This may only be planning for the future. A gamble yes but if China succeeds, it will pay off.

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**AUTHOR’S NOTE: This post was written in mid-2012, back when Dennis Rodman was simply an outlandish former basketball player.  Apologies for readers who wound up here looking for caricature of his recent attempt at statecraft.**

First, take two minutes and read this Economist post about a phenomenal concept for a new hotel on the outskirts of Shanghai.  Very exciting stuff.

I have two distinct minds on this:

1. My right brain says that this is fantastic!  It sounds very creative and sounds like a great opportunity to reuse and rehabilitate an old industrial property.  Moreover, the concept and the design seem to match the landscape – there’s something universally pleasing about seeing a building that is designed in allignment with its natural terrain and landscape.  Perhaps if this project is successful it will inspire similar redevelopment projects at former quarry sites in this US?

Regular China watchers will note that this type of project also highlights a trend that has accelerated significantly over…

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  1. Hi Lloyd, thanks for reading my blog and posting a comment. I see you maintain a pretty active blog here so I’ll add it to the list of sites I check regularly.

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