Is this an Indie Troll or a Russian, Iranian or North Korean Hacker trying to trick me with a Trojan Horse?

Lloyd Lofthouse

A few weeks ago, two e-mail alerts landed in my Gmail inbox telling me new comments had been submitted to two of my four blogs. This isn’t anything new. My four blogs have had more than one million views over the years, and I get e-mail alerts like these two all the time.

Once I see an e-mail alert, I go to the specific blog and either delete the comment if it’s SPAM or approve it.

But these two e-mail alerts were different.

The first time these e-mails landed in my inbox, since I seldom if ever click on links in strange e-mails, I went to the two blogs and couldn’t find the comments where they should have been, waiting for me to delete or approve them.

So, suspicious, I sent both of those e-mails to SPAM and blocked them from my Gmail account. Now they land in the…

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