The Religious Cult that Contributed to China’s Decline

It could be argued that religion has only played a ‘major’ role in Chinese Culture and Politics one time.

Even today, more than 800-million Chinese say they do not belong to any organized religion and the largest religion in China is Buddhism representing 18.2-percent of the total population, and less than 0.05-percent of China’s population are Christians, 0.015 are Muslims, and about five hundred are Jews.

Then there was the White Lotus Society that brought down the Mongols.

Persecution of the White Lotus Society started during the Mongol led Yuan Dynasty (1271 – 1368). Due to this persecution, the White Lotus Society changed from one of peace and tranquility and organized protests against the Mongol rulers, the first non-Han to rule China.

When the Mongols defeated the Song Dynasty, they broke the almost 1500-year progression of dynasties ruled by the ethnic Han Chinese … the fifteen hundred years when China was the most innovative country in the world.

The Han Chinese are bound together with a common genetic stock and a shared history inhabiting an ancient ancestral territory spanning more than four thousand years, deeply rooted with many different cultural traditions and customs. Even though the Mongol Kublai Khan practiced Confucianism, that did not make him think like the Han Chinese.

Since Yuan Imperial authorities distrusted the White Lotus Society, the Mongol led Dynasty banned them, and the White Lotus that were mostly Han Chinese went underground.  The White Lotus also started to predict that a messianic Christ like figure would come and save them from persecution.

The White Lotus led revolution started in 1352 around Guangzhou. A Buddhist monk, Zhu Yuanzhang, joined the rebellion. Soon, he became the leader by forbidding his soldiers to pillage, in observance of White Lotus religious beliefs.

By 1355, the rebellion had spread through much of China. In 1356, Zhu Yuanzhang captured Nanjing and made it his capital. Then Confucian scholars issued pronouncements supporting Zhu’s claim of the Mandate of Heaven, the first step toward establishing a new dynasty.

Zhu Yuanzhang liberated China from the Mongols and became the founding Emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1643), but this Chinese Han led Dynasty would break from the methods used by all the previous dynasties led by Han Chinese.

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36 Responses to The Religious Cult that Contributed to China’s Decline

  1. It’s Amarican on the same way ?
    Let’s read this ,,, .
    I know that are totalitarian religions as well as Regime now the constitution should respect the right of Religion to the Jehovah Wiseness organization because in China was / is banned.
    Russia was/is banned , in America Jehovah Wiseness was banned , American is the Head of the World 🌎. What county is the neck and the feet’s ?
    I know that China’s culture and cult it’s very important and have importantes the world 🗺.
    Now United States, China , Rusia and Cuba , the only country free of Religious is U.S. A .
    Why ?
    Because the constitution was funded by rights and good people died for it .

    • The US Constitution is only for the United States. One country cannot pass laws for another country. They can try, but will probably fail big time since other countries and their citizens do not like other countries telling them what they should do.

      If China’s government thinks a religion or cult is too political, then there is little to nothing the United States can do.

    • The US Constitution is also being subverted by David and Charles Koch and their Kochtapus and the ALEC machine they launched 45 years ago to subvert the US Constitution so they can turn the US into a fake Christian theocratic kleptocracy. If the Koch brothers succeed, do not be surprised if all religions that they do not approve of end up on a much longer list of religions and cults that are no longer allowed even in the US.

      • As an example, in Lancaster, California, where the Koch brothers have no sway, it takes $50 and 15 minutes to get a permit to put solar your home. That’s reasonable price but $ 150,000 and 9 moth waiting .
        Wow you can instala to the hole hood solar to the San Francisco, house owners ?
        Lloyd $ 150 , 000 vs $50 sound crazy .
        I should believe what I’m sending to you this ,,?

        Because liberalism is about freedom, transparency, and allowing people to make their choices without coercion, subsidy, fraud, theft, or threat of violence.

        And the Koch brothers (David ran for US Vice-President on the Libertarian ticket in 1980…against Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush!) have used their profits to seek to bribe the elected officials to purchase the US government to use it as an instrument to coerce, subsidize, defraud, steal, and threaten any and all people who stand in the way of the Koch brothers and their desire to seize land, water, fossil fuels and, apparently, to pollute without limit.

        A better question is…why would conservatives or Republicans or conservative Republicans see the Koch brothers as evil?

        One good answer is that the Koch brothers do not believe in small government, they believe in big government that does what the Koch brothers tell it to do, and the Koch brothers do not believe in a free market that requires minimal subsidies to function, they believe in building on this world, in which $2 trillion in subsidies goes towards fossil fuels.

        As an example, in Lancaster, California, where the Koch brothers have no sway, it takes $50 and 15 minutes to get a permit to put solar your home. That’s reasonable to liberals and conservatives, right?

        In Ohio, where the Koch brothers have spent tens of millions trying to use government to crush competitors, it can cost $150,000 and up to nine months to get a permit to put solar panels on your home. That’s unreasonable to virtually everyone, liberal or conservative, on earth, or would be if you explained the situation and contrasted it with Lancaster.

        Basically, the Koch brothers are like venture capitalists or investment bankers, putting money into people who pitch them and tell them how the Koch brothers will get a great Return On Investment, but these pitch-makers are not entrepreneurs or executives, they are elected officials who are going to take from public funds in a way that allows the Koch brothers to profit privately.

        If you do the cost curves for solar pricing, the oil industry will be mostly over in the US by 2030 (See Tony Seba’s book, Clean Disruption). The Koch brothers have such a terrible name that they would never be successful in solar. So they have to try to use their money while they have it to change the government so that the government will devote itself primarily to keeping the economy from doing what it wants to do, which is turn towards renewables.

        Solar was a $1 billion a year industry in 2004 and a $100 billion a year industry in 2014, globally. By 2024, it will be $1 trillion a year and, according to Deutsche Bank, will be $5 trillion a year by 2030.

        If these two projections are correct, the Koch brothers will lose tens of billions, so it’s worth investing hundreds of millions to change the odds.

        And that’s bribery, which is not liberal or conservative, or Liberal or Conservative. That’s treason.

      • Tesla bought Solar City and I had one of the Tesla people come to my house to give me a quote. After all the rebates, the cost for solar cells on the roof, all the electrical work and a battery pack similiar to the one Tesla uses in its cars, cost $13,500. The electric bill would have dropped to almost nothing and if there was a power failure, the Tesla battery would power the house for a couple of days or longer.

      • Lloyd if the power leaves now in California you can survive a whole week? Wow wonderful, you are almost in paradise.

      • Not yet. I don’t have the solar cells or the battery pack yet. I have to save the money. I don’t want to borrow and pay the interest on the loan.

      • One way or another those greedy owners of the world , they get our money one way or another , right way or wrong way ( there’r ways)
        nobody lives forever they don’t , if they want to bring the money to heaven , most of them said there going to heaven , those arrogant people think they can decide or chose the same way of God , those greedy could be called greedy’s , more fools , Jesus called one of them fool , or stupid, well Lloyd let me check before send it to you .
        Let’s see ,,🤔
        The Bible is more accurate than I thought…
        Then he said to them: “Keep your eyes open and guard against every sort of greed,p because even when a person has an abundance, his life does not result from the things he possesses.”q 16 With that he told them an illustration, saying: “The land of a rich man produced well. 17 So he began reasoning within himself, ‘What should I do now that I have nowhere to gather my crops?’ 18 Then he said, ‘I will do this:r I will tear down my storehouses and build bigger ones, and there I will gather all my grain and all my goods, 19 and I will say to myself: “You have many good things stored up for many years; take it easy, eat, drink, enjoy yourself.”’ 20 But God said to him, ‘Unreasonable one, this night they are demanding your life from you. Who, then, is to have the things you stored up?’s 21 So it goes with the man who stores up treasure for himself but is not rich toward God.”t

        The Koch brothers are liberals ? Well I think they are not inmortal , if they think they don’t , something is wrong with them , they could said we are going to heaven or whatever they can do not much , more money they earned less change to go to 🤔where ?
        I’m don’t know ether Lloyd

      • The Koch brothers call themselves libertarians … not liberals. But they are fake libertarians.

        Charles and David Koch are extremist Catholics (comparable to Extremist Muslims) that do not even agree with the current Pope.

      • Good afternoon Lloyd .
        The letter said this .
        Dear parent/ Guardian .

        Congratulations. MELANIE CASTILLO has been accepted to LBA Academy Charter Hight Scooll for the 2018-2019 Schooll year .

        Lloyd is a huge letter and I’m not confortable at all because I never did nothing to try to enroll my Daughter to any Charter Schooll , my Daughter it’s a top students at Hieleah Gardens Hialeah Schooll and it’s a public Schooll , almost 3 thousands students and Melanie was invited to Washington DC . Because she is the top list on Dade County , she won plenty awards and I was told by the principal that Melanie has a Garantte Scholar ship , predtion according her GPA almost 4 , Lloyd the point is this , My daughter and Son where abuse at the crooked charter HEA . Then I’m home quit and I read this letter that mess my day and I work like to expose this corruption or maybe someone who knows that I’m a activist Opositor to Charters schools and the letter was sensed international to the purpose of close this Charter that is very close to HEA and they will loss money , what do you think I should do ?
        I would like to expose this at world press but I’m don’t know how to do what you do with Diane I wish I could do as a lithe as you , I wold like to go and seat with the Superintendent or go to court because this is ridiculous it’s over and over again and again

      • Did someone else fill out an application for your daughter? If not, think about having a lawyer send them a letter that spells out how the charter school will be dragged through the courts and the media if they continue their attempt to hijack your daughter from the public school she attends.

        Don’t forget, if this private sector charter school is owned and opearted by frauds, liars and conartists, there is probalby nothing they will not try since we live in the age of Trump. Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal”, a book he didn’t write (he paid someone else to write it for him), should have been called, “The Art of the Con”.

      • LBA Construction & Business Management Academy

        A Non-Profit -Miami Dade County Public Charter Schooll .
        ( 305) 822-8455
        Ms. Jennifer Jaynes
        I called them they tried to ding out who I’m because I questioned them, before they questioned me because I won’t tell them who I’m , because they will do wherever they have to spread , Reibel Castillo the Troublemaker who expose the truth about Charters crimes and Frauds , those individuals the less they think if they comite the mistake to send the letter to an father and advocate for the good education and the education its bleak because Charters are Business , I think I have to escalate this case because the Charters are not respecting my family , thanks Lloyd let’s see how I can find a Lawyer and move on Againts this crooked, the battle against those who destroyed the future of my son and the peace of my house start 4 years ago , you once told me that when people are still alive , people can fight back , like those who fight for the constitution civil world

      • For a civil war to have any chance at success, I’ve read that at least 5 percent of the population must be ready to fight. In the United States, that means more than 16.25 million people. I don’t think this country is there yet. That doesn’t mean all 16.25 million are in the rebel army, because there must be people that support them with weapons, medical care, and food.

        I’m not sure if that many Americans will ever be ready to fight a civil war again. The U.S. is the fattest country on the planet. More than 70-percent of citizens are fat or obese and probably couldn’t fight their way out of a thin paper bag.

        One person or even a few cannot fight a civil war. They will just be committing suicide and go down in the history books as insane killers and terrorists.

        No, a civil war requires millions of people willing to rise up together in anger who are willing to risk everything to throw off the yoke of tyranny. I don’t see that happening in the U.S. To many people are addicted to bad food, sugar, drugs, video games, texting, binge-watching TV.

        I read that many people in the EU think that the country the founding fathers created with the U.S. Constitution is Lost. I’m beginning to think that too.

      • No Lloyd don’t think like those people , you did a lot for this country and are still doing a lot , look, because of you Charters are not doing the way because you teach me how to peaceful expose their tricks

      • Lloyd no we don’t fill out any form or nothing like that , those crooked stolen the information from a source that should be bring to court

      • I’ve read that charter schools buy the lists of student names that are already enrolled in public schools. Our personal information is on sale to anyone that wants to buy it. Corporations are free to do whatever they want in the Trumpish, Koch-Suckers’ world.

        I suggest you contact the principal at your daughter’s public school and tell him what the corporate charter is doing. Let that princpal know you don’t want your daughter in that corporate charter school and ask if that principal knows how to stop that corporate charter school from kidnapping (stealing) your daughter from the public schools.

      • Thanks Lloyd I really Appreciate it , I’m very close to my daughter Schooll I will go and see how they are not doing nothing to stop those crooked

      • Your daughter’s school probably doesn’t know what the Corporate Charter is doing and even if they do know, they probalby don’t have the money to hire a laywer and go after the greedy, lying corporate frauds. To buy justice in the US, you must have a lot of money to pay a lawyer with no gurantee you will win but with a gurantee tha tyou could end up broke and bankrupt.

      • That’s because Alberto Carvahlo is a shill for the corporate Charter School establishment. I was told this !

      • Lloyd everyone should know this because this Charter ( Hiealeah Education Academic.Inc’s Principal don’t want to paid the money for damage by the way if Jeb Bush has pictures with him as well other board of owners on the social media ( the puctures was posted and share with me , they want what I won’t do it they want me get in panic and I won’t let the fear stop me because fear it’s a trap I know you have no fear . Take care

      • Lloyd I was kick out of a new super market called Fresco y mas , my wife told me that a new marked was opened door in the city , as women’s my wife get those specials and she say I should go to see if the quality and the price where good , well I went there I was locking around inside , the manager came to me and told me I have to go because I was spaying for other super marked called Sedano’s supermarket. I can’t believe I replayed to the idiot , then I told him your are slander on me because of that I called his G manager and the same time I called at Sedano’s Supermarket Headqueter
        after that I was told that the new market has been supporting the local elections that is bribery I mean using thee’r money to support public party’s it’s hard to see how those crooked are linked with charters schools also , it’s hard for me to stay with out pro – se how ?
        Let’s see because could cost me a lot but I got no more money to loss

      • What does this have to do with the topic of this post? The “About” page is a better place to leave comments that do not relaste to the topic of a post. Then there is my other blog about education issues where this comment would fit better.

      • I’m feel down because if post it the comments on the wrong blog . Lloyd the reason , I was not intentional , I cannot forget that you are a loyal and kind person. People don’t understand that under pressure abd working with hundreds things at the same time it’s impossible do everything perfect , I did my best and I hope one day people put on others shoes my shoes , most people should know that I’m not fighting for money and people should not that I’m pretty sure that no many have done what I did down here and national to expose abuse of power and students if people waht more for me , they should be colled , lazy and more because I’m losing everything fitting for others , because of that .

      • Crazy is Normal is the blog I use to discuss education issues

      • Lloyd I hope your doing well . I’m moving forward with the law sue again Hialeah Education Academic. Inc because an old person who knows a lot about how this city it’s running told me that the best thing it’s close the case and move because Chaters Schooll runner don’t want go to a huge fight in criminal court because what they did it’s a huge case that could send a lot of them to jail.

      • Sounds like a group, class-action suit. If Hialeah thinks they will lose, they will offer a settlement first to avoid a guilty verdict.

      • Yes Lloyd Children and family report was adulterad the city of Hiealeah is expecting me bring in at a strong law firm , Lloyd the defender attorney that the city of Hialeah hired it’s an executive of a big Charter school Chain , I have the hole clue , it’s easy to win because city of Hialeah hired a lawyer that is conected , * connection ( conflict of interest because that way the tax-payer money is finishing inside a Lawyer and executive of that Chain conected with Hialeah Education Academic.Inc .
        The lawyer could be in trouble double because hiding BEJAIN a schemes crimen it could finished IN Heaquater of the fbi at wash DC.
        It’s a huge case .
        Someone told me that I should not hold any probe , I have the choice I have the game they have the money and they connection but think about this . Life isn’t hard to manage when you’ve got nothing to lose.

      • Let them have it!

      • Let them have it ? Good morning Lloyd let them have it ? Thanks Lloyd

      • let sb have both barrels
        also give sb both barrels, hit sb with both barrels informal

        From the Cambridge Dictionary, to be more specific

        “Let SB (Son of a Bitch) have both barrels”

        >>to attack, criticize, or punish someone very forcefully:

        >>He arrived late to meet his girlfriend at the airport. She gave him both barrels.

        ..England football fans can expect to be hit with both barrels if they misbehave during next month’s European Championship finals.

      • Here it’s the letter from the Layer!

        Take care Lloyd by the way I was told this !

      • How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Country – The New York Times

        Running with their Master plan . America is not for sale .

      • The Koch brothers built the foundation of Evil Incarnate in the U.S. That foundation is called ALEC.

      • Lloyd by the way the San Francisco Bay is beautiful and the golden brig is Amazing, I’m telling you it’s beautiful because my maid can tell but I never been there , I was at LA . By 2009 to watch a play off series’s baseball games , LA vs Filadelfia I was thinking to travel to watch a football game at San Fran or a Golden State Woriors basketball game , but my son was my motto and his future was destroyed by evils followers of Koch’s brothers , Charters Schools destroyed my kid , I quit any sport I don’t turn my TV on , I don’t do nothing but day night reading and learning how you teach me the truth. Your trough was accurate , the Bible is going on the sand stale , the Bible is accurate, Koch brothers fix- in the prophecy the last boock of the Bible until now ,,,,
        To many others tings fixed as God will destroy those who are destroying the earth 🌏

      • There have been signs of the end times before over thousands of years and Bible prophets predicted it was the end … and then it didn’t happen.

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