Sipping Tea in China

The Chinese invented tea.  Then thousands of years later, the British stole the secrets of tea making, and you can read about that theft in For All the Tea in China: How England Stole the World’s Favorite Drink and Changed History.

However, whenever I’m in Shanghai, I enjoy visiting this shopping area. Go early; it gets crowded.

The Huxinting Teahouse has been around for a long time, and the last time this pavilion was restored was in 1784.  Then it was turned into the tea house in 1855.

The area in Shanghai around the Huxinting Teahouse is a good place to shop. Hint, do not pay asking prices. Be willing to bargain.  Start low and meet in the middle. Don’t be too cheap either, because the business you are buying from has to earn enough money to survive too.

And if you want to read my review of “For All the Tea in China”, click the link in this sentence.

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Discover Wu Zetian, China’s only female emperor

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24 Responses to Sipping Tea in China


    The charters schools do not teach anything to the history students, my girl was punished for wanting to teach sign language and Chinise to other students of the charter school, the primcipal does not care about anything other than money and , as well the future will be bleak because there will not be people with knowledge, since I transferred my girl to a public school, my girl came back to shine, any ways I do not want my child to travel to washinton because in the white house there is nothing pleasant.
    ( My daughter won an spelling test content and was invited to washinton DC. )
    Lloyd can you believe that at the Charters School where my girl was attending, she was punished for teaching chinise or sigh languages?
    Hialeah Education Academic is a dictatorship.
    Those evils supporters don’t like green tea they love green Money 💰

    I invited my daughter to this cave and now I’ll send a text message and tell her that the next trip is going to be to Hangzhou.
    We will enjoy the tea 🍵
    By the way Lloyd I would like to know what language they speak there Chinese or Mandarin ?
    I speack English I mean I can handle a conversation that all but nothing to say in Chinese or Mandarín .
    I’m to old to learn another language.
    I grow up Cuba -Russian- I came to America low 90’s .

    Here in this city people don’t speack MUCH English ( The teachers in that Charter schooll English is not need it no a requirement that is insane )
    This city is the worts in the nation .

    I scape from the dictatorship Cuban and evils soviets communist and now I’m in the same boat here it’s hard to live because I expose the truth that this city is doing the same as well dictatorship do .
    I need to go to China soon , vacation drink tea and enjoy that beautiful mountains ⛰ because here it’s hot as hell and stressful as never before.

    • China’s official written language is Mandarin but China has more than 56-different spoken languages not counting dialects. English is also mandatory to learn in their public schools. There is no guarantee you will find Mandarin or English spoken everywhere you go, but everyone who goes to school learns how to read and write Mandarin even if they don’t speak it.

      • Thanks very much Lloyd .
        I’m thinking Geogle translation could help me with that anywhere , depends on the signal I have to check on my internet power tends to be slow and sometimes the sigh gone loss connections .
        I have to carry them another’s devices to stay conected because I don’t want stay there with out communications . I mean I need people at least understand me as well I understand them .
        Thanks Lloyd

      • I don’t think your US mobile phone will work in China. You will have to buy a phone when you get there. There are shops everywhere so finding one of those prepaid phones shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

  2. Very interesting article .
    Thanks Lloyd , I love tea , I would like to visit Shanghai some day!

    • Anxi County is considered the Tea Capital of China. When in Fujian Province, especially the city of Xiamen in small Anxi County known for its world-class tea, especially the Tieguanyin type.

      • at 10:53 pm
        The Russians are paying Facebook to post their lies, misinformation, and conspiracy theories that manipulate our democracy and elections. If you paid Facebook the same bribe, then Suckerberg would probably leave you alone and not block you?

        I replayed to you and look my comment on MODERATION

        December 8, 2017 at 11:26 pm
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        Lloyd sameghing is happening to me but no only in Facebook in tuiter and YouTube videos I don’t have the minimal dough , charters supporters are bejain because I can post any comments or share or retuiter but nothing regarding Charters Schools , my phone was hacked by those crooked I have prove that it’s true and I told the true about the crimes agains students in Charters schoools , I was like a month ago at the city hall of Hialeah and I expose those concerns, they asked for price I open my brigcase and I was ready to put on top of the desk and they told me no go to the state Atorney office and show those prove it. The mayor city and the hole boards of council are running the Charter school Hialeah Education Acadenic. Inc . They don’t wave me because I have nothing by the true , they can’t handle it the worts thing is those criminals jaked my accounts because the’r scare more people knows what the’r doing wrong .
        What I can do ?
        Oh my God ..
        They bloked you to , that is why we need more people like you join us .
        I feel sorry for you but everything it’s going to be on your way because God always bring the true up .



      • Lloyd I appreciate your kindness, I see you as a friend a very good friend.
        There are companions ready to crush one another,But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.
        A wise man is powerful,And with knowledge a man increases his power.
        Lloyd your a very smart person and very kind .
        Thanks God and you I had learned in the last 3 years more than my life.
        Thanks very much for everything you have done for me and my family because you teach me a lot how to be a wiser person / a good parent /
        Lloyd thanks God and you now here in DOWN SOUTH I CAN HELP A LOT OF STUDENTS AND PARENTS .

      • You’re welcome.

      • Here in the city of Hangzhou, in Zhejiang province, I will be seeing lakes and bamboo forests. I’ll climb to a temple that I hope will house monks. About 120 miles from Shanghai, the city is famous for its tea gardens and is counted as one of the seven ancient capitals of China. Kevin, the tour guide who picks me up, is anxious to explain.

        I igmagine that I was in that group, listening and asking kevin. wow very interesting and beautiful.

        Thanks Lloyd

      • I’ve been there several times and it is considered one of the most beautiful areas in China.


        Lloyd here The’r is not Chinese but Lloyd this place it’s beautiful the tip round trip cost almost $ 5 k by person .
        How much could cost to travel to that beautiful place in China ?
        Can you give me some clue ?
        My Daughter will love it it’s a great give to her and enjoy the peace that is not here .
        Peace is gone from big City’s Lloyd yes here I’m not sure what is happening with the big market city’s to much stress and to much abuse The’r is not a nice place where we can enjoy a glass of tea 🍵

      • You will need a U.S. Passport and a Visa from the closest Chinese consulate and then prices to fly to China depend on the airline and the time of year. If you are willing to change flights between Florida and China, you can get some good prices. Then there is a hotel chain in China owned by a Japanese company (don’t remember the name right now) that caters to Japanese and Chinese tourists and that hotel chain has decent prices in addition to a free breakfast (at least it was free back in 2008). If you stay in a U.S. hotel chain in China, it will cost way too much.

      • Thanks Lloyd.
        I’m sorry Lloyd the best season to travel to China ? I mean the weather is something I always want to get updated before I travel especially with my Daughter because when I traveled to New York winter time is dangerous driving , the rain it’s another thing my friend traveled to panama and told me never will go again because it’s raining the 12 moths .
        How is the weather in China ( China it’s a huge Country)
        Thanks for your advises Lloyd.

      • Avoid winter and any national holidays that last longer than one day. Visit in the Spring or Fall.
        Southern China is in the tropics and it rains a lot. Northern China can get very cold, In fact, the city of Harbin has a winter festival with life-sized ice hotels and castles and other snow and ice sculptures.

        You should check the weather for each city in China through weather Underground. And consider visiting Xian in the Northwest. Xian was near the site of China’s longest capital where many of its dynasties ruled starting with the Qin Dynasty centuries before the birth of Christ. near Xian is where the Terra Cotta Warriors were found and are on display for tourists and also the mound that houses the unopened tomb of China’s first emperor.

        For instance, the weather for Shanghai Pudong, China. Shanghai is the most populated city in the world with about 28 million people.

        Once you are in China, the major cities use both English and Mandarine for street signs and for subway stations. You can also travel throughout China on bullet trains. China has more miles of high-speed rail than the entire world combined. China didn’t have the bullet trains when I visited last in 2008. They built the entire system since then and plan to double it in the next few years.

        China has the people to do the work for all the infrastructure projects. In the last few decades, China has been responsible for 90-percent of the reduction of poverty in the world. China has built over 500 airports and thousands of miles of high-speed rail. China’s middle class now outnumbers the population of the U.S. and they live a lifestyle similar to the U.S. and Western Europe. The most popular car for the upper middle class is GMs Buick. You will find KFS, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, etc, and more in all of China’s first-tier cities. Another place to consider visiting is Gulin in the South near Vietnam. There’s a lot to see near Bulin. A tourist boat trip down the Li River. Climb the Dragon’s Back.
        I took these photos when I went on the Li River Cruise.

        China has more than 160 cities with more than a million people population. You might want to consider booking a tour with guides. There is so much to see in China that even after visiting China nine times, I have only seen a little bit of what there is to see.

        For 1,500 years up until about the 15 century, China was the most powerful, wealthiest, most technologically advanced country on the planet, and once you visit China and see even a fraction of its historical sites, it becomes very obvious.


      • Good morning Lloyd for you , the’r is 3 hours difference between here and California.
        Lloyd very impressive .
        What you have told me about China has been great, I never thought that China had so much capacity and power, they are very interesting and what I have noticed is that I remember that in the early 1990’s the products that were made in China they were of very poor quality, now almost everything is manufactured in China, over 500 airports in the world is something that no one can think is true, it comes from your knowledge and your experience of so many years that you have been related and traveled to China . By the way I read once if I’m not mistaken that you have a house in Sangai? Any way China has been playing the most important roll in the world, China its a great country to visit and very soon, China will face a immigration problem millions of people have been thinking to move to China …who knows how many Americans will move to China. Only God Knows because China got more than I imagined.
        No many people knows what you do , because of that I don’t want to many friends , quality over quantity.
        You have been teaching me to much , I appreciate a lot . God knows how much I appreciate your kindness .
        Lloyd I wish someday you came to Miami , I’ll more than happy to be your tours guy moving you all over here , I’ll be more than happy to paid you the stage here at Sought beach or the Florida keys , well One hotel I use to stay a lot is a nice one caked Trump International Tower in sunny Island , Sough Beach , I just receive an special rate by email , since you stay there once they keep sending you good deals , I know you will no feel comfortable in that hotel , but The’r is a bunch more with the same quality or stars , I offer you the invitation because you are one of the person that I owe a lot of favor , knowledge and wisdom are as gold of diamonds ( better ) and you have to tell I have more knowledge because you teach me a lot .
        Let’s go Lloyd think about it and visit us.

      • The house in Shanghai was sold this year. And I don’t plan to visit China until after they air is cleaned up. I’ll probably be in my 80’s by then but then who knows. When China’s leaders decide to get something done, it gets done fast.

        For instance, China is leading the world in clean energy: battery-powered cars, wind power, solar power, tidal power, hydroelectric dams (China has about half of the world’s total) … and China has or still is replacing all of its old coal powered plants with new technology that captures as much of the coal soot and CO2 as possible. The U.S. is way behind compared to China. In fact, I think it was 2016 when China announced all of its taxis would be replaced by electric powered cars and the government was offering large subsidies to help the taxi companies and indi-taxis to convert from mostly diesel to battery. I don’t know how long until there are no more diesel or gas-powered taxis in China.

      • Sent from my iPhone

        Begin forwarded message:

        From: “Trump International Beach Resort”
        Date: December 6, 2017 at 8:31:08 AM EST
        Subject: It’s All About Cranberries Seasonal specials at Aquanox Spa

        SEASONAL TIPS: It’s All About Cranberries
        Treat yourself to one of our luxurious cranberry treatments including:

        Cranberries are rich in anti-oxidants, and vitamin C which reduce the appearance of wrinkles and prevent signs of skin damage.

        Cranberries aromatherapy helps reduces stress, calms and revives your senses.

        Cranberries help your body absorb moisture, rejuvenate skin and release toxins
        ( 50 minutes $109 )

        Lloyd here my wife love Trump’s hotel and I don’t she want me to rent there but no way no anymore last time I was there , I invited some friends from Puerto Rico , crazy I was on the 22 floor Roon and the security’s guys fallow me all the time , I get so upset to the point I told one of them , this is arasment or what the heck ? It’s this not the white hose , I sucede to left the hotel , crazy to much security there , but to much stress, before wasn’t like that ..

      • cranberry juice or powders can also combat urinary infections

      • Your right you don’t need a house in China you stay here you had work a lot ? fighting a lot you below to here , not many have done what you have done for this country. Your an honest person we need more like you .
        I’ll more than happy if you visit this city , think about it Lloyd now in the winter is beautiful better than in the summer, here in the summer it’s to hot , to hot

      • If you can take the cold, winter is a great time to visit China. During one trip in December, we visited the Forbidden City in Beijing. The temperature was 5 degrees below freezing and there were no crowds.

      • Winter is my favorite season , I’m tire of hot Sumer , here in Miami The’r is only one season , Summer ( Hot , Hot , Hot and more Heat )
        The Relative humidity ( RH ) always is to hight for instance today the temperature here in Miami is ( 80 ) ..Your comfort level is determined by the relative humidity. In general, relative humidities below 25 percent feel uncomfortably dry, while relative humidities above 60 percent feel uncomfortably humid. Relative humidities above 70 percent can cause mold and corrosion and accelerate deterioration of interior surfaces, while low relative humidity can cause paint cracking and wood shrinkage. It’s ideal then for the relative humidity to stay somewhere in the range of 25 percent to 60 percent — inside the house, anyway

        Lloyd the humidity level today is ( 87 ) think about how uncomfortable it’s be outside .
        Now if you visit this city in the summer it’s like your inside a sauna and you can’t breathe because it’s to hot, long history short I’m tite of the heat of this city it’s very hot and it’s very corrupt city I mean to visit on vacation it’s beautiful but to stay here absolutely not . I disagreed with others who said that Miami it’s the best city to live, to visit ( a week it’s to much ) it’s beautiful the beach and resorts that it .
        By the way the Caribbean beaches are a lot betters deep blue sea ( here the water it’s like green , to be honest , sought beach has the top resorts but in the keys the beaches are better if you could visit Cuba ( I don’t recommend ) The best or top beaches in the world are there in Cuba the Problem is no freedom and to much poverty and people got no respect each other because of that I scape in the low 90’s and now this city since Charters Supporter started to invested money here this city became as Cuba , the perfect copie of dictatorship ( the law here it’s not respected any more because the power of the money corrupted the hole goberment)

        China it’s the best place to visit.
        Period . Thanks

      • IMG_9272.PNG
        Trump does not bite but burns 🔥

        It’s a picture I post in my instagram ( yankeecastillo )
        Trump no muerde pero quema . 🔥

        That day my skin was burning red as a shrimp 🦐 Red I wasn’t able to sleep at night because my skin was burning and the heat getting outside . That is dangerous I never before feel temperate like that it’s getting hotter every year , I think China is doing the best job , because the planet need to be fresh and to many cars and this country it’s not doing much to help the planet , that is why to many cancers increasing daily

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