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WASHINGTON — On the evening of Feb. 6, a vice mayor of a major Chinese city who had a reputation as a crime fighter turned up at the American Consulate in Chengdu in an agitated state, telling a tale of corruption and murder that has ensnared the Obama administration in a scandal it wants nothing to do with.

The official, Wang Lijun, sought asylum, fearing for his life even as Chinese security forces quickly surrounded the building and asked the American diplomats inside to turn him over.

Instead, after a frantic debate that reached the White House, Mr. Wang stayed until he could arrange for an official from a Beijing ministry to come 36 hours later and escort him past the local security cordon. The authorities from Beijing took him into custody, and he is now under investigation for divulging internal Chinese affairs…

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  1. This is what I thought might have happened–exactly as described. Of course, the US diplomates would be unprofessional to devulge to the media what went in in the consulate–what they were told. A high ranking Chinese citizen came to the only place he thought he would be safe from being silenced and asked for help to contact a powerful member of the CCP in Beijing to escort him away to safety/jail where he would at least stand a chance to live instead of be silenced. After all, this is linked to an alleged murder and an attempted cover up of the investigation.

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