Scheherazade: K. Space                              Who Needs Hong Kong?            Gloomy forecast for Hong Kong democracy   The Archive of Time magazine in 2002.  All the links work except those from Fortune magazine.  But you can have them on the above links.

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Before 1997,Fortune magazine predicted “the death of Hong Kong”.  In 2002, 5 years later, Fortune again doubting the future of Hong Kong, posed the question “Who needs Hong Kong?”.  And then, 10 years later, you have this issue, right?,28804,1630244_1630240_1630206,00.html
—The latest prediction is “Hong Kong’s Future: Sunshine, with Clouds”.  And they again admit “TIME’s sister magazine FORTUNE once infamously, and incorrectly, predicted that its return to China would bring about its death.”
Since 2004 April…

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