The meaning of Democracy’s Freedoms and the Nature of the Western Media Beast – Part 1/5

China is often criticized for not offering the same freedoms of religion, the media, and expression that the United States offers its citizens.

However, no one seems to question what these freedoms mean and are they real? Do these freedoms put food on the table?  Do these freedoms pay the rent or mortgage? Do these freedoms provide jobs and financial security?

Many eligible Americans don’t vote and America’s next president will be decided by a few hundred people in the U.S. Electoral College, so why are these freedoms so important?

I subscribe to Poets and Writers magazine and a line in the March/April 2012 issue caught my attention.

Stephen Morison Jr. wrote a piece called Middle Eastern Rhythms. He interviewed several authors and poets in the middle east where these freedoms Americans take for granted do not exist.

Nourredin Zuhair, a traditional Arabic poet, said, “America was good because it encouraged individuality, but because of capitalism there is only one kind of individuality now… In the contemporary, globalized world, a new kind of censorship means you can never say democracy is bad.”

There is some truth in Zuhair’s words. We may have freedom from government interference in what we say or write, but we are not free from other critics and the special interest mobs that use the media to push political and/or religious agendas causing this form of globalized individuality that Zuhair talks of.

In fact, the so-called free media contributes the most toward the growth of this cloned globalized individual.

Ask someone what these freedoms mean and see what he or she says. Ask if it makes life better

Continued on July 10, 2012 in The meaning of Democracy’s Freedoms and the Nature of the Western Media Beast – Part 2


Lloyd Lofthouse is the award-winning author of The Concubine Saga. When you love a Chinese woman, you marry her family and culture too. This is the love story Sir Robert Hart did not want the world to discover.

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29 Responses to The meaning of Democracy’s Freedoms and the Nature of the Western Media Beast – Part 1/5

  1. merlin says:

    Comparing MidEast freedoms with those of China is like comparing apples to potatoes. It’s funny chinese complain so much of wanting freedom, yet when you look at countries in the MidEast that still place the man at the head of the house and the woman’s only place is to clean that house. Chinese dont have that, and even if they complain about it it is because they stupidly married a rich man and took up the position of cleaning up his mess.

    Chinese govt is not out to start a Jihad on the world either.

    I just read an article about Chinese rich wanting more freedoms, and those freedoms they list are clean air, better education, better health, less political corruption, clean food (as opposed to fake beef), etc. All of those freedoms are hard to find even in the US.

    Also, being an immigrant, life is not a cake-walk as some average americans are strongly against immigration because they feel threatened when the foreigners start taking jobs and can’t properly speak english. They get scholarships because they are a minority even though their parents can buy thousands of houses (ex-

    Another example is a post of a guy that went to Beijing to sell investment property to the wealthy Beijingers. He had 30 houses to sell, while his chinese investor was looking at purchasing 30, 000. —

    When a person is rich enough to buy even 1000 houses, life anywhere can be quite luxurious (even though our rich are stashing their fortunes offshore for tax purposes). Speaking of tax purposes, why not get into the business of selling America to the Chinese billionaires? If we can tax them, it would be a great way to pay off Uncle Sam’s debt. Why not play along with their imaginations of hopping off the plane and walking down a street of gold? We’re in debt and they seem to be the ones crazy enough to want to pay a few million just to hop the ocean.

    • It may not be the majority of Chinese that want American style freedom for China but Americans and others in Europe.

      Here’s an article that ran in The Daily Beast — “Why Many Chinese Don’t Want Freedom

      “But China is also a society where the government’s warning that a Western-style democracy would produce “social disorder” has a good deal of credibility. China is a country of roaming bands of unemployed, of poor country people with complaints about land seizures, and of workers angry about unpaid wages. And it’s not only party leaders who worry that …”


      Then from Ask China Tour, there’s this, “I know this is somewhat of a cynical way to look at it, but if one analyzes Chinese culture and more broadly east Asian culture one will find that freedom and expression are not highly praised to say the least. Everything about Asian culture is about social order and obedience to the higher level. … Also, Singapore is democratic and still has many of the same censorship policies China employs even though the people vote for their leaders.”



      What is freedom in America anyway?

      1. Freedom of the media to say anything they want and even lie, which the media often does, without getting in trouble with the government.

      2. Then there is the freedom to join any of “thousands” of religions that practice in America (in China there are only five officially recognized religions—all major ones).

      3. Complain publicly about the government even though it doesn’t seem to change anything but you cannot publicly complain about your teacher or boss without the risk of getting in trouble.

    • “Speaking of tax purposes, why not get into the business of selling America to the Chinese billionaires? If we can tax them, it would be a great way to pay off Uncle Sam’s debt.”

      You didn’t know. America is for sale. Anyone with about $500,000 dollars to depost or invest in America may apply for US citizenship.

  2. william wallace says:

    The video gave a lot in explanation in a short length.

    If I can widen the powers one can vote for / then the
    ultimate vote would be for a party that offers heaven
    on Earth thus one be neither democrat or republican
    communist / green party / or tea party / or rum party
    one would in voting for the HEAVEN party be a hevi
    which short for heavenites making up the “heaven on
    earth” party. Party / policies / love / compassion / all
    working togeter as an family of nations one people’s.

    At present the “Heaven on Earth” party not in power
    yet the day will come that we are all heavenites that
    life is but that of joy / each day being of song dance
    in praise of the party leader the ALMIGHTY of whom
    gifted life in the knowledge of knowing ones true self
    in being the spark of the divine the power of creation.

    PS / I should add living in true freedom at first it be
    allowed one can add (to allow individuality) one may
    call themselves a “republican heavenite” or in being
    “democratic heavenite” a “communist heavenite” etc
    after an time the differing titles will simply fade away
    where all just become simple loving “heavenites”….

    • Heavenites? I did some research on this term and it seems connected to Islam and the concept of Islamic heaven.

      • william wallace says:

        Paradise more the used accepted word unto Islam than
        that of Heaven / though truth you can call water by any
        other name yet it still /quenches the thirst dispite name.

        The PHARAOH AMENHOTEP 1V many centuries before
        the one God becoming the dish of the day /was already
        preaching such that there being but one God /he built a
        temple unto one God remaining faithful to that lifes end.

        He changed his name from above to that of AKHENATEN
        in honour of the onE God // his wife NEFERTITI also a in
        the same frame of existance in there one God above all.

        Such being where the present Israel concept of one God
        came from / that of AKHENATEN’s teachings / the people
        of Israel in truth are all followers of AKHENATEN / though
        such is not openly preached / yet their spiritual leader be
        AKHENATEN he in truth be the one that placed above all.

        The people’s of EGYPT at such time were not ready for
        the one God concept // thus they rejected AKHENATEN
        it t’was a time to go before such came with MUHAMMAD
        the prophet // whom again bringing one God above all.

        History is full of surprises / as people write re-write history
        as to please the fashion of the day / yet praising the one
        God for all nations then such glory be unto AKHENATEN
        t’was with his deep spiritual experience as granted by the Almighty that opened the door to great spiritual progress
        thus it for all nations in honouring as bless AKHENATEN.

        When western nations realized the power / wealth gained
        by the few over the many having the one God then it but
        all jumped on the bandwaggon /though with its variations
        western nation went for placing the Son of God at centre
        of worship / Rome adapted unto the mother of Jesus but
        a centre of worship / thus centuries of struggle for power
        at first Rome with the pope as being the supreme church
        authority // then people’s nations said the pope in having
        too much power / thus a division in catholic as protestant
        though each group had its breaking into differing practice
        theus differing braches of the catholic as protestant faiths
        being born / in truth nobody could agree with the other….
        WHY ?. Because its not human nature to stand still / the
        brain in a constant state of development a constant state
        of increased understanding / hence it challenges religion
        the example being in the clashing of religious belief with
        that of reality / where science challenges religion / being
        a situation where religion need to back down / yet won’t
        where religion continious preach /that which total illusion.

        Trying to stop the development of the rain is as trying to command the tide to halt / it ain’t going to halt thus one
        need learn to go with the tide / indeed in learning in the
        development of understanding there being much joy to
        come the capability of a human life is knowing great joy.

        Thus themedia brainwashing which nations practice in
        reality rather than being a aid / in reality it is an cause
        preventing rightful needed development /development
        that will come yet being born of unnecessery hardship
        rather than look to that in dividing nations should look
        to that which unites /rather in looking unto punishment
        nations people’s need to focus on that bringing a cure.

      • True, as your conclusion says, nations should look for ways to get along with each other and accept the differences between cultures instead of finding fault with a culture such as China and pressuring it to change and become more like a culture such as the United States.

        If we should learn anything from history, it is that forcing change of any kind on another culture/religion only leads to war, suffering and many deaths and eventually the culture/nations forcing others to change is pulled down and destroyed.

        Often, the culture that caused those wars while preaching that it is superior destroys itself from within due to moral decay and economic corruption—example: 2008 global economic crises (where did it start—which country/culture was responsible?)

        In fact, the most successful conquerors in history were Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan—although many died, those vast empires worked (for a time) because both of these leaders had a policy to accept other cultures/religions as they were without forcing them to become a clone of the dominating culture. Once anyone starts to force other people to become what they do not believe and is use to, there is trouble.

        To live and let live may be the best path but usually the one less traveled.

      • merlin says:

        1) Lloyd, now I see why such things in the west are seen as “evil” and why people have an uproar when a spouse “cheats”. In the other side of the world, the woman obeys the man in the Mid East no matter what his decision, and in Asia (china’s elite each have their own mistress while Japan raises pornography up to celebrity status). Too bad AIDS came along.

        2) For Freedom sir William! For a peace loving, religious person you sure pick a lovely screen name. I assume you chose William Wallace the great freedom fighter of the Scots? Did you know that he skinned an enemy and made it into a holster for his knife? The tax collector that killed his girlfriend also met a brutal fate as he hacked to little pieces. They fought with pitchforks and knives, claymores never existed in that age, as such death was slow, painful, and gruesome.

        3) Reason i bring up the fact in #2 is because like William Wallace, your Egyptian pharaoh you mentioned that spoke of one god took everyone under his arm and forced them to accept his 1 god vision. It’s not a new theory either at the time because in the Bible it is said that Abraham is invited to Egypt where the Pharaoh wants his wife Sarah. He pays him money for Sarah and then the 1 God brought plagues on Egypt. The Pharaoh gave Sarah back and showed Abraham and her the door. So, if Abraham and Sarah existed, they would’ve brought the 1 God belief to Egypt before Imhotep and Amenhotep IV. Bringing up the relationship of Sarah and Abraham, if my memory serves me right, I learned in my class on Comparative Religions that the entire feud between Muslims and the Western religion is based on Abraham’s “fling” with another woman.

      • “Bringing up the relationship of Sarah and Abraham, if my memory serves me right, I learned in my class on Comparative Religions that the entire feud between Muslims and the Western religion is based on Abraham’s “fling” with another woman.”

        From what I recall, Sarah could not give Abraham a child so his wife suggested that he take her slave-girl (or concubine) and have a child with her, which he did. After having the child with Hager, the slave-girl concubine, Sarah became pregnant and bore Abraham a son.

        Then in Galatians 4:30, it says that Abraham was told to get rid of the slave woman and her son and he did. Although Hager and Ishmael, her son, are not mentioned in the Qur’an, Islam’s roots may be traced to Abraham through Hager’s child, Ishmael.

      • merlin says:

        Ishmael! Yes, I remember that name now. My professor was a lutheran priest in his off time. He claimed he once met the great great grandson of Kublai Khan while on a mission trip in Asia. I’m still siding with my friend that our professor was a bit looney especially when he focused a lot on Western religion, but buzzed over most other religions. He hit Hinduism from the start, we studied a little buddhism, which he setup a group activity to compare the Bible with Buddhist scriptures and see how many similarities we could find. That was actually the most I got out of the class was that compare/contrast activity. Everything else was western religion and how it broke down into the numerous sections and subsections. I’m surprised he never hit Scientology, Zorastrianism, the different subsects of Buddhism (Zen vs Tibetan), Taoism, Confucianism, or even Shinto. Scientology seems to be popular among some of the upper class in US. Zorastrianism I can barely spell correctly let alone know what it is. As we think all asians are kung fu masters, we think all Buddhism is a sandy zen garden. Taoism focuses on learning to adapt to everything in and about life so the stresses of life and the environment we live in dont destroy us. Shinto is pretty popular in Japan it was their belief that the emperor is a descendant of the sun goddess ( —–I’m beginning to wonder if the writer and I share similar thoughts because I too think Confucianism is a bit beaurocratic. Also I chuckled at the notion of a “Second coming of Lao Tzu”. I can already imagine an elderly gentleman riding on the hood of a Texan car, that has horns for a hood ornament, while holding a cane across his lap.

      • And there are six-different schools of Tibetan Buddhism. The Dalai Lama is the leader of one of the six—the Gelug school of Buddhism (also known as the “yellow hat” sect of Tibetan Buddhism was founded in 1409. However, Buddhism first reached Tibet in the 7th century and the 5th Dalai Lama (the first one to become the spiritual and political leader of Tibet) FORCED one of the other schools (Jonang) to convert to Gelug, but a few of the Jonang monasteries managed to stay independent.

        Politics and war have always played a big role in Tibetan Buddhist history. Tibet has seldom been the peaceful, tranquil kingdom in the clouds most in the West believe it to be.

        The 5th Dalai Lama only became the leader of Tibet due to a Mongol king that conquered Tibet in the mid sixteen hundreds but revolts followed as the other sects fought to survive as separate political/religious organizations.

        Tibet has a violent history to this day. In fact, the British in India sent armies into Tibet in 1888 and 1903 – 1904 (before Tibet declared its freedom from China in 1911). Robert Hart wrote about this in his letters that Harvard University Press published. Actually, Hart wrote more than fifty letters that mention Tibet and those letters make it clear that the Qing Dynasty considered Tibet part of China. In addition, when China signed a treaty with the British Empire letting them into Burma, the treaty spelled out clearly that the British agreed not to trade with or attempt to enter Tibet because it was part of China. Later, after the Qing Dynasty collapsed, the British would be instrumental in convincing the Dalai Lama to break from China.

        But whenever Tibet hits the news for whatever reason, we never hear about these facts in the Western media. Instead, if China’s government mentions them, the media and American politicians will say we cannot trust anything that China claims and they will do this without mentioning all of the evidence that supports China’s claims that exist in Western nonfiction books and magazines such as Robert Hart’s letters and National Geographic Magazine.

        Due to whatever Western political agenda exists, it is just convenient to ignore the truth when it comes to Tibet—we could call it historical revisionism.

      • merlin says:

        Interesting about Tibet. It’s funny that Buddha is claimed as a peaceful man, yet his followers are violent.

      • It’s in humanity’s nature to be violent and the more freedom people are offered, the more violent they will become, which may explain why the United States has more people in prison than any other country on the earth. In my opinion, most people cannot handle too much freedom–it needs to be rationed and tightly controlled by a benevolent government such as the Republic that America’s Founding Fathers formed in the 18th century.

        For example, if we look at the former Yugoslavia under Tito, we see a country that was ruled with an iron fist that also was the most progressive and economically successful Communist country in the world and then Tito died, freedom eventually arrived, Yugoslavia crumbled into several nations divided along ethnic lines and that led to revolution, civil war and ethnic cleansing.

        The threat of that anarchy and chaos was always there but Tito would not let it out of the pressure cooker. Once Tito was gone and the people had the freedom to follow their anger and emotions, the rest is history and millions died horrible deaths.

        Then eventually the United States and NATO had to intervene because the violence was threatening the shaky economic peace of Europe and the free world.

      • merlin says:

        I believe it’s more than laws that can control the masses. Freedom is freedom, but it’s when people misinterpret it to mean “I can do ANYTHING and not get away with it” that it becomes a problem. There is an invisible law. Self-discipline and morality. We’ve become a consumerist nation and we take everything we have for granted. Newer generations are becoming worse because they grew up with computers and cell phones. It’s also the era when everything is changing. When I grew up, we had the DARE program fighting drugs and alcohol. It was a bit corny, but at least back then the police fought to get the bad influences off the street. Now most of those people they’ve thrown in the slammer are finishing their time or getting out on probation. With the economy slumped so much, it’s hard to make an honest living. Plus, with a record, it’s even harder to find a job. As such, old habits never die.

        We’ve lost our self-discipline in the US. We let big business market their unhealthy products and we stupidly consume those products. Now that most of America is already obese, trying to reverse the problem takes more effort than what we did in gym class in school.

        As the economy teeters on edge, we’re beginning to lose our morality. We’ve had a problem with houses being broken into, which recently the police caught some of the kids, yes KIDS. Some as young as 8. Police think somebody is organizing kids to do their dirty work, just as a young teen bust a lady’s car window and robbed her at gunpoint in the busiest part of town that has all our restaurants, malls, wal-mart, etc. Just last night when I was home with the dogs, we heard a knocking sound upstairs and the dog went beserk. I heard the sound shades rattling, but when I checked upstairs everything was fine and windows were all shut and locked. Probably the cat jumping from the top of the couch.

        Our soldiers are no different and that was one reason I never signed up. You hear stories of platoons pillaging villages in Afghanistan, and people like my friends I went to school with that come home alcoholic nicotine addicts that display pictures of prostitutes they slept with while in Korea or Okinawa even though they’ve got kids and are married (one’s already been divorced). Not trying to be a party pooper, but when you’re sleeping with 9 different girls every week, isn’t that a little overkill? At least Chinese businessmen are content with a mistress and provide them with their own home and allowance to live on as opposed to the bar girl that has to actually work to make a living and never set their heart on a person.

        I believe the reason Yugoslavia under Tito was so great was because his iron-fisted rule took away distractions. Nobody likes to sit under the iron fist, as such the best way to keep freedom is to be taught, like a student of martial arts, to have self-control. I believe having self-discipline, morals, and a direction in life one can be truly free.

      • It all starts with the parents. The parents are the key. If the average parent does a poor job of raising a child to have a strong sense of reality, self-discipline, a strong work ethic, morals and to value education as a means to work toward a better life, then the average child wouldn’t be dividing his or her time up between TV, Internet, video games, music, hanging out with friends, text messaging an average of ten hours a day according to media studies.

        Research is now proving that focusing on building a strong sense of self-esteem is wrong. Self-esteem must be earned the hard way without endless praise, fun and coddling. One must fail a dozen times before getting it right and discover that not giving up is the key to success—not a high sense of self esteem.

        Studies now show that children raised to have a high (false) sense of self esteem grow up to be narcissists and fear taking chances because they are not comfortable being told they are wrong. Instead, they are used to only praise and earning easy, high grades even if they do not read or study in school. After all, if kids don’t learn, it’s always the teacher’s fault—not the parent or child. However, in China, if a child does not do well in school, the parent/s almost always accepts the blame.

        On one of my other Blogs, this is a topic I often write about—parenting, education, teaching, etc.

        For example, if a parent raises a child to believe he or she can become anything they want no matter what it is such as the next President of the United States, the next Tiger Woods, the next American Idol Winner, the next top model, etc. without teaching the child that in reality very few of the 7 billion people on the planet or 310 million Americans in the United States will ever achieve such unrealistic goals.

        Imagine if a parent sat down and told his or her child that having a dream to become the next President is going to be a tough goal to achieve because there have only been 44 presidents in Two-Hundred-and-Thirty-Six years and today there are 310 million Americans and that in the average lifespan there are 19 Presidential elections but many of those presidents will serve two terms and the child has to be age thirty-five before he or she qualifies to run for President of the US giving the child a shot at only a few elections. The oldest President to be elected was John Quincy Adams at age 77 (he was almost 78) and he died before he could finish his first term. In reality, a child that dreams he or she will be the President of the United States then has a forty-three year window to be elected president or eleven elections but how many individuals actually make it to compete in each election and stand a chance to win? One cannot just want to be president. That individual has to join a major political party and then work his or her way up and gain enough support to earn a nomination and others across the country are competing for that nomination too.

        But what does the average parent actually tell his or her child, if the child says, “I’m going to be the President of the United States.” The odds are that the parent said to the child that isn’t even a teenager yet, “Wonderful. I’m so proud of you.” Then the parent gives the child a hug and says, “Oh, look, it’s time for Top Model. We don’t want to miss our favorite reality TV show.”

        It is okay to tell a child to dream and even give the dream a chance but the child should have a backup plan that means aiming for a more realistic way of making a living. For example: go to a community college and train to become plumber or a car mechanic or go onto to university and major in a field where the unemployment rate is very low compared to the national average. All the information anyone needs is online but every child should realize that no matter how hard one works, there is no guarantees in life. All one can do is make sure he or she knows the odds of success to achieve anything in life and work to reduce those odds as much as possible and to do it honestly through hard work that does take self-discipline.

        In fact, that is why I took Amy Chua’s side in the Tiger Mother Debate and wrote so many posts about her parenting methods because no matter what anyone things, her methods are better than the average American parent because she and her husband raised the two daughters to have self-discipline, a stronger sense of reality of the real world and to have the odds in their favor out in that world.

        [Note: I wrote about a dozen posts on the Amy Chua parenting topic and was crucified by her critics—that year my novels had more nasty one and two star reviews on Amazon than any other year.]

        After all, we are only children for 18 years (according to the law—in reality, we are children until the hormones hit and are capable of producing children). According to the World Bank, the average life expectancy in America is 78.2 years. Anyone that does the math will discover that means the average person lives about 60 years as a legal adult that is supposed to work and support himself and was only a child for 23% of his or her life.

        This brings me full circle back to the average Asian-American parents. Asian-Americans make up 4.43% (there is a dot between the FOURS) of the US population. However, studies show that Asian-Americans have the lowest self-esteem among all racial groups in America but they have the lowest unemployment rate too, the highest average earnings, the lowest ratio compared to other ethnicities in the US serving prison terms, the lowest divorce rate, the highest marriage rate, the lowest teen pregnancy and STD rate, the highest high school and college graduation rate, one of the lowest suicide rates, the lowest drug use rate—need I go on? The largest numbers of Asian-Americans are of Chinese origin.

        It is obvious that the average Asian-American parent is not raising his or her child the same way the average American parent is. What is the major difference? I’m married to a Chinese born and raised in China women that is now an American Citizen. She was not the average American parent and her child is now twenty and soon starting a third year at Stanford University. That child did not grow up and earn acceptance at Stanford following the average American dream. That child also did not watch even two hours of TV a week while growing up into the young adult she is today. Instead, she had to study, read books, learn ballet, self taught herself to play piano, etc and graduated from high school with a 4.65 GPA. If anyone wants to learn more about the average Asian-American parenting method, I recommend reading Amy Chua’s memoir, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” to discover a better picture of this parenting method. Oh, Chua’s oldest daughter will be starting her second year at Harvard soon.

        In the United States in 2012, 79.96% of the population was white and 12.85% black. Latino or Hispanic is a classification all its own because one may be white, brown or black and be listed as a Hispanic and that segment of the population is 15.1%. Amerindian and Alaska native is less than 1% of the total population.

      • merlin says:

        You are right though that humanity can be cruel. I still remember the night I walked home from the subway and a girl 10 ft ahead of me fell into a bush. As I walked past, a chinese kid had a knife in one hand while the other was already snaking it’s way down. I still regret not popping that kid, but if I did something, somebody would get hurt and if they got hurt…as the chinese tradition goes…the savior would be to blame and paying the medical bills. Also, being untrained in fighting, when a knife is involved the chances of losing more than a finger go up significantly.

      • How old was the Chinese girl? Maybe it was a trafficking abduction. With the desparity between men and women in China, there must be millions of desperate men. I’ve read that there are about 20 million more men in China than women.

      • merlin says:

        I’d estimate maybe 18 or early 20s. Then again, estimating the age of a Chinese is pretty hard as their appearance seems to last longer than we in the West. I’ve had people think I’m 30, and I assume that’s also why a 30 yr old jumped me in Xuhui park at night once. So you think that was part of a major ring? Well, I didnt buy her, but now I wish more than ever I drove my fist into his skull. Especially when it was right near the front entrance to the primary school. One thing I miss about my old home was it never failed to impress. One night an idiot jumped in front of a car. At first I thought, “Oh shit somebody got ran over and they’re dead!” When I got there, the guy was nearly in a brawl with the other as the police arrived on the scene. If I remember right I think it was one of the black taxis. The guy was ok, just had a scratch and my guess was he probably set it up so he could cash in from a lawsuit against the driver. I was never that stupid, although I did help a visa agency cheat on a medical exam for the owner of a club on the Bund.

      • merlin says:


        Alexander the Great was a Great man no? I’m beginning to delve more into why he never invaded India.

        Genghis Khan, didnt he integrate himself into the Chinese culture? The Chinese history is so long with numerous uprisings. I remember one of the dynasties under foreign rule integrated themselves into Chinese culture.

      • Alexander the Great did invade India. However, from what I’ve read, his army sort of went on strike and demanded to go home. The war in India was Alexander’s most difficult and his army was tired/exhausted so Alexander agreed and the army turned around and started to march home. However, what home was (by this time) could have been in Persia since by then much of his army was not Greek.

        “At length Alexander reached the city of Lahore and marched on to the banks of the river Sutlej beyond. He was eager to reach the holy river Ganges and conquer the people there. But his men had grown weary of the hardships of the way, weary of fighting under the burning suns or torrent rains of India, and they begged him to go no further. So, greatly against his will, Alexander turned back.

        “The Greeks did not return as they had come. They sailed down the rivers Jhelum and Indus. And so little was known of India in those days, that they believed at first that they were upon the Nile and that they would return home by way of Egypt. But they soon discovered their mistake, and after long journeyings reached Macedonia again.”

        It wasn’t Genghis Khan that integrated into Chinese culture. That was Kubla Khan, Genghis Khan’s grandson. Kubla Khan was the Mongol that finished what his grandfather started by conquering the Southern Song Dynasty in 1276 and then he integrated himself with China’s culture.

      • merlin says:

        I see. I can barely stand the 110 degrees out here in the Midwest that’s busting up the highways. I can’t imagine fighting in the Pakistani region wearing armor and carrying the weapons of the day.

    • merlin says:

      1) There is such a party that doesnt belong to the others which is called INDEPENDENT party. 😉

      2) Heavenites would be considered a religious party. Also, if such an event occurred as Heaven on Earth, as pleasurable and luxurious that might be, we’d lose our sense of exploration. Not implying longevity in anyway is a drag, just saying if everything is placed on a golden plate in front of you where’s the fun, excitement, curiosity, and everything that makes life enjoyable? There’d be no sense of exploration if Heaven existed on Earth why would we aim for the stars? We’d lose so much with immortality and luxury. World peace would be nice along with long life. It would make for better space exploration along with digging roots into the Moon/Mars. Not to mention global support of a hyperdrive unit with the ability to warp space/time.

      3) Looking at it all from a religious perspective- everything would fall apart. Christians and Muslims would be at each others throats arguing over whose prophet just appeared to take them to paradise. No offense to the jewish community, but they’d build a temple structure around the aforementioned prophet and charge an entrance fee. Of course, the only ones with the cash to walk through the pearly gates of the jewish temple would be the chinese buddhist CEOs as they laugh at the western world poor and squabbling over a person that doesn’t exist as their Buddha is waiting. As they walk through the grand structure, they get to the end only to be greeted by a smiling little green man with a ray gun.

      • william wallace says:

        Merlin / The Almighty was speaking to close disciples
        one day & asked the question. “Whats the difference
        between the magician and the pickpocket”. ( I should
        say none of the disciples gave a answer) they being
        wise enough to know their answer would be wrong..

        The answer to the question was /the magician gives
        the wallet back while the pickpocket tends to keep it.

        Heaven / Paradise / Utopia / enlightenment / being
        mere words in making a point of description / thus
        in reaching a balanced agreement unto ones…….
        interpreations of one’s emotions feelings / upon..
        the negative / but more so of the positive towards
        understanding / balancing a state of mental being.

        Of course there be the sexual union / where it’s
        experience being that of pleasure / that it one’s
        deeper understanding of life & living is put aside
        to maintain human survival / sustained by one’s
        active enjoyment / that removing ones questions
        as removing ones judgement of the then partner
        or indeed questioning the self or that of creation.

        In enlightenment its not that one has a set goal
        its that one enters upon a journey that only but
        brings more pleasure / more joy /more of being
        in a state of contentment // there being no end
        as there being no time / as there being no you
        in true material sense of identity / only that of..
        the power of creation. All are on such journey
        that varies in it’s stages that people being at.

        As ones diet grows for the spiritual then such
        individual / seek more spiritual experience to
        fullfil ones needs. Once the outward learning
        having been reached / then one needs going
        more to the source /unto the greater spiritual
        experience thus to satisfy your spiritual need
        such achieved via meditation // one’s turning
        the senses inward in a unfolding the spiritual
        self / thus ones spiritual diet / be maintained.

        Each individual having a spiritual account….
        such spiritual account cant be lost stolen it
        carried from life unto life / its only while in a
        human form that an individual can add unto
        ones spiritual in experience /understanding.

        Throughout the history of humanity there’s
        spiritual teachers ( for every level ) among
        all teachers be the “Teacher of Teachers”
        at present the “Teacher OF Teachers” is
        Prem Rawat / Prem has dedicated his life
        to those having reached stage in turning
        the senses inward in an unfolding of the
        spiritual self // on a far stronger spiritual
        diet. However such is within your control
        you control the amount of meditation….
        your in control of your spiritual need / it
        being you balance the spiritual with the
        material need /bringing both to balance.

        If wish take such a step unto meditation
        in bringing greater spiritual experience
        on PC search put (words of peace) or
        put (words of peace global) on site an
        selection of videos that Prem explains
        meditation guide one on such journey
        should one be of the heart / in taking
        such a journey in furthering spiritual
        development /further understanding.

      • “Of course there be the sexual union where it’s experience being that of pleasure / that it one’s deeper understanding of life & living is put aside to maintain human survival. …”

        William Wallace—since the survival of the species depends on sex, it stands to reason that nature and/or God depending on what one believes, made sure it was an enjoyable process.

        However Christianity and Islam have done just about everything possible to take the pleasure out of procreation and replace it with guilt while both Christians and Muslims (historically and currently) have done everything possible to make sure everyone else that isn’t a Muslim or Christian will not enjoy sex either.

        The result could mean a species doomed.

  3. william wallace says:

    All good people but look upon the political as
    military situation with an loss of words in their
    dulling of emotions in feeling / helpless & lost.

    The situation having become so corrupted it
    but feeds on itself / the USA through use of
    military power / attempts attain world military
    & political domination they are presently but
    lost in such a bubble of illusion utter stupidity.

    Of course other nations in seeing such a
    psychopath on the looose / are arming as
    re-arming themselves / in knowing its but
    a matter of time before a USA military but
    comes breaking down their doors telling
    them they are NOW in AN USA MILITARY
    ZONE that they must leave /in refusing to
    leave then the necessery force be used.

    To put it in a clearer way all will be treated
    as ISRAEL treats Palestinians / in that you
    have no rights than that that you be killed.

    How did such a situation come about how
    did it arise (corruption) it sneaks in by the
    back door and before you know its like a
    cancer spreading // throughout the body.

    Its not that an USA is alone in its madness
    all nations are affected unto degrees / the
    problem be when the worlds superpower..
    as leading democracy goes bad / then its
    a dire situation for all // there’s simply no
    way it seems finding a solution to problem
    thus even the best of souls lost for words.

    Of course there being a solution unto the
    problem // it’s simply many at present are
    not willing to accept that there even be a
    problem / they think that the spinning out
    of 24/7 media propaganda be right / that
    to be in an costant state of planning such
    invasions of other nations is right.. having
    created their own “TWILIGHT ZONE” the
    unfortunate matter is we’re all being but
    pulled into a illusion of material madness.

    Thus the question when will the people in
    mass raise their voice / saying “enough is
    enough”. One does it with children / when
    one need say “Thats Enough Nonsense”
    behave yourself. Such it be needed said
    to politicians as those of the military……
    that / “enough is enough” that they need
    come to their senses & behave as adults
    not as of present where behavour is far
    from expected of a adult / it be of a child.

    • In my opinion, most Americans will never say “enough is enough”, because they are too busy watching TV or playing video games or spending hours talking nonsense to virtual friends on Face book or other social networking sites to notice what is going on. For proof, there are radio talk shows such as Rush Limbaugh who calls his followers “ditto heads” and he says he will do their thinking for them and tell them what to think and few of those ditto heads will check out the facts that their guru claims are true so they will never know the truth.

      Most Americans are not drugged from a bad diet and electronics.

      The UK, Germany and Japan, etc. have nothing to worry about. As long as a country does what the US says and follows its lead, the US will not invade that country–only countries that do not do as told are put on the hit list and become manfactured and programmed enemies.

      The US State Department spells out in detail how a country ends up on the US hit list. It isn’t enough to live and let live. Today, it is written into State Deparment Policy that America must FORCE the world to adapt to American values using any method.

      The US State Department title for this program is “Advancing Democratic Values”, which sounds great until one looks deeper and learns why America’s Founding Fathers detested (hated) and did not respect a democracy. America was not founded as a democracy. It was founded as a republic and politically was very different than it is today.

      Click to access P.L.-110-53-Title-XXI-Advance-Democratic-Values-Address-Nondemocratic-Countries-and-Enhance-Democracy-Act.pdf

      • william wallace says:

        It fortunate the real power but the power of creation and
        that such power of creation truly allowing one in knowing
        true republican freedom the true meaning of republicism.

      • William Wallace,

        I have no idea what you are trying to say in the last comment.

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