China Law and Justice System

March 20, 2010

Over the years, I’ve talked to citizens in China and the opinion is that most of the police take their jobs seriously and are honest.  It is also believed that the judges in the court system follow the laws of China and are also honest.  Yes, there is corruption in China even at the highest level, but there is also corruption in America and any other country.

Chart for China's Court System


Article 5 of China’s Organic Law states the functions and powers of the people’s procuratorates at all levels as the following:

  1. to exercise procuratorial authority over cases of treason, cases involving acts to dismember the state and other major criminal cases severely impeding the unified enforcement of state policies, laws, decrees and administrative orders
  2. to conduct investigation of criminal cases handled directly by themselves;
  3. to review cases investigated by public security organs and determine whether to approve arrest, and to prosecute or to exempt from prosecution;
  4. to exercise supervision over the investigative activities of public security organs to determine whether their activities conform to the law;
  5. to initiate public prosecutions of criminal cases and support such prosecutions;
  6. to exercise supervision over the judicial activities of people’s courts to ensure they conform to the law;
  7. to exercise supervision over the execution of judgments and orders in criminal cases and over the activities of prisons, detention houses and organs in charge of transformation through labor to ensure such executions and activities conform to the law. source

A Western legal system would not work in China. China’s legal system represents China—not America or another country.

This series of posts about the legal system in China started with Officer in Action


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