The Gridded City

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Grids upon grids, grids within grids, are at the very foundation of the city of Suzhou. Planned and built some 2500 years ago, the city plan does not just relate to earth – according to ancient Chinese cosmology the city is gridded to match the perfection of the heavens.

Ping Jiang Tu – map of old Suzhou

The Ping Jiang Tu – map of Ping Jiang, an older name for Suzhou, is engraved on a stele and is housed in the Suzhou Museum. A new copy of the stele marks the entrance  the busy Ping Jiang Lu – an alleyway full of renovated buildings, tea-shops, sellers of knick-knacks and wedding photogrpahers.

Ping Jiang Lu street scene

Teacups hang on a gridded plantstand, outside the shop front with its classical grid-patterned doors, framed by a floral-gridded print.

Suzhounese Classical Gardens contain an abundance of gridded windows, leading to secluded  courtyards.

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