Great photos of another water town in China. We’ve been to more than one. This link will take you to photos of Zhouzhuang, which is near Shanghai.

Still Times - Capturing Glimpses of Times With Words & Photographs

We recently traveled to Zhujiajiao Water Town where we discovered glimpses of a more modern world mixed with the old historical world. This water town was full of rich architecture elements and history dating back to the year 1700. This town boasts 36 stone bridges found across the rivers. 

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  1. Marjorie says:

    Great photos again, thanks for sharing the sights.

  2. merlin says:

    At times I sometimes wonder what life would be like in those water towns. Living in the traditional homes (with modern amenities/appliances), waking up to another morning, walking downstairs, opening the front door and leaning on the doorway dressed in drab clothing. Breathe in fresh air and spit out the night on the sidewalk while watching the latest crowd of tourists gazing every direction admiring the views and wondering what life was like in ancient times.

    Unfortunately, I think I’d be bored after the first 5 hours because I enjoy traveling and learning new things as opposed to sitting on a stone step waiting for time to stop.

    • Living in one of the tourist water towns in China would be too crowded for me. Go early and leave before noon. That’s it.

      • merlin says:

        That’s why I think Tom has it made. Not only is he on a quiet…I take that back, exciting chinese farm, but it’s a TEA farm and his new relative is quite handy as he has built a house by hand and even managed to plant a nice garden. I’m still trying to throw together a small aquaponic system with a plastic tub, tubing, dirt, chinese eggplants, and fish + equipment for fish survival (which I dont have either of those). Of course by now it’s a little late to be planting.

      • Tom married Hanna (and she is now expecting). They live in Shanghai. Hanna signed a book contract with a reputable Chinese publisher for a memoir she wrote of Tom and Hanna’s trips to India while he was working on his next book, “India: Portrait of a People”, and Tom is now teaching English again.

      • merlin says:

        ….wow things change so fast. Nearly a yr since I was kicked out of an apartment, a job, and lost a friend (note: the fuzzy, fluffy, white bunnicula rabbit as opposed to the boss on PMS). He’s got a kid on the way, and Hanna’s got a book deal. Jeez, makes me feel like I haven’t done much more than get up in the morning just to roll over and slam the snooze on the alarm. Well, it seems I need to have an awakening. I gotta stand up! Hallelujah!

      • Set goals. Write them down. Follow those goals but make sure the goals are resonable and do-able. Just a suggestion.

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