Innocent until proven guilty — I agree.


I’ll bet that not many people know that thanks to all the Olympic gold, silver and bronze he has won, Michael Phelps is worth about $45 million through good old capitalist endorsements. Now that China is a hybrid/ capitalist/sort-of-socialist country, I wonder if Ye Shewin will find endorsements lining up for the Chinese market. If so and she soon finds herself worth millions, what can we expect the Western media to say about her?
In fact, I read that Gabby Douglas’ London gold may be worth as much as $10 million in the next four years through endorsements.

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When 16 year old Ye Shewin of China won the gold medal for the 400 m Individual Medley in London, it didn’t take long for the doubters to crawl out of the woodwork. John Leonard, executive director of the USA Swimming Coaches Association told the Guardian newspaper that her record breaking performance was “disturbing” and “suspicious”. Other athletes and officials climbed in, saying her performance was “interesting” (meaning I can’t prove it, but I know she cheated), or “insane” ( as in if you think she did this on her own, you’re crazy). What made her swim more amazing was that in the final 50m of her event, she swam faster than Ryan Lochte did in his gold medal performance at the same event.

So, reading between the lines of these comments you come up with these arguments. Firstly she’s a girl, and how can a 16 year old, 5’7″girl…

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  1. merlin says:

    Hard to imagine a 16 yr old did that. I wouldn’t be raising Phelps up just yet. I’ve heard the fame from ’08 might have gone to his head.

    • When an individual finds fame, wealth and power, it is a struggle for anyone to resist how that will change the way he or she see the world and his or her relationship with the world.

      There is some truth to what Lord Acton said in the 19th century. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

      Remember, Lord Action didn’t say everyone that is great is bad but almost always so there are a few exceptions.

      Gaining fame and wealth comes with a certain level of power. Some will struggle against what that fame and wealth is doing to their heads and strives to not let it gain control and change them for the worst but most fail. As for me, I don’t want to deal with that test but I still wouldn’t mind having more money.

      Imagine what life must be like for someone that went from rags to riches and ends up a billionaire. Is it really possible to stay totally unchanged? Warren Buffet (the richest man in the world or at least one of the top two or three) seems to have met that challenge and survived as a decent man.

      I also suspect that the younger we come to fame and fortune, the more difficult it is to resist the negative changes to our personalities. The few that resist the attraction of the dark side must have a solid, moral foundation to guide them.

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