China and India at War ­in 1962 – Part 1/4

October 10, 2010

In this series, I’ve stitched together three different videos in four parts to show the 1962 border war between India and China.

America is not the first country to attempt nation building (Iraq).  The British Empire did it first and left behind a mess in India, the Middle East and Africa.

In the 19th century, with the reckless stoke of a pen or pencil, British Explorer McMahon drew borders on maps creating India.

Due to his arrogance, India has had border disputes and with China, Nepal and Pakistan. Source: Boundaries

In fact, before the British Empire established the Raj, India wasn’t a country and no Chinese government ever agreed to the changes McMahon made along the borders between Tibet and India. Source: Victorian Web

In 1947, soon after the end of World War II, India gained its independence from Britain, and the Indian government refused to negotiate over land that was once was part of Tibet.

After 1949, Mao’s government told India the land behind the McMahon line was part of China and wanted it back.

For the next thirteen years, China and India had many diplomatic conversations about this boundary issue.  Zhou Enlai, the first prime minister of the PRC, attempted to convince Jawaharlal Nehru to resolve the boundary issue peacefully.

With the failure of peaceful negotiations, Chinese troops were sent to the McMahon Line.

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