Lloyd Lofthouse

ABC News reported, “Some 98 percent of the clothing purchased in the United States is imported from abroad. Just two percent of clothing bought in this country is manufactured on U.S. soil.”

Plunkett Research.com says, “China’s textile and clothing exports soared from $16.89 billion in 1990 to $206.74 billion in 2010 (China doesn’t sell products only to the United Statesit sells to the world). According to the World Trade Organization, India is a distant second in this category, at $24.12 billion in 2010 (up from $4.71 billion in 1990). Other nations in the top ten for global apparel and textiles exports in 2010 included Turkey ($21.72 billion), Bangladesh ($16.92 billion), the United States ($16.96 billion), Vietnam ($13.50 billion), the Republic of Korea ($12.58 billion), Pakistan ($11.78 billion) and Indonesia ($10.97 billion).

Note: In 2011, China exported to the world US$1.897 trillion and imported US$1.664 trillion…

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    +1 for the Amanas and Amish!

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