”

        Their behavior defines them. Donald Trump and Putin both fit the definition of a psychopath. Psychopaths also crave power over others.

        I think most civilizations that have collapsed and caused a lot of death and suffering were ruled by psychopaths.

      • I agreed with you Lloyd, 1 % vs 99 % people should know that , that way those Psychopathy has less chance to hurt or exterminate billions of inocentes people, Lloyd I would like to know how an Austrian with demon face could convince Germans to the pong where they create a bici page in the history , Lloyd could you tell someone about that , I really appreciate everything you teach me , your RIFHT about richest people are idiots with small ideas , they are professional but stilling money and greedy’ s , to be in the list of those people, love of money and greedy’s those two requirement is need it , easy to find out because Trump and DeVos have no clue the meaning of a good leader or how to help students , lover of money and arrogant abused of power , they don’t use the money for goodness. It’s sad , how us posible that no one could stop brothers Castro’s , I never saw something , it’s something yum main can’t handle, snd Evil People kill the nice person, JFK the president of the stronger power on the world with the top intelligence, intelligence mean find out how to stop Evils , that is what I think it’s the meaning of intelligence, Insulting intelligence it’s what Putin is doing , poor Rusian , Putin look like Hitler but with more etiquette, putin face its evil face , have you notice the way he talk snd look 👀. , the world it’s running by the Devil , have to true , right because in heaven they can’t stay and Jesus prayed that to God’s that you Kingdom come, it’s something I’m thinking about now , Thanks Lloyd and Take care you are good Lloyd , you are in a blue state , I’m in a read and very hot state , inside the crooked city in USA .
        Thanks God I’m still alive , yesterday someone brake inside my house , they steal nothing , professional ad those who brake inside the house of that blower , The Insider is my life Lloyd.
        Thanks for tell me that long time ago

      • There are simple security devices you can add to your windows and doors that will make it more difficult to break into your house. I’m not talking about a house alarm although that will help.

        Home Depot and Lowes both sell door frame and hinge reinforcement.

        There is this Dual-Function Adjustable Door Security Bar.

        If they didn’t steal anything, did they plant hidden cameras and microphones to spy on you?

      • If they didn’t steal anything, did they plant hidden cameras and microphones to spy on you?

        i’m sorry Lloyd i just read this I really apologize, I been very busy installing spy cameras for my house , the problem I could not find the device for find those small cameras if those evils installed , the police check inside my house but only trying to catch the person
        who brake in , but that it . I have my concerns but still not given up on protect my family and more kids , because i’m pretty sure those crooked who are involved with the Law sue could be doing to me the same thing that did to the whistle blogger of theInsider .
        Thanks Lloyd for your Kindness and been always backing up my family , backing up the students and parents who care about their kids .

      • I think Donald Trump wants to get rid of anyone that criticizes him or didn’t vote for him.

      • I think he want to clean America but the problem could be eliminate good people and evils , it’s up to God .
        “Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God.” ~ Reagan ~ vs the new era of crimes, things are getting harder Lloyd.

      • Trump acts like he is a god. His thinking revealed through his mouth and tweets reveals that he thinks he should have the power of a god, a dictator, a tyrant, to hold our lives in his hands to torture, execute or reward.

      • I never seen something like that

      • Trump has a heavily reported media history that goes back decades that offers powerful evidence for the fact that he is a malignant narcissist, a psychopath, a serial liar, a fraud, and a racist.

      • Lloyd I’m noticing that are to many cars down here from Texas and others states , could be people moving down sought getting out of racist people, because I never seen to many cars from those states ever before, I notice that the drivers LOOCK like Hispanic, could be the hate that is hurting the nation, as I spoke with a good friend of my who is in North California and he told me things are getting pretty bad up there , what do you think about that Lloyd ?
        Another question maybe I told you this before , 2014 on my Aniversary wedding day , april 25 , I rented by Trump Resort, sonny Island , South beach , by there who knows that Trump will became the President? You know after he became President, I pass by there with a friend of my and his wife and let me tell you , I get upset to the point where I scream at those securities guys , stay away from me because as I know this is a place that I paid for , this is not the why House I told them before I left the hotel , this is crazy , LOOCK that the future is bleak my dear Lloyd.
        Take care and California it’s a good State by the way I hear that California was sued by the D.O.J . Have you hear anything about that?

      • Hate crimes and/or racism started getting worse with Trump. As long as he keeps getting away with his endless lies and crimes, it will only get even worse.

      • I’ve read about the DOG taking California to court. It will take time before we know the results of that court case. Trump wants to erase most if not all environmental regulations and laws that are for clean air and water. California is standing in his way. To win, he must also take away the right of the states to determine their own environmental laws.

      • Ukraine 🇺🇦 proclaim they have claimed independence. All of these unrecognised states except Nagorno-Karabakh depend on Russian armed support and financial aid. Nagorno-Karabakh is integrated to Armenia, which also maintains close cooperation with Russia. Lloyd regarding this case is obvious that soon some states claimed get out of the Union , California, Alaska , Chicago and Hawaii are ready in the constitution or legislative process , I think I hear that from you , if it’s the case I think you do , California it’s a blue state , the economy of California it’s ranked over French economic, ranked .# 6 , wow it’s nice stay away from red States , Lloyd you have no clue my friend how is the pressure on this Red and Corrupt State , Lloyd do you think about this , Florida have 67 county’s and there is only one county that have no Sheriff and that county it’s the One where I live, Dade County it’s running Dictatorship way and sadly it’s a Cuban communities residents, the old Schools of Cubans with etic pass way and the new generation should read and know that they are here because a Dictator who kick out they’r parents , I became very uncomfortable inside my own people because Dictatorship are Dictatorship everywhere and anywhere. Injustice is a treat to the Justice here in Cuba , Russia and anywhere of everywhere. I’m happy for you dear Lloyd that you don’t live down here, you don’t deserve more stress you did a lot for this country I’m doing my best dear Lloyd even I’m not from this Land but I got my family here and good people like you I really appreciate your friendship, I’m a blessed person, thanks Lloyd for your kindness and support, wow Lloyd the present it’s bleak in this Red state !

      • There is no totally red or blue state. Every state has citizens that are liberals, progressives, moderates, and conservatives of all stripes. Red states are controlled by the Republican Party but not every citizen in red states is a Republican. Look at two states: Texas and California.

        39 percent of adults in Texas are Republicans or lean Republican
        21 percent don’t lean either way.
        40 percent of adults in Texas are Democrats or lean Democratic.

        You might wonder how the state is controlled by the GOP. That is caused by extreme gerrymandering by the Republicans once they control the state’s government.

        38 percent liberal
        28 percent moderate
        34 percent conservative

        Some counties in California went for Trump but he lost the state. Trump had almost 4.5 million votes in California. Hillary had more than 8.7 million. If you move to California, you have to stay away from the rural areas where Trump won and focus on coastal cities.

        If you move to Texas, think about living in a city and not the rural areas. Cities tend to have a majority of moderates and liberals while rural areas have a majority of conservatives of all stripes.

        By the way Hillary did a lot better in Texas than Trump did in California

        Trump had almost 4.7 million votes to Hillary 3.9 million. Trump won Texas with less than one million more votes but lost California by more than 4-million votes. In every GOP dominated state there are liberal pockets and in every Democrat controlled state there are conservative pockets.

      • Thanks Lloyd. Please Lloyd could you explain to me this ?
        38 percent liberal
        28 percent moderate
        34 percent conservative

        Liberal , moderate and conservatives?
        Democrats , Republicans Or independents ?
        Thanks you know more than Trump a trillions times , that is ridiculous an evil person and with out Knowleage and wisdom, running the most powerful nation in the world 🌎. Who is running the world? Thanks Lloyd

      • “So today Craig is going to look at political ideology in America. We’re going to focus on liberals and conservatives and talk about the influencers of both of these viewpoints. Now, it’s important to remember that political ideologies don’t always perfectly correspond with political parties, and this correspondence becomes less and less likely over time. So, sure we can say that Democrats tend to be liberal and Republicans tend to be conservative, but we’re not going to be talking about political parties in this episode. It’s also important to note, that there are going to be a lot of generalizations here, as most peoples’ ideologies fall on a spectrum, but we’re going to try our best *crosses fingers* to summarize the most commonly held viewpoints for each of these positions as they are used pretty frequently in discussions of American politics.”

      • Good morning Lloyd Thanks Lloyd , good explanation, you are right, we have to be positive even though the present it’s bleak.
        Have a good day , blue day ! Red is hot, blue it’s more relaxing yuh know this state belongs to where ? Who ? I know just , most of the people don’t know or they don’t want to Know or hear the truth about him .
        Sadly most of the people love lies

      • It isn’t that too many people love lies. What they are doing is picking what someone else says on social media or in the real media that says what they want to hear and they refuse to fact check accepting the lies to support their bias that they grew up with.

      • Lloyd
        Re : this I agreed with you that happened in Cuba and still the regime it’s there, since January 1/ 1959 to January 1 / 2019 * a couples more months . 60 years of Dictatorship, I realize that was not for me and I risk my life and decide to live as a foreign, but with freedom, I can’t not visit Cuba , I graduated with the Soviet Union , they considered me a traitor , I told the Truth everywhere, even though I told that Putin it’s an Evil and was trained but the KGB , the fact it’s that I cannot Suport liars and unfortunate evil people love to lies to others people now , free will is stay away from those individuals or tell the the truth straight and rude , sadly they don’t like people like you and I because it’s not easy to find people like us , you know why I know that you are real person? Because you are the same , a very Kind and stayed on the same way regarding this era . Thanks
        It isn’t that too many people love lies. What they are doing is picking what someone else says on social media or in the real media that says what they want to hear and they refuse to fact check accepting the lies to support their bias that they grew up with.

      • Lloyd how are you doing? is this happen in California? Take care Lloyd !

        Click to access charter-school-report-final.pdf

      • California has more unregulated publicly funded, private sector charter schools than any other state and there is a lot of failure and fraud going on in many of those charter schools. California has an extreme right Trump like billionaire by the name of Eli Broad and he is spending millions in his campaign to destroy public education in California. It is an uphill battle with a long way to go to save our public schools in California.

        I’ve read that the seven states that do not have charter school laws are Kentucky, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia. That report was from Mar 22, 2017, and I know that the pirates and frauds that are out to destroy the public schools are spending a lot of money in those states too to launch charter schools and get rid of public education as we know it.

        These charter schools pay their administration 50-percent more and their teachers 20-percent less but demand the teachers work 70 hours weeks on average without medical care or retirement benefits. Nepotism is common in charter school administration with the CEO paying his wife, sometimes his children, family members and friends six figure incomes to hold administrative positions that are meaningless and un-needed. When charter school owners are caught and end up in court, they seldom have to pay back the money they stole or spend time in prison. And they often open new charter schools in other cities and states under different names to repeat the same crimes.

      • What is the solution to this Nation wide , schools choices and crisis of the good education?
        Lloyd sometimes I want to be 77 years old plus to have less time for my suffering, it’s very hard, sad and painful I cannot have the solution, I’m not agreed with Choices and abuse of government figures problem , but I’m inside a Country inside other Country, Florida has his own rules , violating the constitution .
        Pray for me my friend it’s no much else you can do .
        I appreciate your kindness, the Insider movie it’s not even close to my own true live problem with those crooked .
        Thanks Lloyd! Your very Kind and Smart . May have a wonderful day . Take care !

      • There are two solutions:

        First Choice: vote and do the homework to know who we are voting for — I did that with Hillary vs Trump and it was obvious to me after ignoring all the conspiracy theories that Hillary Clinton was a much better candidate for president. Trump is toxic, totally toxic. He’s a lethal poison for the US.

        If voting doesn’t stop the horrible things happening in the US, the second Choice will be a bloody Civil War.

        That’s why the first choice is so important. People that would have voted for Hillary Clinton but did not vote at all caused the toxic America we live in today. The only excuse for not voting is if the person is a total ignorant butt head and idiot and then the country is probably better off that they didn’t vote.

        If we end up with the second choice, everyone that despises Trump and the rest of the monsters that support him should be heavily armed with lots of ammo ready for the Civil War.

      • The media it’s the fury’s problem , it’s dancing with the songs of the money , if the Koch brothers did nothing , and America turns into red , there is no time yet to know what is going on in the near future,

      • By the way in the rural areas the voters like red , they go by the color no by the fact , Lloyd most of them never went to the school and their IQ is to low , común sense ?

      • Million of Americans are loyal to one political party or the other and don’t take any time to learn who or what they are voting for. They don’t think.I call it blind, deaf and mute voting.

        They just vote for whatever their Party tells them to vote for.

        I refuse to follow any Party’s recommendations without knowing who or what I’m voting for. No blind voting for me.

      • Not all the media. About 90-percent of the media, the corporate media.

      • Lloyd if Trump and Bush are Rick Scott body’s , how Nelson could win ?

        My Republican opponent is trying to buy his way into the United States Senate.

        Rick Scott has already spent more than $25 million of his own money to try to defeat me — money he made while overseeing one of the largest Medicare frauds in our nation’s history. So far he and his right-wing super PACs have spent almost $50 million in this race.

        Whether or not we’re able to hold this seat could determine control of the Senate on November 6 — and victory simply won’t be possible without strong grassroots support from Floridians like you.

      • Studies show that 80-percent of elections are won by the candidate that spends the most money.

        That is why I don’t read any flyers that show up in the mail or pay attention to any political ads because I think they are all designed to fool us.

        Instead, I spend about a month studying all the candidates running for office and carefully making my choices. I read the booklet that comes in the mail from the state and use Vote Smart, and use Fact Check sites, and use Open Secrets and other sites.

      • Thanks Lloyd I agreed election is about the candidate that spends more money , but education is about the person that expends more time , I really appreciate your kindness and teaching, I been doing this researches and I just post it in my Tweeter Acaunt , Education is what perdure .

        Lloyd what I’m trying to do it’s built better education!

        Florida and California, wow is a blessing live in the west cost , Florida got 3 cities ranked worts .
        Have a good day and thanks.

        The 11 Best American Cities To Raise And Educate Your KIds

        1-Overland Park,KS
        2-Pla ,TX✅
        3-Virginia Beach,VA
        5-Sioux Fall , SD
        6-Madison, WI
        9-Colorado Spring, CO
        10-Grand Prairie,TX✅
        NO FL📍

        11 Worts Cities To Raise And Educate Your Kids .

        1-Jackson ,MI
        2-Birmingham, AL
        3-Detroit, MI
        4-MIAMI,FLORIDA ✅
        5-Baton Rouge, LA
        7-Shreveport, LA
        9-New Orleans,LA
        10-Washinton, DC
        11-HIALEAH,FLORIDA ✅
        YOU should read my next Tweet✅

      • I’m focusing more in the education area and trying to avoid as much I could, areas about Politician it’s very frustrating Lloyd and specially when you have been expose to the corruption of those individuals.
        Children’s education it’s very important.
        You did a great job inside the classes rooms but Lloyd now I have to do the same inside my house and out side the media , because I know who is the suffering when the sistem destroy the future of one of our children’s .
        Thanks Lloyd enjoy the day in California I have to keep helping people here , until I do better sedition about what is the best place where I can go to Raise my other Children!
        I know it’s very important to know what state is running better by politician but it’s hard that is why I asked to an smart and Kind person like you , down south got no even the courtesy to say only good morning.
        It’s sad but it’s the truth.
        Take care Lloyd and Thanks!

      • Lloyd in your professional opinion who will be taking over the house. Thank you and have a great evening

      • No opinion on who will win. It isn’t over until it is over. But I want the Democrats to take back the House of Representatives, the US Senate and as many states as possible.

      • Thanks Lloyd, it’s better to live in a blue state selling water on the street or collecting plastic to recycle ♻️ than to live in this *city ( *prison with out bars.
        I’m not know if take a plane ✈️ fly, go in train or bus but it’s time to say bye to the state where my kids born, when I settled in another state, I took my family with me, same or similar things many parents did they did when Castro took power and control in Cuba was in 1959 and the evil regime it’s still running and destroying our Island 🌴 Peter Pan exodus , was sad but necessary.
        Take care Lloyd , by the way I just saw this text 👇, I just read it , read your self and please tell me what I should replay to the person who send it to me ,
        Hey when are we going to turn Florida blue ??!

        May God bless you Lloyd

      • Hey when are we going to turn Florida blue>

        This election between DeSantis (R) and Gilliu (D) was close and there might have to be recount.

        DeSantis 4,063,095 votes
        Gillium had 4,016,131

        The US Senate race was even closer. It is possible that Florida will turn blue in 2020.

        I’ve also read that Texas is moving toward turning blue too in the next election or the one after that.

      • Onward Together!

        Reibel —

        The race in Florida could come down to just a few votes, so it’s critical that we see that every vote is counted accurately and fairly.

        If you or anyone you know voted in Florida with a provisional ballot, you need to make sure that vote is counted: Contact your Supervisor of Elections office immediately before the 5 PM deadline — you can find your nearest office at the link below.

        Find my office
        If you have questions, call the Voter Protection Hotline: (833) 868-3352

        Thank you — this couldn’t matter more.


        You’re receiving this email because you’re a member of a team of big-hearted people who are committed to building a fairer, more inclusive America. If you’d like to learn more about Onward Together, you can do so here. If you’d like to opt out of receiving more messages like this one, you can do so here. Know someone who should join this team? Forward them this email!

      • Florida is recounting , could turn it blue

      • Or at least split between blue and red so red doesn’t control everything.

      • Thanks Lloyd you encourage me and a lot .
        You are a great person, kind and a worrior , you are a fear person.
        Thanks for everything you have done for me dear friend.
        Good night .
        Blue is a peaceful color, the sky 🌌 and Deep blue sea 🌊 is blue .
        Red is not my favorite color , the red horse of apocalypse is war and blooding !

      • Red was the color of the Soviet Union, and the GOP is the Red Party that put Stalin-Trump in the White House.

      • Thanks Lloyd your right , Red it’s Devil Color

      • Trump’s era . This LOOCK like the Cuban undercover police supporting the regime, this is not far from Trump Hotel , those kids there where conducting a peaceful movement in Martin L. King’s day . I don’t joe what is wrong with this State . There is a law called Tree strikes , doesn’t this law apply to this man? Or does it have to be in the situation where the black people pull the gun? Then the black Person goes to Jail and the White to Trunp’s Hotel . Wow what a democracy.

      • The high school where I taught until August 2005, had a population that was 70 Latino-Hispanic, 8 percent Black, 8 percent White and 8 percent Asian and/or Pacific Islander. The two ethnic groups that were in conflict with each other the most at that high school were the Latino-Hispanic and African Americans. Most of the Asians had the most self control and most of the whites also tried not to be noticed. The street gangs as the high school were all Latino-Hispanic.

        Once, I had a new Black student check into my classroom and he was terrified. His previous school district had kicked him out because he was not only a member of the Bloods but was a problem. When he arrived at our high school, he saw that our gangs were MS 13 and Happy Homes that were brutal enemies of his gang, The Bloods. His first class of the day was in my room. He told me that he would be killed before the end of the day and explained why. I sent him back to the office with a note explaining his fear. I never saw him again. I think they sent him to one of the other two high schools in the district that didn’t have MS 13 and Happy Homes gangs on their campuses.

        That’s what I saw in the video. Some teenagers, all African-American (some looked like they were wearing the gang style of clothing), but many teenagers no matter what ethnic group they are in are stupid and lack common sense due to their raging hormones. I heard name calling from both sides, but the guy with the pistol had the dirtiest mouth that I heard and that tongue was being controlled not only by obvious racism but anger. He lost control probably because he doesn’t trust Black people especially if they are teenagers. No telling what problems he has faced before and Florida is a Stand-your Ground state. That means if you feel your life is in danger, you can defend yourself and this woman who said her foot was run over by a bike tire was outnumbered when the man with the pistol arrived to help her Stand your Ground. The smartest thing to do in this situation is for all the Black teens to leave and shut their mouths because bullets kill faster than a dirty mouth.

      • Lloyd I hope your doing well , I have to tell you that everything you have been telling is nothing but the true . Lloyd have you read this before ?
        Today, pipe bombs were delivered to people and institutions singled out by Donald Trump as targets of hatred.

        How many times has he railed that CNN is “fake news?” How many times has he urged his supporters to hiss and boo CNN?

        How many times has he made the ridiculous claim that the free press is the “enemy of the people,” echoing Lenin and Stalin?

        How many times has he led his followers in chants of “lock her up!!” in reference to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

        How many times has he sneered at Rep. Maxine Waters as a despicable person of “low IQ”?

        How many times has he blamed George Soros for funding his critics?

        How many times has he ridiculed President Obama, whose legacy he envies?

        How many times did he throw barbs at former CIA director John Brennan, who accused him of treason for his dalliance with Vladimir Putin?

        Is it coincidental that each of these people and institutions received a pipe bomb today?

        Former Attorney General Eric Holder also received one, presumably because of his close association with President Obama?

        Wasn’t it just days ago that he commended a Congressman in Montana for criminally assaulting a journalist?

        Words have consequences.

        Trump is encouraging domestic terrorism.

        How fortunate the nation was today that no one was killed.

        Imagine the terror that would have ensued, the rage, the fear, the chaos if these bombs had exploded and killed some of the leaders of the Democratic Party.

        Is Trump trying to ignite a civil war?

        Does he feel that the hatred he spews at every one of his rallies is harmless?

        It is not.

        Words have consequences.

        He is a vile and evil man who brings out the worst in everyone.

        The sooner he is gone, the sooner our nation will begin to heal and remember that once we had ideals, once we had values, once we believed in something greater than greed and self-aggrandizement, something nobler than racism and bigotry, something finer than white nationalism.

        I pray for that day to come speedily.

        Take care Lloyd , I hope your doing better everyday .

      • I think those pipe bombs are similar to this phrase “Shot Heard Round the World”, and they are the signal that a Civil War is opening in the United States that will tear the country apart of both political parties do not stop Trump and his deplorable, hate filled, racist, willingly mislead, Always-Trump followers.

        “The shot heard round the world” is a phrase referring to several historical incidents, particularly the opening of the American Revolutionary War in 1775 and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914.

        Trump is a monster with power. History is filled with monsters like Trump. I think most if not all major civilization throughout history have collapsed, a monster like Trump has been the one responsible for lighting the fuse that blew it up.

        Trump is not unique. History shows as that. Too bad the Republican Party is so corrupt, they have not done anything to reign Trump in. All it would take is Trump’s cabinet using the 25th Amendment to declare Trump enthrallment unstable to get rid of him and replace him with Pence. Pence will bring his own problems to the White House since he is a minion of ALEC and the Koch brothers, but hopefully Pence will not be a monster that destroys a civilization.

        If Trump succeeds in destroying the fragile balance in the world, it will be the fault of everyone that voted for him and continues to support him and every elected official in the GOP that doesn’t speak out against him.

      • Lloyd I think that he will walk away and return to his carrier of business, or the rest of the time he got in the firts term as a President OF United States, I think he won’t win the second term , I think he is very smart but no ENAFF to run the most powerful Country in the world, American’s is a country with a long history of democracy freedom based on the constitution, I’m feeling very sad because I never seen something like this before, the future it’s bleak, I mean the present it’s bleak but the future is going to be better for us. Thanks and you have to much knowledge about how this country should be running because you are a Men of honor .
        You are always the same you never change . Take care you are an old schooll person with principies and history, no many of Americans have been in others countries fighting for this country and you have been out and inside telling what you think it’s true and based on facts , I think the truth should never be hided it’s the only way to survive, telling the truth with respect and peaceful, we need to pray for a better future Lloyd it’s time to seat meditate and wait , there is no better way that patience and analice the best way to find out how to make a better place to live in peace with our fellows .
        Take care Lloyd . Thanks for your opinion, have a wonderful day at the blue state , I respect every single State and I deserve peace and love to the hole Nation and word , wars are not goods , sometimes are necessary but God knows what is the best thing to all of us . May God bless America and the world 🌎. Evils people never will stand , righteousness will stand and FOREVER ✌️

      • I will not call DT smart or intelligent. He is clever. He is ignorant, but he also a street smart like a successful, ruthless teenage gang banger. DT is no better than a successful drug lord but worse.

      • The results of the vote were close to what predicted. The GOP’s gain in the Senate is due to the fact that most of the Senate seats up for election this year were Democratic seats. Only 35 of the 100 Senate seats were up for relection and the Democrats were defending 26 of them vs 9 for the GOP.

        Democrats had to defend seats in 10 states that supported Donald Trump (R) over Hillary Clinton (D) in 2016, while Republicans had to defend just one seat in a state won by Clinton. All five of the incumbents who lost in 2018 were from those 11 states:

        Trump is already crowing, and lying AGAIN, that he won big with the gain in the Senate. What Trump did today to fire his Attorney General so Trump can control the Muller investigation will turn into a Constitutional Crises and might lead to a bloody Civil War. Keep your firearms clean and your ammunition dry.

        I think Trump is going to gamble big and attempt to take over the country as its first dictator.

        This guy it’s an idiot with money , more than 100 Millions Russian working and everything below to the Dictatorship I’m not Wrong Russian population is 155 plus millions, Castro had more ninety that bill gate , it wasn’t the list of Forbes because his money impossible to track , do you imagine if an small island with only 12 Millions of population as slaves , This Putin of course more than hundreds of millions of people that are working for him ?
        Wow the future is bleak.

      • There are a lot of idiots with too much money.

        For instance, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Besty DeVos and too many more to mention.

      • Here it’s the letter from the Layer!

        Take care Lloyd by the way I was told this !

      • How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Country – The New York Times

        Running with their Master plan . America is not for sale .

      • The Koch brothers built the foundation of Evil Incarnate in the U.S. That foundation is called ALEC.

      • Lloyd by the way the San Francisco Bay is beautiful and the golden brig is Amazing, I’m telling you it’s beautiful because my maid can tell but I never been there , I was at LA . By 2009 to watch a play off series’s baseball games , LA vs Filadelfia I was thinking to travel to watch a football game at San Fran or a Golden State Woriors basketball game , but my son was my motto and his future was destroyed by evils followers of Koch’s brothers , Charters Schools destroyed my kid , I quit any sport I don’t turn my TV on , I don’t do nothing but day night reading and learning how you teach me the truth. Your trough was accurate , the Bible is going on the sand stale , the Bible is accurate, Koch brothers fix- in the prophecy the last boock of the Bible until now ,,,,
        To many others tings fixed as God will destroy those who are destroying the earth 🌏

      • There have been signs of the end times before over thousands of years and Bible prophets predicted it was the end … and then it didn’t happen.

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