Shanghai : Why I said ‘Goodbye’ / Why you should say ‘Hello’

A fun read. I found myself chuckling more than once.


imageShanghai was never supposed to happen. My GF and I had ‘planned’ to travel to Japan taking an overland route from Singapore, but along the way we had too much fun/spent too much money/took the long way round…basically ran out of all our baht, dollars, dong and riel, and were only left with enough Chinese yuan to tide us over for three days in Shanghai. As a last desperate attempt to keep on the road we decided to throw ourselves to the mercy of headhunters (the city type) and get ourselves that dreaded three letter word, a J-O-B.

Working in Shanghai

A city of 25 million plus, with a GDP still accelerating at warp speed, the opportunities to work are plentiful. Getting a job is easy if you can (1) speak English and (2) smile. You don’t necessarily need to be a fluent English speaker,  for a Hungarian friend of…

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