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This covers an entire subject on argumentation which debaters and lawyers are highly familiar with, but most of us common men take for granted. We are bombarded by fallacies in every day communication, from advertising to political statements in the media, to news articles on television and newspapers. The internet has only sped up the speed at which we consume communication and our exposure to logical fallacies.

It is a good exercise to review the list of logical fallacies from time to time just to refresh ourselves on how they can unfairly and incorrectly swing an argument. This list from Changing Minds is a good place to start:

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  1. Betty Tredennick says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Lloyd.

    Note from Blog Host “You are welcome”

  2. I recommend this post at The Critical Thinker. Not only does the post list some of the most common logical fallacies with links to more information, but further down the post there is a list of tricks that people such as Troy Parfitt use to control an argument so people like him may declare victory after claiming to be an expert on the topic.

    In fact, this may be the reason that Troy Parfitt probably voted one star for this reblogged post.

    If you want to counter Troy Parfitt’s attempt to influence readers from visiting The Critical Thinker, I suggest you give this repost five stars to help cancel out Parfitt’s possible one-star vote. The reason I say possible is because I cannot be sure the one-star vote was from him but I suspect it was.

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