Wandering in Metaphysics

Today is January 4, 2013 or 201314 for short.  The number “201314”  sounds like literally “Love (2) you (0) this (1) lifetime (3) and (1) generation (4)” in Chinese (爱你一生一世).  This romantic implication has created long lines in the marriage registration bureaus in China.  Would-be couples want to get their marriage licenses today for this auspicious meaning.

What can you do if you have missed this good date for marriage registration?  Don’t worry, you have almost a year to do it because 2013 is still around.  Besides, 201314 is not the best number because “4” also sounds like “dead” in Chinese.  It can also be read as “love (2) you (0) one (1) survives (3) one (1) dies (4) (爱你一生一死)

Let me give you some good dates in terms of Chinese numerology.

  • January 18, 2013 or 2013118:  This number sounds like “Love you this lifetime (and) prosperity…

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