Hmm, this one got me thinking. As a father, should I learn from this father. After all, recent brain research shows that young people age 13 to 25 are wired to do stupid things and make bad, emotional driven, risky decisions. It isn’t until after age 25, that the brain rewires itself to be more cautious and logical, and this may explain why armies love sending younger troops into combat where they may rush into combat situations that are very risky leading to death and injury but that benefits winning battles and wars.

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  1. merlin says:

    Also, maybe I should start searching the CHINESE job boards. Being hired to hunt down a player in a game to cure his addiction by creating the “Oh this sucks I die everytime I login” feeling sounds appealing. Not only is it helping them cure their addiction, but it could cure my itch that I cant seem to scratch with Angry Birds.

  2. merlin says:

    The point on the age of soldiers these days is interesting. Actually, in WW2 most soldiers were in their late 20s and 30s. They were pulled from skilled labors to fight the war. In the film, Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks character displays this fact when he says “hey I’m just a schoolteacher from Pennsylvania, and if saving this one man is my ticket home then I am going to find him.” The good thing about the older age is they are more mature and can keep their cool in a situation. Now you look at vietnam or even the wars today when 18 yr olds are signing up as recruits and hitting the front when others are partying at the university, they’ve got such energy but when reality sinks in they spaz out. Later down the road PTSD takes it’s toll.

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