Taizhou’s environmental win

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Taizhou. It’s a city on China’s eastern seaboard, not far from Hangzhou.

It’s renowned for fruit growing and auto-manufacturing. Geely – its English name is a homonym of it’s Chinese name吉利; Jílì, which means lucky – is an automobile company which is a classic example of an extremely successful company founded by a private individual with family-borrowed money in the wake of Deng Xiao Ping’s “get rick quick” opening up of China in the 1980s.

Jílì indeed became so lucky that in 2009 it was named by Ford Motor as the preferred buyer for it’s prestigious brand Volvo. In 2010, Geely took over Volvo, and thought whilst Volvo retains independent operation, it’s owned by Geely.

Lucky and Volvo! Founder and Chairman of Geely Holdings hugs Ford’s chief financial officer after the Geely purchase of Ford in 2010.

Apart from it’s citrus fruit and it’s famous automobiles, Taizhou is becoming renowned…

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    Thanks for the reblog. Lloyd.

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