An interesting post on how the growing film industries in Asia (China, India, etc.) may build bridges between Asian cultures bringing them closer together but with a cautionary conclusion.

Jody-Lan Castle

Its ludicrous to imply that Bollywood and the Chinese film industry could have any impact on relations between India and China, let alone reflect any warming between the two states.

I was taken aback by a recent article in the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s leading newspaper, entitled “Bollywood calling” by Charukesi Ramadurai, which surmised “after years of friction, relations between two of the world’s oldest cultures appear to be on the mend – so what if pop culture is the catalyst?”

She describes an increasing interest of Bollywood in China, and a growing inclusion of ‘Chinese’ themes in Indian cinema. Charukesi was right to spot a trend, as there have been many movies over the years either set in China or China-themed, for example Awara Hoon (1951), China Town (1962), Naam (1986), and more recently, Chandni Chowk to China (2009).

And as for Chinese movies in India, Jackie Chan…

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  1. merlin says:

    It’s sometimes hard to vision the written word, so I always enjoy the film industry when they bring history to life (even though Hollywood adds it’s own little touch of icing on the cake). There’s been some interesting films the past years, unfortunately I haven’t seen anything of recent interest besides remakes of American films with chinese cast.

    • For me, I read many books and magazine; watch lots of movies at the theater besides buying DVDs for an entire series from TV. I don’t watch broadcast TV—cannot stand all the interruptions and commercials. IF they start to put commercial breaks on DVDs, I’ll stop watching those too.

      • merlin says:

        The beauty of streaming video feed online. Not only is it free, but it’s original! I used to be a major fan of Japanese anime, now I just follow the big name Naruto. Even though I dont understand Japanese, it just feels a little more natural watching something that was originally designed for that language. Unfortunately, I’m finding that some video streams are incorporating ads before the show and sometimes in the middle. Next I assume books will have ads in them like magazines?

      • At least if ads start to appear in books, we can rip them out. I do that with some of the ads in magazines.

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