Education and Cultures Collide in the US (3/5)

August 2, 2010

The second school I selected was Richmond High School, in Richmond, California. After you arrive at that Web site, scroll to the Accountability Report halfway and find the Standardized Testing and Reporting Results by Student (ethnic) Group – Most Recent Year

Since the formats for these Accountability Reports are not standard, focus on the English-Language Art Percentage of Students Scoring at Proficient or Advanced where you will see the percentage of those who passed.

Hispanic/Latino 20%
African American 16%
Filipino 41%
White/other 47%
Asian American 40%

Although the numbers are lower than Las Lomas High School, the white, Filipino and Asian Americans have numbers that are twice that of the two remaining ethnic groups.

People who live by the rule of self-esteem and speak and think in politically correct language may find my opinion offensive.

Too bad! The truth hurts and reality often bites fantasies.

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