Tibet Inside China – 4/5

April 12, 2010

From recent news, it appears that rough times may be ahead for the People’s Republic of China (PRC). In China sees US as hedge for Taiwan, Tibet (Asia Times) by Peter Lee, the author says, “After the Dalai Lama is gone, there is a strong possibility that motivated and organized pro-independence activists (militants) will be able to win power in the Tibetan government in exile.”

Chinese Protesting Against Tibetan Supporters

Militant Tibetan separatist groups have not been happy with the Dalai Lama’s call for autonomy talks with China instead of calling for a fight to gain independence. Tibetan militant groups want Tibet to break from China even if it means taking a violent path—one the Dalai Lama does not advocate.

What would Tibet be like if the separatists had their way and broke free from China?

Would they return to the system of landowners and serfs (slaves)?

Would the Tibetan Buddhists require that every family send at least one son to become a Buddhist monk as before?

Would mandatory schooling (as we have in the United States) be shut down so the literacy rate would plummet from the high 90% back to a single digit like it was prior to 1950?

Would the wealth and the land be returned to the one percent that had it all before Mao’s troops occupied Tibet?

Learn about the Media Slugfest Using Taiwan or go to Tibet Inside China – Part 5

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Riding the American Bucking Bronco

February 23, 2010

China is making bids on slices of the American pie. Beware, Americans love to take risks and business, banking and real estate bubbles are bursting in the United States like a GM assembly line.

The China Price is all about China buying up American companies like the IBM brand name or companies like Maytag, an American icon.  The Asia Times reports that China’s ownership of US Treasuries is moving close to a trillion U.S. dollars while spending close to another thirty billion in merging and buying American Companies.

Will China suffer the same Wild West Blues that Japan suffered in the 1980s when the Japanese went nuts buying property in America before that bubble burst? From what I’ve read, Japan is still recovering from the losses and those that hung on are suffering even more from the recent real estate crash.

No one has tamed the Wild West yet, and I doubt China will succeed  where so many have failed considering the American love affair with credit cards.

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