Negotiating with the Chinese

April 28, 2010

From what I’ve read so far at “Chinese Negotiation”, the Blog offers sound advice for dealing with the Chinese in business or politics.

China’s historical and cultural foundations come from a different source than America and Europe.  People that come from Western democracies are also different and alien to the Chinese since Western roots grow deep into Judean Christian values, Roman and Greek philosophy and British Common Law, which also has its roots from the Romans and Greeks.

The Great Wall of China

Don’t forget, China’s roots grow deep in different soil and they stem from Confucius and Legalism. The Great Wall did more than attempt to keep out the barbarians. It also protected Chinese civilization from foreign devils and their strange ways.

“When Americans negotiate with Chinese counter-parties, they often run into the ‘Frenemies’ dilemma. US dealmakers in China are sometimes so concerned with building good relations that they don’t perform proper due diligence until it is far too late. They end up losing money, time, IP – and destroy the very friendships that they worked so hard to develop.” To discover more, visit the source at Chinese Negotiation.

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Lloyd Lofthouse is the author of the award winning My Splendid Concubine and writes The Soulful Veteran and Crazy Normal.

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