In China, merit counts more than self-esteem. In fact, even in America, Asian Americans, which include Chinese that make up the largest segment of the Asian-American population, have the lowest sense of self esteem but graduate from high school in higher ratios than all other ethnic groups and go onto college where they mostly major in fields that lead to better paying jobs with more security.
This reblogged post is an example of what happens when merit collides with people that have a narcissistic sense of false self-esteem and entitlement.

Lloyd Lofthouse

One of the most difficult challenges for most aspiring artists (authors, actors and singers) is being discovered and building a fan base.  National TV talent contests such as American Idol offer these unknown artists a chance at recognition and to build a fan base by reaching a large audience.

Without these national talent programs, the road to gain recognition is a difficult one, and many talented artists may never be in the right place at the right time to have a shot at the success they dream of.

In fact, it is obvious that the odds of becoming a success in the music industry are about as high as winning a state lottery, which is about 20 million to one. For American Idol contestants, the odds may be better since the program only hold auditions in about six cities, and the number that audition can exceed 10,000 people…

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