On my list to see on future trips to China if we ever visit again in the winter. However, visited the Forbidden City (the third time) when it was five below freezing and do not want to do that again. One benefit was that few tourists were there. The Forbidden City felt like a ghost town at that temperature.

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  1. merlin says:

    Oh the snow festival! Yea, that’s definitely on my list possibly next year. I saw some pictures it looked quite interesting. It may be cold, but it looks beautiful and fun. Besides, I’m assuming the cold will probably hinder most tourists to Harbin, as they’d probably go more for the warm beaches of Hainan.

    Five below freezing in the forbidden city? Too bad back in the old times it probably never got that cold, but now that the days of imperial china are over there is no need to throw wood on the fire.

    Ghost town would be more like the school here in Nanjing. It’s cold, dark, the loud rumbling of the train in the distance, and completely devoid of any existence except for the stray cat or 2 that come out late at night.

    • I read that about one million people, tourists, visit the snow festival in Harbin. And there is a hotel made of ice where one may stay the night at below freezing temps. I wonder if the bed is made of ice too.

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