Book Review: Umbrellas in Bloom



Jason Y. Ng is the author of HONG KONG State of Mind and No City for Slow Men, and has now rounded out a trilogy with Umbrellas in Bloom: Hong Kong’s Occupy Movement Uncovered (all published by Blacksmith Books).

While his previous books simply described modern Hong Kong social dynamics, the latest is explicitly political and an altogether different style than the others. Now that he has written book-length political commentary, Ng has become a crucial player by being first to record the 2014 “Occupy Central” protest movement in any English-language book. It is certainly a must-read.

Umbrellas in Bloom covers a lot of ground. The complex political system of Hong Kong is detailed in very readable fashion, with all the grievances spelled out. Various charts explain how the economy has left the majority of citizens behind, and why so many were upset enough to camp out in…

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6 Responses to Book Review: Umbrellas in Bloom

  1. rschan says:

    This author is considered by the majority of the Hong Kong people as a Traitor to his ancestors. As a matter of fact the Umbrella movement is condemned by most as a conspiracy initiated by the American Government through the National Endowment program for Democracy with the aim to make trouble for China. Hong Kong is considered one of the most free cities in the world but some, a minority, will be anti-China in any circumstances. This book is not worth reading at all.

    • My wife is also considered a traitor to some mainland Chinese. But others agreed with her that the mistakes of the past should not be hidden so history can be revised.

    • Ray says:

      Don’t you think it’s worth reading a book to see if you agree with the protest movement’s grievances or not? Crying conspiracy theories is a very petty way to deflect the argument

      • rschan probably works for the CCP internet interception propaganda service (I don’t know what the official name is “Counter Unacceptable Thinking” maybe). This isn’t unusual. Corporations do it in the US all the time. It’s normal for not only governments but corporations to lie and fool people all the time.

      • Ray says:

        I know of that well, and ‘traitor to his ancestors’ is a pretty weird response. But just in case it was sincere thought I’d try a logical reply.

      • I think replies are often necessary not to convince an alleged troll or narrow-minded-with-blinders-on extremist that they might be wrong but so other readers see more than one point of view. The voices of trolls/extremists has become way too loud these days.

        For instance, Donald Trump who I think is the biggest, most dangerous troll/extremest around. He’s an extreme narcissist that is in love with himself, he’s a bully, a racist, a micro-manager that refuses to compromise, a white supremacist, a serial liar, an evident psychopath, etc. How could someone like The Donald get so close to the presidency of the United States? It’s almost as if our civilization is attempting to shoot itself in the head.

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