The Religious Cult that Contributed to China’s Decline

It could be argued that religion has only played a ‘major’ role in Chinese Culture and Politics one time.

Even today, more than 800-million Chinese say they do not belong to any organized religion and the largest religion in China is Buddhism representing 18.2-percent of the total population, and less than 0.05-percent of China’s population are Christians, 0.015 are Muslims, and about five hundred are Jews.

Then there was the White Lotus Society that brought down the Mongols.

Persecution of the White Lotus Society started during the Mongol led Yuan Dynasty (1271 – 1368). Due to this persecution, the White Lotus Society changed from one of peace and tranquility and organized protests against the Mongol rulers, the first non-Han to rule China.

When the Mongols defeated the Song Dynasty, they broke the almost 1500-year progression of dynasties ruled by the ethnic Han Chinese … the fifteen hundred years when China was the most innovative country in the world.

The Han Chinese are bound together with a common genetic stock and a shared history inhabiting an ancient ancestral territory spanning more than four thousand years, deeply rooted with many different cultural traditions and customs. Even though the Mongol Kublai Khan practiced Confucianism, that did not make him think like the Han Chinese.

Since Yuan Imperial authorities distrusted the White Lotus Society, the Mongol led Dynasty banned them, and the White Lotus that were mostly Han Chinese went underground.  The White Lotus also started to predict that a messianic Christ like figure would come and save them from persecution.

The White Lotus led revolution started in 1352 around Guangzhou. A Buddhist monk, Zhu Yuanzhang, joined the rebellion. Soon, he became the leader by forbidding his soldiers to pillage, in observance of White Lotus religious beliefs.

By 1355, the rebellion had spread through much of China. In 1356, Zhu Yuanzhang captured Nanjing and made it his capital. Then Confucian scholars issued pronouncements supporting Zhu’s claim of the Mandate of Heaven, the first step toward establishing a new dynasty.

Zhu Yuanzhang liberated China from the Mongols and became the founding Emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1643), but this Chinese Han led Dynasty would break from the methods used by all the previous dynasties led by Han Chinese.

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    I couldn’t find the link I should have added to that comment, but this might work, too

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    • I can’t pick for you. First, you have to know you can afford the cost of living in any of these three areas. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but everything I’ve heard about it is the high cost of living, high rent, costly food, high property prices, high everything.

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      • San Francisco has its own fog and I’ve experience both tule fog and San Francisco fog. Tule fog is thicker. When driving in it, I could not see the hood over the engine of my own car. At least in San Francisco fog, I usually can see a dozen yards into the fog. But San Francisco also has BART and there’s no need to drive far in the Bay Area. BART is an extensive rail system to move people.

      • San Francisco , the Bay Area ? Metro ply ?

      • I haven’t heard of Metro ply. BART serves three areas near and around the San Francisco Bay, East Bay, South Bay, the peninsula and San Francisco. BART does not serve the east bay north of the Golden Gate Bridge. I’m not much of a city person so I live in the suburbs about an hour east of San Francisco on the outer edge of the San Juaquin Valley.

        If you go to BART’s website and look at the map that shows all of its rail lines that run on the ground, above the ground and through tunnels, you’ll see. BART goes to San Jose and there are plans to extend it further inland. I think they are working on new lines now.

      • From Mr. LOFTHOUSE 
The question and answer to ask: “How many people will lose their jobs/income in each country?”
To discover the answer we mist know how much China exports and imports with the world and then subtract that number from what it exports and imports with the United States.
“China is the largest export economy in the world. In 2016, China exported $2.27T and imported $1.23T, resulting in a positive trade balance of $1.04T.”
US exports to China in 2017 were $129.9 billion
US imports from China to US were $505.47 billion
Conclusion, even if China stopped trading with the US, it would have a surplus of exports to the rest of the world of more than $1.766 Trillion and imports of more than $911 billion from the rest of the world. In fact, the odds support that imports might not drop that much because manufacturers in the rest of the world are in a position to offer similar products to China to replace what they were buying from the U.S.
What happens to people when US workers lose their jobs in the US vs China?
US exports to China support 1 million American jobs every year.
For sure, more than a million jobs will be lost in China but — China had a history of finding other jobs for those workers and even retiring workers early and sending them back home to rural villages where they pay no rent, property tax or mortgage payments. In China, most rural homes are owned by the collective (government and workers), and most of those rural homes also have land they grow food on. Early retirees go home with a Social Security check showing up every month and they don’t have to worry about losing their house. The younger Chinese factory workers are hired by state-owned factories or sent to work on infrastructure projects throughout a country that is building new cities, dams, solar and wind energy power project, highways, etc. And China is doing the maintenance necessary to keep its newer infrastructure working. China is now the world’s leader in wind and solar power production and is building newer power plants with better filters to clean the air so they don’t pollute as much.
In the U.S. workers go on unemployment until it runs out and then many of them will lose their homes or rentals and possible end up homeless (if they don’t have family or friends to take them in) and begging to survive if they can’t find a church soup kitchen that feeds the homeless. Back in the U.S. infrastructure projects are being neglected, the railroads are in horrible shape with hundreds or of not thousands of train derailments annually, bridges are wearing out and collapsing, dams are in need of repairs, schools are decaying and falling apart, airports are not being maintained and modernized, the electrical system is also in need up updating and most of the power plants are old and should be replaced.
Lloyd that information was send by you.

        The question to ask now Lloyd is is the deal with China destroyed ( Trump did ? Still China is sending the same that before ?

        Lloyd in Dade County people are sleeping in cars , Wall mart parking spots . Wow Lloyd what is coming could be called Great depression II

        World War I
        World War II

        Spanish flue 1818
        Coby coronavirus ( still causing damage –

        {. “There is nothing new in Wall Street. There can’t be because speculation is as old as the hills. Whatever happens in the stock market today has happened before and will happen again.”}

        Great Depression 25 October 1929
        Great Depression II ? How long we need to wait ? Stagflation could be called Great Depression ?
        I hope this information help the good world and the American people . 
Sincerely .
. “There is nothing new in Wall Street. There can’t be because speculation is as old as the hills. Whatever happens in the stock market today has happened before and will happen again.”

      • China’s ultimate goal is to create a consumer market in China for products made in China so China doesn’t have to depend on trade with other country’s like the US.

        To make that happen, China has been working overtime since Mao died in 1976, to create a stable consumer middle class of at least 600,000,000 people. That’s why China keeps so many of its people working building a modern unfractured that will put most if not all country’s to shame one day.

        China already has more high speed bullet train rail lines than the rest of the world combined, and the US doesn’t have any high speed rail lines. While the US was spending most of its budget its military’ and building massive debt waging endless wars, and China was not at war. It was spending most of its money building high speed rail, hundreds of ultra modern airports, modern cities, modern highways, a modern electric grid, dams to store water, underground tunnels to move water from the wet south to the dry north (the largest project of its kind the world has ever known), China built the largest dam in the world, planting billions of trees to create huge forests to suck carbon out of the air, more trees than the rest of the world combined when they are done.

        And what does the US do, beat the war drums to keep Americans scared that China as a military threat to their fake freedom. The Chinese may be more free than even Americans are. Did you know that more Chinese travel around the world as tourists than any other country on Earth, and return home after their vacations because China has a huge middle class living in middle class homes with all the same benefits the middle class has in the EU, UK, and US.

        If you want to experience just how big that middle class is all you have to do is visit China on National Day (Golden Week) Chinese people have a week off in early October each year for the China National Day. This is also a peak period for tourism since many people use this holiday to travel with their families. During this week, several hundred million Chinese travel on vacation to visit other areas of their country and learn about its history as tourists, the largest annual migration in the world, ever. I know, we were there once and it was crazy the streets, trains, and planes were so crowded. If you visit China during Golden Week, boot the trip months in advance through a reputable tourist agency that also will provide a tour guide and book all your travel tickets ahead of time because when Golden Week hits, there will be no seats left on any planes or trains, and China has about 500 modern airports now.

        The last time I checked, China had reached more than 300,000,000 consumer middle class people, equal to or more than the population of the US, and they are already buying about 70% of everything made in China.

        Meanwhile, America’s infrastructure is old and falling apart. The electric grid is more than 100 years old and all they are doing is maintaining (patching it) it while the country suffers power outages regularly. Bridges are failing. Roads need maintenance. Airports are aging and need upgrades. The US railroads have a lot of train accidents annually, hundreds, thousands of wrecks when old bridges and tracks fail.

      • Lloyd amazing information regarding China and the world , great information Lloyd thanks very much my friend you are amazing well no wonder your comments are amazing . Thanks Lloyd the more I read your post the more I learn I appreciate the time you take to replied , no many like you , for real Lloyd your comments are deeps and easy to understand . Take care Lloyd . I just read some information some problems with cadets or something like a military base let’s see if I can find what happened .👍👍

      • Fox News is very unreliable when it comes to reporting unbiased news. It is apparent that anything from FOX must be suspect and distrusted.

        “We rate Fox News strongly Right-Biased due to editorial positions and story selection that favors the right. We also rate them Mixed factually and borderline Questionable based on poor sourcing and the spreading of conspiracy theories.”

        I want to suggest you use The Christian Science Monitor or PBS instead

        “Overall, we rate the Christian Science Monitor Least Biased based on balanced story selection and fair reporting coverage of both sides. Further, we rate them High for factual reporting due to proper sourcing of information and a clean fact check record.”

        Overall, we rate NPR (National Public Radio) Left-Center Biased based on story selection that leans slightly left and High for factual reporting due to thorough sourcing and accurate news reporting.

        If you want more recommendations and choices, use the next link for a list of the least biased and most reliable sources for news. I didn’t count them but there has to be hundreds of better choices than FOX. And please avoid editorials and opinion pieces. They are always biased one way or the other. I think it is better to learn the facts from several of the least unbiased sources and then form your own opinions.

      • Lloyd China stop deal with us ?

      • Regardless of all the predictions over the years that China will fail economically, China is still succeeding, but slower than before. It is a fact, that China is responsible for more than 90% of the reduction in poverty for the entire world. No other country on Earth has been as successful as China in getting its people out of poverty and finding way to put them to work.

        When Traitor Trump caused private sector manufacturing jobs to be lost in China due to his tariffs that hurt US farmers more than Chinese workers, China’s government found jobs for younger workers in the manufacturing sector that is owned by the Chinese government. Older workers were allowed to retire earlier and go home. Most rural Chinese live in homes that do not have mortgages, there is no rent, and the families that have the right to live in those rural homes can’t borrow on their homes so there is no risk they will lose their houses. The same family holds the right to live in those rural homes from generation to generation. It’s not the same in cities and urban areas. Homes there can be lost to the bank or lender if a family can’t pay. More than 600-million Chinese live in rural areas, and most of them have about a half acre of land to grow food on, too.

        China’s government controls the banks in China and also controls the exchange rate for its currency so inflation is probably not a factor that will cause prices to go up in China, especially for food. The US government has little or no control of its private sector like China does. The US government doesn’t own a manufacturing sector like China’s government does. That work might by just busy work, but young Chinese adults with paying jobs tend to be more peaceful than younger adults without paying jobs.

      • Lloyd I read this from a twiter flower and replay to her that Putin interfere in the elections the most dangers enemy of America as well I told her Trump has more scandal that Richard Nixon and Nixon left the White House , I told her Trump fired James Comey as well Nixon Fired the FBI director . The question could be who was more crock Trump vs Nixon ? This lady is saying that Trump won the elections ? Lloyd could you send an information to open the eyes of this blain Spanish television reporter. ? Read what she posted .👇
        The largest vote achieved in a corrupt way because many voting juries noticed many irregularities in the voting, therefore it is not a 100% legitimate election because it was not 100% transparent. And because of our corrupt government that will remain so

      • Anyone that thinks Traitor Trump won the election is beyond reason. They are willingly ignorant because they want to believe the traitor won. They are dangerously dumber than dumb. I think you will sleep better if you don’t spend any time attempting to reason with these deranged MAGA fools. If you want to try, practice in front of a block wall. Try to convince the wall that Traitor Trump didn’t win the election and if the wall speaks and agrees with you, you might have a chance with someone like this dumber than dumb MAGA zombie. If the wall speaks, make sure you are not alone, that you have several witnesses that heard the wall reply to you with its own gravely voice. Only if those witnesses also heard the wall agree that Trump is a liar, a crook, a fraud, a conman and a traitor, will you have evidence the wall did speak.

        Because it will be easier to convince a wall who Traitor Trump really is than someone that still supports the traitor.

      • I’m mean China Stop del with US ? If yes the Great Depression it’s near . What to do to help US and us ?

      • No, I do not think China will stop trading with the US, but China doesn’t want to rely on the US so China’s goal is to have most of the products made in Chinese factories sold to Chinese consumers so China doesn’t have to depend on customers in the US.

      • Lloyd since 2017 China deal with US growth or not ? According to the conditions schools , rails now the schools are fail aparte as well bridges , who this problem can be fix ? As well Lloyd I read that by the 1880 when Ronald Reagan was president American was waiting for a Great Depression but The federal reserve Chairman ( Aman ? Interests rate hiked up to 20 % consumes can’t get to many loans , great move by Alam , now who we can stop the Great Depression when Powell pushed by Traitor Trump cut interest rate to many times plus’s printing to much money it’s not good for the economy in long term , on top of that the employment rate it’s pretty hight . Lloyd could tell pleas analyze the scenario and tell me if do you agreed with me .
        The answer could help or understand what to do if happen ether a Second Great Depression or not ?👍. Thanks Lloyd for sharing with me so deep and interesting information priceless is what you share my frind . Thanks Lloyd I really apréciate 👍🤝
The question and answer to ask: “How many people will lose their jobs/income in each country?”
To discover the answer we mist know how much China exports and imports with the world and then subtract that number from what it exports and imports with the United States.
“China is the largest export economy in the world. In 2016, China exported $2.27T and imported $1.23T, resulting in a positive trade balance of $1.04T.”
US exports to China in 2017 were $129.9 billion
US imports from China to US were $505.47 billion
Conclusion, even if China stopped trading with the US, it would have a surplus of exports to the rest of the world of more than $1.766 Trillion and imports of more than $911 billion from the rest of the world. In fact, the odds support that imports might not drop that much because manufacturers in the rest of the world are in a position to offer similar products to China to replace what they were buying from the U.S.
What happens to people when US workers lose their jobs in the US vs China?
US exports to China support 1 million American jobs every year.
For sure, more than a million jobs will be lost in China but — China had a history of finding other jobs for those workers and even retiring workers early and sending them back home to rural villages where they pay no rent, property tax or mortgage payments. In China, most rural homes are owned by the collective (government and workers), and most of those rural homes also have land they grow food on. Early retirees go home with a Social Security check showing up every month and they don’t have to worry about losing their house. The younger Chinese factory workers are hired by state-owned factories or sent to work on infrastructure projects throughout a country that is building new cities, dams, solar and wind energy power project, highways, etc. And China is doing the maintenance necessary to keep its newer infrastructure working. China is now the world’s leader in wind and solar power production and is building newer power plants with better filters to clean the air so they don’t pollute as much.
In the U.S. workers go on unemployment until it runs out and then many of them will lose their homes or rentals and possible end up homeless (if they don’t have family or friends to take them in) and begging to survive if they can’t find a church soup kitchen that feeds the homeless. Back in the U.S. infrastructure projects are being neglected, the railroads are in horrible shape with hundreds or of not thousands of train derailments annually, bridges are wearing out and collapsing, dams are in need of repairs, schools are decaying and falling apart, airports are not being maintained and modernized, the electrical system is also in need up updating and most of the power plants are old and should be replaced.

      • There is much more to being a trader, anyways no matter how much knowledge we have the Stock Market will still be called a gambler even when Trader vs Gambler there is a lot of difference. Lloyd back to China and US what role China will have to stop what I think it’s unstoppable. what happened once in wall street happen twice and happen agains once said the legend Mr. Licermore. Lloyd spanish flue / 1818>>> coronavirus / War war I >> War war II / october 29, 1929 the black thursday started the Great Depression / what is the fuminant that acts as the beginning of the second great depression? the weapon is created complete? cuted the interest rate (a mistake? I think, print to much paper? and to crypto becomes the favorite video games of investors . I’m trying to find out how much China send to US last two years and US to China ? I can’t find the answer , Lloyd China send to US 2018 over 500 billion ? US to China over 100 billions only , how numbers went hight or low . Have a wonderful day in the great state of Cal, third in territory and ranked still 5 in economy ? Enjoy your day Lloyd 🤝

      • This may be what you are looking for. Exports and Imports between US and China by the month and every year going back to 1985.

      • Lloyd thanks you are so fast a privilege be your frind be your students . Lloyd your students proud of you . Thanks very much Lloyd . My project in my social media spread about your blocks , people need to learn fro m legends . Take the credit . Mr. LOFTHOUSE THANKS A LOT in Capital a HUGE respect I have for U🤝

      • You’re welcome.

      • Something else to know is the fact that most of what’s made in China is contracted by US Corporations. Most of what Walmart sells was made in China because Walmart signed contracts with manufactures in China to make those products for them.

        If you go to Home Depot, many of the products HD sells are made in china but only because Home Depot sent agents there to sign contracts with Chinese manufacturers to supply those products to them.

        Apple Computers has its headquarters in the US but most if not all of it computers, smart phones, laptops. tables et al, are manufactured around the world mostly in 3rd world countries where labor is very cheap. Most of the part made outside of China end up being shipped to China where all the gadgets Apple sells are assembled in huge manufacturing factories owned by a business out of Taiwan. Foxconn.

        Foxconn is a Tanwanese company that specializes in electronics assembly. It manufactures most of the iPhone in the world. One of the biggest advantages it has is the amazing assembly line.,is%20the%20amazing%20assembly%20line.

        Foxconn didn’t go to Apple and ask to make their products for them, Apple, like every American corporation taht used to make stuff in the US, sent agents out to find someone to contract to do it at a cheaper price than they could get in the US.

        But the US still has the 2nd largest manufacturing sector in the world and most of what is made in the US is sold in the US. Until a few years ago, the US was #1 before China became #1.

        Top 10 Manufacturing Countries in the World
        China – 28.7% Global Manufacturing Output
        United States – 16.8% Global Manufacturing Output
        Japan – 7.5% Global Manufacturing Output
        Germany – 5.3% Global Manufacturing Output
        India – 3.1% Global Manufacturing Output
        South Korea – 3% Global Manufacturing Output
        Italy – 2.1% Global Manufacturing Output
        France – 1.9% Global Manufacturing Output
        United Kingdom – 1.8% Global Manufacturing Output
        Indonesia – 1.6% Global Manufacturing Output

        So, the US manufacturing sector is still huge but not as many Americans work in that sector as they once did. Why?

        The answer is automation and robots. More manufacturing jobs in the US have been lost to automation and robots than jobs lost to China. And now, some American Corporations are bringing manufacturing for their products back to the US to mostly automated factors. Robots are cheaper: no labor unions to deal with, no wages, no health insurance, don’t have to pay into Social Security or Medicare or any retirement program for workers.

      • Conclusion, even if China stopped trading with the US, it would have a surplus of exports to the rest of the world of more than $1.766 Trillion and imports of more than $911 billion from the rest of the world. In fact, the odds support that imports might not drop that much because manufacturers in the rest of the world are in a position to offer similar products to China to replace what they were buying from the U.S.
What happens to people when US workers lose their jobs in the US vs China?
US exports to China support 1 million American jobs every year.
For sure, more than a million jobs will be lost in China but — China had a history of finding other jobs for those workers and even retiring workers early and sending them back home to rural villages where they pay no rent, property tax or mortgage payments. In China, most rural homes are owned by the collective (government and workers), and most of those rural homes also have land they grow food on. Early retirees go home with a Social Security check showing up every month and they don’t have to worry about losing their house. The younger Chinese factory workers are hired by state-owned factories or sent to work on infrastructure projects throughout a country that is building new cities, dams, solar and wind energy power project, highways, etc. And China is doing the maintenance necessary to keep its newer infrastructure working. China is now the world’s leader in wind and solar power production and is building newer power plants with better filters to clean the air so they don’t pollute as much.
In the U.S. workers go on unemployment until it runs out and then many of them will lose their homes or rentals and possible end up homeless (if they don’t have family or friends to take them in) and begging to survive if they can’t find a church soup kitchen that feeds the homeless. Back in the U.S. infrastructure projects are being neglected, the railroads are in horrible shape with hundreds or of not thousands of train derailments annually, bridges are wearing out and collapsing, dams are in need of repairs, schools are decaying and falling apart, airports are not being maintained and modernized, the electrical system is also in need up updating and most of the power plants are old and should be replaced.

        Lloyd are you a profeta ? Then why people are living on the street ? China is still dealing with US , I’m telling you what I seen in Dade county , the Great Depresión II it’s near ? Investors are panicked or what ?🤷‍♂️

      • The answer that explains why people are living on the street in the US is complex. Some have been destroyed by drugs, others have serious mental problems and a lot of homeless are combat veteran that fought in one of Americans endless wars and they came home seriously damaged by PTSD. The number of unemployed homeless that want to work, or mentally stable, but can’t find a job that pays enough to pay rent and eat fluctuates.

        Homelessness is not unique to the United States. There are homeless people in just above every country and many of them are homeless for the same reasons as the US but because of war and out of fear, millions had to leave their homes and may never be able to return even to the countries they fled like in Ukraine.

        The reason most people in the US don’t know that homelessness is a world problem, is because It think the US media ignores the rest of the world and reports on homelessness in the US so much that people start to think it means the US is falling apart. The US has serious problems and they aren’t going to be dealt with (I’d say fixed but if the rest of the world can’t fix the homeless problems how can we expect the US to do it) unless the two major parties that rule this country get together and compromise on a way to do it. I don’t think that will happen in our lifetimes or for generations because the evidence shows the Republican Party sold out long ago to corrupt and cruel oligarch billiaonres like the Walmart Walton Family, Bill Gates, the Kochs and ALEC that wouldn’t give a homeless person one of their fresh hot turds.

        And if the conservative majority on the US Supreme Court keeps overturning established laws, its going to get a lot worse in the US. The US is at risk of losing Social Security, Medicare and even maybe an end to federal income tax. We’ve already seen the end of the separation of church and state this week. Thanks to a leak, we also know that women are soon going to lose any power over their bodies and won’t be able to legally get an abortion even if a woman needs an abortion to stay alive because a pregnancy would kill them or even if their father or brother raped them and they got pregnant. And this week those conservative justices overturned a 100 year old law in New York that made it illegal to carry a firearm without carry permit. Now anyone, even psychopaths’ and sociopath’s and criminals and killers, can buy a firearm and have it on them at all times in public in New York without a carry permit. There are other states that have laws like this, California is one, and now those sensible firearm laws are all at risk of seeing laws that restrict firearms in public endling.

        Here’s what China does to deal with homelessness.

      • Lloyd I do agreed with problem oligarch billiaonres like the Walmart to corrupt and cruel oligarch billiaonres like the Walmart Walton Family, Bill Gates, the Kochs and ALEC , they are the problem think about this quotes favorite of the gates bill meaning is not evil ? Bill let’s say money is evil too ? Love the money , Gates quote ? If you born poor it’s not your fault but if you died poor it’s your fault ~ Bill Gate ~ He is proud of say something that reveal what greed he is and dumb as well because I could say to him many people died poor and it’s your Bill gate fault also I would say to Bill you are promoting violence or do wherever you have to do to made money evil kill , Bill gate is an ignorant that need to know that it’s easier to a Camel go inside a nidle hole than a greedy billionaire in the God’s Kingdom Jesus was professing knowing that evils Bill and others greedy’s will die with their god ( money but they will not go to Heaven’s . Lloyd if world population is 8 billions ? Wrong let’s say 10 that is far away from 9 , if those 4 greedy’s donate 2 millions dollars of their fortune por person on earth everyone died right , how the evil gate don’t made the FIRTS move and started with the FIRTS to donate and eliminate his evil / greed quote . Diane once say that Bill gate don’t give tips in restaurants , Diane was there or hear , anyways She never speculate I love Diane cause if he has to tell me the truth hard way she say hard I think it’s better a hard true than a soft lie , Lloyd good job let’s keep taking the cover to those greeds . An Lloyd and what about the Traitor T? He is not greedy as Bill and the others dude ? I think add DT to the list of greed or he change . What religions bill ? Money ? 🧐

      • Everyone should die poor. There should be a limit on how much wealth can be inherited after the death of someone like Bill Gates.

        The death tax should be 90% for everything over $500,000 net worth in acquired wealth. And the money collected has to go to paying off the national debt.

      • Once we subtract TT’s debts, there isn’t much left and most of that wealth is in the value of real estate TT owns, not in cash.

        The question is, how much cash has TT hidden in offshore tax havens as insurance that if he has to run away to a country that will not extradite him for his crimes in the US, will he have enough to live in luxury to the end of his day while he buys young, busty women to service his flaccid, corpulent body.

      • Lloyd TT is not strong it’s just floppy TT won’t hit a baseball ball at 90 miles por hour he did not visit the Yankee Stadium ever cause he scare he hit by a foul ball or hit buy a democrat mad 🤣

      • TT is a total coward. He brags to make it sound like he is a hero, but no, he is a total coward and a bully that needs a good beating.

      • Ah Lloyd TT won’t hike like you do you are an strong person TT it’s floppy and lazy , vago

      • “Investors are panicked or what?”

        Buying stocks is gambling. There’s always a risk you can lose it all.

      • What is the difference between a trader and a gambler?
        Traders absolutely hate risk and uncertainty, while gamblers live for it. The goal of a trader is to make predictions that will be as accurate as possible, while gamblers can’t predict anything. This is part of the thrill of gambling, but it’s something most traders will try to avoid at all costs.

        Lloyd I do agreed there is a risk now gamblers risk everything and loss back to back I know a person who loss two house of 400 K I think gamblers are greedy’s or they think they will recover the loss someday until they realize that Casinos , or Lloyd Casinos are bad too , I forget to tell you , what about Casinos they should be more regulated how it’s posible people kill the self and they hide the fact ? They got their own polices or media ? Have you ever meditate about this ? Wow woW

      • Professional gamblers play by strict rules to gain a slight advantage against the casino, race track or bookie.

        My dad played the horses for most of his life. When he was 14, he worked at Santa Anita in Southern California cleaing out the horse stables.

        Decades alter, he belonged to a group of gamblers and friends that he met at the track. Theyt met around our kitchen table during horse racing season and worked late into the morning hours with racing forms handicapping the next days horse races at race tracks across the country.

        My dad won more money than he lost over the years. As a child, when my mother was working, he’d take me with him to the races at Santa Anita, the closest track to our house. I still remember the night my mother was in the hospital and he and his friends had finished handicapping the next days horse races cross the country. We piled into a car and drove to an industrial area and a factor taht made potatoes chips for a big company where they placed their bets.

        My dad said don’t tell anyone about this bookie because this company is owned by the mob. He didn’t like betting with the mob and preferred little mom-pop bookies but his regularly bookie who owned a liquor store was in jail that week.

        One time, my dad handicapped eight straight winners in a row.

        When my dad died at 79, my mother, who never approved of his gambling, knew where he hid his gambling money and there was enough there to support her for an entire year.

        About forty years ago, I taught myself how to count cards. After a year of training, I started to visit Las Vegas or Reno on weekends. As long as I stuck to the rules, I always left Vegas or Reno with more money than I arrived with and also covered my hotel room costs. But it was hard work so after a few years I decided it wasn’t worth it and stopped doing it.

      • Lloyd I do agreed you can beat the casino until they find out snd banned you count cards here there is a fancy casino the guitar a bullying it’s a guitar hard rock , they don’t want loss a penny if they think you count card they kick you out and banned you . I once did something I turn a friend account 10 thausand into 200 thausand on Forex , it’s hard I did in three days in my fase Bipolar Maniac we are crazy but smart I say I’m Bipolar I don’t care what others think I been called crazy I don’t replay back mad I just pull the phone I pull the list of Bipolar I show to those Mockers and say your mind it’s not sharp enough to read this short list of names , Albert Einstein , Picasso , Abraham Lincoln , Gim Carrey the funny actor , the beautiful Angelina (Brad Pit ex- wife ) Who made Crist movie ? Ah Mr. Market Benjamin Graham and most of the people who are in the history for done goods are in the list , Ah now Musk in the list . Lloyd I went to the bank I pulled a hundred thausand cash I went to the casino the Guitar they made me a card as a gambler I seat in a black jack table I bough a hundred thausand chips , they look at me as a Professional gambler before they started to give cards , I ask , excuse me I need advice this my FIRTS time playing this , they start teaching me as well the people around me I learn I loss 10 hands on the road minimum 50 dollars I get mad I ask I can’t not put all this money at once they told me no but $2500 you can . I put $2500 hundred plus one guy told doble down , I replay what you mean ? The dealer look at me and I say to him you should tell me . He told me no I say ok now doble he pull other card the same guy told me double down , what ? Yes this your day dude , I say I don’t understand dude any ways but I understand doble down thanks , I put 3 times $2500 hundred I won’t 3 times 2500 hundred I look the dealer I said it’s over give all my chips I’m going to get my cash you won’t get the money you loss with me I tip the Dealear with two hundred I give $ 500 hundred to the guy that told me doble down , I saw a teen sad I went to the kid and ask what happen kid ? He replay I loss the thausand dollar my dad gave me to paid my car payment plus the insurance playing this game rulet , I told ok a deal I give you the money you loss but if you promise me you won’t gamble me ever . What he said ? Ok you don’t understand my English no problem let get a translator I pick a lady I say Por favor necesito me traduzca she told ok . I told the lady the deal I put on the table to the kid. She translate for me he said ok . Shake hands 😂. 🤝. You got a thausand plus a hundred tip up to you you can gambler if you want but no more a penny if you loss I left happy the casino because the record gave me 7 nights free plus every moth two nights until they find out that my name or card was not reading ever . I got them no more gambling the money I made on Forex it’s hard on top Market Manipulation Chase fined 929 millions the fed cache JP once more ✊🤣

      • I know. I was almost caught once but I spotted the pit boss watching me with a shocked expression so I pretended not tee him and started losing. After deliberately losing a half a dozen hands, he lost interest and I left to another casino and was more careful to not be caught. It took a couple of hours to make up for how much I lost in the casino where i was almost caught.

        It’s not illegal to count cards, but it also is not illegal for a casino to ban you from gambling and share your picture and ID with all the other casinos.

      • Lloyd I chose California as the state where I can move , I want a peaceful place , I got some money no much just you know people who knows me as a fighter agains police corruption as well people who are not more blain because what I have told the truth Charters Schooll , great full people are going to help me , they don’t want me living under this pressure for the rest of my life . A friend of my it’s opening a fund me to help me with the expenses , I don’t know much about who donations works even when I donated just I never asked for nothing .

      • I want to suggest you avoid RED counties where Trump won the vote I California. Here’s a map showing the RED and Blue counties from the 2020 election.

        The RED areas are where we will find larger fascist human infections. Fascism is a human political virus that is extremely dangerous and thanks to Traitor Trump, the fascist wing of the Republican Party is powerful and very dangerous.

      • Lloyd moving everything from an state far from another , it worth bring everything , furniture , TV’s , or buying everything there , what it’s going to cost me more ?

      • To discover the moving cost, you’ll have to check with and get quotes from several reputable, well known cross country truck companies that specialize in moving people and their stuff.

      • I want to relocate and keep doing what I have done since 7 years ago , pushing / spreading the corruption on this County the only one in Florida running without Sheriffs I was told for a Miami Dade County police officer that he don’t want sheriffs . Lloyd Florida got 67 county’s and Miami Dade County no Sherif , Sherif roll ?

      • Does that man Dade County is allegedly the most corrupt county in the state? The Greatest President (his bragging, not my words) ever, Traitor Trump’s Mar-a-Lago fiefdom is in Palm Beach County. I’d think that’s the most corrupt county in the country by now.

      • Very interesting San Joaquin ,,,

        San Joaquin County, California
        Situated east of the San Francisco Bay area, San Joaquin County is part of the Central Valley. It is woven with rivers, canals, and waterways. San Joaquin County is one of the original California counties, dating back to California’s statehood in 1850. The major city and county seat is Stockton.

        Stockton contains a major deep-water port. It receives the largest number of wind turbines in the world, and this area is quickly becoming important to the renewable energy industry. Downtown Stockton is an attractive area with a marina. It is bordered by the Joan Darrah Promenade, which contains shops, restaurants, and other businesses. A large display of public art enhances the promenade’s beauty and popularity. Stockton contains the Haggin Museum, built in 1931. It is also the location of the annual Asparagus Festival.

        Colleges and universities in San Joaquin County include the University of the Pacific in Stockton. UOP was founded in 1851 and moved to Stockton in 1923. It is among California’s oldest universities. San Joaquin Delta College is also located in Stockton.

        Because of its location on the water, the county is a great place for fishing and boating. The county feels somewhat remote despite its proximity to San Francisco, and it is dotted with historic river towns and rural areas. There are over 100 marinas, plenty of restaurants, several campgrounds, parks, and over 50 boat launching facilities.

  3. Trump is a monster with power. History is filled with monsters like Trump. I think most if not all major civilization throughout history have collapsed, a monster like Trump has been the one responsible for lighting the fuse that blew it up.
    Trump is not unique. History shows as that. Too bad the Republican Party is so corrupt, they have not done anything to reign Trump in. All it would take is Trump’s cabinet using the 25th Amendment to declare Trump enthrallment unstable to get rid of him and replace him with Pence. Pence will bring his own problems to the White House since he is a minion of ALEC and the Koch brothers, but hopefully Pence will not be a monster that destroys a civilization.

    • Pray that someone stops Trump one way or the other.

      • If anyone could use drones like in the film Angel Has Fallen, it would have to be a billionaire that hates the traitor more than the rest of us that are not Trumpists.

      • Lloyd President Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper and James Comey . I also read Two White House officials said later on Monday that Mr. Trump was not finished, and that Christopher A. Wray, the F.B.I. director, and Gina Haspel, the C.I.A. director, could be next in line to be fired. Removing these senior officials — in effect decapitating the nation’s national security bureaucracy — would be without parallel by an outgoing president who has just lost re-election. How many people Trump fired for doing their jobs ? Before became elector United States has 5 FBI directors in the history including who Richard Nixon fired from there how many FBI directors America had until today ? I never had read something like that , as well Trump fired from the White House other’s people? The constitution give the authority to the president to fired whoever their want without the chance to appeals ?

      • I’ve read a lot about Trump since 2015. Before then, I heard about him occasionally because of The Apprentice TV show (that I never watched) and his Art of the Deal book (that I never read and he didn’t write – he paid a ghost writer to write it for him), but that was all I knew about him.

        The day all that changed was during the presidential debates between him and Hillary Clinton. When I was watching the debates I was fact checking them and at the end, almost if not everything that came out of Trump’s mouth was a lie and then there was him stalking Hillary as she stood behind her podium and he walked around like he was a serial killer waiting for his moment to strike and kill her. Hillary wasn’t totally correct either but her lies or errors were nowhere close to Trump.

        Since then I learned Trump was a malignant narcissist, a serial liar, a failed businessman, a traitor to his country, a greedy SOB, a cheat, a fraud, a guy who doesn’t read much and has a very short attention span, someone with thin skin who casn’t take criticism but hands it out like he’s on fire, and the clincher, he expects everyone to by loyal to him like devout Jews, Christians and Muslims are loyal to God. To Trump, everything is about him, him, him, him. IF someone in his administration didn’t agree with him, didn’t follow his orders even if they were against the law, or criticized him in any way, he got rid of them. Trump expected total obedience. He expected anyone around him to worship him as if he was God. Oh, and he lives to get revenge on anyone for any reason he thinksof, and he enjoys it when it gets his revenge by bankrupting someone and/or destroying their lives.

        Here is a link that lists all of the people Trump fired or who resigned from his administration. Be patient while you are scrolling through the list. It’s LONG. And, Brookings says this list does not include Cabinet secretaries.

        I think RUP means he fired them or forced them to resign. Some were promoted to higher positions because of their blind loyalty and praise of God Trump.

      • I’ve read a lot about Trump since 2015. Before then, I heard about him occasionally because of The Apprentice TV show (that I never watched) and his Art of the Deal book (that I never read and he didn’t write – he paid a ghost writer to write it for him), but that was all I knew about him.

        The day all that changed was during the presidential debates between him and Hillary Clinton. When I was watching the debates I was fact checking them and at the end, almost if not everything that came out of Trump’s mouth was a lie and then there was him stalking Hillary as she stood behind her podium and he walked around like he was a serial killer waiting for his moment to strike and kill her. Hillary wasn’t totally correct either but her lies or errors were nowhere close to Trump.

        Since then I learned Trump was a malignant narcissist, a serial liar, a failed businessman, a traitor to his country, a greedy SOB, a cheat, a fraud, a guy who doesn’t read much and has a very short attention span, someone with thin skin who casn’t take criticism but hands it out like he’s on fire, and the clincher, he expects everyone to by loyal to him like devout Jews, Christians and Muslims are loyal to God. To Trump, everything is about him, him, him, him. IF someone in his administration didn’t agree with him, didn’t follow his orders even if they were against the law, or criticized him in any way, he got rid of them. Trump expected total obedience. He expected anyone around him to worship him as if he was God. Oh, and he lives to get revenge on anyone for any reason he thinksof, and he enjoys it when it gets his revenge by bankrupting someone and/or destroying their lives.

        Here is a link that lists all of the people Trump fired or who resigned from his administration. Be patient while you are scrolling through the list. It’s LONG. And, Brookings says this list does not include Cabinet secretaries.

        I think RUP means he fired them or forced them to resign. Some were promoted to higher positions because of their blind loyalty and praise of God Trump.

        Lloyd I hope you are doing well, Lloyd I copy and paste and I’m sending you ( reply your message, I want to Thank that you have made ( I could say that a few knows how is really Donald Trump . I never doubt, I always agreed with you regarding Trump and Putin, the terrible person bough of them are . Lloyd please if you can tell Diane I always appreciate her support when my daughter and son and myself where victims of those rulers ( Charter Schools supporters) Tell Diane from me that I never will forget what you are her and others in world press support me ! Lloyd I want to thanks all of you for the support to the public education as well the support you have done to the constitution ( world press originally was for education purpose until Trump , started with the idea of became president , I think Trump ( just my personal opinion ) Trump born with this mental disorder

        I’ve read a lot about Trump since 2015. Before then, I heard about him occasionally because of The Apprentice TV show (that I never watched) and his Art of the Deal book (that I never read and he didn’t write – he paid a ghost writer to write it for him), but that was all I knew about him.

        The day all that changed was during the presidential debates between him and Hillary Clinton. When I was watching the debates I was fact checking them and at the end, almost if not everything that came out of Trump’s mouth was a lie and then there was him stalking Hillary as she stood behind her podium and he walked around like he was a serial killer waiting for his moment to strike and kill her. Hillary wasn’t totally correct either but her lies or errors were nowhere close to Trump.

        Since then I learned Trump was a malignant narcissist, a serial liar, a failed businessman, a traitor to his country, a greedy SOB, a cheat, a fraud, a guy who doesn’t read much and has a very short attention span, someone with thin skin who casn’t take criticism but hands it out like he’s on fire, and the clincher, he expects everyone to by loyal to him like devout Jews, Christians and Muslims are loyal to God. To Trump, everything is about him, him, him, him. IF someone in his administration didn’t agree with him, didn’t follow his orders even if they were against the law, or criticized him in any way, he got rid of them. Trump expected total obedience. He expected anyone around him to worship him as if he was God. Oh, and he lives to get revenge on anyone for any reason he thinksof, and he enjoys it when it gets his revenge by bankrupting someone and/or destroying their lives.

        Here is a link that lists all of the people Trump fired or who resigned from his administration. Be patient while you are scrolling through the list. It’s LONG. And, Brookings says this list does not include Cabinet secretaries.

        I think RUP means he fired them or forced them to resign. Some were promoted to higher positions because of their blind loyalty and praise of God Trump.

        Usually, people with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, like Donald Trump, think they know everything and they’re always right.

        My ex boyfriend for instance would tell me things like

        [talking about smoking a joint] “I inhaled once or twice, that is not smoking” or
        [talking about an English word he never heard before] “No one knows that word therefore it is not an English word.”
        They bend reality to the most absurd extent just because they refuse to be wrong. He did that with everything and with such conviction. It would drive anyone crazy.

        Now, not all people think who are always right are Narcissist or even have a mental disorder, but those who bend reality just to be right… clearly it is indicative of some form of mental malfunction.

        Just bear in mind that there are people more knowledgeable and smarter than you are, and as a result, they may seem like they are always right – because 90% of the time, they actually are.

        Tell Diane I never support Trump and I will never support no one who can be a treat to the constitution or a treat to the Justice . Because is a treat to the justice anywhere and everywhere !
        Thanks Lloyd for everything you have done to help the justice !

      • Why don’t you tell Diane? You can leave a comment on her Blog’s about page.

      • Lloyd I’m been trying, I’m been send message to her even when she has send me message , some of them to tell what I should do and I did when she ask me . Reibel, why you don’t send your son to a Public school ? I did I transfer my son and my daughter! I understand Dianne it’s a very busy person but could be that because I’m not an English-Speaker or something called prejudice the most difficult thing to get rid off, maybe because no many are like you who did not discriminate, you always answer and explain nicely and polite ! Lloyd why do people tend to answer or get connected with prominent people and ignore unknown person?
        Easy answer to smart people but not easy to answer because the ego or because they don’t want to exchange message even when you are telling them thanks for or when we apologize for, no welcome or no forgiveness!
        Lloyd I told you the truth I have never meet up a person kind , understanding and helpful like you ! I asked you to tell Diane , Diane will be more like open to you beside reply to me ! Anyways I’ll send to her a message soon ! Take care Lloyd and Thanks for your replay

      • Here’s the link to Diane’s about page. Maybe if you left her a short comment of 25 words or less. Sometimes we can have so many emails we can’t reply to all of them, but I find that short ones are easier to read and reply to.

        When I leave comments, I usually don’t ask questions. I say what I want to say and don’t care if I hear back from them or not.

        And, my blogs have had a little over a millions view and thousands of comments spread over 12 years. Diane’s blogs have had tens of millions of views and way more comments than my blogs have ever had. To tell you the truth, I have no idea how she does it. I know I couldn’t read everything that pours into her site, let alone reply to everyone.

      • Thanks Lloyd.
        Lloyd could you send me your blog link ?

      • I have four blogs”

        This blog is about any topic
        99,604 hits/views

        This blog focuses on China only
        822,700 hits/views

        This blog is about education, learning, teaching
        127,523 hits/views

        this blog is about war, living with PTSD, the military, weapons, et al.
        324,775 hits/views

      • Twitter board announces poison pill measure to block Musk buyout
        A significant problem for Musk’s hostile takeover

        Lloyd I read this why block Musk it’s because he could change what twitter did to Trump ( banned ) If Musk take control of the shares ( Twiter) Muck could help Trump and Trump to be honest stay most of time posting twixt , how come ? Trump did nothing I mean Trump beside stay focused on help the White House stayed most of the time sending Twixt and faked news , fake post . Trump blain on China on manipúlate the Stock Market but did nothing to Stop Jpmorgan doing what China , China it’s not found guilty of Market Manipulation. Jpmorgan plea guilty of Market Manipulation and the fed impose Jpmorgan fine for 920 millions Dollars for Market Manipulation.
        Lloyd Dow Jones ( 30 corporations ) Apple, Microsoft ( greedy gate ) Walmart and Jpmorgan, Gate it’s a greddy, Walmart don’t paid over time to their employees, Jpmorgan committing crimes and Trump as a supporter of the fake economy Durant his presidential years ! Long history short ! It made sense what to others don’t !

      • For Musk to control Twitter, I think he’d have to buy 51% of the shares.

        How much would that be? Today, Twitter shares were selling for almost $47 a share. From what I read, I think there are 800.64 million shares outstanding. So, $47 x 408,326,000,000 (51% of Twitter shares) is twice what Musk is worth. That’s more than $408 billion unless my math is off.

        I read from the New York Times that Musk could buy Twitter for $40 billion. I’ve also read that Musk is bipolar so maybe he’s not taking his meds.

      • Lloyd and what about if another’s let’s say 7 guys like Musk or Trumps colegas joined and take control of Twitter ? Because Musk he could be Bipolar, Bipolar people are genius and most of them had played a great role in the world. Albert Einstein, Isacc Newton , Abraham Lincoln, Picasso, by there not meds ? Maybe Muck is smoking weed , weed is bad ? Or farmacy toxic meds are wort’s?

      • Musk has a mental history of mood swings. From what I’ve read, he is so unpredictable that the board of directors for his company banned him from holding press conferences without permission. I think they even got a court order to stop Musk from saying or tweeting things that could cause the stock prices for his companies to drop.

      • I do agreed with something he said . Musk said Bitcoin price will go to 500 thausand dollars and I said to a Bitcoin fan who told me because I said that gold it’s the most secure assessment and Bitcoin it’s to volatile that a none sense remain none sense even spoken by the most prominent , what Musk said, well Bitcoin drop off from 63 thausand to 28 thausands . I was right even when I don’t trade future !
        Poor Musk the suffering of a terrible desorden it’s something that not many understand. No wonder he stay most of the time inside his own world as Albert Einstein stayed most of his life and today evils people are getting richer thanks to Einstein. Well nucleares weapons Putin got to use as a treat . Einstein knew someone will use his discover for evils . The two bombs that Anerican trough in Japan ( America the only chance they got to save h the world from the evils emperador and evil Hitler! Putin it’s been treating with mass destruction weapon’s . I believe if Albert Einstein could back up and change his discover he would do it . The world with more than 10 thausands nuclear weapons and 10 thausands of people died for not food or water . Something it’s wrong or

      • I don’t think President Truman who gave the order to drop the two atom bombs on Japan knew how dangerous the radiation from the fallout from nuclear bombs could be. It’s possible the scientists that built the bombs didn’t know either.

        You may want to watch this video to learn how many nuclear bomb tests there were. Eventually, they discovered how dangerous the fallout cloud/dust and radiation was and then tested the bombs underground. Eventually, that stopped, too.

        Scary. Putin may be using the threat of using nuclear weapons and doesn’t really mean it, because if he uses them, then the West will use them on Russia. After the first strikes, the use of the bombs will continue until there is no Russia left.

        Russia has 12 cities with more than a million people, 201 cities with between 100,000 and 1 million people, and 1294 cities with between 10,000 and 100,000 people. The largest city in Russia is Moscow.

        The EU has about four or five times the population of Russia and the US has about twice the population as Russia. It will take fewer nuclear bombs to destroy Russia’s larger cities and it won’t be easy for Russia to destroy all the cities in the EU, UK and North America. Because Russia will hundreds of cities to target, they won’t be able to target cities with more than one missile. But the West can hit each city and all the military targets in Russia with several missiles each.

        About a hundred million might die from the blasts and a couple of billion from the radiation sickness, but there will be no more Russia, nothing but craters and a few poor rural people stumbling around dying from radiation sickness.

        If the UK, France and the US take out most of Russia’s military sites and navy ships before Russia gets a chance to use all their bombs, our species might survive, at least in the southern hemisphere. When it’s over, Brazil would probably be the most powerful country on the planet.

      • Lloyd I hope you are doing well . Lloyd a friend of mine who has an Instagram account but his account was jacked , he reported it and no actions was taken from Instagram. What he should do to resolve this issue? Wow the internet is battle field . Take care Lloyd. Have a wonderful evening!

      • Your friend may want to change the password., if he can. I hope this friend has a different password for every account he has. If not, then the hacker might be able to get into all of them.

        I found this:

      • More than just his meds. Musk should have a court appointed trustee/guardian that has final say in anything Musk does with his wealth and the power in buys.

      • Lloyd. Robert Muller the FBI director & you in the Vietnam war , you never went to a mission with him ?

      • Muller served in Vietnam in 1968, in the 3rd Marine Division. I was there in 1966 in the 1st Marine Division. The Vietnam War lasted 19 years and almost three million American troops served there. The first president to send troops to Vietnam was President Eisenhower in 1955. That’s when the Vietnam War started. It just got bigger in the 1960s.

      • Lloyd now you mentioned or maybe I’m not understand your English it’s perfect well no wonder you are a great book editor , also work for 25 years in the education plus your daily journal, no many on word press hace the knowledge you have a reason why stay learning from you until my last day , Diane don’t understand my English also she is exchange a few messages with me , Diane asked me how was the education in Cuba , well Diane ask me Reibel could you tell to Mrs / I can’t remember the name I know was a charter = disaster bad choice supporter . I replied Diane the education in Cuba Publix I should say more but Diane don’t like me put long comments maybe cause no one understand my English you know . But LLoyd seriously I was a average student maybe more but I’m not smart I’m sharp , I remember since I was 7 I learned with only 7 years old all Capitals of the works , name and location. I read long ago an university student was asked to mark in the map board the principal 7 capital of the world and where locations, everyone failed , how could be possible if mg English it’s terrible showing my intelligence level , I can speak in a lot of areas not as you do but more than many prominent “ Trump can’t stay a conversation with me , let’s say you ask questions for me and Trump I can answer and explain the question more accurate than Trump , Trump chose not to read to much , results all the mess and scandals show his IQ level plus his education level , Trump was asked by a Spanish reporter Jorge Ramos in Iowa president how you are going to build a 19000 thausand mieles wall Trump replay easy I’m a contractor I build buildings , Fidel Castro interference in every thing that Cuba was trying to do , Castro destroy the best sugar cane in the world thinking he knew everything little by little was controlling everything that is why Cuba 60 years ago the Pearl of the Caribbean Cuban economy was so good that Cuban peso before Castro never was below the USD one to one yes and over the dollar that says a lot plus the first fancy cars building in American Cuban get those cars before Trump

      • Maybe Diane wants to know how Cuba’s public school worked, what the teachers taught, what subjects were available, were textbooks censored, stuff like that.

        As for Traitor Trump, he boasts he built a lot of things. But he never built anything with his own hands. He didn’t pay for what he had others build for him, too. He also cheated many of the workers and banks by not paying what he owned the workers and going bankrupt to avoid paying the loans he took out from the banks until the US banks won’t loan him money anymore.


        Lloyd if Diane visit Cuba to know who the school sistem work , I respect that no necessary I know how it work and pretty good . Diane could be saved money , time and spending money in Cuba it’s same as goes to Trump’s Hotels and spend money supporting theirs bussines. Cuban has more than 10 million of slaves the owner’s brothers Castro anyone who visit Cuba should mediate before goes cause Cuba was destroyed by those who are still in power and refuse to admit that that sistem it’s a shame as well Charters Schooll .

      • Since I have never been to Cuba, I have no idea what government was better: Castro as a so-called Communist or Fulgencio Batista as a brutal dictator. So, I fact checked.

        Here’s what I learned about the government Castro defeated and replaced:

        Batista “returned to power as a brutal dictator, controlling the university, the press, and the Congress, and he embezzled huge sums from the soaring economy. In 1954 and ’58 the country held presidential elections that, though purportedly “free,” were manipulated to make Batista the sole candidate. His regime was finally toppled by the rebel forces led by Fidel Castro, who launched their successful attack in the fall of 1958. Faced with the collapse of his regime and with the growing discontent of his supporters, Batista fled with his family to the Dominican Republic on January 1, 1959. Later he went into exile on the Portuguese island of Madeira and finally settled in Estoril, near Lisbon.”

        The full text of the Britannica piece follows. Link at the bottom. The previous paragraph was a pull quote from what comes next:

        Fulgencio Batista, in full Fulgencio Batista y Zaldívar, (born January 16, 1901, Banes, Cuba—died August 6, 1973, Marbella, Spain), soldier and political leader who twice ruled Cuba—first in 1933–44 with an efficient government and again in 1952–59 as a dictator, jailing his opponents, using terrorist methods, and making fortunes for himself and his associates.

        The son of impoverished farmers, Batista worked in a variety of jobs until he joined the army in 1921, starting as a stenographer. He rose to the rank of sergeant and developed a large personal following. In September 1933 he organized the “sergeants’ revolt”; it toppled the provisional regime of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, which had replaced the dictatorial regime of Gerardo Machado y Morales. In the process Batista became the most powerful man in Cuba and the country’s de facto leader.

        An astute judge of men, Batista preferred to consolidate his control through patronage rather than terror. He cultivated the support of the army, the civil service, and organized labour. Ruling through associates the first few years, he was elected president in 1940. While greatly enriching himself, he also governed the country most effectively, expanding the educational system, sponsoring a huge program of public works, and fostering the growth of the economy.

        After his term ended in 1944, Batista traveled abroad and lived for a while in Florida, where he invested part of the huge sums he had acquired in Cuba. During the eight years that he was out of power in Cuba, there was a resurgence of corruption on a grand scale, as well as a virtual breakdown of public services. His return to power, through a bloodless military coup that deposed Pres. Carlos Prío Socarrás in March 1952, was widely welcomed. But he returned as a brutal dictator, controlling the university, the press, and the Congress, and he embezzled huge sums from the soaring economy. In 1954 and ’58 the country held presidential elections that, though purportedly “free,” were manipulated to make Batista the sole candidate. His regime was finally toppled by the rebel forces led by Fidel Castro, who launched their successful attack in the fall of 1958. Faced with the collapse of his regime and with the growing discontent of his supporters, Batista fled with his family to the Dominican Republic on January 1, 1959. Later he went into exile on the Portuguese island of Madeira and finally settled in Estoril, near Lisbon.

      • Lloyd my dad told me Batista was a crook I agreed with you now I think Castros brothers are in the Top list of evils killers who are the cause of spread of the cancer called communism

      • The brutal Castro brothers got rid of a Brutal Batista. If Batista had not been that way, the so-called Communists under Castro would not have gained the support of the people and would not have succeeded. The people in Cub that wanted to get rid of Brutal Batista thought the Communists under Castro would be an improvement over Batista.

      • I had to look that up.

        “The records indicate that Ida Eisenhower was a regular and faithful participant in the activities of the Abilene Ecclesia of the International Bible Students Association (later Jehovah’s Witnesses) from 1920 to 1937.”

        Click to access jehovah-witnesses-records.pdf

        My mother became a Jehovah Witness when I was 12 years old and she stayed with them to her death at 89. Because of my mother leaving the Catholic Church to become a Jehovah Witness, she refused to join our extended family during the holidays and one of my fondest memories of being a child came to an abrupt end. No more birthday celebrations. No more Thanksgiving family gatherings. No more Christmas, Easter, et al.

        That’s the main reason why I refuse to join a religion. I made that decision when i was still 12. My father refused to join the Jehovah Witnesses and be baptized but to keep the peace, he went with my mother to their church every week.

      • Click to access jehovah-witnesses-records.pdf

        Lloyd thanks for the information. Ah I meditate about your daddy he made great job and chose to respect your mommy desire your dad chose for the peace , you are a blessing person your mom a great person and your dad a great person no wonder you are so kind and helpful you don’t discriminate people because you are those a fews who knows a lot about any area , there is nothing more beautiful than respect people and don’t discriminate people by their religious I went to the city Hall of Hiealeah question and concerns and I was told Jehovah wiseness are totalitarian I replied totalitarians are Regimes, Putin and anyone who say Jehovah wiseness are totalitarian need to understand that the constitution protect our rights . Lloyd as Jesus was judged ilegal and was killed by tell the truth, many wiseness loss their life in Germany for refuse to do what Hitler want, Jehovah wiseness protect Jews risking their life when Jews where running when evils polices shot Jews , Jehovah wiseness bring Jews inside their house in Germany without fear of be killed for help people who Hitler propose to exterminate. Hilary Clinton tried to warn the Russian people to stop Putin who was waiting to win the elections and became who is now a dangerous dictator who send Jehovah wiseness and many others people to prison , Putin say Jehovah wiseness are totalitarian if Jehovah wiseness are totalitarian what is Putin a son of the Devil ? Anyone who discriminate others by their fe should realize that discrimination it’s not constitutional. Free will , humans have free will given by God , then why people judged other even when they ever have meet the people who they are discriminate. Why people are like that , before judge others we should know that the only one who can judge right is God because humans judges proved had rule wrong many times against the righteous one , Jehovah wiseness where prosecuted here then freedom now Putin started what his father started ( Soviet Union KGB.
        The question to ask . Why Catholic support Hitler and why now the Ortodoxos are supporting the evil Putin?

      • Why Catholic support Hitler and why now the Ortodoxos are supporting the evil Putin?

        If you study the history of the Catholic church. you will learn this wasn’t the only evil the leaders of that church did. The Catholic leaders did a lot of horrible things after they became the official religion of the Roman Empire around the 4th century BC. Terrible, horrible atrocities. The Inquisitions. The Crusades. The religious wars.

        The European wars of religion were a series of wars waged in Europe during the 16th, 17th, and early 18th centuries. Fought after the Protestant Reformation began in 1517, the wars disrupted the religious and political order in the Catholic countries of Europe, or Christendom.

      • Thanks Lloyd for the information about The Catholic leaders and theirs crimes , eventually as Jesus said the light can’t be cover for ever . Regarding the Russian Church the Ortodoxa those priests are doing or are in the same paths as the Catholic Church . Lloyd the the orthodox church encyclopedia? I don’t know much about religions as well if I compare in general the knowledge that I have with your it’s like compare King Salomon or Albert Einstein knowledge and wisdom with the Knowledge that Trump has . I don’t want to be compared with Trump cause I’m wiser than him and smarter to , now your knowledges vs my , it’s like you are the encyclopedia Britannica plus more knowledge and I’m a kindergarten student asking for answers to questions that no many nows or their ago hold them to share what they know that is why I told everyone the best teacher I have it’s you. You teach for Free and help. Lloyd I want to thank you for the help you provide me I’ll never forget 2015 , 7 years ago started the fierce legal battle against the abusers of my childrens I was ignored and underestimated by the Principal and Mayor of the City who was by there the Chairman,,Lloyd thanks God and you I won the battle the Mayor with all his followers are out of the city hall their political carrier is over . Lloyd I’m been thinking about a book posting how hard was the legal fight and the years of battle as we’ll mention that people who I never know stand up and help me as you do. Lloyd life it’s ironic the Mayor and principal of the Charter plus the polices that the Mayor used to constantly harass me, that sad, all of them born in Cuba and came to America when they were children and then they forgot that their parents left Cuba to that they lived in freedom now they acted like dictators and Lloyd to be honest without the help you gave me as well Diane , Susan Lee , Retired teacher and WordPress I won but the person who did the most to help me was you , without your help it would have been Impossible to win that legal fight. Lloyd life is ironic I never have had the pleasure of shaking hands with you and you, I saw you asked as my friend my father my teacher, my daughter always is asking for you, Melanie my daughter me how is uncle Lloyd? Lloyd when a girl calls someone uncle without never meet that person means she knows what you did. Melanie turned 19 on July 1, it’s in second year of psychology Major at Florida International University and My daughter Melanie was 12 years old when the Principal evil and his colleagues started messing with my childrens, Melanie is very great full and that is why she called you uncle since a long time ago. she send hello to you and Diane as well, When Diane asked questions Melanie wrote because her English is better. Susan Lee Stuart so sweet and she encouraged my daughter with very lovely words I want to let everyone the power of WordPress and the Kindness of you guys.

      • What is the difference between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox?
        The main differences between Catholics and Orthodox are of rite. At Baptism, Catholics pour water over the head of the baptized while Orthodox immerse the child in the water of the baptismal font. In Communion, the Orthodox evoke the Holy Spirit and receive bread and wine when receiving communion.

        Lloyd I found some information about those two Christians organizations the difference and the things in common well bough supported evils Dictatorship, The Catholic Church with a black page in Germany and the Orthodox Church creating a darker book in the history. Wow I think they are false religious because Jesus never teach what those priests are doing or done

      • “Considering that the religion of the Jehovah’s Witnesses is professed by hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens, [liquidation] would be a disaster for rights and freedoms in our country,” said Yaroslav Sivulsky, a representative of the targeted Jehovah’s Witnesses headquarters, to Forum 18. The ban would impact about 175,000 followers in 2,000 congregations nationwide. “Without any exaggeration, it would put us back to the dark days of persecution for faith.”

        Lloyd Jesus was bringing to Piloto’s by Jews and leaders who knows the Law pretty well, they know what they did was ilegal the judge they did to Jesus was completely ilegal , let’s see

      • Jesus Christ was a Jew. Jesus Christ was crucified by the Roman military. The Jewish people did not crucify Jesus Christ.
        Pontius Pilate was the Roman prefect (governor) of Judaea (26–36 CE) who presided at the trial of Jesus and gave the order for his crucifixion. At that time, Israel was a vassal state of the Roman Empire. The puppet leader of that Jewish vassal state was King Herod. King Herod, sometimes called “Herod the Great” (circa 74 to 4 B.C.) was a king of Judea who ruled the territory with Roman approval. While Judea was an independent kingdom it was under heavy Roman influence and Herod came to power with Roman support.

        Herod did nothing without Roman approval. Herod was a Roman puppet leader. Herod the Great was known for consolidating Roman rule over and advancing the Hellenization of Judaea. He built the city of Sebaste on the site of ancient Samaria as well as the port city of Caesarea and rebuilt the Temple of Jerusalem.

        If Herod ordered Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, he did it with approval from his Roman master Pontius Pilate. Maybe Pilate ordered him to get rid of Jesus.

        And to think, the Jewish people have been punished for longer than 2,000 years for what Pilate and/or Herod were responsible for. When Jesus Christ was crucified, most if not all of his followers were Jews. Christians didn’t exist for about another 100 years.

      • Lloyd Jesus before Jerusalén was destroyed warned his disciples to run to the mont I think anyone who believe that Jesus was the mesías should be called Christians . Common senses ?

      • The first recorded use of the term Christian (or its cognates in other languages) is in the New Testament, in Acts 11 after Barnabas brought Saul (Paul) to Antioch where they taught the disciples for about a year, the text says that “the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch” (Acts 11:26).

        What was Christianity first called?
        Jewish Christianity. After the death of Jesus, Christianity first emerged as a sect of Judaism as practiced in the Roman province of Judea.

      • Pompeii—Where Time Stood Still

        Pompeii’s volcano exploded about a century after Jesus Christ’s crucification.

      • I think you posted this several times. I’ve replied to this twice, I think.

      • Hi Lloyd I hope you are doing well . I had a long week , I find out that the screws missing in the from tire of my cars taken conspiracy, I checked videos , the camera that was front of my car wasn’t able to catch the images the car was covering the individual I force the cops to ask permission to the bussines and those cameras catches everything now the cop told the owner refuse to provide videos and I told the cops then I’ll find the way , the judge can send an order where those individuals had no more choice that provided any single videos , now are in trouble a lot of people cause was conspiracy I did not roll over cause I maniobre like James Bond avoiding crash others cars , one thing I would like to add the cop who arrived to the incident was from the city of Hiealeah same city where the Mayor was using cops to Arasment me because I sued his charter Schooll the cop told me you are drunk I replied you are wrong I call a frind who used to work for the government and he arrived and told the cop you don’t know what you are talking about and you should know that the Mayor is in Trouble because I bring the police arrangements to Washington DC , the cop baked up and court day case dismissed before I stand up , as soon the judge saw me told me case dismissed Mr. Castillo no points no Schooll nothing I say and the cops who is next to me here got nothing to do ? And prosecutes ? Lloyd Miami Dade attorney Katherine Fernandez is doing a better job after I went to Intake exposing the corruption of the county.

        Lloyd all county’s should not be running by a sheriffs? Florida got 67 county’s and Dade is the only county running without Sheriffs, trastees sources say 2024 Dade will have Sheriff’s,, Sheriff’s get the seat by popular votes . Individuals with scandals should not be pointed as Sheriff, if Hernandez who was Mayor and was charged lied in trial Hernandez should not run by the position of Sheriffs because I’m going to put pressure told the nation that Florida is not an State is a country them I’ll move to California, London or somewhere else because where the law is not doing good job I should know that it’s time to move

      • I agree, you should move as soon as possible from that corrupt county in a corrupt state with a corrupt fascist RINO Republican DeSantis as governor.

        You may also want to buy locking lug nuts for your tires rims. If you do, make sure you buy the right lug nuts for your car brand and rims. Maybe check with that car brand’s dealer to make sure you end up with the right locking lug nuts.

      • Lloyd where I can expose what cops did to me today I think they interference my emails and this morning I was in the HOTEI two cops did something a set up I cashed them in videos , let send you the videos they need to learn they stolen my money getting inside my room and trying to get my phones I refuse and they charge me with

      • Evidence: videos, recording, emails, documents, witnesses …

        Once you have enough evidence to support your allegations, the next step is a lawyer you can trust who is also a killer whale in a courtroom.

      • Lloyd she is Blue , I should send to her my proves or bring her everything I have ? I have to move fast

      • Don’t let the fascists know who you are giving your evidence too. Also keep a copy of it all, maybe in a safe deposit box and someone you can trust has that key, not the lawyer.

      • Lloyd there is something you as a book editor who are pretty good can tell me the difference between truth history, mixing truth history with imagination? Robert Ludlum ( Born identity was based on truth history? And what about James Bond’s ? Who was James ?

      • James Bond was not based on any real person. Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, likely drew inspiration from more than one secret agent he learned of from his experiences working with British naval intelligence. That means, James Bond is probably was created from several real agents that Ian Fleming worked with. Not from one person, but from several.

        History is often written by the winners and not the losers. That’s why reputable historians look for material written by the losers and anyone else that was around at the time of any given history back thousands of years. They do that in an attempt to discover what really happened and get as close to the truth as possible.

      • Lloyd and Robert LUDLAM and The trinity books based on truth?

      • I couldn’t find any books by Robert Ludlam with Trinity in the title. I did find this and its fiction: The Trinity Six: A Novel Kindle Edition by Charles Cumming (Author) Format: Kindle Edition.

        The Washington Post also published this about Robert Ludlum in 1977. I think you may find it interesting. I did.

      • Lloyd Born Identify, Born Supremacy the movies

      • If they were all published as fiction, than Ludlam wasn’t writing fact based nonfiction. He was taking liberties with the facts and filling in where there were no facts, like I did for “My Splendid Concubine.”

        “My Splendid Concubine” is historical fiction based on a real story. I spend almost a decade researching Robert Hart’s life and learning about China’s history, people, and culture. I even visited China nine times to learn more.

        I learned the basic outline of the story I wanted to write about but not the details and the details take up most of the story. Writing a story like that means a lot of guesswork through imaginative, critical thinking and it can’t be called nonfiction.

      • Lloyd I’m been learning from people who are smarter than the best secret agents all time you are one of them , I love read about truth history and you went to Vietnam war and have enough knowledge and skills to run the CIA , you are a genius and america need you helping people, learn from you help me how to protect from corrupt cops , thanks God and you Miami Dade county regretted start messing with my family now they got no other choice that give up and paid one way or another, people should know what corrupt public figures have done to me , the only thing I did wrong was nothing because defend students and teachers abused by the principal and Mayor city Carlos Hernandez it’s what I did and now I’m living James Bond live because corrupt cops don’t want to listen that treat the constitution is treat and they need to learn how respect those who dies for the constitution. To be honest are good cops and if the Miami Dade general attorney don’t want stop those crooks I’ll

      • I have to disagree with you that I’m a genius (my IQ isn’t high enough to qualify) and that I have enough knowledge and skills to run the CIA. The CIA is a complex intelligence gathering agency with layers of secrecy. I wouldn’t want to even attempt it. One big mistake could mean the end of the United States.

      • You are a genius Trump is a dumb if Trump was president I know you can run the US and CIA as well . A. Question Robert Muller was in the Vietnam war , Rover is the FBI director I don’t think Robert knows what you knows even what I know because I know things that Americans don’t know about Soviet Union , I been inside 3 INTELIGENCE, Cuban , Soviet and US , the difference here we have the constitution and people like you who fight for the truth but I stay with the idea that Kennedy was killed and conspiracy was part of the truth. Why the truth about JFK is not unsealed yet ? Why ?

      • I agree that Kennedy’s death was part of a conspiracy that was covered up by the death of those that were caught.

      • Oswald transfers conspiracy get killed and the killer who kill Oswald died no long after . Lloyd what about the with the speculations ( fact , Kennedy get killed by and KKK Trained in Miami , the FBI director by there says that ! Dumbs Cubans told Kennedy betrayed them without knowing that two United Nations county’s stop Kennedy’s not permitted Americans Air Force fighters jet take off and taken the control of the Castros and end the communism in Cuba . Fact

      • I think whoever was behind Kennedy’s assassination was a hit from the mafia, the Soviet Union or both.

      • Lloyd IQ test over 157 it’s low ?

      • My IQ is in the 130s.

      • Loud I read your books and I thanks God I learn from you to the point where when I start telling corrupt cops what they are doing wrong they get in panic , I got devices recording then and they think they are smart they are so dumb. Question? Why to many incidents involved more cops everyday. Dade county most of the cops knows me and respect me now a few still are doing what they should not and then I expose them . Are good cops I want to be clear now most of them are crooks

      • I’m sure that most of the police are honest and do the best job they can, but there will always be corruption of some kind in every organization, nonprofit, public or private. I once read that most crooks don’t even think about getting caught because they think they are too smart to get caught. That is usually their downfall.

      • Lloyd exchange messages with you it’s a privilege for me you said the fact and very easy to understand but your knowledge it’s to much , Diane need to know you are the top in world Press ✌️👍🤝

      • No, I’m not in the top of the world Press. I’m an indie author with blogs. I write books and blog posts.

      • Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is living in India when he is framed by Russian agent Kirill (Karl Urban) for the theft of millions from the CIA. Kirill begins to pursue Bourne, intending to assassinate him — but while Bourne and his girlfriend, Marie (Franka Potente), are on the run, a shot meant for him kills her instead. Vowing revenge, Bourne sets out to prove his innocence and bring the culprits to justice, but he has to evade CIA head Pamela Landry (Joan Allen), who is convinced he is guilty.

      • I couldn’t find this book. What’s the title?

      • The Bourne Trilogy Series Collection Robert Ludlum 10 Books Set (The Bourne Imperative, The Bourne Legacy, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Objective, The Bourne Sanction, Deception, Betrayal, Dominion)

      • I haven’t read any of the books, but I have seen some of the movies. Right now I’m reading The Bodyguard, a novel by Katherine Center. I decided to read it because the bodyguard is a small (kickass) woman (with combat skills) and the man she’s guarding is a famous action, super hero actor who towers over her. When the famous actor first sees her, he can’t believe she can protect him so he asks her to prove it and then attacks her. She proved it and he never tried again.

      • Miami’s school board was “flipped” by the election of two 1776 extremists. This is a disaster for one of the nation’s largest districts.

        Jennifer Cohn ✍🏻 📢⁦‪@jennycohn1‬⁩😳🥵😢 Dear God. This is a disaster for Florida public schools. ⁦‪@DianeRavitch‬⁩

        Lloyd I’m telling this for more than 7 years and now Diane post this . Wow reading news papers

      • “To quote the great political philosopher Cyndi Lauper, ‘Money changes everything.’ And nowhere is that proverb more taken to heart than in a federal election, where billions of dollars are raised and spent on the understanding that money is a crucial determinant of whether or not a candidate will win.”

        Most millionaires and billiaonres are conservatives and many of them are also narcists/psychopaths/sociopaths. The foundation for using wealth as a weapon is the Koch brothers (one of them is dead now but Charles Koch is still alive and he’s been grooming and programing his children all-of-their-lives to take his place running the political manipulation machine known as the Kochtopus, with ALEC as the crown jewel of the evil Koch empire’s seditions, treasonous, greedy monstrous machine of manipulation.

        For decades now that political manipulation machine has been pouring fortunes into election at the school district level, city level, county level, state level with the goal to get enough of their theofascist thugs elected to office so they control the country and the US Constitution become worth less than a roll of toilet paper.

        “The Koch Brothers, ALEC and the Savage Assault on Democracy
        Progressives will march Saturday from the Koch brothers’ headquarters to the UN to demand an end to the attack on voting rights in America.”

      • Lloyd no wonder Florida is not the same Florida as it was in the low 90’S . Money Change everything I agreed. Greedy’s don’t care about education about civil rights about students all they care is about money . You are right .

      • Greed has always been around as long as there has been cites, countries and money, but it was somewhat under control in the US after the 1900 start going with Repulibican Party president Teddy Roosevelt, probably the first progressive president that supported programs for the working class. The wealthy class said Teddy was a traitor to them, the wealthiest 1%, the economic class his family was a member of. TR supported labor unions and broke the monopiles of the Robber Barons that owned and controlled the major industries in the US, oil, railroads, et al. The Robber Barons wanted to crush the labor unions but TD wouldn’t let them. Teddy said the working class had to have a voice to stand up for them and they needed those labor unions even if they were not perfect.

        Then President Reagan’s brought us trickle down economic policy that favored the rich by cutting their taxes while spending more money than the federal government was taking in. He also decaled war on labor unions and the public sector like public schools. It was under Reagan that the Republican Party started to ignore the needs of the working class. It was under Reagan that the Fairness Doctrine was eliminated, and monsters like Rush Limbaugh launched their one sides talk shows that focused on lies, misinformation, conspiracy theories, hate and racism. The Fairness Doctrine has survived Supreme Court challenges and Congress was ready to make it permeant but Reagan vetoed it and ended the Fairness Doctrine that held the news media accountable for fair, honest, and balanced reporting. It’s because of Reagan that the United States has so much federal debt. Before Reagan lowered taxes on the rich and corporations, that tax rate from President Eisenhower, probably the last honest and reliable Republican President that cared more for the country than being wealthy and powerful, was designed to pay off the debt caused by fighting World War II, and keep the national debt from becoming a terminal cancer that will eventually destroy the United States as we know it.

        It was because of President Reagan that Limbaugh, Fox News, et al are free to spread hate and lies that has led to this country to the brink of civil war. See, if the Fairness Doctrine was still in use to force the media to be more honest, Traitor Trump would have never been elected president because he wouldn’t have been allowed to lie without being challenged in the media because the media would have to allow the other side equal time to point out those lies and focus on the truth.

      • Very interesting Reagan wasn’t as good as I was thinking he was , Eisenhower the best president wow interesting Eisenhower grow up as Jehovah wiseness apparently Jehovah wiseness educated his family with principies based on the Holy Bible I can’t no said the same about Donald Trump .

      • About the only use Traitor Trump would have for a Holy Bible would be to use its pages for toilet paper.

      • It’s an Evil everyone is waking up and more people are saying Trump is a crook even Republicans are not voting for him anymore Collins Powell said no way , I won’t vote for Trump . Lloyd what happened between MacCain and Trump ? What the traitor Trump did to McCain ? I don’t know if I’m getting anti Trump to the point where I broke up with my fiancé because he told me I voted for Trump and I’ll vote again. I said bye bye it’s over who voted for Trump twice knowing who evil Trump is evil it’s who refused to admit that Trump it’s the worts president US had !

      • Traitor Trump attacks everyone and everything that doesn’t support him and/or do what he tells them, what he wants done his way. The traitor expects total blind loyalty to him. As long as he gets what he wants, that obedient loyalty, the traitor will not insult or threaten you.

        John McCain stood up to the traitor. That’s the only reason Traitor Trump attacked McCain, even after he died.

      • Trump is an evil attacked a person after he died . Wow , no wonder he is so evil

      • I think Traitor Trump was born evil. His father must have made a deal with the devil somehow and sold his son’s soul to avoid prison for the father.

        Click the link and scroll down to # 6 and #7

      • I was told that Trump International at DORAL Miami was build up on top of cemeteries and let me tell you I’m been there plenty of times trying to figure out how to change or tell his employees that Trump is an evil I remember a night after a business MEETING a friend paid me a night to stay there , like 2:00 am I was walking by the back of the front desk I saw a bunch of people unusual at that time a girl told me you don’t feel nothing unusual I replied I notice to much people working tonight the female employee told I can tell you don’t like him , I replied absolutely not , she told me he is here with his family and friends and she show me the hall where he stayed until sunrise I got so mad I went to the front desk I said I’m leaving cause I don’t want to tell Trump , Traitor . Lloyd it’s possible that because I expose how evil is Trump and back to back I said who voted for Trump got no IQ , I posted one after Castro died , Castro died and resurrected in Trump a bunch of people hit the bottom like you was one of them . Now the question I can be considered an enemy of Trump ? I was another day in Trump International Sunny Island I was with a frind and his wife and I was notice two agents follow me anyway I was, I went to them I told them I don’t paid here this is not the White House I’m going to call the FBI and told you guys are secret services and are using my money ( tax payer money to protect Trumps private property’s they despair after I told that my friends told me . Reibel who do you know that ? I told my friends cause Trumps was using secret services to protect his property using jesky ( I can’t type/ motors for the sea )
        Was truth cause pro public ( independent media cashed them and expose them. The Millions dollars question I could be in the sistem of the CIA as an Trump opponent? I remember also when Trump visited Hiealeah polices cars blocked my car until left where Trump was talking trash . Lloyd a question to ask . Why Oswald was framed ? Oswald hate JFK ? I don’t hate Trump I hate what he did wrong , I want to made sure I never went to my mind hurt any person cause God is the only one who can get rid off He want I just expose criminals and those criminals got no conscience to pull the tiger if they have to . Lloyd California is a good place to go? I remember when I started exposing Castro’s lies I planned a night risking scape I did bringing to Freedom more than 40 , low 1990 , Clinton was the president and wasn’t evil the economy was good the best president ever running economy I was happy now I feel unhappy and sleeping in a different place every two days cause cops are charged me illegally cause I expose Trump and his body’s let me tell you most of cops if not all down here are Trump supporters . Some advise boss ? Ah Lloyd my IQ 157 , what test do you used ? Cause I’m not a genius! Take care my friend the only one who never charged Diane Travel to Cuba after that she is questionable

      • I don’t think Oswald was framed. He lived in Russia for awhile and was programed, brainwashed to do what he did, but he was a diversion so the 2nd shooter could kill Kennedy. AT least that’s what i’ve read. That whoever killed Kennedy didn’t fire from in that tower where Oswald was.

      • Who kill Kennedy used a rifle and according to the FBI director by those days the bullet hit Kennedy’s throat and blow out the back of the head it’s inside a magazine I read , by the way at the beginning it shows two shots in Kennedy’s back later one mark was removed . Kennedy’s was trying to get rid off Castros and he did not betrayed the Cubans who attacked pig bay , does made sense ? Kennedy’s killer was trained in Miami .

      • Lloyd Nixon and Kennedy’s lived in the same era ?

      • Kennedy’s was shot from a He held his head up and the bullet entered through his throat and exited through his skull. The Magazine shows pictures of that. KKK member was trained in miami Cubans idiots mads should know that Kennedy never betrayed them

        IQ is based on common sense and as you said Dedication , Discipline and Desire push me to find out the truth there is no link missing

      • The last time I took an IQ test was when I joined the US Marines back in 1965. IQ tests do not guarantee success or a good life. Hard work, discipline, focus and dedication are more important than test scores. Setting goals and getting them done without giving up, does not need a high IQ.

      • Lloyd your IQ is higher than 130 .

        Ah Lloyd Kennedy did not realize the fighters Jet to get rid of Castro and support the Cubans in Pig Bay cause two countries of United Nations did not approved

      • Lloyd Nixon fly in a secret trip a day before Kennedy was killed He held his head up and the bullet entered through his throat and exited through his skull. The Magazine shows pictures of that. KKK member was trained in miami Cubans idiots mads should know that Kennedy never betrayed them , United Nation did not authorize the attack

      • Lloyd driving here to Texas it’s a good way ?

      • Driving from where? Does “good way” mean the best route to drive, or is it better to fly or take a boat?

      • Lloyd if I chose by the redwoods or Big Sequías it’s going to be a perfect place peaceful away from this hell state , I born in a farm in Cuba I’m country boy I went to the schools in FIRTS grade and my parents moved to small town where I attended until 4 grade them I was interned in fits and 6 grade Monday to Friday in a good public Schooll them hight school until my dad send me to the navy school academy in the Capital of Havana by where Hermingay stayed in the hotel Jaimanitas next to The old sea and the Men . Great school the only thing runner by Soviet unions admiral , anyways I’m tired of metropolis and corrupt politicians, I have enough money to get not expensive house but a place where the polices of Dade county can’t go , they will miss me and the same time hate me cause I’ll still tried to get a blog to post the corruptions and experiences of my life in this County . Lloyd I need to bring my car and frames and pictures souvenirs and all my clothes and device’s cause I want to use my time and my little knowledge to help people down here how to deal with crooks cops and parents how to deal with greedy’s and supporters of the worts choice ( Charter became the main cause of my desire to left the town where my childrens born and well I get divorced to much pressure and I was busy fighting those crooks God knows what is best for me, I think I should attended to the teacher that you recommend maybe I can learn something about blogs I spoke with him I told him my desire he treated pretty professional and I told I was recommend for a good friend of my U , I need an intensive training program because what it took to you one day could take me a year to learn even 15 % or less that you know about blogs . I came stay here anymore I was told it’s time to relocate and listen it’s something I want keep doing who don’t listen or no oye consejos no llega a viejo an Spanish quote

      • Where are the redwoods on the West coast?

        “The Coast Redwood, (Sequoia sempervirens), is native to the Pacific Coast from southern Oregon to central California, extending not more than 50 miles inland. Coast redwoods follow the fog and grow best at less than 2,000 feet elevation in areas of heavy winter rains and moderate year round temperatures.”

        “I think I should attended to the teacher that you recommend maybe I can learn something about blogs I spoke with him I told him my desire he treated pretty professional and I told I was recommend for a good friend of my U , I need an intensive training program because what it took to you one day could take me a year to learn even 15 % or less that you know about blogs .”

        The teacher you’re talking about must be Bill Belew, right?

        Bill Belew’s blogging workshop was one day long back in 2009, but I never stop learning about how to write/blog better.

      • Yes Lloyd it’s the same person he asked me about my goals about blogs I told him I was a beginner but I got the desire to learn even when I know the class could cost me more he told me I understand you chose when you are ready and he treated nice and he told me I could learn not as you did but still he could work with me when I told him my desire to create a trusted credible blog to help the Schooll sistem and person who never when trough the experience I went through all this endless 7 years . Yes Lloyd I wish I could be in the same student class with you wow an honor for me study for one day with the same teacher Mr.Belew very nice and even that he easy notice I’m none English speaker he explained with patience and pro wow California etica here in Dade when I start a conversation with cops who knows how to speak Spanish they lied to me to force me to Speak English of course that way they mislead the fact then I cached them talking perfect Spanish and I told them wow lie to people who are asking for his right what a shame you guys don’t want to listen the truth because you scared the truth and they got no more choice to chance the reports and admitting their wrongdoing. Lloyd you never have seen something like Dade county maybe I’m wrong but trust me the most corrupt county can’t be another so corrupt the only county without Sheriff’s where bridges collapsed in Florida International University ( FIU ) where my daughter attended and no Mayor no Sheriff’s face the media all of them travel to Europe to avoid the criticism have you hear about the collapse of the bridge?

      • Here’s the link to Bill Belew’s blog website

      • You know I remember his phone number I think it’s in my Mac

      • You can reach him through his website/blog, too. Ask him if he published any books about how to blog. I looked and couldn’t find one but that doesn’t mean he didn’t.

      • Oh that is a great idea . Thanks Lloyd

      • Thanks very much Lloyd for all your support and priceless time . Good afternoon in California 3 hours different the heat here is hot and a lot 🤝👍

      • It’s been hot 90 – 100s here, too but we do not have the humidity you have in Florida so it doesn’t feel as hot. Plus, I stay inside most of the time with the HVAC running and when I do yardwork, it’s early in the morning because it cools off here at night, dropping often into the 60s.

      • Yes the humidity here is pretty high we feel the heat sometimes temperature reached 104 degrees and people pass out down south it’s pretty hard almost impossible, I. Invite in the 2000 friends from Syracuse New York white FRINDS I don’t forget one of them told me by the pool where I was doing a barbecue John my friend told to hot 🥵 to hot when I saw his face was red as a tomatoes I bring him inside my house and he never went outside only inside my car with the AC frosting, I nicknamed Florida the Hell state sunshine state to BEATiFULL for an state with so much corruption

      • Lloyd you never has tried learn Spanish? You can handle Mandarin right? 1.1 billions Mandarin Speakers wow a lot

      • I took Spanish in high school but never used it so whatever I learned is gone, lost. I also never needed to learn Mandarin because in China, learning English is mandatory in that country’s public schools. Every child is required to learn English. Also, Anchee my third wife was in immigrant from China who didn’t learn English until she reached the US in the 1980s, and my stepdaughter (more than 30 years old now) grew up speaking Mandarin and English fluently without an accent, so whenever I was in China, I had my wife, my stepdaughter and always someone nearby that spoke English to help if needed. My wife’s father tried to teach me Chinese, but I was only there for a few weeks during each of the nine or ten times I visited China and there was no reason to use Mandarin when we returned to the states.

      • I can paid for the class for the blog I work a couple’s hours as a daily’s trader and I made enough money to paid my bill’s and donate to the publix school sistem I bought hundreds of chocolates bars from students because I know the school sistem it’s failing cause the evils promotion segregation I got to many people complain about their children’s Charters pick students they want the others segregated it’s sad and I went to the board of owners to fight for those innocents students and parents who don’t know who those choice works you told me once you need to knows your enemy better than myself a quote from I can’t remember but it’s the fact as soon they know I know how they trick people they accept students even when they don’t like me

      • There is a ferry or boat to travel from here to the red woods Cali?

      • Cruises from Florida to Astoria, Oregon

        I looked at the price. I’ve seen cruises with prices like that for world tours. This cruise may leave Florida, cross the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific to reach Oregon.

      • Mr. Lofthouse I am Domenica Reibel Fiancé, When you get at chance please contact me. Reibel needs help. I got Reibel phones I need to inform you his health situation ( Little finger )

      • Lloyd I just get out of the since Friday I was taken to the hospital. Long History short evening relating with all evils things this county and the Mayor city has done to me . Enough is enough. Wow to much pressure those people are putting me. Thanks for your support and care . I’m feeling better just trying to figure out how to deal with this pressure

      • Do you think it was caused by the stress?

        “Stress may lead to high blood pressure, which can pose a risk for heart attack and stroke. Stress also may contribute to such cardiovascular disease risks as smoking, overeating and lack of physical activity. ‘Chronic stress has been shown to be associated with increased cardiovascular events,’ Schiffrin said.”,cardiovascular%20events%2C%22%20Schiffrin%20said.

      • Lloyd thanks for your reply I appreciate your support, the stress it’s cause by the strong legal fight against choices supporters ( I had a hard weekend in a verbal fight between polices who don’t want understand that the constitution has it’s the foundation of the Freedom, I get a tiket without even driving my car I was getting ready to go from the hotel where I was stayed and a cop fine me ilegal things don’t end there I was stayed in other hotel moving to avoid be Tracked by corrupt cops and my Fiancée was disrespectful treated my the hotel manager and I told him you would be changed with Arasment I told him if you keep doing that I’ll call the cops , he call the cops and the cops catches me ilegal I said enough is enough I won’t let you guys keep doing to me and my family over and over in this corrupt county what is been happening since I complain about the ex-city mayor who was chairman of the Charter school where my children atended , Florida got 67 county and Dade got no Sheriff’s the only county in Florida running without Sheriff’s a trusted source told me in 2024 a Sheriff’s run by FIRTS time and the ex- Mayor the one who got more scandalous than Trump or well no like trump but you understand what I’m trying to say I get upset and told cops all of you guys are trying to frame me because you don’t have a clue what corrupt that ex-Mayor is Carlos Hernández control this city and enough is enough long History short I was so mad that the squat Team arrive I exposed to all of them the reason I was mad , they understand they put me no charge after I expose everything that polices in Dade have done to me and my family things are getting ogle because the media it’s getting in and now I’m in my deadline of the legal fight I started 7 years ago I was told my nice cops I did what I should and they understand, my Hight blood pressure went to hight and then drop a lot I end in the hospital cause cause and effect . It’s a fierce fight I told the squad team I found a tracker in my car and it’s documented also my front tired screws only one and not tied , who is behind I asked them ? They take seriously and I was 3 days in the hospital

      • There are things we can do to deal with high blood pressure due to stress, and the VA uses many of those methods to help combat vets deal with their PTSD. The idea is to target the stress and train your mind to dial the stress down so it doesn’t get to you all the time and spike the blood pressure.


        A variety of exercises that includes lifting weights to release feel good endorphins. Before i start my day, I exerise for forty-five minutes to an hour. Later in the afternoon, I exercise again for about a half hour.

        Music – not just any music, but music that sooths and calms you. I start each day before I exercise and then turn on the desktop computer listening to music that works for me.

        Art – painting, sculpture, woodworking, wood carving.

        a dog trained to calm you down – that’s what dogs trained to deal with a vet’s PTSD are trained to do. The dog is trained to sense when its human is triggered and stressed out and knows what to do to distract its human so he/she calms down.

        A support group that meets once a week or twice a month that deal with stress and high blood pressure. Talking about it and feeling their support helps. In time, as the support group bonds, they even check on each other when someone misses a meeting to make sure they are okay. That’s what VA PTSD support groups are like.

      • Thanks Lloyd amazing advice to deal with the PTSD , I was diagnosed with PTSD even though I never been in a bloody war now Lloyd I would like to said maybe I’m wrong but there is nothing worts that stay inside a city where you went trough a lot and for doing nothing wrong I never imagined that public figure hate me for the only thing defend my children’s and rights . A war it’s hard now you have soldiers fighting with you and I’m inside a cold world fighting myself and the enemies corrupt public figure , polices etc . Inside a conventional war your Arny your partner fight for you now inside this Cold War I have to tried do what you recommend or I’ll end this charter of my life watching corrupt polices and Mayors as same you saw the Vietnamita who poisoned water and well I told you I watched Vietnam war and was intensive bloody. I have to encourage for all you have done dealt with the cruel PTSD . Thanks Lloyd my respect for you my Fiancé send hight to you and send you a message in the middle of my verbal fight against more than 30 cops and the squad Team great Job , negotiating they understand my point and concern to the point they encourage me for expose the corruption of this county

      • Back in the 17th or 18th century, Lord Acton of the British Empire said, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

        The public figure that is having corrupt police troll you and abuse you is absolutely corrupt, and unless you have equal power or support from a powerful source that matches the corrupt official to block them and scare them, there isn’t much anyone can do but move away to escape the abuse someone that is corrupted is capable of dishing out. When someone in power is corrupted absolutely, there is nothing that will stop them from doing all they can to destroy anyone they think is standing in their way.

      • Thanks Lloyd for your advice, one thing I would like to let you know as the person more interested to help as well anyone who is not corrupted if those individuals get rid of me or frame as well Mohamed Ali was send to Prison ilegal I want to let you know know that I was framed or killed as principal suspect the Mayor Hernandez and his bodies . I’m going to ask you please spread the corruption of Dade County . I’m not a leader now leaders are the FIRTS to be criticized and last to give the merit I don’t want merit I want die with honor if that is God will . I’m proud of you and thanks for everything you have done to help me stop those corrupts power absolutely and corruption is what those who hate me are . Sorry for my English and I never forget everything you have done for me who knows if for this nobody ( me ) started down here an strong resistance

      • Lloyd them I can defend my self against those crooks to the point if I find out a plan from them to get rid of me fight back or hit FIRTS our enemies it’s not be a criminal ?

      • Defend as in court with lawyers and not with weapons of any kind such as firearms, arrows, spears, bombs and bullets … unless the crooks fire the first shots. Then you need reliable witnesses that they started it because without those witnesses the crooks will lie like they always do.

      • “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”I agreed I would like post this quote principios and nothing but do what is right can destroy corrupts with powers , the book I read from you , the guy who was in the elite for 24 years got no money but he never forget what the abusers with powers did to one of his lovely one . Wow beautiful paid back well deserved to the evil who used Lawyers to made look the victim as a criminal I feel so mad when I read that that I penetrate my mind inside of the book I feel like the guy who came back and made paid the evil raper . Great book Lloyd. An sniper can hit a target from two miles Awy ? Wow 800 yards it’s hard. What rifles hit targets so far ? The rifle or the sniper or bough? Wow interesting book Lloyd 👍🤝

      • TOP 10 Sniper Rifles

        What does it take to quality as a US Army sniper?

        Snipers must graduate from the US Army Sniper Course, a seven-week training course at Fort Benning. Students master several different weapons systems and learn a wide array of fieldcraft skills. Roughly half of all students accepted to the course end up graduating.

        How about the US Marines?

        To earn the scout sniper military occupational specialty, infantry Marines must currently complete a three-week indoctrination course and the 79-day Scout Sniper Basic Course.

        Who is the best sniper in US military history?

        Known as the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history, Navy Seal Chris Kyle, who served during the Iraq War, has become renowned as the American Sniper. Chris Kyle was born in 1974 in Odessa, Texas. He graduated from Midlothian High School in 1992 and attended Tarleton State University for two years.

        To be clear, when I was in the US Marines, I was NOT a sniper.

      • Lloyd good morning
        Princess I hope you are doing well. Lloyd after those individuals who I complain about my childrens abuse and they started the game as the cat and mouse :/ I hired a detective who was I think part of the secret service on the Bill Clinton administration. Jason *( I have change name) The detective went to my house talk to my childrens and ex- and he treat them super nice and pro , to the point where he send me his years as detectives none classified information just enough information to show to my family who was baking us up , wow I found my coincidence or someone interested in help my childrens made the introduction I don’t believe in coincidence, Jason drive and Dodge 6.7 litters engine with no numbers private you know , he asked me if the Principal of the charter has told me something related with Conection or if I saw certificates as the university I told him that the principal told me once that he was thinking run for a mayor and then treat me with polices I also saw where he ( Charter principal graduated , Nova university not Haward or Stanford university a simple university that did not alarm my detective but as I did some research to find out about the principal and others bodies I found a great clue who nominated in 2008 Hiealeah Education Academy inc was this guy , read the kink ,

        Julio put the principal the Chapter still have a Golden placa in honor of the builder who went to Jail as well it’s in the article, Carlos Hernandez took the place of Robaina , Entering consuls meet up around 3:00 am and put Carlos taking the seat that Robaina left now who loss runer Mayor campaign with Robaina complain that he should be dominated and started fighting against Hernández . He


        Reading the conclusion it’s easy to assuming as well if something happened to me who should be suspicious? I been defending students and staking Charter and Mayor for corruptions

      • Lloyd since I started the legal fight against the Charter school and the principal and City Mayor my life it became very similar to the Insider Movie based on true history it’s real the difference the corruption of the tabaco industry compare with the local government figures as well the Traitor , polices and city Mayors not all of them , now the individual who I started fight using the polices trying to frame me and thanks God and you who has teach me a lot I’m still alive , I was thinking to travel out from this Red , sunshine state Florida no hell country running by Jeb Bush . My fiancé it’s telling me back to back relocate honey let’s go and I go with you . Well you also recommend me relocate because you knows more than I how this evils sistem works , to be honest I like peace and die where I started the fight but I realize it’s not smart.

        Lloyd the boat can carry our Range Rover right ? My Fiancé knows how strong has been this fight and there is not over yet . California I pick no matter what BLUE and my best teacher I ever had U from California, people are nicer than people down here . The fact I don’t speculate ( most of the people down here have no clue what respect means who to do fight those crooks but I do but no alone anymore. I’m going to figure out maybe we can start thinking about at the blogs teacher class or by code I’m going to meet you up before I die . Lloyd thanks for your support and everything you have done . Carlos Carbaljo the ex- miami Dade public schools superintendent left the county and it’s in California because the charters supporters forced him . I going to meet up Carbaljo there as well many of his teams are friend of my and their childrens friends of my childrens. California is time . Florida it’s over !

      • What boat? If one of the large cruise ships would carry a Range Rover, it might cost more than the tickets for the cruise.

      • Cruises from Florida to Astoria, Oregon

        I looked at the price. I’ve seen cruises with prices like that for world tours. This cruise may leave Florida, cross the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific to reach Oregon.

        Lloyd in this boats the Range Rover it’s not a huge truck just I would like to know if I can travel with the car as well inside the boat ???

      • You’d have to contact the cruse line or maybe a travel agent you might know to find out for you.

        I did find this from but they mention a freighter not a cruise ship. I have read that some (maybe not all) freighters do have rooms for tourists that prefer to avoid the cruise ship’s casinos, fancy food, and entertainment.

        Can you bring your car on a cruise ship?
        Another appeal of taking a cruise on a freighter is that you can potentially transport large items, like your car if you’re making an overseas move. Rates for cars “start at about $1,500 and $500 for motorcycles,” according to Maris, though that doesn’t include passenger fare and tariffs. Oct 29, 2015

        Some people do pay to take a cruise on a freighter, a different kind of adventure that isn’t a cruise ship that’s a floating amusement park.

      • Lloyd thanks very much . Lloyd before the Travel I want to sell most of my furnituree as well a couples items and some paints that are very valuable I won’t take the risk of loss one of those items . Lloyd have you hear about Norman Rockwell, And value of some of his posters ? Etc ,, ?

      • I know who Normal Rockwell is. You have some of his originals?


      • There are only five freedoms that US Constitution protects and the way it’s written, the Constitution mostly protects the people from the government, not corporations. Freedom from want is not one of the five.

        The five freedoms it protects: speech, religion, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government.

      • I’m talking about the posters by Norman Rockwell

      • Oh, I didn’t know his posters had names.

      • Lloyd have you hear . W. Chan painter .
        Also T. Wong painter

      • I haven’t heard of W. Chan or T. Wong. I’m not an art collector.

      • Lloyd alcohol I mean whisky is good for the health? I’m not drink just curious. Ah back to the conversation Norman Rockwell I got some originals. Just I need to find the value . I check on internet and price it’s very expensive most of his paints are in museum!

      • Lloyd bride canvas and oil what others materials painters can use ? Editorials can prints post ? I got paints , canvas and oil and posters , well papiros paper paints as well

      • You want to sell some art materials, is that what you mean? If so, check to see if you have Next-door Neighbor in your community on the internet and see if you can give away or sell the art supplies that way.

      • Chinese watercolors are poetry without words


        Lloyd very interesting wow .

        Chinese watercolors are poetry without words . Wow very deep and beautiful by the way in that paint Tyrus Wong inspiration was a gray deep sea . Wow . Lloyd I read that the most famous American painters was Norman Rockwell, China got painters ranked as Rockwell? Now you are a great book righter and knows tops American righters and top of the worlds , who is ranked as tops 10 worldwide as a book righter all time and painters ?


        Good morning Lloyd I’m been looking for this area but prices are a little higher of my expectations , winning the law sue still I don’t need a huge house . I chose 50 miles southeast of San Francisco Bay by vale Napa ? Definitely not Florida. I’m going to left the state responsible for my PTSD ( Dade County the only county running without Sheriffs and most corrupt by the way I had a very hot argument with the Attorney of the city of Hiealeah who tried me . The city was represented by Colet Papa at the beginning of the legal fight and Ms. Bravo the attorney who is representing the defendant the city of Hiealeah. Ms. Bravo told I don’t know who is Colet Papa . I get upset because I got letters from Colet now I investigated and Colet Papa is the Chairman of a big Chain Charter school ( Matter Académica I told to the attorney you are insulting my intelligence or hiding from tax payer money that city of Hiealeah is paying ilegal to attorney who can’t represent the city conflict of interest as you very well known mss. Bravo . I concluded you guys bring a better deal or this case will land in federal court

      • If you mean the NAPA Valley, it is northeast of San Francisco Bay. If you go fifty miles southeast of the Bay Area you will end up in or near the central valley. NAPA Valley is wine country. There are residential areas and town, but also lots of vineyards like this one:

      • Lloyd Northeast of San Francisco bay vs Southeast fifty miles , it’s better??

      • Yes, I think so.

        NAPA Valley is smaller, farther north and closer to the Pacific Ocean than the Central Valley.

        Climate and Average Weather Year Round in Napa California, United States
        In Napa, the summers are long, warm, arid, and mostly clear and the winters are short, cold, wet, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 39°F to 83°F and is rarely below 30°F or above 92°F.

        Based on the tourism score, the best time of year to visit Napa for warm-weather activities is from late June to mid September.

        CLIMATE: The Central Valley has a hot Mediterranean climate in the north; the southerly parts of the region are dry and categorized as desert. The Central Valley is prone to greater daily and seasonal temperature ranges than the surrounding mountains or the coast.

        Why Does California’s Central Valley Have Such Bad Air Pollution?
        The farming communities of the Central Valley breathe some of the worst air in the nation

      • Is San Jose California worth visiting?
        Not only is the city a popular place to live and work, but San Jose also offers visitors lots of fun activities, including parks, shopping, museums, and other attractions. You could easily spend a week or more in San Jose and not run out of exciting things to do.

      • I don’t know much about San Jose.

        San Jose is the 2nd most expensive city to rent in the U.S. The average cost of living for a four-person family, excluding rent, is around $3,960 a month. That’s 80% higher than the national average!

        According to the State of the Air Report by the American Lung Association, San Jose (including the San Francisco and Oakland area) ranked 3rd for worst 24-hour particle pollution out of 216 U.S. metropolitan areas and 5th for worst annual particle pollution out of 204 U.S. metropolitan areas.

        The metropolitan area’s violent crime rate was lower than the national rate in 2020. Its rate of property crime was higher than the national rate.

        But on the + side, The Berryessa/North San José station is the southernmost station in Santa Clara County. The BART station is located within VTA’s Berryessa Transit Center with frequent connections to VTA buses, including rapid service into Downtown San Jose and Diridon Station.

      • If you live anywhere a BART station in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can hop on one of its passanger trains and take it all the way to San Jose to a visit. That way you get to avoid the traffic.

        The Worst Cities in California for Traffic · 5. Sacramento · 4. San Diego · 3. Oakland · 2. San Francisco · 1. Los Angeles.

        But if you skip the car and take BART, you don’t have to deal with the traffic,

      • Lloyd I hope your doing well my friend. A good friend of mine just told something that make me feel as I always say that I’m not English speaker as well I’m not white . I’m so proud of my PEOPLE the Cuban people helping US to fight in the independence war agains British. I’m pretty sure that a few know this . Cuban financed this world and helped us to get the victory over the British Empire. Lloyd you heard about that ?

      • Spain still ruled Cuba when the American colonies were fighting for their independence from the British Empire.

        And France, Spain and the Dutch Republic helped to make it possible for the American colonies to sustain the war, and in Yorktown, the French played a critical role in the victory by using their navy to block British ships that would have evacuated Cornwallis and his troops from Virginia.

        So I’m not surprised that Cubans were involved in helping the US become a country.

        Along with their military support, Spain supplied the Revolutionaries with desperately needed arms, blankets, shoes, and currency. While Spain’s influence on the Revolutionary War was significant, perhaps the most profound impact was the broader American Revolution’s impact on Spain.

        A generation after the end of the Revolutionary War, new revolutions emerged in nearly a dozen Spanish colonies in Central and South America. These were led by Libertadores – like Simón Bolívar in Venezuela – who were inspired by new ideas about independence and equality that began during the American Revolution. Their declarations and wars of independence led to the creation of new countries, independent of Spain.

      • Lloyd could you tell me the history about China and Mongolia?

      • It’s a long history that goes back thousands of years. The Mongolians and the Manchu horse people (there might be other tribes of horse people that lived north of The Great Wall, too) are the reason China built The Great Wall. Those tribes invaded China repeatedly, looting, killing, taking slaves.

        Centuries before China was unified a couple of hundreds years before the birth of Jesus Christ, China was more like Europe, made up of smaller countries. The first Great Wall wasn’t one but many walls along the northern borders of several countries in what we know of as China today. After the first emperor of China conquered all the other countries (Napoleon and Hitler failed in Europe but China’s first emperor did not fail).

        That first emperor conscripted hundreds of thousands of peasants and his army forced them to not only unify all the sections of the Great Walls into one Great Wall, but he had The Great Wall made stronger.

        That Great Wall held back the horse people in the north. But 14 hundreds years later, the Mongols conquered all of China under Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan and the founder of the Yuan Dynasty in 13th-century China. He was the first Mongol to rule over China when he conquered the Song Dynasty of southern China in 1279.

        During that 14 hundred years, different emperors tried different tactics to fight the Mongols and Manchus north of the wall.

        Around the 13 century AD, It took decades for Kublai Khan to conquer all of China but eventually he did. He also built a new capital city closer to the coast called Beijing, the capital of China today. Before Beijing, the capital of China was Xian several hundred miles further west of Beijing.

        After Kublai died, there was a rebellion in China led by a religious fanatic leading what was known as the White Lotus Society (I might be wrong about that name) to get rid of the Mongols ruling the Han Chinese. They succeeded and that was the beginning of the Ming Dynasty that rebuilt the Great Wall into what it looks like today. Chain’s Great Wall was not always as solid and sturdy as we see it today.

        I’ve written posts on this site about the history of the Great Wall, Kublai Khan and his Yuan Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty. and a lot more. Here are a few links to get you started:

        And if you read about The Great Wall, I think you’ll also be interested in China’s Grand Canal.

        Then there’s China’s first capital city. The walls for this one are more than five hundred yeas old and still standing. I’ve walked on them.

      • Lloyd the Flag don’t treat on me history?

      • What do you mean by “flag”?

      • What do you mean by “flag”?
        I think the Cuban spy’s are inside and related to the attack of senator Republican Marcos Rubio’s and the flag it’s flagged? Who we can stop that ?

      • What kind of attack: physical or accusations with words only? There’s so much of this going on right now, it’s impossible to know all of the arracks going on. Most of the physciallly violent threats and attacks are from the MAGA RINOs.

      • Lloyd the problem with south Corea and north Corea relation with the euro economy and Ucrania war ?

      • North and South Korea fought a brutal war that included the US and many of its allies to help defend South Korea against the North Korean Invasion. What most people do not know is that the Soviet Union and Stalin were responsible for creating North Korea. China did not create North Korea. Since the Soviet Union (Russia) gave birth to North Korea and has supported North Korea ever since. RasPutin the Terrible brutal barbarian war in the Ukraine influcned Russia’s puppet in North Korea to beat his war drums and rattle his sabers, too.

        And, Russia does share a border with North Korea that most of the world doesn’t know about.

        While the vast majority of North Koreas’ borders are with China, there is a small 17km line where North Korea meets Russia.

        China’s leaders would prefer to get rid of North Korea’s government since they are a threat to world stability and peace. The CCP even tried but failed to get rid of the Kim dynasty when they supported a group that wanted to pull of a coup, but Kim’s agents got to them first and killed off their leader, one of Kim’s siblings, a brother I think.

      • Lloyd I hope you are doing well. I’m by the east coast/ Florida & Texas vs California. 2 agains one ? Wow blue and Red is missing white

      • Here’s a suggestion: Wait until we know the results of the 2022 midyear elections. Maybe Florida and/or Texas will end up with a Blue state governor.

      • Lloyd how is going with the midyear elections ? I hope you are doing well . Take care Lloyd let’s wait for the next waves all the way blue as the ocean . As the sky blue is cool and red a little over reacting but still our people red , white and Blue

      • Until the election is over and we know who won, there’s no way to tell. The only voice out there that says there’s going to be blue wave is Michael Moore, the indie film producer/director. Since he was also the only voice in 2016 that said Trump was going to win, I hope he’s right this time, too. Back in 2016 the polls predicted Hillary would win big. Moore was right. The polls were wrong.

      • Lloyd I hope you are doing well. Lloyd to control the senado there is a requirement number? Could you explain a lit big ? Thanks Lloyd have a blessing weekend. Take care !

      • I have no idea what it means to have a requirement number to control the senado. I don’t know what a senado is.

      • You were asking about the Senate. Each of the 50 states gets two senators. The House of Representatives is based on population explaining why California with a population of almost 40 million has 52 members in the House and Alaska, with a population of about 732 thousand, only has one.

      • Thanks Lloyd interesting. The Blue wave has the control of the senate ?

      • The Democrats could use one more senator so they won’t have to depend on Joe Manchin and/or Krysten Sinema who might block a vote on a bill that benefits the working class, the military and the country. That is why the runoff election in Georgia is important.

      • Lloyd the Brotther who want privately secretly but our freedom vs Elon Musk ?

      • Elon Musk is not going to take away the 5 freedoms that the US Constitution guarantees. The five freedoms it protects: speech, religion, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government.

        If we are going to lose those five freedoms, we will know in a few days, once the results of the 2022 midterms are known. If there is a RED wave that adds states and takes over both houses of Congress to the RED theofascist MAGA RINO Party, that will be the BIG warning that we may lose those five freedoms starting sooner than later.

        Losing those freedoms is not up to someone like Musk. It’s up to everyone that voted and even those that are eligible to vote but don’t.

      • Now we are facing hurricane season tired of that too

      • This morning I read about the hurricane damage in Florida. The biggest threat in California are wild fires due to the drought, forests and brush being so dry. Most of our earthquakes are so small we don’t notice them. Only a few big ones spread out over decades and the biggest earthquakes have been in San Francisco and around Los Angeles.

      • The good thing now for us who expose polices
        abuse and Mayors corruption we are safe cause those crooks scare mother nation’s powers . Wow I’m driving now trough the city raining Range Rover it’s hight the flood don’t stop this diesel car . I’m saying bye bye to the county who was my home for 29 years . Wow sad but time to relocate

      • Are any online IQ tests accurate?
        IQ Exam is a brand-new online test that claims to be one of the most accurate and reliable online IQ exams. It has been designed by a group of researchers and experts at McGill University in Canada. This test contains 30 questions, and if you pass the test, they will give you a certificate confirming your results.Jan 2, 2022

        Lloyd I’m going to take this IQ test . I’ll take a break from now then let’s see . Let me tell you your IQ 130 no way . More

      • Is that IQ test free?

        Here’s something else to consider.

        “In his book Emotional Intelligence, author and psychologist Daniel Goleman suggested that EQ (or emotional intelligence quotient) might actually be more important than IQ.” -Nov 19, 2020,be%20more%20important%20than%20IQ.

        Who is the most intelligent serial killers.

        Do you need a high IQ to be successful in life?
        “Clearly, a high IQ is not enough to guarantee success in life. What IQ tests measure is a certain type of potential. That potential still needs to be developed and nurtured by the person who has it. That person may not have the inclination or desire to do so.”

        Then there’s SQ?

      • Lloyd I really appreciate yours advice you are right Lloyd. I’m going to read and follow more your advice I think it’s time to I have learn from you a lot and I realize it’s time to apply your advices . Lloyd I’m 49 I considered you as my dad my friend my teacher the best teacher I ever had my dad I never had the opportunity to visit him since I defected from the Cuban Island olmost 30 years without see my parents my brothers . I don’t spend time with nonsense I spend time learning Lloyd because the sadness caused by evils dictatorship is heart braking . This county is full of nonsense and people who don’t want to understand or learn I learned from you and I told you you are a very polite person kind , wow great parnert to stay in the fight against evils who have no clue what it’s dictatorship. Thanks Lloyd for your kindness and support. I’m not going to tell when I’m going to left this town but it’s time to relocate.

      • However, some critics began to realize that high intelligence was no guarantee for success in life. It was also perhaps too narrow a concept to fully encompass the wide range of human abilities and knowledge.

        I just read and I agreed with this critic in some period of time of life people with hight IQ end poor or unhappy. No wonder Hermingay quote . Happiness in inteligente people it’s the rarest things I know .

      • Lloyd I scanned reading I do agreed with serials killer’s intelligence like Adolfo Hitler Fidel Castro what abilities to wash brains and get rid off people. Hitler an austriaco washed Germany brains with the lie to made a race hight 6 foot plus with blue eyes , how he made his lie truth he was short and with no blue eyes . Have you asked that question? Germany’s are smart well Einstein was from Germany well American are smart I can tell you and take the merit you are one of the smarter person I ever met. The difference you hate evils and love the freedom honestly I suffer for those who are in country’s without freedom and I can see what is coming the future in US is bleak

      • Lloyd resistance as the result of this abuse my fiancé pass out and I’m mad I’m going to stop stress as James Bond’s , I have no clue what else to do if they kill me , Lloyd spread the news and please resistance it’s necessary anyone who complains agains corruptions the hole county police department hunt them

      • After the incident I went to open a complaint at the police station where those crooks cops belong they lied to me and send me to this police department where it’s easy to find out who corrupt it’s Dade county !


        Lloyd Lloyd the aviation is also here as well impares .

      • Aviation???? Airplanes????


        I think it’s truth what the link says. I know much about the Law of Moisès but I read and what Jews did to Jesus was a crime

      • The Jews did not crucify Jesus Christ. The Romans and their puppet leader of Israel did that.

      • Who send Jesus to the Romans ? Pilate said I don’t found nothing wrong and the Jews crowd very loud want to see Jesus prosecuted ? I’m wrong ?

      • One crowd or mob of Jews does not represent all of the Jews at that time. Does Traitor Trump’s MAGA fascist represent all Americans? No. But if Trump somehow wins the election in 2024 and becomes president again and ends up being a dictator for life should future generations of every American alive when that happened by punished and persecuted for thousands of years or just Trump’s MAGA fascists?

        The Jewish Christian movement was started by Jesus of Nazareth in 1st-century Israel. His followers (other Jews) proclaimed him the predicted messiah of the prophets and became known as Christians (Christianoi, “followers of the Christ). Following Christ does not mean they were starting a new religion. Even today, the Jew back then just like today were split into factions or different sects: First-century historian Josephus observed that there were three sects among the Jews: the Pharisees, the Sadducees, and Essenes.

        Most of the first Christians were Jewish converts, and the church was centered in Jerusalem. Shortly after the creation of the church, many Gentiles (non-Jews) embraced Christianity. Early Christians considered it their calling to spread and teach the gospel.

        Jesus Christ never wanted start a new religion. That’s made clear in the Old Testament from Christ’s own words.

        In Matthew 5:17-18, Jesus says, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the (Jewish) prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” Christ made it clear that he didn’t want to replace Judaism with another religion. He wanted to clarify what God meant in the Old Testament, and he was teaching other Jews that.

        The Bible also warns us repeatedly about false prophets, and I think every religion on the planet but the Jews are led by false prophets leading the rest of us astray. Jesus did not want anyone to launch a different religion to replace Judaism, and I have no doubts that if he returned today, only those that followed his teachings that were meant to clarify what the Old Testament meant, would be saved. The rest would cease to exist, no trace, no soul left to show they every existed.

      • Ah Lloyd president Eisenhower group up as Jehovah wiseness then he went to wars was a fighter like you in Vietnam well Vietnam was was very bloody. Eisenhower never discriminate his mom by her religion she died as Jehovah wiseness and David always love his mammy as well you love your cause bough of you where educated by good principios , people discriminated Jehovah wiseness and incarcerate them for be neutral the constitution did not . No wonder Putin stolen more than 400 millions in property of the wiseness and burn all his books now who is worts Putin or wisness? David never discriminate and Trump discriminate everyone and never went to war even more he don’t fight unless he send a group to beat his contenders then he hit the person in the floor

      • Trump is a perfect example of an evil false prophet.

      • Robert Muller the FBI director & you went to a mission on the Vietnam war together and what about General MacCain?

      • Senator McCain wasn’t a general. His father was an admiral in the Navy and his son a pilot who was shot down over Noth Vietnam where he was a prisoner of war.

      • Lloyd the most trusted media to check political ? News papers ? Propaganda? Vía? some link where voters can get the most information before vote ? People who are vote for public figures can’t found crimes in records of those who they are vote for . How they can hide those crimes ? You knows that records can be sealed, now what about politicians who have been plead guilty for crimes them sealed their records run for a position as example charter school principal council cuty etc ? How is possible find everything they have done ? They can hired records and only The FBI can find everything they have done ? I been asking that question and I can’t find the answer , I’m teaching people how to check before vote for someone! Lloyd I appreciate your support it’s priceless you are an enciclopedia. Take the merit many people that don’t know nothing the ego of them says a lot you knows about everything and you are a humble and kind person! Humble person are not kind ! Then take the merit because what you post , by the way I bough your books wow ! Great books

      • Vote Smart shows the known record of all elected officials, every speech, every promise, every vote so we can look and see if their votes match their promises. Someone running for office the first time might not have much information though.

      • Lloyd how much it’s the budget for the defense ?

      • Lloyd that amount of money is a lot compared with the rest of the 10 tops country’s . I don’t know much as you do regarding the budges but I think it’s a lot of money. That amount of money could protect us from a war between the evil Putin just in case that evil Putin start a conflict with us ? Let’s said a war with Russia and us USA started the money and budget can stop them with the misil and submarine that the evils Rusian got ?

      • If Putin is crazy enough to use Russia’s nuclear weapons on the US, that will be the end of life on this planet as we know it.

        It’s called mutually assured destruction.

        If the US and Russia end up in a conventional war without using nuclear weapons, Russia and Putin will be utterly destroyed before that war ends but the cost of fighting that war may also destroy the United States economically.

        That is called a Pyrrhic victory.

      • FEDERAL AVIATION REGULATIONS ( drones are “ legal “ to put penalty to Americans for flying drones legally ?

      • I’m thinking of the drones used in this movie.

        Angel Has Fallen

        But, whoever had access to and used drones like that would have to change the name of that operation to Devil Has Fallen.

  4. It’s Amarican on the same way ?
    Let’s read this ,,, .
    I know that are totalitarian religions as well as Regime now the constitution should respect the right of Religion to the Jehovah Wiseness organization because in China was / is banned.
    Russia was/is banned , in America Jehovah Wiseness was banned , American is the Head of the World 🌎. What county is the neck and the feet’s ?
    I know that China’s culture and cult it’s very important and have importantes the world 🗺.
    Now United States, China , Rusia and Cuba , the only country free of Religious is U.S. A .
    Why ?
    Because the constitution was funded by rights and good people died for it .

    • The US Constitution is only for the United States. One country cannot pass laws for another country. They can try, but will probably fail big time since other countries and their citizens do not like other countries telling them what they should do.

      If China’s government thinks a religion or cult is too political, then there is little to nothing the United States can do.

    • The US Constitution is also being subverted by David and Charles Koch and their Kochtapus and the ALEC machine they launched 45 years ago to subvert the US Constitution so they can turn the US into a fake Christian theocratic kleptocracy. If the Koch brothers succeed, do not be surprised if all religions that they do not approve of end up on a much longer list of religions and cults that are no longer allowed even in the US.

      • As an example, in Lancaster, California, where the Koch brothers have no sway, it takes $50 and 15 minutes to get a permit to put solar your home. That’s reasonable price but $ 150,000 and 9 moth waiting .
        Wow you can instala to the hole hood solar to the San Francisco, house owners ?
        Lloyd $ 150 , 000 vs $50 sound crazy .
        I should believe what I’m sending to you this ,,?

        Because liberalism is about freedom, transparency, and allowing people to make their choices without coercion, subsidy, fraud, theft, or threat of violence.

        And the Koch brothers (David ran for US Vice-President on the Libertarian ticket in 1980…against Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush!) have used their profits to seek to bribe the elected officials to purchase the US government to use it as an instrument to coerce, subsidize, defraud, steal, and threaten any and all people who stand in the way of the Koch brothers and their desire to seize land, water, fossil fuels and, apparently, to pollute without limit.

        A better question is…why would conservatives or Republicans or conservative Republicans see the Koch brothers as evil?

        One good answer is that the Koch brothers do not believe in small government, they believe in big government that does what the Koch brothers tell it to do, and the Koch brothers do not believe in a free market that requires minimal subsidies to function, they believe in building on this world, in which $2 trillion in subsidies goes towards fossil fuels.

        As an example, in Lancaster, California, where the Koch brothers have no sway, it takes $50 and 15 minutes to get a permit to put solar your home. That’s reasonable to liberals and conservatives, right?

        In Ohio, where the Koch brothers have spent tens of millions trying to use government to crush competitors, it can cost $150,000 and up to nine months to get a permit to put solar panels on your home. That’s unreasonable to virtually everyone, liberal or conservative, on earth, or would be if you explained the situation and contrasted it with Lancaster.

        Basically, the Koch brothers are like venture capitalists or investment bankers, putting money into people who pitch them and tell them how the Koch brothers will get a great Return On Investment, but these pitch-makers are not entrepreneurs or executives, they are elected officials who are going to take from public funds in a way that allows the Koch brothers to profit privately.

        If you do the cost curves for solar pricing, the oil industry will be mostly over in the US by 2030 (See Tony Seba’s book, Clean Disruption). The Koch brothers have such a terrible name that they would never be successful in solar. So they have to try to use their money while they have it to change the government so that the government will devote itself primarily to keeping the economy from doing what it wants to do, which is turn towards renewables.

        Solar was a $1 billion a year industry in 2004 and a $100 billion a year industry in 2014, globally. By 2024, it will be $1 trillion a year and, according to Deutsche Bank, will be $5 trillion a year by 2030.

        If these two projections are correct, the Koch brothers will lose tens of billions, so it’s worth investing hundreds of millions to change the odds.

        And that’s bribery, which is not liberal or conservative, or Liberal or Conservative. That’s treason.

      • Tesla bought Solar City and I had one of the Tesla people come to my house to give me a quote. After all the rebates, the cost for solar cells on the roof, all the electrical work and a battery pack similiar to the one Tesla uses in its cars, cost $13,500. The electric bill would have dropped to almost nothing and if there was a power failure, the Tesla battery would power the house for a couple of days or longer.

      • Lloyd if the power leaves now in California you can survive a whole week? Wow wonderful, you are almost in paradise.

      • Not yet. I don’t have the solar cells or the battery pack yet. I have to save the money. I don’t want to borrow and pay the interest on the loan.

      • One way or another those greedy owners of the world , they get our money one way or another , right way or wrong way ( there’r ways)
        nobody lives forever they don’t , if they want to bring the money to heaven , most of them said there going to heaven , those arrogant people think they can decide or chose the same way of God , those greedy could be called greedy’s , more fools , Jesus called one of them fool , or stupid, well Lloyd let me check before send it to you .
        Let’s see ,,🤔
        The Bible is more accurate than I thought…
        Then he said to them: “Keep your eyes open and guard against every sort of greed,p because even when a person has an abundance, his life does not result from the things he possesses.”q 16 With that he told them an illustration, saying: “The land of a rich man produced well. 17 So he began reasoning within himself, ‘What should I do now that I have nowhere to gather my crops?’ 18 Then he said, ‘I will do this:r I will tear down my storehouses and build bigger ones, and there I will gather all my grain and all my goods, 19 and I will say to myself: “You have many good things stored up for many years; take it easy, eat, drink, enjoy yourself.”’ 20 But God said to him, ‘Unreasonable one, this night they are demanding your life from you. Who, then, is to have the things you stored up?’s 21 So it goes with the man who stores up treasure for himself but is not rich toward God.”t

        The Koch brothers are liberals ? Well I think they are not inmortal , if they think they don’t , something is wrong with them , they could said we are going to heaven or whatever they can do not much , more money they earned less change to go to 🤔where ?
        I’m don’t know ether Lloyd

      • The Koch brothers call themselves libertarians … not liberals. But they are fake libertarians.

        Charles and David Koch are extremist Catholics (comparable to Extremist Muslims) that do not even agree with the current Pope.

      • Good afternoon Lloyd .
        The letter said this .
        Dear parent/ Guardian .

        Congratulations. MELANIE CASTILLO has been accepted to LBA Academy Charter Hight Scooll for the 2018-2019 Schooll year .

        Lloyd is a huge letter and I’m not confortable at all because I never did nothing to try to enroll my Daughter to any Charter Schooll , my Daughter it’s a top students at Hieleah Gardens Hialeah Schooll and it’s a public Schooll , almost 3 thousands students and Melanie was invited to Washington DC . Because she is the top list on Dade County , she won plenty awards and I was told by the principal that Melanie has a Garantte Scholar ship , predtion according her GPA almost 4 , Lloyd the point is this , My daughter and Son where abuse at the crooked charter HEA . Then I’m home quit and I read this letter that mess my day and I work like to expose this corruption or maybe someone who knows that I’m a activist Opositor to Charters schools and the letter was sensed international to the purpose of close this Charter that is very close to HEA and they will loss money , what do you think I should do ?
        I would like to expose this at world press but I’m don’t know how to do what you do with Diane I wish I could do as a lithe as you , I wold like to go and seat with the Superintendent or go to court because this is ridiculous it’s over and over again and again

      • Did someone else fill out an application for your daughter? If not, think about having a lawyer send them a letter that spells out how the charter school will be dragged through the courts and the media if they continue their attempt to hijack your daughter from the public school she attends.

        Don’t forget, if this private sector charter school is owned and opearted by frauds, liars and conartists, there is probalby nothing they will not try since we live in the age of Trump. Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal”, a book he didn’t write (he paid someone else to write it for him), should have been called, “The Art of the Con”.

      • LBA Construction & Business Management Academy

        A Non-Profit -Miami Dade County Public Charter Schooll .
        ( 305) 822-8455
        Ms. Jennifer Jaynes
        I called them they tried to ding out who I’m because I questioned them, before they questioned me because I won’t tell them who I’m , because they will do wherever they have to spread , Reibel Castillo the Troublemaker who expose the truth about Charters crimes and Frauds , those individuals the less they think if they comite the mistake to send the letter to an father and advocate for the good education and the education its bleak because Charters are Business , I think I have to escalate this case because the Charters are not respecting my family , thanks Lloyd let’s see how I can find a Lawyer and move on Againts this crooked, the battle against those who destroyed the future of my son and the peace of my house start 4 years ago , you once told me that when people are still alive , people can fight back , like those who fight for the constitution civil world

      • For a civil war to have any chance at success, I’ve read that at least 5 percent of the population must be ready to fight. In the United States, that means more than 16.25 million people. I don’t think this country is there yet. That doesn’t mean all 16.25 million are in the rebel army, because there must be people that support them with weapons, medical care, and food.

        I’m not sure if that many Americans will ever be ready to fight a civil war again. The U.S. is the fattest country on the planet. More than 70-percent of citizens are fat or obese and probably couldn’t fight their way out of a thin paper bag.

        One person or even a few cannot fight a civil war. They will just be committing suicide and go down in the history books as insane killers and terrorists.

        No, a civil war requires millions of people willing to rise up together in anger who are willing to risk everything to throw off the yoke of tyranny. I don’t see that happening in the U.S. To many people are addicted to bad food, sugar, drugs, video games, texting, binge-watching TV.

        I read that many people in the EU think that the country the founding fathers created with the U.S. Constitution is Lost. I’m beginning to think that too.

      • No Lloyd don’t think like those people , you did a lot for this country and are still doing a lot , look, because of you Charters are not doing the way because you teach me how to peaceful expose their tricks

      • Lloyd no we don’t fill out any form or nothing like that , those crooked stolen the information from a source that should be bring to court

      • I’ve read that charter schools buy the lists of student names that are already enrolled in public schools. Our personal information is on sale to anyone that wants to buy it. Corporations are free to do whatever they want in the Trumpish, Koch-Suckers’ world.

        I suggest you contact the principal at your daughter’s public school and tell him what the corporate charter is doing. Let that princpal know you don’t want your daughter in that corporate charter school and ask if that principal knows how to stop that corporate charter school from kidnapping (stealing) your daughter from the public schools.

      • Thanks Lloyd I really Appreciate it , I’m very close to my daughter Schooll I will go and see how they are not doing nothing to stop those crooked

      • Your daughter’s school probably doesn’t know what the Corporate Charter is doing and even if they do know, they probalby don’t have the money to hire a laywer and go after the greedy, lying corporate frauds. To buy justice in the US, you must have a lot of money to pay a lawyer with no gurantee you will win but with a gurantee tha tyou could end up broke and bankrupt.

      • That’s because Alberto Carvahlo is a shill for the corporate Charter School establishment. I was told this !

      • Lloyd everyone should know this because this Charter ( Hiealeah Education Academic.Inc’s Principal don’t want to paid the money for damage by the way if Jeb Bush has pictures with him as well other board of owners on the social media ( the puctures was posted and share with me , they want what I won’t do it they want me get in panic and I won’t let the fear stop me because fear it’s a trap I know you have no fear . Take care

      • Lloyd I was kick out of a new super market called Fresco y mas , my wife told me that a new marked was opened door in the city , as women’s my wife get those specials and she say I should go to see if the quality and the price where good , well I went there I was locking around inside , the manager came to me and told me I have to go because I was spaying for other super marked called Sedano’s supermarket. I can’t believe I replayed to the idiot , then I told him your are slander on me because of that I called his G manager and the same time I called at Sedano’s Supermarket Headqueter
        after that I was told that the new market has been supporting the local elections that is bribery I mean using thee’r money to support public party’s it’s hard to see how those crooked are linked with charters schools also , it’s hard for me to stay with out pro – se how ?
        Let’s see because could cost me a lot but I got no more money to loss

      • What does this have to do with the topic of this post? The “About” page is a better place to leave comments that do not relaste to the topic of a post. Then there is my other blog about education issues where this comment would fit better.

      • I’m feel down because if post it the comments on the wrong blog . Lloyd the reason , I was not intentional , I cannot forget that you are a loyal and kind person. People don’t understand that under pressure abd working with hundreds things at the same time it’s impossible do everything perfect , I did my best and I hope one day people put on others shoes my shoes , most people should know that I’m not fighting for money and people should not that I’m pretty sure that no many have done what I did down here and national to expose abuse of power and students if people waht more for me , they should be colled , lazy and more because I’m losing everything fitting for others , because of that .

      • Crazy is Normal is the blog I use to discuss education issues

      • Lloyd I hope your doing well . I’m moving forward with the law sue again Hialeah Education Academic. Inc because an old person who knows a lot about how this city it’s running told me that the best thing it’s close the case and move because Chaters Schooll runner don’t want go to a huge fight in criminal court because what they did it’s a huge case that could send a lot of them to jail.

      • Sounds like a group, class-action suit. If Hialeah thinks they will lose, they will offer a settlement first to avoid a guilty verdict.

      • Yes Lloyd Children and family report was adulterad the city of Hiealeah is expecting me bring in at a strong law firm , Lloyd the defender attorney that the city of Hialeah hired it’s an executive of a big Charter school Chain , I have the hole clue , it’s easy to win because city of Hialeah hired a lawyer that is conected , * connection ( conflict of interest because that way the tax-payer money is finishing inside a Lawyer and executive of that Chain conected with Hialeah Education Academic.Inc .
        The lawyer could be in trouble double because hiding BEJAIN a schemes crimen it could finished IN Heaquater of the fbi at wash DC.
        It’s a huge case .
        Someone told me that I should not hold any probe , I have the choice I have the game they have the money and they connection but think about this . Life isn’t hard to manage when you’ve got nothing to lose.

      • Let them have it!

      • Let them have it ? Good morning Lloyd let them have it ? Thanks Lloyd

      • let sb have both barrels
        also give sb both barrels, hit sb with both barrels informal

        From the Cambridge Dictionary, to be more specific

        “Let SB (Son of a Bitch) have both barrels”

        >>to attack, criticize, or punish someone very forcefully:

        >>He arrived late to meet his girlfriend at the airport. She gave him both barrels.

        ..England football fans can expect to be hit with both barrels if they misbehave during next month’s European Championship finals.

      • Lloyd no matter what the truth always found the right way to says the True is here , you have been telling the truth that you should be to Paradize I’m an very grateful person who can tell who is evil and who don’t . Lloyd the world it’s facing hard times hard to handle ( prophecy .

        Donald Trump Is Losing His War on Truth – Slate

      • Lloyd I hope your doing well , I miss you and I want to tell you , I appreciate a lot everything you have done done for my and my family, my daughter it’s , the school sistem need prole like you .
        May God bless you . Lloyd I’m been very busy fighting with the law sued agains the city and Charter schools involved with the abuse of my Children’s . I miss you Lloyd because you teach me a lot and for FRE the best teacher I ever had .
        Take care and make God bless you !

      • Thank you. The gears of justice in a democracy move slowly and are expensive.

      • you are rfgtb Lloyd and more neurons dying, last night a policeman of hieleah pull me over and as soom i got my driver license, i hear some one telling him by radio, let go that guy, because he has a huge case open again the city snd the officer left fast after i ask him what i did wrong, misconduta becsuse asked driver license, registration and insure with our tell first what i did wrong! That means the city do not want me to open more complains! No easy stay in this city full of crooked! Thannks Lloyd for replay.

      • I think that policeman was pulling you over to see if you were in the U.S. illegally. Florida’s government belongs to Jeb Bush and it is corrupt but it is also controlled by the GOP and Trump wants to build that wall and toss every minority out of the US without due process rights. Trump dreams of being an all powerful dictator with the power of life and death over all of us.

      • Lloyd is true , what I can do to get rid of this nightmares, I can’t keep supporting this discrimination , this case it’s not easy but I won’t give , the only thing I asked to God is a place where I can go , even if my family stay here , this Remember me , the Dictatorship in Cuba Peter Pan inmigration parent’s got no more choice that fight against Castro I got friends that his daddy’s where killed fighting inside the Island, others abandoned the island and those who don’t appreciate what they parents did for them are subverting this State and city , I can’t do it by yourself dear Lloyd , I’m going to move , where ? I don’t know but I’m not keeping with my miserable life .
        Take care Lloyd I have to go somewhere because I’m going trough a lot , if this state is a Country Runing ilegal , it’s not other choice I have , to much pressure Lloyd . Where I’m going I don’t know yet .
        Thankful for everything you have done , it’s no easy to énfasis I have to let go this pressure that it’s consuming my heart.

      • The only suggestion I can think of is to research cities with a population of 250,000 or more and find one that is led by Real Progressive Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who acts and sounds like a real progressive. It’s possible that even in Florida there is a city with a progressive Democratic mayor and police chief.

        Alexandria is not the mayor of a city. She is running for Congress out of New York City. Avoid all Republicans and Corporate Democrats.

      • New York it’s a good place ? Or California? Because I don’t want stay in this State , I would like to go farm away from the most corrupt state of America , I don’t know what job I’ll found it but anyways I’m not workin here , I’m been putting everything of my money and power to fight evils corruption but it’s time to make a move , it’s hard Lloyd but I’m not going to take the risk of stay here , I don’t trust in any police because they are crooked and I’m not going to take the risk of that crooked relating with Charters Schools Rulers , send some hit man and kill me . Remember the Insider ? I’m not going to quit but Lloyd it’s real and stress this is a war 24/7 , Do you image leaving inside a city where everyone knows me , especially corrupts Publics figures?

      • Thanks Lloyd for your suggestion . I have to go as I knew that the day was coming because Lawyers are crooked here and they don’t want fight agains those evils , they are cowards , my question is how those crooked lawyers can hurt people with out money and quit ? It’s very frustrating I told them they should never lie and said that they are very agresive demanding they defender and they did nothing by lie . Crazy Lloyd my Lawyer stolen my money , that crooked should never be hired by the FBI as his ago . Steve Rosie stolen my money a crooked and lier who told he will defend my children’s and he did nothing , I called him and told him crooked and he said nothing coward lier , it’s frustrating Lloyd, thanks God I’m not Jaison borne

      • From Brian Krassentein , I read this he fallow md in TUITER, I’m exposing everything on TUITER and everywhere.
        This guy it’s an enemy of Trump it’s not easy .
        Look what he said .

        BREAKING: Target just issued a statement saying that they are ‘deeply troubled’ over Trump’s tariffs.

        They say that prices are going to rise on everything from school supplies, baby items, etc

        Walmart, Kohl’s, L.L. Bean, Macy’s & 290+ other companies have come forward as well!

      • Trump is a total wrecking ball. If he manages to survive and stay in the White House, he will bring down the United States and do his worst to destroy global civilization and probably be the cause of our species extinction. But he can’t do it alone. His horrible, mean, deplorable, fake Christian base will help him destroy us as they set fire to themselves.

      • I never seen something like this ,, you maybe are RIFHT , I think your right because you have been right since I meet you , you never has told me something about this dude that it’s nothing but the truth, Wow Rusian and America never has been working together since second war 2 , by there Russia and America save the world , but now the future it’s bleak, I Grow up inside a Dictatorship my Children’s born here and my heart it’s here but I’m thinking to move to Italy . Take care Lloyd!

      • Russia (The Soviet Union) fought against Germany in World War II because they had no choice. Before World War II was started by Germany and Japan, Russia signed an agreement with Hitler that Russia would not attack Germany and Germany would not attack Russia and then, a few years later, Germany broke that agreement and invaded Russia.

        That’s why Russia ended up fighting with the U.S., the U.K. and other allies to defeat Germany.

        This is an example of, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. That doesn’t mean the enemy of my enemy will always be my friend.

        Once Germany was defeated, The Soviet Union was no longer our friend and Russia had not been our friend before World War II. Things returned to what they had been like before World War II but they became worse once Russia has nuclear weapons.

      • But Germany and Japan learned that they make a black page in the history but Rusia as you said have been played dirty games for a while and now Two leaders one trained by the KGB and the other trained by NONESENSE. Who is that ? Doom question Lloyd , this guy is doing NONESENSE since he started at the White House , Lloyd there is not going a 3rd world war , Smart People are planing a better plan , One of those Evils will walk away or they will understand how it’s play with the world , I’m telling common sense not many like them it’s impossible stay there and mocked at the world it’s insulting INTELIGENCE and that is stupid I think something is going to happen , I don’t deserve bad things to no body but I don’t support crooked , today I hear an speeches of Trump he mentioned God a bunch of time and he afirmes that God it’s blessing what God it’s doing , that is NONESENSE because God don’t like evils people ,
        I would like share with you this and please Lloyd don’t forget that I respect your position as well you agreed with the Democracy you are very inteligente and well read this article. Thanks

      • Studies have revealed that there is probably a psychopath gene and that 1-percent of all humans are psychopaths.

        4.2 Psychopathy

        “Psychopathy is a serious personality disorder characterized by antisocial behavior, untruthfulness, irresponsibility, and lack of remorse or empathy. It has been hypothesized that the psychopath is primarily deficient in fear reactivity, and consistent with this hypothesis is the reliable finding that psychopaths show less fear conditioning as indicated by poor skin conductance classical conditioning (Lykken 1957).”

        Their behavior defines them. Donald Trump and Putin both fit the definition of a psychopath. Psychopaths also crave power over others.

        I think most civilizations that have collapsed and caused a lot of death and suffering were ruled by psychopaths.

      • I agreed with you Lloyd, 1 % vs 99 % people should know that , that way those Psychopathy has less chance to hurt or exterminate billions of inocentes people, Lloyd I would like to know how an Austrian with demon face could convince Germans to the pong where they create a bici page in the history , Lloyd could you tell someone about that , I really appreciate everything you teach me , your RIFHT about richest people are idiots with small ideas , they are professional but stilling money and greedy’ s , to be in the list of those people, love of money and greedy’s those two requirement is need it , easy to find out because Trump and DeVos have no clue the meaning of a good leader or how to help students , lover of money and arrogant abused of power , they don’t use the money for goodness. It’s sad , how us posible that no one could stop brothers Castro’s , I never saw something , it’s something yum main can’t handle, snd Evil People kill the nice person, JFK the president of the stronger power on the world with the top intelligence, intelligence mean find out how to stop Evils , that is what I think it’s the meaning of intelligence, Insulting intelligence it’s what Putin is doing , poor Rusian , Putin look like Hitler but with more etiquette, putin face its evil face , have you notice the way he talk snd look 👀. , the world it’s running by the Devil , have to true , right because in heaven they can’t stay and Jesus prayed that to God’s that you Kingdom come, it’s something I’m thinking about now , Thanks Lloyd and Take care you are good Lloyd , you are in a blue state , I’m in a read and very hot state , inside the crooked city in USA .
        Thanks God I’m still alive , yesterday someone brake inside my house , they steal nothing , professional ad those who brake inside the house of that blower , The Insider is my life Lloyd.
        Thanks for tell me that long time ago

      • There are simple security devices you can add to your windows and doors that will make it more difficult to break into your house. I’m not talking about a house alarm although that will help.

        Home Depot and Lowes both sell door frame and hinge reinforcement.

        There is this Dual-Function Adjustable Door Security Bar.

        If they didn’t steal anything, did they plant hidden cameras and microphones to spy on you?

      • If they didn’t steal anything, did they plant hidden cameras and microphones to spy on you?

        i’m sorry Lloyd i just read this I really apologize, I been very busy installing spy cameras for my house , the problem I could not find the device for find those small cameras if those evils installed , the police check inside my house but only trying to catch the person
        who brake in , but that it . I have my concerns but still not given up on protect my family and more kids , because i’m pretty sure those crooked who are involved with the Law sue could be doing to me the same thing that did to the whistle blogger of theInsider .
        Thanks Lloyd for your Kindness and been always backing up my family , backing up the students and parents who care about their kids .

      • I think Donald Trump wants to get rid of anyone that criticizes him or didn’t vote for him.

      • I think he want to clean America but the problem could be eliminate good people and evils , it’s up to God .
        “Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God.” ~ Reagan ~ vs the new era of crimes, things are getting harder Lloyd.

      • Trump acts like he is a god. His thinking revealed through his mouth and tweets reveals that he thinks he should have the power of a god, a dictator, a tyrant, to hold our lives in his hands to torture, execute or reward.

      • I never seen something like that

      • Trump has a heavily reported media history that goes back decades that offers powerful evidence for the fact that he is a malignant narcissist, a psychopath, a serial liar, a fraud, and a racist.

      • Lloyd I’m noticing that are to many cars down here from Texas and others states , could be people moving down sought getting out of racist people, because I never seen to many cars from those states ever before, I notice that the drivers LOOCK like Hispanic, could be the hate that is hurting the nation, as I spoke with a good friend of my who is in North California and he told me things are getting pretty bad up there , what do you think about that Lloyd ?
        Another question maybe I told you this before , 2014 on my Aniversary wedding day , april 25 , I rented by Trump Resort, sonny Island , South beach , by there who knows that Trump will became the President? You know after he became President, I pass by there with a friend of my and his wife and let me tell you , I get upset to the point where I scream at those securities guys , stay away from me because as I know this is a place that I paid for , this is not the why House I told them before I left the hotel , this is crazy , LOOCK that the future is bleak my dear Lloyd.
        Take care and California it’s a good State by the way I hear that California was sued by the D.O.J . Have you hear anything about that?

      • Hate crimes and/or racism started getting worse with Trump. As long as he keeps getting away with his endless lies and crimes, it will only get even worse.

      • I’ve read about the DOG taking California to court. It will take time before we know the results of that court case. Trump wants to erase most if not all environmental regulations and laws that are for clean air and water. California is standing in his way. To win, he must also take away the right of the states to determine their own environmental laws.

      • Ukraine 🇺🇦 proclaim they have claimed independence. All of these unrecognised states except Nagorno-Karabakh depend on Russian armed support and financial aid. Nagorno-Karabakh is integrated to Armenia, which also maintains close cooperation with Russia. Lloyd regarding this case is obvious that soon some states claimed get out of the Union , California, Alaska , Chicago and Hawaii are ready in the constitution or legislative process , I think I hear that from you , if it’s the case I think you do , California it’s a blue state , the economy of California it’s ranked over French economic, ranked .# 6 , wow it’s nice stay away from red States , Lloyd you have no clue my friend how is the pressure on this Red and Corrupt State , Lloyd do you think about this , Florida have 67 county’s and there is only one county that have no Sheriff and that county it’s the One where I live, Dade County it’s running Dictatorship way and sadly it’s a Cuban communities residents, the old Schools of Cubans with etic pass way and the new generation should read and know that they are here because a Dictator who kick out they’r parents , I became very uncomfortable inside my own people because Dictatorship are Dictatorship everywhere and anywhere. Injustice is a treat to the Justice here in Cuba , Russia and anywhere of everywhere. I’m happy for you dear Lloyd that you don’t live down here, you don’t deserve more stress you did a lot for this country I’m doing my best dear Lloyd even I’m not from this Land but I got my family here and good people like you I really appreciate your friendship, I’m a blessed person, thanks Lloyd for your kindness and support, wow Lloyd the present it’s bleak in this Red state !

      • There is no totally red or blue state. Every state has citizens that are liberals, progressives, moderates, and conservatives of all stripes. Red states are controlled by the Republican Party but not every citizen in red states is a Republican. Look at two states: Texas and California.

        39 percent of adults in Texas are Republicans or lean Republican
        21 percent don’t lean either way.
        40 percent of adults in Texas are Democrats or lean Democratic.

        You might wonder how the state is controlled by the GOP. That is caused by extreme gerrymandering by the Republicans once they control the state’s government.

        38 percent liberal
        28 percent moderate
        34 percent conservative

        Some counties in California went for Trump but he lost the state. Trump had almost 4.5 million votes in California. Hillary had more than 8.7 million. If you move to California, you have to stay away from the rural areas where Trump won and focus on coastal cities.

        If you move to Texas, think about living in a city and not the rural areas. Cities tend to have a majority of moderates and liberals while rural areas have a majority of conservatives of all stripes.

        By the way Hillary did a lot better in Texas than Trump did in California

        Trump had almost 4.7 million votes to Hillary 3.9 million. Trump won Texas with less than one million more votes but lost California by more than 4-million votes. In every GOP dominated state there are liberal pockets and in every Democrat controlled state there are conservative pockets.

      • Thanks Lloyd. Please Lloyd could you explain to me this ?
        38 percent liberal
        28 percent moderate
        34 percent conservative

        Liberal , moderate and conservatives?
        Democrats , Republicans Or independents ?
        Thanks you know more than Trump a trillions times , that is ridiculous an evil person and with out Knowleage and wisdom, running the most powerful nation in the world 🌎. Who is running the world? Thanks Lloyd

      • “So today Craig is going to look at political ideology in America. We’re going to focus on liberals and conservatives and talk about the influencers of both of these viewpoints. Now, it’s important to remember that political ideologies don’t always perfectly correspond with political parties, and this correspondence becomes less and less likely over time. So, sure we can say that Democrats tend to be liberal and Republicans tend to be conservative, but we’re not going to be talking about political parties in this episode. It’s also important to note, that there are going to be a lot of generalizations here, as most peoples’ ideologies fall on a spectrum, but we’re going to try our best *crosses fingers* to summarize the most commonly held viewpoints for each of these positions as they are used pretty frequently in discussions of American politics.”

      • Good morning Lloyd Thanks Lloyd , good explanation, you are right, we have to be positive even though the present it’s bleak.
        Have a good day , blue day ! Red is hot, blue it’s more relaxing yuh know this state belongs to where ? Who ? I know just , most of the people don’t know or they don’t want to Know or hear the truth about him .
        Sadly most of the people love lies

      • It isn’t that too many people love lies. What they are doing is picking what someone else says on social media or in the real media that says what they want to hear and they refuse to fact check accepting the lies to support their bias that they grew up with.

      • Lloyd
        Re : this I agreed with you that happened in Cuba and still the regime it’s there, since January 1/ 1959 to January 1 / 2019 * a couples more months . 60 years of Dictatorship, I realize that was not for me and I risk my life and decide to live as a foreign, but with freedom, I can’t not visit Cuba , I graduated with the Soviet Union , they considered me a traitor , I told the Truth everywhere, even though I told that Putin it’s an Evil and was trained but the KGB , the fact it’s that I cannot Suport liars and unfortunate evil people love to lies to others people now , free will is stay away from those individuals or tell the the truth straight and rude , sadly they don’t like people like you and I because it’s not easy to find people like us , you know why I know that you are real person? Because you are the same , a very Kind and stayed on the same way regarding this era . Thanks
        It isn’t that too many people love lies. What they are doing is picking what someone else says on social media or in the real media that says what they want to hear and they refuse to fact check accepting the lies to support their bias that they grew up with.

      • Lloyd how are you doing? is this happen in California? Take care Lloyd !

        Click to access charter-school-report-final.pdf

      • California has more unregulated publicly funded, private sector charter schools than any other state and there is a lot of failure and fraud going on in many of those charter schools. California has an extreme right Trump like billionaire by the name of Eli Broad and he is spending millions in his campaign to destroy public education in California. It is an uphill battle with a long way to go to save our public schools in California.

        I’ve read that the seven states that do not have charter school laws are Kentucky, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia. That report was from Mar 22, 2017, and I know that the pirates and frauds that are out to destroy the public schools are spending a lot of money in those states too to launch charter schools and get rid of public education as we know it.

        These charter schools pay their administration 50-percent more and their teachers 20-percent less but demand the teachers work 70 hours weeks on average without medical care or retirement benefits. Nepotism is common in charter school administration with the CEO paying his wife, sometimes his children, family members and friends six figure incomes to hold administrative positions that are meaningless and un-needed. When charter school owners are caught and end up in court, they seldom have to pay back the money they stole or spend time in prison. And they often open new charter schools in other cities and states under different names to repeat the same crimes.

      • What is the solution to this Nation wide , schools choices and crisis of the good education?
        Lloyd sometimes I want to be 77 years old plus to have less time for my suffering, it’s very hard, sad and painful I cannot have the solution, I’m not agreed with Choices and abuse of government figures problem , but I’m inside a Country inside other Country, Florida has his own rules , violating the constitution .
        Pray for me my friend it’s no much else you can do .
        I appreciate your kindness, the Insider movie it’s not even close to my own true live problem with those crooked .
        Thanks Lloyd! Your very Kind and Smart . May have a wonderful day . Take care !

      • There are two solutions:

        First Choice: vote and do the homework to know who we are voting for — I did that with Hillary vs Trump and it was obvious to me after ignoring all the conspiracy theories that Hillary Clinton was a much better candidate for president. Trump is toxic, totally toxic. He’s a lethal poison for the US.

        If voting doesn’t stop the horrible things happening in the US, the second Choice will be a bloody Civil War.

        That’s why the first choice is so important. People that would have voted for Hillary Clinton but did not vote at all caused the toxic America we live in today. The only excuse for not voting is if the person is a total ignorant butt head and idiot and then the country is probably better off that they didn’t vote.

        If we end up with the second choice, everyone that despises Trump and the rest of the monsters that support him should be heavily armed with lots of ammo ready for the Civil War.

      • The media it’s the fury’s problem , it’s dancing with the songs of the money , if the Koch brothers did nothing , and America turns into red , there is no time yet to know what is going on in the near future,

      • By the way in the rural areas the voters like red , they go by the color no by the fact , Lloyd most of them never went to the school and their IQ is to low , común sense ?

      • Million of Americans are loyal to one political party or the other and don’t take any time to learn who or what they are voting for. They don’t think.I call it blind, deaf and mute voting.

        They just vote for whatever their Party tells them to vote for.

        I refuse to follow any Party’s recommendations without knowing who or what I’m voting for. No blind voting for me.

      • Not all the media. About 90-percent of the media, the corporate media.

      • Lloyd if Trump and Bush are Rick Scott body’s , how Nelson could win ?

        My Republican opponent is trying to buy his way into the United States Senate.

        Rick Scott has already spent more than $25 million of his own money to try to defeat me — money he made while overseeing one of the largest Medicare frauds in our nation’s history. So far he and his right-wing super PACs have spent almost $50 million in this race.

        Whether or not we’re able to hold this seat could determine control of the Senate on November 6 — and victory simply won’t be possible without strong grassroots support from Floridians like you.

      • Studies show that 80-percent of elections are won by the candidate that spends the most money.

        That is why I don’t read any flyers that show up in the mail or pay attention to any political ads because I think they are all designed to fool us.

        Instead, I spend about a month studying all the candidates running for office and carefully making my choices. I read the booklet that comes in the mail from the state and use Vote Smart, and use Fact Check sites, and use Open Secrets and other sites.

      • Thanks Lloyd I agreed election is about the candidate that spends more money , but education is about the person that expends more time , I really appreciate your kindness and teaching, I been doing this researches and I just post it in my Tweeter Acaunt , Education is what perdure .

        Lloyd what I’m trying to do it’s built better education!

        Florida and California, wow is a blessing live in the west cost , Florida got 3 cities ranked worts .
        Have a good day and thanks.

        The 11 Best American Cities To Raise And Educate Your KIds

        1-Overland Park,KS
        2-Pla ,TX✅
        3-Virginia Beach,VA
        5-Sioux Fall , SD
        6-Madison, WI
        9-Colorado Spring, CO
        10-Grand Prairie,TX✅
        NO FL📍

        11 Worts Cities To Raise And Educate Your Kids .

        1-Jackson ,MI
        2-Birmingham, AL
        3-Detroit, MI
        4-MIAMI,FLORIDA ✅
        5-Baton Rouge, LA
        7-Shreveport, LA
        9-New Orleans,LA
        10-Washinton, DC
        11-HIALEAH,FLORIDA ✅
        YOU should read my next Tweet✅

      • I’m focusing more in the education area and trying to avoid as much I could, areas about Politician it’s very frustrating Lloyd and specially when you have been expose to the corruption of those individuals.
        Children’s education it’s very important.
        You did a great job inside the classes rooms but Lloyd now I have to do the same inside my house and out side the media , because I know who is the suffering when the sistem destroy the future of one of our children’s .
        Thanks Lloyd enjoy the day in California I have to keep helping people here , until I do better sedition about what is the best place where I can go to Raise my other Children!
        I know it’s very important to know what state is running better by politician but it’s hard that is why I asked to an smart and Kind person like you , down south got no even the courtesy to say only good morning.
        It’s sad but it’s the truth.
        Take care Lloyd and Thanks!

      • Lloyd in your professional opinion who will be taking over the house. Thank you and have a great evening

      • No opinion on who will win. It isn’t over until it is over. But I want the Democrats to take back the House of Representatives, the US Senate and as many states as possible.

      • Thanks Lloyd, it’s better to live in a blue state selling water on the street or collecting plastic to recycle ♻️ than to live in this *city ( *prison with out bars.
        I’m not know if take a plane ✈️ fly, go in train or bus but it’s time to say bye to the state where my kids born, when I settled in another state, I took my family with me, same or similar things many parents did they did when Castro took power and control in Cuba was in 1959 and the evil regime it’s still running and destroying our Island 🌴 Peter Pan exodus , was sad but necessary.
        Take care Lloyd , by the way I just saw this text 👇, I just read it , read your self and please tell me what I should replay to the person who send it to me ,
        Hey when are we going to turn Florida blue ??!

        May God bless you Lloyd

      • Hey when are we going to turn Florida blue>

        This election between DeSantis (R) and Gilliu (D) was close and there might have to be recount.

        DeSantis 4,063,095 votes
        Gillium had 4,016,131

        The US Senate race was even closer. It is possible that Florida will turn blue in 2020.

        I’ve also read that Texas is moving toward turning blue too in the next election or the one after that.

      • Onward Together!

        Reibel —

        The race in Florida could come down to just a few votes, so it’s critical that we see that every vote is counted accurately and fairly.

        If you or anyone you know voted in Florida with a provisional ballot, you need to make sure that vote is counted: Contact your Supervisor of Elections office immediately before the 5 PM deadline — you can find your nearest office at the link below.

        Find my office
        If you have questions, call the Voter Protection Hotline: (833) 868-3352

        Thank you — this couldn’t matter more.


        You’re receiving this email because you’re a member of a team of big-hearted people who are committed to building a fairer, more inclusive America. If you’d like to learn more about Onward Together, you can do so here. If you’d like to opt out of receiving more messages like this one, you can do so here. Know someone who should join this team? Forward them this email!

      • Florida is recounting , could turn it blue

      • Or at least split between blue and red so red doesn’t control everything.

      • Thanks Lloyd you encourage me and a lot .
        You are a great person, kind and a worrior , you are a fear person.
        Thanks for everything you have done for me dear friend.
        Good night .
        Blue is a peaceful color, the sky 🌌 and Deep blue sea 🌊 is blue .
        Red is not my favorite color , the red horse of apocalypse is war and blooding !

      • Red was the color of the Soviet Union, and the GOP is the Red Party that put Stalin-Trump in the White House.

      • Thanks Lloyd your right , Red it’s Devil Color

      • Trump’s era . This LOOCK like the Cuban undercover police supporting the regime, this is not far from Trump Hotel , those kids there where conducting a peaceful movement in Martin L. King’s day . I don’t joe what is wrong with this State . There is a law called Tree strikes , doesn’t this law apply to this man? Or does it have to be in the situation where the black people pull the gun? Then the black Person goes to Jail and the White to Trunp’s Hotel . Wow what a democracy.

      • The high school where I taught until August 2005, had a population that was 70 Latino-Hispanic, 8 percent Black, 8 percent White and 8 percent Asian and/or Pacific Islander. The two ethnic groups that were in conflict with each other the most at that high school were the Latino-Hispanic and African Americans. Most of the Asians had the most self control and most of the whites also tried not to be noticed. The street gangs as the high school were all Latino-Hispanic.

        Once, I had a new Black student check into my classroom and he was terrified. His previous school district had kicked him out because he was not only a member of the Bloods but was a problem. When he arrived at our high school, he saw that our gangs were MS 13 and Happy Homes that were brutal enemies of his gang, The Bloods. His first class of the day was in my room. He told me that he would be killed before the end of the day and explained why. I sent him back to the office with a note explaining his fear. I never saw him again. I think they sent him to one of the other two high schools in the district that didn’t have MS 13 and Happy Homes gangs on their campuses.

        That’s what I saw in the video. Some teenagers, all African-American (some looked like they were wearing the gang style of clothing), but many teenagers no matter what ethnic group they are in are stupid and lack common sense due to their raging hormones. I heard name calling from both sides, but the guy with the pistol had the dirtiest mouth that I heard and that tongue was being controlled not only by obvious racism but anger. He lost control probably because he doesn’t trust Black people especially if they are teenagers. No telling what problems he has faced before and Florida is a Stand-your Ground state. That means if you feel your life is in danger, you can defend yourself and this woman who said her foot was run over by a bike tire was outnumbered when the man with the pistol arrived to help her Stand your Ground. The smartest thing to do in this situation is for all the Black teens to leave and shut their mouths because bullets kill faster than a dirty mouth.

      • Lloyd the police and private towing companies got Conection , cars that get towed % it’s go to police department

      • Most states in America let police take and keep your stuff without convicting you of a crime.
        These states let police take and keep your stuff even if you haven’t committed a crime
        The policy that allows this is known as “civil forfeiture” — and it’s totally legal in most states.

        There are only a few states that do not do this but the fact that it happens even to victims without convicting them of a crime is hard evidence that most if not all of the US is a police state and not a true republic or democracy.

        That is why the US’s economy is known as Cutthroat Capitalism, and why someone born into wealth who has been wealthy all his life, like Traitor Donald Trump, is still walking around free as he threatens our Constitution, our safety, and any freedoms we have left that the US Constitution protect and there are not many of them in the first place.

        The US Constitution only protects a few freedoms, not all freedoms. Being free not to be vaccinated and wear a mask is not one of those protections.

        “It protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms. The Third Amendment prohibits the government from quartering troops in private homes, a major grievance during the American Revolution.”

      • Lloyd Good morning . I hope you are doing well . Lloyd maybe I told you before that Florida have 67 county’s now Dade County is the only county in Florida running without Sheriff’s. A Sheriff’s job ? It’s important the Job of a Sheriff’s? Sheriff’s work ? Lloyd Dade County is ranked top in Corruption’s , I stand up to protect students and children’s abused in Charters Schooll where the Mayor city the Chairman, after I complained they started an abusive Arasment using the law enforcement. Now I find out that Police departments are connected with Private towing company and splitting the money , the city’s of Dade most of them are doing something terrible they don’t let people who run out of gas call the triple A services or out rod services the polices call with out ours concerns the towing company’s private who charge an hight price hundred’s of dollars to move your car less than 50 yards . I recorded the conversation between the towing driver and the owner of the towing company saying that they tarifas are to hight because they split money with the polices department. Some advice is that is ilegal ? Take care Lloyd and thanks for your support always I appreciate your help. Have a wonderful day . Thanks

      • What you recorded is more evidence of how horrible a “Cutthroat Capitalist” police state can be, but it’s still better than living in Putin’s Russia.

      • And what about if in 2024 Putin’s body * little finger won the election? The American people are ready or awareness of their plans ? Polices support Trump

      • Not all the police support Trump just like not all of the active military support him, but Trump lies and claims they do.
        Traitor Trump also tells the police what they want to hear and those were probably lies, too.

      • Them , there is no way to win a law sue against the polices ? Only if they kill a person and the nation protesting against polices ?

      • Yes, I also understand that it is very rare to beat the police in court even when they break into the wrong house with a warrant and kill someone in that wrong house while the criminal they were after is having a peaceful evening next door or miles away because the police somehow got the address wrong even when the correct address was printed on the warrant. The cops often still get off.

      • Lloyd why if the constitution it’s the foundation of the freedom a few lawyers or none take cases against goberment corrupt individuals who violate our rights every day ? And thanks of Lawer in the accident injuries area ?

      • There are honest lawyers but many of them are not honest and those lawyers will not work on consignment. There are also honest judges but some are corrupt. Also, the justice system is not equal. The rich have the money to pay for the best lawyers to keep them out of jail and from being found guilty. That’s why Traitor Donald Trump still hasn’t had his day in court. He pays dishonest lawyers who use tricks to keep him free. That’s the same reason O. J. Simpson got away with murdering his ex-wife and one of her male friends. The people that don’t have the money get stuck with defense lawyers that are paid a very small fee from the government to take our case. Many of these lawyers are overworked, underpaid and often not as good as the lawyers that charge hundreds of dollars an hour.

        That may be the erasonreason that the statues of Lady Justice is blindfolded.

      • Lloyd a question, where I can find a link where I can find information regarding open a law sue as a Pro-se ? Please Lloyd I’m going to appreciate. Since I learn from you a lot , I read about who to pro-se and I told to a lawyer who was charging me $500 dollars Por hour I told him I don’t have that money and he told me well your case is huge you can Colect easy 27 millions , I replied well them I’ll paid you more than lawyers charge no 33% no 40 % I’ll paid you 50 % but I won’t give you a penny at front you get paid after you win because I had a bad experience with a lawyer who stolen my retainer and I told the lawyer the best lawyer is pro-se and pro-se lawyer it’s and never let you down . I left and I don’t have money as Trump or those crooks to hired a lawyer!

      • Any lawyer that promises to make you rich, as long as you are paying them, cannot be trusted. Did you know many lawyers charge for their time by the hour: the time they think about your case sitting on a toilet, thinking about your case while taking a shower, going for a walk, watching TV late at night and your case magically pops into their head, they charge it for that, walking to and stopping by their secretaries desk to tell them to add a few notes to your case (to charge you for all the times they thought about your case) and then the time it took them to return to their desk … any time they “think” about your case, they charge for that thinking even if it isn’t productive thinking.

        I wouldn’t be surprised taht lawyers carry a list of their active clients names and pull it out every few minutes to think about the names on t hat list and then charge all those clients for just thinking about their names while reading them.

      • Lloyd why when Lawyers, polices , prosecutors, mayors / politicians, charters schools principals / Rulers , robs the poor it’s called busine$$ and when the poor fight back it’s called violence? A lawyer stole more money than a hundred armed men, a polices get rid off their crimes , it’s not bad idea hired a lawyer who has a prosecutor as a friend, a corrupt judge do not carefully search for the truth, Ah Lloyd what about the ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all ~ JFK~ ? Why good people or good presidents get kill ? JFK was a young and good president, Abraham Lincoln I considered the best , bough where killed, Abraham Lincoln in movie ,,# 7 , JFK car # 7 , Bough killed by a bulled in their head , bough presidents , boughs lawyers? JFK was a Lawyer? Abraham Lincoln and Kennedy bough killed next to their wife’s, Kennedy and Lincoln bought hight over 6’2” .
        Coincidence now , JFK Democrat and conspiracy to the point where the fbi director by there said Oswald do not kill the president JFK , Oswald was framed, JFK was killed by an KKK trained in Miami , probably trained by the Cubans and ignorants who after they were exchanged by baby food after the attack to pig bay in Cuba , those ignorants called Kennedy traitor when they don’t know that two country’s members of the United Nation stop the fighters Jets ready to take off and back up the invasion, Kennedy fallow what Jorge w . Bush did not , after Kennedy
        was told no authorization from United Nations to send the fighters Jets to back up the invasion of the Cuban people to pig bay , most of the Cuban in this city are ignorants , I’m Cuban but I refused to listen those majorities Republicans supporters, who had lied to them in any elections promised that they will finished with the Dictatorship of the evils Castro’s , dumbs Cubans and they still believe that Kennedy lied and they refused to accept that United Nation stop to JFK as the result, Nikita the evil Soviet dictator manipulated the evil Fidel Castro and they were the evils masters mind I’m not saying that what I’m told it’s completely truth now common sense Castro finance the plan and find the KKK evil killer who shot the nice and young president who was 46 when get kill , conspiracy of course the bullet of the rifle came from a bush and hit Kennedy throat and blowing his head skull, and at the beginning two shots in Kennedy’s back no much distance from one shot from the another, but later only one bullet , one was taken from where it was circle marking the areas where the president was hit, then Oswald transferred inside the mad crowd and Oswald dead , no way to get information from him, no much later who kill Oswald died in prison, I stay with the conspiracy including inside agencies as well those who plan the road trip in Texas , no secret services protecting the from bushes, I’m not happy with that if what I believe is true and conspiracy is not a a nonsense imagination from me , Ah the fbi director by there was not crazy or Bipolar as it was Abraham Lincoln, the fbi director said Probably I’ll died and the documents with the truth about the murder of the President JFK but I stay that Oswald did not kill Kennedy and the guy mention the name of the KKK member who kill JFK , I can’t remain the name as well the name of the rifle that used the evil killer trained in Miami , the FBI director by there who was Lloyd? I can’t remember his name I watched him in the west coast in a report in television next to his desk the old men pulled a rifle and show the bullet
        saying with the same type of rifle that I have here was fired the bullet who killed the president, the old men ( fbi by the 196,, ) mad say I’m not going for that the truth will came out before or after my dead , Lloyd I do agreed I studied by myself joining pieces , reading magazines, articles and using my IQ to the point where I said there is not link loss in this case , everything fix it JFK and conspiracy no doubt about it. Lloyd you are the smart person I ever meet I mean in many areas you are an enciclopedia, you told me after I told you that you are a genius you don’t want to take the credit and always replied to me fat away from it ( humble people are like you and honestly and kind , imparcial you are transparent Lloyd thanks for sharing with me something priceless knowledges , Lloyd the question I have doubt , I read or hear that the crook president Richard Nixon fly a day before to Dallas ( secret trip ) if yes , Nixon you told me the last day you celebrate Halloween you wore a custom with the sentence Nixon is a Crook, I’m going crazy or you did ? Richard was a crook as Trump bought fired the FBI director, Nixon Fired the FBI I don’t remain his name , Trump fired James comey for doing his Job , Nixon a crook, Trump worts , how to said more crook ? Crocker ? I’m not English Speaker only you can figure out what I tried to said I know that .

        Lloyd have a wonderful day and Enjoy your city I’m driving far away from the city in my Diesel Range Rover trying to get out of the limited of the cutthroat capitalist state of Florida where I
        finally got the final conclusion I left the city because as you told me , I won’t win cases against polices , lawyers will charge me what I don’t have , one Steve Rosie an ex- FBI agent and prosecutor crook let me down fighting those criminals mayors and the choice Charter who almost killed my family, the law sistem colase the police can kill people innocent and get rid off their crime , if they entry in my house without any judge warrant and one a crook detective using steroids and mad the other officer was fake , with an uniformed that was not fix it on her body I ask for the badges and placa and the response I’m here with the detective pointed at him , then you are fake police send by the Mayor Carlos Hernandez Chairman of the Charter who send bough of you to kill me ? I get mad I call FDLE I complain about it instantly and they push me and run away screaming tires in two Chevorolet’s Malibu navy color , the house next to my get out stoned thinking about teens racing cars but I show them the videos of the crooks detective and fake polices and they move a moth after far away from where they live for years , they told me I don’t know who you can handle this abuse constantly. Lloyd if a police kill me inside my house they don’t go to prison? If they kill me planed let’s say they pull me over and put an arm inside my car to get an excuse to shoot me they will not face court even interrogation even when I been exposing them nation wide for years ? Las saturday they towing my car without reason and their towing company’s they used charge me 700 Dollars and the truck driver after I told him I don’t called you and he told me the police did , I told him they should not do it , the driver told me if you give me your watch and your ring and chain and couples hundred of dollars I give you your car ? I replied you are a crook he told me well let me call the towing company owner he did I put phone recording and he put his phone on speaker I ass ask the owner of the towing company why you guys do that ? And 700 hundred dollars it’s to much the guy told it’s the best I can do because I have to split the money with Pinecrest polices department, Dade County all polices knows me and they got the plate of my car inside their computers some of them get scared because they where told this guy it’s a fierce defender of students and because of me many polices are with Job and a couples in Jail , check out internet, Sargent Menoscal , Hialeah raped a teenager I complain about the crime at the chief police where he worked, for three years the Sargent on duty as nothing happened until I went to FBI Washinton and told what was happened finally the crook Sargent it’s serving federal prison time and the chief of police Sergio Velazquez left the corp as Nixon left the White House . Lloyd what change do I have to make it happen inside a city full of crooks without Sheriff’s and criminals with guns polices fakes and others evils , they kill me or they miss , but I can’t not fight back even defending myself ? Lloyd in Cuba happened things like this a dictatorship of course but here it’s something not easy to understand I do and I’mad Lloyd I told yesterday I’ll get a fake pistol and carry with me if they mess with me I’ll pull it and it’s going to be over ! I’ll buy a water pistol color Orange easy to find out it’s not real that way it’s going to be a case , because it’s lot of prove of what they have done to me . A police pointed a gun in my head and I told him shot cougars and the devices I got all over the car will record and you will paid as well the officer who killed Lloyd the Afroamerican who was killed by the officer who put his let on the guy neck and he died . I’m not black bad Spanish life no matter? And I’m not doing nothing wrong just no happy because since 2015 more than 29 times illegal pull over Arasment intimidating trying I think this endless nightmare it’s ending. Lloyd the Lawyer Stevie Rosie a Crook he stolen my money and working as he did nothing wrong and I investigate and he get an agreement without tell me nothing with the defender the deal was , the Mayor promise him paid for a Jaguar and it happened a Mayor paid for a Jaguar I was told your lawyer became a traitor Mr. Castillo I call the lawyer and told him you are a crook who are hired with your 25 years working for the FBI I told him crook, lier why you did to my children that? It’s not about me Mr. Rosie I screen it’s about my kids it’s about your advertising in internet using your pass job as FBI agent and prosecutors to attract clients . I told him you fool me but one day an American with knowledge and Conextion will ether way kick your fat ass or will send you to prison you did that to me because I can’t speak perfect English and you got Conextion but I’m going to call you until I died and tell you crook crook and traitor and who knows if someone who speak perfect English call you and told you that you are in trouble for what you have done ! Lloyd here no one speak English and no one care ! I’m going to let you because I’m seeing my car need diesel. I was not driving but engine on because it’s to hot ! Lloyd nice to meet you and thanks for everything!

      • It’s called Cutthroat Capitalism on steroids, a kleptocracy, where Greed is their (the rich) god and the working class is their victims.

        But, Communism is worse. At least the klpetocrats don’t murder the working class by the millions and crush us under tanks. The klpetocrats do throw the working class some crumbs sometimes, but everything I’ve read about Communism Stalin and Mao style is worse.

        Have you read what the Bible says about the rich?

        1 Timothy 6:17-18 offers divine instructions for the wealthy among us. The passage reads: “Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.

        And that is the tip of a mountain of warnings about wealthy, powerful people.

        Mark 8:36
        For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

        Matthew 6:24
        “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.

        And Jesus says in Matthew 19:24 “I’ll say it again-it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of A needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!” Note that He says “a” needle, not “the” needle.

      • That is true Lloyd the Bible , the word of God , the Bible book of Daniel 2:44 . Read .

      • A conservator Jewish friend of mine once told me that most of the Old Testament is historical in nature and the TEN Commandments were God’s laws. My friend died years ago but I agree with him. Taking passages out of the Bible that has nothing to do with the Ten Commandments and using those passages to control and/or mislead others is dangerous.

        That’s why we are also warned about false prophets and how dangerous they are. Putin goes to church, has the blessing of the leader of Russia’s Orthodox Church to wage war and threaten the world with nuclear weapons and taht is evidence of how dangerous false prophets are. Trump is a stupid false prophet but dangerous too.

      • I agreed with you Lloyd , the best numbers , are false prophets ( false religious as those who supported Putin and back in the days the church supported the evil Hitler there is some books and pictures the pope blessing Hitler, what religious got as a leader pope ? About Trump I think it’s the evangelist Church who supported the evil trump, I think the only religious who don’t supported any of those evils Dictators, I think it’s the Jehovah wiseness and Putin called totalitarian to the Jehovah wiseness and send to prison Jehovah wiseness who where prosecute by the Soviet Union , that group are out of political party’s , they believe that the Kingdom of God will destroy those evils goberment as well the corruption in the comercial global also is part of the the number of the beast as well Bill gate who according an research people where asked what religious Bill gates believe and people replied money , the best number it’s causing to many problems, false religious,

      • In July 1933, Hitler and Pope Pius XI signed a concordat, or treaty with Hitler’s Nazis. Historian Fritz Stern explains:

      • Lloyd very impressed the knowledge that you have , a wise person who knows what a few I believe in God given give , your capacity is more than average, Lloyd I read two of your books and let me tell you I have read many books and I ranked your as tops of my list . The internet , nonessential society has changed the traditional ( books by smart phones who made them dumbs, your book The Patriots Oath wow what a book , well I couples friends are asking me to let them read the book I’m going to buy like 10 more to give as a present to friends and families who love read but the social media keep them as zombis , I’m now by a quit place out of the crowded I just put the book Inside my bag to keep reading later , Lloyd how long took you to complete the book, I have no clue about redactions

      • Thank you. I started writing “The Patriot Oath” in March 2018 and it was published July 2021. What became the first chapter started from a writing prompt in my VA PTSD support writing group. Writing is another way to deal with PTSD. Music may help too. Only the songs from one singer songwriter has helped calm down my PTSD and that’s Grace Vanderwall. But what works for one may not work for all.

        This is Grace’s first viral song and performance in 2016, when she was 12. She won America’s Got Talent that year. She turned 18 this year and I’m still waiting for her 3rd album to come out.

        I liked the first prompt story enough to keep writing about the same character for more prompts for several more weeks. Eventually the story took on a life of its own and stopped writing to the prompts. Now I’m almost done with the sequel, “Never for Glory”. A few chapter left and it’s done except for the editing.

      • Lloyd I encourage you for the great things you have done, Lloyd no many people with PTSD are able to do , I know people who got PTSD and they don’t know how to live with that traumatic stress disorder, you help people like my children’s who called you uncle Lloyd, I always I’m telling them what you did when they were abused at the Charter , I can’t forget when everyone ignored me on WordPress , you became into my rescue , as soon I started exchanging messages to you and listening to you when you told what to do , I thanks God for send you to give me support, I been exchanging Message with you since 2015 I’m pretty sure , you teach me a lot , how to deal with those people, you told me what to do Lloyd if you wasn’t there by the time I was in the middle of the battle field in the harder position you give me the encouraging I was looking for . Lloyd people think you are an CIA director or ex- intelligence agent , well you knows more than Trump who is dumb and a lot more than my ex- Lawyer who used to work for the FBI for 25 years and that guy you can give teach him what hi doesn’t deserve, you can talk any area of conversation and your messages so clear and always backing up no for you for the fact even when you know you are right to send link . Wow Lloyd what a blessing been like you it’s something people like me would like to be my friend I don’t know if it’s properly said I Love you as a father as a Brother as a soldier who always was there to backing me up when I got doubts about how to deals with the school sistem and more . Lloyd everything you send it’s something priceless I told people I’m not smart but I don’t walk around nonsense , nonsense don’t listen to learn they listen to argument they don’t deserve our atención they deserve our silence ! Lloyd the next book I’ll be waiting until you finish, wow if I could have all your blocks signed for you dedicated to me and my kids . It’s something price less . I’m not body but I meet you an amazing person very wise , kind and well I’m telling you what you mean to us . Lloyd need doing what you have done, proud of you my friend . Great evening in the west coast the quiet place where you live , people told me that Valle’s there are like paradise. Wow great for people who don’t like crowed places . Lloyd it’s possible in my case get a PTSD after this fierce battle against those Goliaths for more than 7 years ? I was told by an American terapeuta I got PTSD as the consequences of the wrongdoing who are in this city , they got me as their target I feel like James Bond sometimes with my locations off , watching around I don’t trust in polices I think they have something that flagged in the police cars computers because a lot of time I got under control telling them how corrupt they are even when I run out a red light polices cars after I saw they are coming to pull me over with lights on they disappeared without explanation I run red lights at 100 mph in my turbo Range Rover I’m been late to pick my daughter and after the police pull my plate they told me you are free to go , we know you some off them as you say are good polices and bad polices those goods understand what I went through because they body’s . Lloyd I’m going to run , I get back to you soon . Take care 👍✌️🤝

      • I drove fast when I was younger, decades ago. Now I drive slow. At my age, I’m not in a hurry anymore to get anywhere.

      • Talking about social media zombies.

        I was headed in that direction when I was out for a walk one morning several years ago and realized I wasn’t enjoying the walk because I was too focused on talking to my so-called smart phone with the voice of a sexy Australian woman asking it what the weather was going to be that day as I was out walking outside in the environment and it was stupid to ask a mobile phone what the weather was going to be like. Shocked, I realized I was becoming a social media zombie.

        The next day I turned that phone in for an old fashioned, flip dumb phone. Still have it, too. I don’t want a smart phone that turns us into zombies. Since then, when I’m away from my desktop, I am also away from the internet in all of is disguises.

        I don’t text, and I use the mobile phone less than 5 minutes a month. Sometimes when I go out shopping, I forget to take that dam thing with me. I forgot on Wednesday and was gone for several hours shopping. Wow, the world didn’t end because I didn’t have my dam dumb phone and live without a smart phone.

        I prefer not having a screen in my car so the last time I bought a car in 2018, I had the dealer take out the screen and replace it with a CD player so I could listen to books on CDs instead of streaming them or ending up in an accident because I was looking at the zombie screen with all of its icons and images and menus instead of the road and other cars. And the dam effing car makers are turning out cars with larger screens. I talked to a Toyota dealer and asked if I bought a new car from them if they could order the car without the screen. I was told no, the car and the screen were interconnected.

        I said than you just lost a customer and I’m not buying another Toyota. If I have to, I’ll buy an older car and have it rebuilt and make sure it never has one of that DAM screens in it.

      • Consider the following regarding prominent religious leaders and the war in Ukraine:

        “The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, has not said a word against Russian aggression. . . . His Church’s systematic propaganda campaign about Ukraine has been utilised in Putin’s justification for war.”—EUobserver, March 7, 2022.

        “Patriarch Kirill . . . has sent his strongest signal yet justifying his country’s invasion of Ukraine—describing the conflict as part of a struggle against sin.”—AP News, March 8, 2022.

        “Ukrainian Orthodox Church leader, Metropolitan Epiphanius I of Kyiv, on Monday blessed his people to ‘fight against the Russian invaders’ . . . [He] also stated that killing Russian soldiers isn’t a sin.”—Jerusalem Post, March 16, 2022.

        “We [the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations (UCCRO)] support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and all our defenders, we bless them in their defense of Ukraine from the aggressor, and offer our prayers for them.”—UCCRO * Statement, February 24, 2022.

        What do you think? Should religions that claim to follow Jesus Christ encourage their members to go to war? What does the Bible say?

        The history of religion in war
        History shows that religion has often condoned, justified, or even promoted war while pretending to work for peace. For decades, Jehovah’s Witnesses have exposed such religious hypocrisy. Consider some examples cited in our publications.

        “The Crusades—A ‘Tragic Illusion’” shows how the Roman Catholic Church was responsible for massacres committed in the name of God and of Christ.

        “The Catholic Church in Africa” describes an example of how religion failed to prevent tribal warfare, even genocide.

        The articles “Is Religion to Blame?,” “Religion’s Role in Man’s Wars,” and “Religion Takes Sides” explain how Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant clergy have supported both sides of many wars.

        Should Christian religions support war?
        What Jesus taught: “You must love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:39) “Continue to love your enemies.”—Matthew 5:44-47.

        Consider: Can a religion claim to obey Jesus’ commands about love and at the same time encourage its adherents to kill others in war? For the answer, read the articles “True Christians and War” and “Is It Possible to Love One’s Enemies?”

        What Jesus said: “My Kingdom is no part of this world. If my Kingdom were part of this world, my attendants would have fought that I should not be handed over.” (John 18:36) “All those who take up the sword will perish by the sword.”—Matthew 26:47-52.

        Consider: If Christians were not to fight even to protect Jesus, should they take up arms for any other reason? Read the article “Is War Compatible With Christianity?” to see how early Christians faithfully followed Jesus’ example and teachings.

        What will happen to religions that promote warfare?
        The Bible teaches that God rejects religions that claim to represent Jesus yet do not follow his teachings.—Matthew 7:21-23; Titus 1:16.

        The book of Revelation shows that God holds such religions responsible for the deaths “of all those who have been slaughtered on the earth.” (Revelation 18:21, 24) To learn why, read the article “What Is Babylon the Great?”

        Jesus indicated that all religions rejected by God will be destroyed for their bad works, just as a rotten tree producing rotten fruit “is cut down and thrown into the fire.” (Matthew 7:15-20) Read the article “The End of False Religion Is Near!” to learn how this will happen.

      • There are millions of Christian and Islamic fundamentalists that want to fulfill those alleged prophecies and destroy the world so they can go live in paradise for eternity?

        “What Jews, Christians, and Muslims Believe about the End Times,
        and How Those Beliefs Affect Our World”

        Click to access ApocalypseVision.pdf

        “Half of evangelicals support Israel because they believe it is important for fulfilling end-times prophecy” And these are the evangelicals that voted for and worship Traitor Trump.

      • Yesterday I was talking with my fiancée about the evangelical pastor one of many here at Doral the Miami , where Trump got his Hotel the pastor is mad because Trump loss the election I told wow another Trump follower inside the church, Jesus did not vote for none even though he left to the mountains because many where looking for him to made Jesus King , Jesus find out that the Jews religious leaders were not doing what they were teaching, they only care about money and those who bring Jesus to Piloto’s his own people turn Jesus to the Romans , I read that the trial where Jesus was judged was ilegal , at least 18 violations according the law, you once told me Jesus was killed by tell the truth I believe you , many people in this era don’t want to listen the truth I stay most of time posting my videos and comment about how polices and charter school supporters are doing the job , pretty ogle, Lloyd Florida it’s a hot an corrupt state , Dade county there is to much corruptions I’m been treated pretty bad for 4 polices departments in the last few weeks, Hiealeah it’s spreading out here that I’m an anti polices and more lied just because I espoused the abuse and corruption inside the city of Hiealeah and the charter school where my children’s where treated pretty bad , I don’t regretted the fight the Mayor left the hall and her council who was running for the seat of the hall loss and they are spreading out that because of me , the entire county has the plate of my car inside the computers of the cops cars , They tried to get me mad and I told them the county it’s in trouble because all the corruption you guys have been doing since long time ago , They know I record them they are no dumbs , yesterday I got an confrontation with an idiot cop Trump follower who went where my car was parked and he was trying to see inside he saw the Bible and two of your books and I think he got fear after he saw the books because I told him Dade County is in trouble because all the wrongdoing he and his colegas had done , I told to the cop you protect Trump Hotel and are messing with the people that you need to protect, Lloyd you told me no all polices don’t support Trump maybe in another states but most of them here are Trump supporters. I told you I’m planning to move away from this city because I’m not idiot those crooks don’t like me as well most of the Cristians are Trumps supporters the only group who don’t like Trump are the Jehovah wiseness they didn’t do what I do I was told I should not talk bad about Trump for a good friend of my even when he didn’t like Trump I understand my friend don’t want me in trouble as well he told me Jesus did not support any political leader and was neutral that is truth I never seen Jehovah wiseness voting and I respect that , just I’m like Peter who Jesus told Peter who kill who the spade who the spade will be kill , LLoyd to be honest those cops and 7 years fighting against the corruption has turn me into a lone wolf or lone lion wherever we are living in hard times very hard to handle, I can’t wait until the day where I can walk without precautions I stay most of the time finding out what to do , it’s traumatic when you for many years give the best of you to protect others and people who you help turn the back on you because they don’t want trouble with cops , how about that ? People are doing like they did to Jesus they run and left Jesus alone , Lloyd my Range Rover it’s diesel 2020 at any time I filled out the tank put more diesel in reserve and packed up rent a uhall trailers put my things inside and I’ll stop by the red woods in California or by where this people here won’t be able to see me anymore. Wow for different polices department in the last few weeks two in the last two days , to much stress, they can’t find a piece of nothing to trough me inside of jail because I go by the law but those cops are experts in put false evidence I stay most of the time watching them! Lloyd when situation turns your life into stressing I watched the movie the Insider wow that was based in truth history? That guy is dealing with PTSD for sure . Poor guy !

      • I looked for the state that had the highest ratio of voters that voted against Trump, and it wasn’t a state, it was Washington DC. More than 93% of the voters in DC voted against Trump. The traitor ended up with less than 6% of the total number of votes cast in DC.

        I did this was to find the best place for you to move, where there won’t be many people around taht voted for Trump and if they did, they’d probably keep their mouths shut. To find out the results from the other states just hover your curser over each state.

      • Lloyd them Washinton DC . Wow thanks Lloyd. The temperature won’t be a problem for me . I mean the weather won’t be a problem for me a problem it’s stay all day fighting out how to get rid off away from corrupts cops and Trumps flower I can be around then . As soon I know some of them of most of them are Trumps follower , you don’t know Lloyd what I do just when I found out are many Trumps voters around me ? I call my fiancée or a friend to start a conversation about anything and I turn into a conversation about Trump I say who vote for trump FIRTS time got no IQ , you teach me that , now who vote for Trump twice IQ it’s – below cero , cero IQ and I stay looking and I can see how many are looking at me. I look at them speaking loud and they started going one by one until I feel confortable it’s a pretty hard stay around people who support the evil and greedy plus Dumb the Donal Trump it’s an evil who is worts than al capones, al capones went to Prison for no paid taxes right ? Trump get rid off Uncle Sam . Wow it’s a crook and free . Alcatraz for Trump

      • Even Florida has a few BLUE counties. What county do you live in? Click the link and scroll down to see the map. Hover your curser over each county to see the numbers for Trump and Biden.

        The Gadsden County side of Tallahassee in Northern Florida had the lowest ratio of votes for Trump. 31.3% to 68% for Biden. Trump lost Orlando, too, by a big gap. Hmmm, now I think I know what Devil Ron DeSantis is waging a war against Disneyland there. Too many Democrats live there and the Devil DeSantis wants to force them to leave the state and take their votes with them.

      • Hi Lloyd I hope you are doing well , Lloyd if I revive a phone call and text treating me , the steps to find the treating? Apps ? Let me know to the fbi ? Or some advice my friends, after I chose stand up for the education. And fight goberment corruption the treats are constantly since 7 years ago ,

      • I’m not much a phone person. The only mobile phone I have is an old style dumb flip phone. And I talk less than five minutes on the thing a month.

        Also, someone in Miami, Florida, mailed an anonymous threat to my house through the US Postal Service. No return address. No signature. The postmark said it came from Miami.

        Just someone warning me to stop posting comments and answers on Quora.

        There were thirteen lines and that last three and a quarter lines said, “Fuck off, stay fucked off, and keep your asshole misinformation and ugly opinions to yourself”

      • Lloyd I remember that you tell me that treat from individuals like those are treating the constitution deserve be prosecuted and put pressure on them , I’ll keep my work but putting more pressure on those individuals cowards without honor they won’t get rid of what they have done , they have no clue who many agencies knows what they have done I just spoke with a agent who is not from Hiealeah and he told me I’ll do my best and I’m going to find out who treat you and put him in jail , Lloyd I’ll keep fighting against those crooks probably Carlos Carbaljo the Miami Dade ex- superintendent of the publix school sistem need to be interviewed there in California and he knows what happened here he knows me , I’ll tell him that he should address the media there and mention what charter and Mayors did to my children’s , Lloyd , Carbaljo need to get inside of this cause he get paid and left Miami because he loss the control and Choices push him , he left when he should stay fighting , quit it’s not what he should not do . Period .

      • If’s a fact that evil sometimes wins and that innocent people suffer. I keep waiting to wake up one morning and learn that Traitor Trump has finally been arrested. I keep waiting to wake up and learn that fascists like deSantis and Abbot lost their election and the FBI is going after them. I want that to happen before I die but I’m not in charge of it.

      • Lloyd you will see who those traitors will fall , Trump can’t life more than you , you are a healthy person who hate injustices , Lloyd never in the history of this country you have seen many people in Jail with power Trump’s body’s are inside as well deSantis did a lot of wrongdoing in South beach as close small business and made the owners paid for the license every moth thausands of dollars when the license one time a year and that it . Everyone moth after owners paid , bussines closed with letters from the hall close for don’t paid license . They will paid for that , deSantis destroy the economy of south beach and I never have seen so many buildings Trump , Trump from Trump when by 2014 by sonny Island south beach Trump have the hotel 18001 collings ave and two building next , now a lot . Why ? Because deSantis open the road for Trump

      • The reason that Trump 18001 hotel is no more and is an empty lot now is that the traitor fails at almost everything he does. When he built his casinos in Atlantic city, other crooks like deSantis helped him get $800,000,000 in government subsidies to pay for building those casinos, then he went bankrupt not once but twice. The traitor cheated most if not all of the small businesses he hired or bought from while building his failed Atlantic City casinos. He was the CEO and he gave himself a raise and a bonus ever year even after the first bankruptcy. The banks wouldn’t negotiate the second bankruptcy unless he was no longer the CEO and the banks could pick his replacement. So, he signed the agreement and then didn’t pay what he’d agreed to pay and that bankruptcy cost US banks one BILLION dollars.

        The traitor’s list of failures is so long, I can’t remember then all: Trump steaks, Trump airlines, Trump water (I think he sold water with his name on it), Trump University (cheated the students, got sued, settled out of court for millions) and when he started a nonprofit, he used the donations as if it was his money buying stuff for himself and paying off bills (got caught paid a fine of several million and was forced to close the nonprofit), et al.

        The list goes on and one. Trump is still cheating his MAGA zombie followers by having them donate money that he says is for his next election or to pay the legal fees for his STOP the STEAKL big lie court costs. I think the only reason the MAGA zombies still support him is because he is a racist and so are all of the MAGA zombies.

        deSantis and others like him are the corrupt elected officials crooks like Trump pay off to let him get away with his lies and crimes.

      • Lloyd modestly I know how this corrupt county is running the reason they don’t mess more with me because I expose them until I died

      • The real justice may be the fact that we all die eventually, even the corrupt liars a re going to die.. No one escapes death unless it’s in a book, a fictional character, where he or she is immortal and even in stories the immortal seem to have a weekness that ends them, too.

      • The only mobile phone I have is an old style dumb flip phone.

        Good morning Lloyd I hope you are doing well trough the weekend and have a blessing day ,
        Lloyd I remember when the only mobile phone I had in the era old style dumb flip phone an Motorola Cel phone and in home phone in all rooms , everywhere at home as most of the American until the smart phone replace it , Lloyd China don’t use I phone cause they try to stay as safe they can out of spy , I think now the question is The NSA don’t protect our privacy ( US resident from corrupt individuals even if those are inside the government ? You told me once or I was told I can have my home address private or that Is not real ? If you have your address private how we can get letters from unknown individuals ? We can get them if we want just the US post office service need to track the letter what is almost imposible , the question I can travel without my smart ( we can ) smart phone to avoid be trace for our own protection ? Just a question cause I surest people stay away as most they can out of social media of out of the camera out their phones cause I saw in the Snowden Movie when an Edward Snowden coc- workers from NSA was showing to Snowden who ess easy was track any phone and madding fun or people in their privacy what I think it’s not legal or unfair , what is wrong ? Apple is one if not the strong corporation of Wall Street ? Apple vs Tesla ? Which company could be part of or be used for protect our nation our family ? Bough ? Musk or Koch ? Lloyd I read a lot or enough about Koch I don’t know much about Musk , I was told Musk came from a Rich family or something I really did know trust I think Musk it’s a hard worker guy and humble or Bipolar ( genus brain ) Musk vs Koch ? Lloyd I’m going I mean Texas it’s a huge state I have to pass by Texas if suppose I’m driving to California Two State I don’t want to visit Texas and Norh Carolina , I want to arrive to California where I want stay and get some vacation in the Valet and visit LA I visit LA 2009 I went to the LA baseball Stadium with my son LA vs Philadelphia play off I get Tiket to watch LA Doggers , if you want or some frind I bough a lot of Tiket , Take Care Blessing day yesterday I watch Angels game wow I Love baseball and New York just Yankees I went enough and Cash-men Yankees CEO don’t love baseball as the legend Yankees Owner he love more money Joe Torrez a trusted and nice guy I like Joe a very humble person and Joe told he was in Texas military Base by the Cuban Misil crisis Joe Torrez is not Cuban as well Mark Cuban now not ether Mark or Joe are ( don’t agreed with discrimination or Trump Cuban is an ( Mark run for President favorite but Cuban said to much stress or he chose stay in sport , Lloyd Texas’s is Red ? Blue or whenever I want to know if I went to Texas I should be discriminated or walk away from a Nose sense ? I was told Texas is a Country . It’s not , now that guy it’s dumb or don’t k know much about nothing , one of his friend made fun of me told him get out of my wife let me arrive to California your state it’s the second ranked but territory not in economy California it’s raked from of Tessa’s and 15 millions ox people more than your country if you agreed with your dumb frind , I should not replay like that but I did cause I don’t force them to respect me but I refused to be treated they way I was . Lloyd could you or their is some phone number or place where I can call or complain agains individuals like those dumbs they are not cops are they don’t know what they are. Wow what is wrong ? I chose to visit an State I want I should not visit Texas I just told you well I hope you or someone who speak fluently English arrive cause I was not treating bad cause I should said I word I did I . Wow that idiot it’s an racist cause he I think he says he told or wherever he was talking about me he is an American dude he has green eye and it’s white way until he speak before proseguee, I all ready replay racist idiot dumb I’m international judge me as you want I care less if you guys are or don’t like me I’m not going to let no one treat me as you guys treat all ready the constitution. Great day Lloyd ,,,,

      • While the Fascist Republican Party controls Texas, they do not control every city in Texas. Some counties and cities in Texas are controlled by elected Democrats. And some of those Blue counties had higher vote rates for Biden than he had in California. Just hover your curser over each blue county and find the one with the highest ratio or votes for Biden. You might be safe if you just visited that county/city..

        In 2020, Traitor Trump had 5,890,347 or 52.1% of the vote to Joe Biden’s 5,259,126 or 46.5%

        Texas is moving closer to the day when that state will vote out the Fascist or conservative Republican Majority and replace them with Democrats.

      • Texas is on the way to build a wall to divide the country in two . The link provide information about the wall that for 30 years divided Germany in two , Oriental Germany from the Occidental Germany until Ronald Reagan and Michael get in the agreement to destroy the mass destruction weapons and ended the soviet socialist era ending the Cold War . Then Texas beside get control and power will be divide and those racist supporter will have no choice to teach inside Wall to their own colegas but their will not influence or promote their hate no to anyway only to those who want to and those will be who are Market as evils racist . Lloyd I don’t see other solutions unless those evils individuals change for good what is hard but no imposible always it’s a chance . Take Care . Lloyd

        Why the Berlin Wall rose—and how it fell
        The ugly symbol of the Cold War was built to keep East Germans from escaping to the West. A decades-long fight to flee brought it down.

      • The more ruthless and autocratic the fascist Republicans that control the reigns of state power in Texas become, the more resistance they will face from those that vote Democratic and the one-third of the Republican Party that are still traditional conservatives that honor the oath the took to defend the US Constitution.

        That oath by honorable conservatives is what stopped Traitor Trump from achieving a successful coup.

        I expect if the Texas fascists declare martial law and crack down in Texas, then there will be fighting in the streets by those that believe in the Constitutional Oath. What will Biden do then? Will he send in the troops to support the resistance to the fascists that rule Texas?

      • Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in prison

        Lloyd the Traitor loss one more of his people , the feds are doing great job the judge was clear an emotional damage not reversal , how women can be so evil to the pint to be trait their owns gender to an evil monster who got feel not fear of goodness ?

      • I wonder when Maxwell will be up for parole. I spent some time searching for that answer. Maybe she has to serve the entire 20 years with no chance of parole. We’ll have to wait and see. She’s 60 now. If she lives long enough, she’ll be 80 when she gets out.

        How long will we have to wait to read about a judge giving the traitor decades in prison for his crimes?

      • Fox News host: It’s not ‘out of character’ for Trump to throw plates

        Lloyd T as a traitor if T as a top all time president facing scandal from everywhere , the traitor fired James comey , Comey was doing his job and the traitor knowing that Comey wasn’t to betray his country the traitor who get mad easy facing criticism , on January 6 , acting crazy after he hear that was not fraud in the election T trough a tomate pot agains the wall a lot of noise inside the White House cause T was furious , T should never fired James comey a big mistake fired an very intelligent person an FBI director only a crazy person , well Nixon also fired an FBI director right ? Lloyd can you tell me a bit about water gate scandals vs Rusian Interference scandals in Hilary Clinton election ? I also spent some time searching I found that Hilary got chance to win 2024 election , never in the American history a women as a present he could be the second Democrat President in win an election after a loss , T as a traitor maybe knowing he can win 2024 election and be the only president to get back to the White House and clean all the mess he have done. Tomate dripping all over the wall , interesting informaron inside the internet and many people knowing nothing it’s why a dumb can fool them easily I never could vote for a person knowing ether crazy or crook , Lloyd do you imaged an crook and crazy person telling us what to do , US 2024 , I’m packing up , ready to fly out of Florida I all ready did once I flue out of Cuba nothing it’s as beautiful as red , blue and white as soon we start taking out colors . Oh , Oh freedom where all colors without even think that discrimination can occur I don’t have a blue eyes I got greens eyes my gram-fathers an couples uncles and a brother with an blue eyes my brother is not racist ether any of my family’s , Cuba was destroyed by liar American people should be carful and never give their vote to who lied more than 12 thausand times in short term of 4 years

      • Hillary won the popular vote in 2016 by almost 3-million votes. Traitor Trump won because of this abomination called the Electoral College where losers sometimes win instead of the popular vote winner. The US is the only country in the world with an abomination like the Electoral College.

        The Watergate scandal stemmed from the Nixon administration’s continual attempts to cover up its involvement in the June 17, 1972 break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Washington, D.C., Watergate Office Building.

        Before the Reagan era in the 1980s, the Republican Party was made up of and led by traditional conservatives and most of them believed in the rule of law and the US Constitution. Before the Civil Rights Act was signed into law by LBJ in the 1960s, the Democratic Party was split between mostly southern racists and northern progressives/moderates. After the Civil Rights act was signed into law by a Democratic president, the racists in that party were really angry. Reagan, a Republican president in the 1980s, saw an opportunity and seduced those Democratic racists that had been Democrats going back generations to before the Civil War. That’s why the southern most racist states in the US voted for Democrats as a block in election after election up until the 1980s when they switched sides and took their racism of hate with them.

        Thanks to Reagan, several decades later, the GOP is controlled mostly by racists, liars, fascist and fundamentalist freaks that call themselves Christians but are really stooges for the forces of evil.

        Many of those same racists that stopped being Democrats after the Civil Rights Movement were also protestants. If you click the next link and look at the racial and ethnic composition among Evangelical Protestants by religious denomination. you will learn most of them are white. In one or more of those evangelical denominations is where the members of the KKK worshiped during the Jim Crow era and where most white racists still worship.

      • Lloyd I just read from a Trump fan the list below in Spanish and English I need to know beside
        Trump the only president who has lied more than 12 times etc , etc . My English is not good I need your help to put my post to see if I can made understand as many dumbs Cuban who they think are smart but I told them who vote for trump once got no IQ who vote twice – IQ is – and who say it’s going to vote for 3rd time it’s retard

        * President Trump 🇺🇸 goes down in history as who :*

        – He put China at bay.
        – He put Russia at bay.
        – He put North Korea at bay.
        – He put Iran at bay.
        – Eliminated the Islamic State.
        – He eliminated Soleimanni.
        – Lower drug prices than ever seen in the US.
        – Best economy in the last 50 years.
        – In 4 years the US became the largest seller and producer of oil on the planet.
        -Pro life.
        – Pro religious freedom.
        – Pro-Israel.
        – Recognized Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel.
        -He did not carry out a single war in his 4 years in office, unlike Obama who carried out more than 7 wars that incredibly indebted the US and affected taxpayers.
        -He donated his salary as President during his 4 years to State institutions.
        – Antisocialism and communism.
        -He imposed sanctions on Cuba.
        – Imposed sanctions on Nicolás Maduro.
        -He withdrew financial support from Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortionist.
        – He unmasked the hypocrisy of the UN.
        – Unmasked the World Health Organization.
        – Achieved several Peace Agreements between Israel and several countries in the Middle East
        -He exposed to the world the diabolical plan of the deep state and the NWO (New World Order) with the demonstrated evidence of control over the powerful means of communication.

        A part of the world will always recognize these scopes that the media, and other entities of power, never highlighted.

        *Information not suitable for idiots, CNN followers and brainless socialists*.

        *El Presidente Trump 🇺🇸 pasa a la historia como quien:*

        – Puso a raya a China.
        – Puso a raya a Rusia.
        – Puso a raya a Corea del Norte.
        – Puso a raya a Irán.
        – Eliminó al Estado Islámico.
        – Eliminó a Soleimanni.
        – Bajo los precios de medicamentos como nunca se había visto en EE.UU.
        – Mejor economía en los últimos 50 años.
        – En 4 años EE.UU se convirtió el mayor vendedor y productor de petróleo del planeta.
        – Pro vida.
        – Pro libertad religiosa.
        – Pro Israel.
        – Reconoció a Jerusalén como la capital eterna de israel.
        – No llevó a cabo ni una sola guerra en sus 4 años de gobierno a diferencia de Obama que llevó a cabo más de 7 guerras que endeudaron increíblemente a EEUU y afectó a los contribuyentes.
        – Donó su sueldo como Presidente durante sus 4 años a instituciones del Estado.
        – Anti socialismo y comunismo.
        – Impuso sanciones a Cuba.
        – Impuso sanciones a Nicolás Maduro.
        – Quitó apoyo económico a Planned Parenthood la mayor abortista del mundo.
        – Desenmascaró la hipocresía de la ONU.
        – Desenmascaró a la Organización Mundial de la Salud.
        – Logró varios Acuerdos de Paz entre Israel y varios países de Oriente Medio
        -Dejó ante el mundo al descubierto el diabólico plan del estado profundo (deep state) y del NOM (Nuevo Orden Mundial) con la evidencia demostrada del control sobre los medios poderosos de comunicación.

        Una parte de mundo siempre reconocerá estos alcances que los medios, y demás entes de poder, nunca destacaron.

        *Información no apta para tontos, seguidores de CNN y socialistas sin cerebro*.

      • The traitor’s worshipers live in an alternative universe and that hellish dimension is the land of illusion.

      • Lloyd Koch brother and how many oligarch privatized America ? There is one religious guy on top the list could you tell me the name ?

      • That name is Charles Koch, and he is a devout Catholic that can’t stand the current pope. In fact, Charles Koch may be responsible for splitting the Church in the US. Those that support the Pope and those that don’t because of Charles Koch using his massive wealth to buy propaganda to influence the thinking of others just like he’s been doing for decades to destroy the United States in his goal to turn this country into a dystopian nightmare world where daily street shootouts become the norm and no one flinches, but the grieving families that lost someone to that insanity.

        The Pope and the Koch Brothers …

      • Good evening Lloyd I hope you are doing well . Lloyd I just talking with good friends of mine , he love coffee with a lot sugar my fiancé made a coffee with a lot of sugar , I’m telling mg friend the damage of intake to sugar , now I remember you send me about sugar ,

      • Our brain needs the energy sugar (called glucose) provides, but at the same time too much sugar destroys every organ in the body, even the brain. My grandmother lost a leg, one of my aunts. a foot and then her life too early.

        “The effects of added sugar intake — higher blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain, diabetes, and fatty liver disease — are all linked to an increased risk for heart attack and stroke,” says Dr. Hu.,Hu.

        However, I’ve read that eating a very high fiber diet helps slow up the damage too much sugar causes.

      • Why Democrats are donkeys and Republicans are elephants –

      • Interesting question. I’ve wondered about that, too. That answer may depend on how long Democrats have been donkeys and elephants the image of Republicans. If that goes back to the Civil War in the 1860s, maybe it’s because donkeys can be really stubborn and elephants never forget. Before the Civil Rights movement in the US, the Democratic Party was the political party that racists joined and voted in, and Republicans was the party that was supposed to be more fair. Racists are very stubborn and refuse to change their thinking. Those racists also wanted to keep women in the home because most of those racists think women are good for two things: making babies, cooking and cleaning house.

        Back then, the Republican elephants refused to forget all of the terrible things the racists did and still do to women and people with darker skins and Jews.

        Then all that changed when Democratic President Johnson signed the Civil Rights laws in the 1960s and drastically attempted to make the US a better place for everyone. Most if not all of the racists and misogynists were so angry, over the next few years, they left the Democratic Party and became Republicans.

        If you check presidential elections going back a hundred years, you will learn that the most of the racist states in the Bible Belt and deep south voted as a block for Democratic presidential candidates until after LBJ signed the Civil Rights legislation passed by Congress into law. Those racists and misogynists thought LBJ was a traitor to their thinking.

        Then after LBJ, Presidents Nixon and Reagan, both Republicans, saw an opportunity to seduce those racist-mysogynist voters away from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party with promises that the Republican Party would support their thinking, and support racist legislation, and legislation that would set women’s rights back a century, and fight civil rights laws. That explains the recent rulings of the fascist majority of justices on the US Supreme Court setting women’s rights back decades.

        The donkey and the elephant may not have the same meaning they had before the Civil Rights era. The donkey should have gone with the racist-misogynists when they switched from the Democratic Party to the Republicans back in the 1970s, and the elephant should have moved to the Democratic Party.

        Up until Traitor Trump was elected president, the Republican Party was still known as President Lincoln’s political party, that won the Civil War and freed the slaves. But that isn’t true anymore. The Republican Party of Lincoln died under Trump and became worse, a political party controlled by fascists.

      • Lloyd I read long t Iime ago about Texas and the many bases underground that Texas has , I don’t want to speculate just I read about those bases as well the power of the goberment to send people to those bases , can’t be fact , american doing same or similar what Germany and the evil Austrian who washed germanys people brain to the point whether Germany’s soldiers turn their own people in ? Hitler and Putin they don’t fear God cause what they did kill many God’s son’s

      • Are you talking about the camps where they send undocumented immigrants?

        “Currently, ICE detains immigrants in over 200 detention centers (including privatized facilities), in state and local jails, in juvenile detention centers, and in shelters.”

        “The average daily population of detained immigrants increased from approximately 7,000 in 1994, to 19,000 in 2001, and to over 50,000 in 2019. In Fiscal Year 2019, the detention system captured and held more than 500,000 immigrants.”

      • No , I was taking about underground or inside military base as Guantano bay ( Cuba ) Maybe Texas got biggest base , I know America got the power to intercept and stop most if not all who tried to arrived to US cost by water or sea I’not sure if by ground to

      • Lloyd you was short in 2024 America detained only in Guantanamo base more than 24 thausand peoples 7,000 inside US territory only

      • We know the CIA keeps black sites in other countries where torture is okay. If the CIA has black sites in the US, there’s a reason they are called “black” sites because no one knows if they exist or where they are.

      • Lloyd I read that Rover Mueller an American Lawyer an a Vietnam War soldier . How bloodied was the Vietnam War ? I only watched the movie not even half and I got PTSD , Everyone from the Vietnam War I meet in the west coast Robert a very nice guy his dauther very lovely person I remember Robert told me hi miss his veteran cap war he loss it or a crook Florida cop trough away Robert cap and get in trouble for that , crazy and dumb cop trough away a veteran Vietnam War veteran cop without knowing even Knowing who was US FBI director. Lloyd I told once , local goberment Public figures are more corrupt than federal public figures I also told federal intelligence are smarter than local public figures what is true since there Miami Dade County ranked nation wide tops as crooked county I hear thanks a leak that Miami Dade County post my name and pictures inside their Mayor office and spread out to cops to put pressure on me because I exposed chatters schools violations and city Mayor of Hiealeah I din’t realize until now how true is that the blue code it’s nothing but a crook code that there is nothing but intimidate cops to stop Turing in their colegas who committed crimes . Lloyd a cop that once help me I hear thanks to a leak that the cop was warning and all if not most of the other colegas turn their back to him . Lloyd my bad there is the second time cops framed their colegas because their say hey gys y this guy has done wrong stop Arasment his family and him referenced to me . Lloyd I’m mad at crooks cops I hope they stop messing with me . Crooks cops need to learn more about misconduct I won’t stop telling them they need to treats people wrong . Hiealeah it’s the top city ranked worts in the nation , fool of crocks

      • Here is a site that ranks police departments

        Rankings are based upon a 0 to 100 percentage scale. Departments with higher scores use less force, make fewer arrests for low level offenses, solve murder cases more often, hold officers more accountable and spend less on policing overall. With this site, you may be able to compare cities and states to find where the best police departments are located.

      • Lloyd happy 4 of July my friend . Enjoy you deserve it you have done for America more than the traitor with all his colegas together .👍🤝✌️

      • Thank you. Happy 4th for every resident in the US that supports a rational government and the US Constitution. But curses to all the traitors still loyal to Traitor Trump.

      • Duncanville, Texas
        Lloyd, the question is if this area in Texas is red or blue.

      • You may notice that I edited out her personal address. If the wrong person, like a dangerously dumber than dumb Traitor Trump supporter saw that address and thought the person that lived there wasn’t loyal to the traitor, she might end up getting death threats and/or bullied/trolled.

        To answer your question. Duncanville is in Dallas County, Texas. Dallas County is the second-most populous county in Texas. As of the 2020 U.S. census, the population was 2,613,539, making it the ninth-most populous county in the country. Its county seat is the city of Dallas, which is also Texas’ third-largest city and the ninth-largest city in the United States

        Dallas County voted 65.1% for President Biden vs 33.4% for Traitor Trump.
        598,576 vs 307,076

        For every 3 votes almost 2 people voted for Biden. That indicates that almost 66% of the people in Dallas County where Duncanville, Texas is located did not vote for Traitor Trump. Look at the map. Dallas county sounds like a safe place for rational patriots instead of being dominated by Traitor Trump’s dangerously dumber than dumb MAGA zombies.

        Dallas County is bluer than California.

        63.5% of voters in California voted for Biden vs 65.1% in Dallas County, Texas.

      • Lloyd Thanks . Wow great news but Katherine vote red but I’ll turn her cool blue with love and patience she is so nice beautiful eyes blue she will vote 2024 Blue even if I have to give as a present an expensive weading ring . Blue is cool red is not my favorite color I propuse to Katherine if she want our wedding Aniversary in California she told me yes . Wow I’m a lucky guy , thanks Lloyd I want you in our Aniversary ok patriot ?✌️🤝🧐

      • Don’t forget that there have been two major factions in the Republican Party since 2016: Trump’s MAGA Republicans that are mostly theofascists vs traditional conservatives. Trump’s MAGA supporters make up about two-thirds of the Republican Party and the other third are traditional conservatives like Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, and the founders of the Lincoln Project that represent Republicans against Traitor Trump. If Katherine votes red but agrees with the Lincoln Project, then she is a traditional conservative and not a Trump loyalist.

        Not all registered Republicans are lunatics like Trump’s deaf, dumb, and blind followers.

        Right now, amazing as this sounds, Democrats across the country are voting for and donating money to traditional conservative candidates during the primaries in solid red districts in an attempt to get rid of the traitor’s theofascist dangerously dumber-than-dumb candidates.

        Real traditional conservatives want to save America from Trumpism.

      • Lloyd Alcatraz I hear it’s possible go and visit?

      • Yes, Alcatraz is a tourist attraction. San Francisco has ferry boat that takes the tourists their for guided tours. I’ve never been. There’s also Angel Island, where immigrants arrived in the US’s West Coast, and became most of those immigrants were Chinese or Asian, many of them spent months and years there as if they’d arrived in the US to only end up in a prison without committing any comers or having their day in court.

        Then there’s an original Civil War Fort that tourists may visit, too. It’s called Fort Point and it’s underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

        Next, Golden Gate Park, sort of in the middle of San Francisco.

        And more:

      • Hello Lloyd this officer arrested me because he protect Matter academy ( ACADÉMICA ) The biggest charters chain in Florida, they don’t like me because I expose all the crimes and wrongdoing in the police department related with Charters leathers most of the Mayors are destroying the public school sistem. They don’t want me tell the fact . After he find out he was cached on cámaras and I told the Sargent who arrive at the scene a couple’s minutes after , the Sargent apologized to me and realize me , now the deparment where this officer work want me meet up them because they don’t want me scale the case to the feds

      • I do not think it is a good idea to go alone to any meeting with alleged corrupted police officers. Not face to face. Maybe request a Zoom meeting and find out if you can record it. You can also include others (witnesses) in the Zoom to watch. If they want to keep the meeting opaque and secretive, then I think they are being as sneaky as they can be and that says they may know they fucked up big time. It would really help to have a lawyer representing you even if its only for that one Zoom meeting.

      • Reibel Castillo Castillo,

     Thank you for contacting the Attorney General’s Office regarding Police brutality. Our staff will process it as soon as possible and, if necessary, respond appropriately. We appreciate hearing from concerned citizens such as yourself. If you wish to keep abreast of the activities of this office, you may wish to consider a subscription to our electronic newsletter Weekly Briefing. Or perhaps our Consumer Alerts. Should you wish to subscribe to either, or both, publications, please visit our subscription page.

        Lloyd thanks very much , starting now I’ll send complaints to any state attorney nation wide . This cops won’t get rid off easily. Thanks Lloyd.

      • I think it is better to be safe than sorry. You may be interested in what I just found. I hope it is legitimate and what I read is the truth. “The fee is free. Only pay if we win.”

      • Lloyd thanks very much for the link you send me , those Lawyers are very good , I explain to them a time line , a point of the iceberg, because I got to many videos , records where the city police department alteration of incidents taken officers who pulled me over to many times but I get the records from a detective who is a good friend of my he was a secret agent for Clinton administration after I find out what the police department was trying to frame me I hired max and max help me to get the records from federal agencies where it shows the fraudulent reports that the city of Hiealeah altered the officer who was taken appears in the incident that max bring me , it’s an strong prove that the police department did a terrible job to get rid off the violations , I told the Lawyers that I found in the link that you sent me that it’s not necessary file a law sue or take cases after the person get killed or beat up brutally I told them that stress, trauma is worts than be beaten up, tort in legals term got no status of limitations and as the result of the abuse my family has crashed in depression and trauma to the point where friends told me that they are worry about me because those individuals are dangerous and I have exposed them to the point where they are acting as they want to get in agreement and faking that they want to be my friend, I hope those lawyers understand that it’s not necessary that the police killed me to and take the case after the person who has stand up for long time ago I started with this fight on 2014 7 years doing my best and want to see my job done and before I died see my dream came truth I did not start the fight for money I started to stop what happened, now I would like to see the victory I want you as well I want to shared with you the victory you deserve the merit you are been helping since the beginning without you and the sake of God
        imposible to go to far agains this individuals so corrupt as well the owner of the tabaco industry ( The insider movie was based on truth history the principal actor who loss his wife as the result of the actions of the crook owners and his body’s . Lloyd I feel as same or worts that the guy who was victim of treat to the point where he went to 60 minutes and expose the truth the Marshal take his family to the program of federal wiseness protection I remember part of the movie when the guy was practicing golf and the guy who was fallow him treating him , I always looking over my shoulder if I see a suspicious car or individual I don’t stop of watching him until I see him goes or I find out that it’s my stress who is sending to act like that. I’m not staying in the same place I send my daughter and ex-wife to another country and my son is in another state because I was told that I got no much time left alive and the guy hang up the phone and called me back to back from different phone I told him I’ll track you and he told me I’m not in USA territory I don’t know if I should told that to the Florida USA attorney but after the Mayor of Hiealeah loss the seat and all of his council loss the chief police quit and I was told that that ex- chief police was a very corrupt police in New York now I don’t know his intentions you know . I need to know what to do, if stay moving place to place or what , Lloyd if you where me , please what you would do it ?

      • I think what you do depends on the advice “those lawyers” might give you.

      • Lloyd my Range Rover was destroyed and I found a track by the battery I went to the police station I mean I call a detective arrived and one police officer after they found the tracker the detective told me if I where you , always I where carry weapons and watching all the time the detective knows what happened with me and the city Mayor and he told me that Mayor is the worts and he didn’t like you . The fact I get a phone call from the detective telling me that one individual was arrested by the DNA and well when someone get arrested it’s because it’s seriously illegal and my situation is not a joke , Lloyd someone took away most of the screws of the right from WEEL and the tired went away when I was turning I could take the control of the car and thanks got no one was hurt . Now you can understand a little more the Sirius of this matter.

      • I hope you shared the information about your Range Rover sabotage and the illegal tracker with “those lawyers”.

      • Thanks Lloyd I’ll , please read this news , this ex-Mayor who has been saying that the Mayor who was the owner of the Charter schools where my children’s attended . Mr. Martínez told me after I went to the city hall on October 24 , 2004 and I told that the polices department as well the Chairman and Mayor was hiding polices abuse , student abused and I’ll not tolerate such evils acts , everyone in the hall started talking each other’s and saying it’s something that should not happen and most of those people stated to support me but the Mayor Hernandez told to a friend of mine without knowing that to who he said that I was playing with fire , my friend told me the Mayor it’s mad at you and I have to tell you as your friend that I’m that please don’t trust on those people stay in places where you feel secure and please keep confidential what I told you . Lloyd Mr. Martínez the ex-Mayor who was hit by the car also told those people are dangerous, Mr. Hernández after the builder of the Charter Schools Hiealeah Education Academy the Builder Julio Robaina was Mayor and chairman of the charter school until he went to jail for evasion of 1.9 million dollars in taxes , Mr. Hernández according to trusted sources was dominated by the ínterin council Mayor but the council meet to plan who to give the position to Hernandez position that belongs to Julio Martinez the ex-Mayor who was hit by the car , Julio always was telling that Hernandez was a crook and was a Parnet and body of the Mayor who went to jail , long history short I was told those people are connected with criminals organization.

        Injured in Interstate Accident

        CBS News reports that Julio Martinez was hurt after he was involved in an accident on the interstate. Police say that Martinez was stopped on the shoulder of the interstate, helping a friend who needed a tire changed. A passing driver failed to keep control of his vehicle and swerved onto the shoulder, striking Martinez.

        Paramedics rushed him to a hospital, where he was treated for critical injuries. His wife says that he has undergone surgery since the accident, but doctors aren’t sure whether or not he’ll recover.

        This accident is questionable! I stay that who took the scrubs out of the right front tire and who brake in inside my house and did not stolen nothing was looking for papers or looking for me , I have everything very well documented and I’m going to tell the lawyers . Lloyd no wonder Hiealeah it’s the worts city in the nation ranked # 1 , number 2 city of Miami also in Dade county . It’s not hard to understand that those people are untrusted and I won’t let them get rid off what they did . Maybe you know for sure I mean you knows what MLK said about I had a dream . He also said he knew he was going to be killed, MLK was killed after his dream came true I hope I could win them I’ll not care about my life

      • They broke in your house, too!

        Did your house checked for hidden camera’s and recording devices. A camera can be the size of a penny and recording devices much smaller and easier to hide.

        Maybe this crime syndicate is watching and hearing everything that goes on in your house.

      • Lloyd I hope your doing well , I have to tell you that everything you have been telling is nothing but the true . Lloyd have you read this before ?
        Today, pipe bombs were delivered to people and institutions singled out by Donald Trump as targets of hatred.

        How many times has he railed that CNN is “fake news?” How many times has he urged his supporters to hiss and boo CNN?

        How many times has he made the ridiculous claim that the free press is the “enemy of the people,” echoing Lenin and Stalin?

        How many times has he led his followers in chants of “lock her up!!” in reference to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

        How many times has he sneered at Rep. Maxine Waters as a despicable person of “low IQ”?

        How many times has he blamed George Soros for funding his critics?

        How many times has he ridiculed President Obama, whose legacy he envies?

        How many times did he throw barbs at former CIA director John Brennan, who accused him of treason for his dalliance with Vladimir Putin?

        Is it coincidental that each of these people and institutions received a pipe bomb today?

        Former Attorney General Eric Holder also received one, presumably because of his close association with President Obama?

        Wasn’t it just days ago that he commended a Congressman in Montana for criminally assaulting a journalist?

        Words have consequences.

        Trump is encouraging domestic terrorism.

        How fortunate the nation was today that no one was killed.

        Imagine the terror that would have ensued, the rage, the fear, the chaos if these bombs had exploded and killed some of the leaders of the Democratic Party.

        Is Trump trying to ignite a civil war?

        Does he feel that the hatred he spews at every one of his rallies is harmless?

        It is not.

        Words have consequences.

        He is a vile and evil man who brings out the worst in everyone.

        The sooner he is gone, the sooner our nation will begin to heal and remember that once we had ideals, once we had values, once we believed in something greater than greed and self-aggrandizement, something nobler than racism and bigotry, something finer than white nationalism.

        I pray for that day to come speedily.

        Take care Lloyd , I hope your doing better everyday .

      • I think those pipe bombs are similar to this phrase “Shot Heard Round the World”, and they are the signal that a Civil War is opening in the United States that will tear the country apart of both political parties do not stop Trump and his deplorable, hate filled, racist, willingly mislead, Always-Trump followers.

        “The shot heard round the world” is a phrase referring to several historical incidents, particularly the opening of the American Revolutionary War in 1775 and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914.

        Trump is a monster with power. History is filled with monsters like Trump. I think most if not all major civilization throughout history have collapsed, a monster like Trump has been the one responsible for lighting the fuse that blew it up.

        Trump is not unique. History shows as that. Too bad the Republican Party is so corrupt, they have not done anything to reign Trump in. All it would take is Trump’s cabinet using the 25th Amendment to declare Trump enthrallment unstable to get rid of him and replace him with Pence. Pence will bring his own problems to the White House since he is a minion of ALEC and the Koch brothers, but hopefully Pence will not be a monster that destroys a civilization.

        If Trump succeeds in destroying the fragile balance in the world, it will be the fault of everyone that voted for him and continues to support him and every elected official in the GOP that doesn’t speak out against him.

      • Lloyd I think that he will walk away and return to his carrier of business, or the rest of the time he got in the firts term as a President OF United States, I think he won’t win the second term , I think he is very smart but no ENAFF to run the most powerful Country in the world, American’s is a country with a long history of democracy freedom based on the constitution, I’m feeling very sad because I never seen something like this before, the future it’s bleak, I mean the present it’s bleak but the future is going to be better for us. Thanks and you have to much knowledge about how this country should be running because you are a Men of honor .
        You are always the same you never change . Take care you are an old schooll person with principies and history, no many of Americans have been in others countries fighting for this country and you have been out and inside telling what you think it’s true and based on facts , I think the truth should never be hided it’s the only way to survive, telling the truth with respect and peaceful, we need to pray for a better future Lloyd it’s time to seat meditate and wait , there is no better way that patience and analice the best way to find out how to make a better place to live in peace with our fellows .
        Take care Lloyd . Thanks for your opinion, have a wonderful day at the blue state , I respect every single State and I deserve peace and love to the hole Nation and word , wars are not goods , sometimes are necessary but God knows what is the best thing to all of us . May God bless America and the world 🌎. Evils people never will stand , righteousness will stand and FOREVER ✌️

      • I will not call DT smart or intelligent. He is clever. He is ignorant, but he also a street smart like a successful, ruthless teenage gang banger. DT is no better than a successful drug lord but worse.

      • The results of the vote were close to what predicted. The GOP’s gain in the Senate is due to the fact that most of the Senate seats up for election this year were Democratic seats. Only 35 of the 100 Senate seats were up for relection and the Democrats were defending 26 of them vs 9 for the GOP.

        Democrats had to defend seats in 10 states that supported Donald Trump (R) over Hillary Clinton (D) in 2016, while Republicans had to defend just one seat in a state won by Clinton. All five of the incumbents who lost in 2018 were from those 11 states:

        Trump is already crowing, and lying AGAIN, that he won big with the gain in the Senate. What Trump did today to fire his Attorney General so Trump can control the Muller investigation will turn into a Constitutional Crises and might lead to a bloody Civil War. Keep your firearms clean and your ammunition dry.

        I think Trump is going to gamble big and attempt to take over the country as its first dictator.

        This guy it’s an idiot with money , more than 100 Millions Russian working and everything below to the Dictatorship I’m not Wrong Russian population is 155 plus millions, Castro had more ninety that bill gate , it wasn’t the list of Forbes because his money impossible to track , do you imagine if an small island with only 12 Millions of population as slaves , This Putin of course more than hundreds of millions of people that are working for him ?
        Wow the future is bleak.

      • There are a lot of idiots with too much money.

        For instance, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Besty DeVos and too many more to mention.

      • Here it’s the letter from the Layer!

        Take care Lloyd by the way I was told this !

      • How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Country – The New York Times

        Running with their Master plan . America is not for sale .

      • The Koch brothers built the foundation of Evil Incarnate in the U.S. That foundation is called ALEC.

      • Lloyd by the way the San Francisco Bay is beautiful and the golden brig is Amazing, I’m telling you it’s beautiful because my maid can tell but I never been there , I was at LA . By 2009 to watch a play off series’s baseball games , LA vs Filadelfia I was thinking to travel to watch a football game at San Fran or a Golden State Woriors basketball game , but my son was my motto and his future was destroyed by evils followers of Koch’s brothers , Charters Schools destroyed my kid , I quit any sport I don’t turn my TV on , I don’t do nothing but day night reading and learning how you teach me the truth. Your trough was accurate , the Bible is going on the sand stale , the Bible is accurate, Koch brothers fix- in the prophecy the last boock of the Bible until now ,,,,
        To many others tings fixed as God will destroy those who are destroying the earth 🌏

      • There have been signs of the end times before over thousands of years and Bible prophets predicted it was the end … and then it didn’t happen.

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