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  1. merlin says:

    Great post! I feel like a fool for not realizing the fact smacking me in the face. I have a big network of friends in Shanghai.

    I dont know how good it would make me look if I were to mention I walked into a police station with an expired visa to help another fellow American get a resident permit when I worked for the real estate business. He just wanted somebody to hold his hand. Ultimately, his work visa expired a day, so they sent us to an immigration department that handles small situations like his. His employer talked over the phone with the staff, and an officer charged him a 5rmb fine and warned him not to do it again. As we walked out the door, to my shock he said, “Oh thank god man! I just remembered I forgot to take the bag of weed out of my handbag this morning.” I didnt strangle him since life’s an adventure, but I possibly would’ve been charged either for associating with a drug abuser or since I held an expired visa they might think I was his dealer (which holds a high punishment that could be the death penalty). I did it all for the real estate business because I wanted the clients to like me. It’s all about customer satisfaction. If the customer’s happy, business is good, and your happy not only for the good business, but knowing you’ve helped somebody in need. I warned my boss, and I think it’s a long shot to assume she owed me for risking my own skin for the business.

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