Crimes Against Divinity

“The Illogical School” is a new topic that is going to cover a range of logical fallacies used by fundamentalists in an attempt to support their arguments. Given the target-rich environment of their articles and videos, it’s impossible to find examples of only one that I can focus on so I’m going to go over the “basic moves” first, and go from there in later posts.

Proof by Repeated Assertion

This fallacy is a classic in the creation – evolution “debate”, in which a statement is made over and over again regardless of it having been disproved or debunked long ago. Some examples are:

“There are no transitional fossils.”

“Atheists believe what they do because they hate God.”

“[Big Bang / evolution] is only a theory.”

All three statements are either false or deliberately misleading.  The firstcan be demonstratedafter 30 seconds on Google.  The second exhibits a…

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