Macao a decade after Handover to China

November 20, 2010

The last decade has seen Macao’s gambling industry grow at supersonic speeds.

Since Macau was returned to China in 1999, it has overtaken Las Vegas to become the world’s biggest gambling mecca.

The next building trend was to expand into a global entertainment and high end shopping hub along with leisure activities, but that has not matched the success of gambling.

Gambling remains Macao’s main money maker. Almost every business depends on gambling to survive.

However, the days of Chinese Triads having shooting wars for control of the streets have gone.

Instead, Macao has become a territory where Chinese democracy advocates may speak out without fear and become elected to Macao’s legislature.

The PRC has promised not to meddle in Macao’s politics. 

One thing seems apparent. Many in Macao want the economy to have diversity that does not need to rely on gambling.

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Lloyd Lofthouse is the award-winning author of the concubine saga, My Splendid Concubine & Our Hart. When you love a Chinese woman, you marry her family and culture too.

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