Defector / Traitor (2/4)

August 5, 2010

One of the few defector/traitors I discovered was Chen Yonglin, a former Chinese diplomat, who defected to Australia in 2005. He was a university student in Beijing during the so-called “pro-democracy” movement that led to the Tiananmen Square incident in 1989. (also discover What is the Truth about Tiananmen Square?)

Some of the student leaders were Chen’s friends. However, the Tiananmen Square incident did not start as a “pro-democracy” movement as many in the West believe.  It started as a protest by Chinese workers over political corruption in the government.  If you want to learn more about the Tiananmen Square incident, I recommend seeing all nine parts of China’s Capitalist Revolution.

The Communists say that  Shen Yun is a political tool of Falun Gong

Another Chinese defector was Hu Na, a former professional tennis player, who defected to the United States in 1982, which kicked off a Cold War era diplomatic incident between the US and China.

In July 1982, while touring California with a Chinese government-sponsored tennis team, Hu Na sought refuge in the home of friends. In April 1983, she requested political asylum, claiming that she feared the Chinese government would compel her to join the Communist Party of China against her will under threat of persecution.

That is a strange excuse to defect, since the rulers of China, the members of the Communist Party, are the elite. Of course, in 1982 at the beginning of Den Xiaoping‘s “Getting Rich is Glorious” capitalist movement, the benefits hadn’t arrived yet. Maybe Hu Na didn’t want to wait like the 1.3 billion left behind who had no choice.

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