A Riot is a Riot is a Riot — even when it happens in China

The Diary of a Wimpy Catholic gives a brief history of London Riots, and what he says may be applied to most countries, even China, which has more to do with anarchy and chaos than a desire to have a multi-party democracy.

The London “unrest” flared on Saturday, August 7, 2011 and the latest headline (as I’m writing this post) says, “London under siege as violence spreads across UK. Ugly scenes of violence, rioting and looting have spread across the length and breadth of London and beyond since trouble began three days ago.”

This latest “unrest” in England started in the low-income, multiethnic district of Tottenham where many are unemployed. By August 9, sixteen thousand police had been deployed on the streets of London, and Prime Minster David Cameron said, “People should be in no doubt that we will do everything necessary to restore order to Britain’s streets and to make them safe for the law-abiding.” Source: Yahoo.com

The correct way to handle this sort of “unrest” may be how quickly the US ended the Rodney King Riots of 1992 in Los  Angeles, which started on Wednesday, April 29, 1992 and officially ended on May 4 — six days later.

On the second day, the state’s governor sent in 2,000 California National Guard troops.

On the fourth day, President H. W. Bush ordered 4,000 heavily armed US Marines and Army troops to quell the riots, martial law was declared, roadblocks were set up and there were firefights between the military and the looting rioters that were setting fire to the city.

Although LA’s Mayor Bradley lifted the curfew on May 4, signaling the official end of the riots, sporadic violence and crime continued for days afterward. Federal troops did not stand down until May 9, and the National Guard remained until May 14 with some troops staying as late as May 27

The LA riots caused more than $1 billion in damage and saw 53 people killed and thousands injured.

“Contrary to what has become conventional wisdom outside China, the protesters were not demanding Western style politics and an end to Communist Party Rule.” Source: BBC Documentary Produced and Directed by Rob Coldstream (2009), which I wrote about on this Blog June 30, 2010 as China’s Capitalist Revolution – Part 1 of 9

However, when unrest takes place in China and the Chinese react as the United States did in 1992 and England’s government today, the Western media, Blogs and Internet Forums often claim the unrest was caused by the fact that China is not a multi-party democracy.

Explain why China’s people should want a multi-party democracy since many democracies are broke, in debt and mired in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

In fact, in the last few decades, China has reduced severe poverty more than any country, increased literacy from 20% to more than 90%, increased the lifespan from age 35 in 1949 to more than 70 today, and created a modern consumer middle class approaching the size of the US population, while poverty, unrest and unemployment has increased in England and the United States.

In addition, in contrast to the 6 days it took to end the violent unrest in Los Angeles in 1992, The Tiananmen Square protests in the People’s Republic of China occurred between April 15, 1989 and June 4, 1989 (seven weeks — not six days), centered in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China. If you Google this unrest, most likely you will read the lie that it was a democracy movement, which it wasn’t (watch the embedded BBC video with this post to discover the facts).

When troops of the People’s Liberation Army arrived in Beijing to deal with the unrest, they were “actively opposed” by protesters. There were “battles” during the entry of the troops into the city with military casualties, and extensive roadblocks constructed by the protesters slowed the army’s progress.

How is this different from America in 1992 and London in 2011 except that the Chinese had a lot of patience to let the unrest go on for seven weeks before applying force?

More Western riots to explore, which took place in freedom loving, multi-party democracies.

1981 England riots – West Indian race riots across London, Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool

2001 England riots – South Asian race riots in Oldham, Burnley and Bradford

2005 civil unrest in France – Widespread rioting across France

2005 Cronulla riots – Beachfront riots in Sydney, Australia

2006 Dublin riots – Love-Ulster Riots in Dublin, Ireland

2008 Greek riots – Riots in Greece, mainly centered on Athens

2010 Berkeley California riot – protesters damaging UC Berkeley’s Durant Hall and then spilling over into the city streets, igniting trash cans and Dumpsters, smashing windows and clashing with police.

1934 San Francisco RiotTwo men were killed by bullets, another by injuries, 31 others were shot and an untold number, including police, were clubbed, gassed, beaten and stoned.

Recent Oakland Riots – On January 7, 2009 a protest march in Oakland involving about 250 people became violent. Demonstrators caused over $200,000 in damage while breaking shop and car windows, burning cars, setting trash bins on fire, and throwing bottles at police officers.

In fact, here is a List of incidents of civil unrest in the United States – too many to count!


Discover What is the Truth about Tiananmen Square? and The Tiananmen Square Hoax

Lloyd Lofthouse is the award-winning author of The Concubine Saga. When you love a Chinese woman, you marry her family and culture too. This is the love story Sir Robert Hart did not want the world to discover.

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23 Responses to A Riot is a Riot is a Riot — even when it happens in China

  1. Terry K Chen says:

    Just found this page and I think it gives a rather precise account of events.


    As more and more details are leaking out every year, it is becoming more and more apparent that most western media reports regarding the incident were nothing more than lies.

    • The nature of the US political system and the so-called free press leads to this sort of thing. All one need do is study the 1800 presidential election between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams to see where it all started and George Washington warned the American people that this could happen and possibly destroy the American Dream just as President Eisenhower warned the American people about the dangers of the Military Industrial complex in the US and both warnings have come to pass since the US Federal debt was caused by the build-up of the Military Industrial complex since World War II leading to the endless wars America is involved in around the world.

      “As the slurs piled on, Adams was labeled a fool, a hypocrite, a criminal, and a tyrant, while Jefferson was branded a weakling, an atheist, a libertine, and a coward.”

      Source: http://articles.cnn.com/2008-08-22/living/mf.campaign.slurs.slogans_1_jefferson-family-sally-hemings-vice-president-jefferson?_s=PM:LIVING

      Then there was the 1980 Presidential campaign between Carter and Reagan–the neoconservatives champion what they call the noble lie to achieve their political goals. This is a political splinter group that originated in the Democratic Party but most of them migrated to the GOP during this election, which led to the first neoconservative President G. W. Bush and the Nobel lie about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq leading to nation building (a neoconservative goal to change the world in the American image) in Iraq, Afghanistan and now an attempt, which appears to have failed in every country, throughout the Middle East as the second possibly neoconservative President Obama continues pushing nation building by force.

      I’m not even going to go into the history Yellow Journalism that has led to the so-called free media lying to drum up more readers so they may charge more for ad space and boost profits, and in the eyes of Americans that swallow all this tripe and bull, I am a traitor for saying what I saw.

      The definition of what a free press means does not include honesty. In fact, it was President Reagan that made sure the media would stay dishonest when he vetoes the Fairness Doctrine and killed it forever—a policy designed to insure honesty and balance would be part of the free press.

      Moreover, what the GOP and President Reagan did proves that in America, freedom to express yourself includes the right to lie and twist facts to manipulate the opinions of voters.

      However, to be fair, the CCP and the state owned media in China are no saints either but since merit is the basis of China’s education system instead of racial quotas and false self esteem as in the United States, The Chinese may have a better chance of surviving longer as a political nation state before the next inevitable major political collapse, transition and rebirth as the phoenix rises from the ashes once again as it has for millennia while Western civilization probably faces another thousand years of dark ages after its collapse—and thus, the cycle of life and death goes on.

      All the facts are out there for anyone that wants to find them but most people the world over are too lazy to find out for themselves. Today, in the US, the truth is whatever anyone wants to believe. Maybe it has always been that way everywhere on this earth.

      • merlin says:

        The military industrial complex. I still find it interesting if u look back in history, never were we so boiled down in war after war. You mention that we did nation building in Iraq and Obama is pushing it along in other nations. When I think of us nation building other countries, I think of Mcdonalds popping on every street corner, kids dressed in shorts and t’s going to westernized schools reading books printed in English.

        Ironic that a hollywood star become pres. would veto a bill of honesty in the media. Why Reagan?

        If u want to cover up something how about this? http://discaircraft.greyfalcon.us/DIE%20GLOCKE.htm

        The Die Glocke which was codenamed Chronos. The famed Nazi time machine that disappeared without a trace along with the man in charge of the project. What about Roswell? What about the Vietnam war? So many times they could’ve enacted that policy to hide secrets or put control on the press (as in the case of Vietnam when cameramen had new tech and freedoms to publish gruesome photos of reality of war).

        I’m wondering when the next dip on the political coaster will come. China seems like it’s on the upswing and I imagine it will be many years before it takes a fall and rises from the ashes. In previous eras, they lasted centuries. The CCP has only been on the scene in the recent century, and from the looks of it if it changes it will be the first peaceful change in the entire history of China (from BC-present). Unfortunately, the US is built like Rome. We are a republic nation that has expanded globally with trade/commerce and conquer opponents through war with our top military men/women fighting force + technology. As many historians claim, Rome fell in around 200 years of it’s creation. If we are similar to Rome, than we are overdue for our demise. I’m kinda curious what it will be like? Will we collapse from the economy where our money becomes so worthless that we will give to our kids to use as toy building blocks like Germany? Will we collapse from a political mess? Will a stronger opponent rise and take us down? Will we go absolutely nuts and start a nuclear civil war raining atom bombs down on ourselves? Considering the Tiannmen Square incident in which most foreigners grabbed the first flight out, the ones that stayed held the most opportunity as once it was over the chinese were swarming them asking for foreign made products since everyone else left. What if America collapsed tomorrow? Everyone ran, would there be an upswing in opportunity for foreign goods? Would we be bashing down the doors of the nearest taco stand like a swarm of zombies offering to pay hundreds of dollars for a burrito?

      • A collapse in America does not mean the nation will vanish into a black hole like the Dark Ages that took place in Europe (also known as the Middle Ages), which lasted for about a thousand years (5th century to 15th century).

        There is also evidence that there have been other Dark Ages in the West and in Southeast Asia.

        The Greek Dark Ages lasted from 1100 BC to 750 BC. Then there was the Dark Ages of Cambodia (1450 to 1863) probably after the Khmer Empire collapsed.

        No, when I think of a collapse in America, I do not see the country vanishing. What I see is a political upheaval and an end to democracy as we know it. The Roman Empire and the Greek City states were both Republics (not democracy as we know it where almost everyone has a vote but almost half never vote) and both of these Republics collapsed due to the type of political corruption we see happening in the US today.

        Maybe there should be a law in the US that if a citizen does not vote, he or she loses the right to vote, pays higher taxes and is considered a half citizen that cannot own property or work in a high paying job.

        There are even claims that origin/concept of democracy and/or republic are not Western in concept but started in India much earlier than Greece. Some experts say that early Sumerian civilization was democratic between 2900 to 2300 BC. However, there is no solid evidence to support this theory.

        The next reference to a republic was in India between 4000 to 2000 BC. Some historians say that a nation state called Sabha elected its ruler around 500BC. The most detailed historical description we have comes from Alexander the Great’s conquest of most of Asia. There was a city state on the border of modern Afghanistan and Pakistan that was ruled by a president named Acluphis and he had a council of 300, which ended when the city surrendered to the boy emperor Alexander the Great.

        From what I’ve read, Rome was a republic from about 700 BC until Julius Caesar (44 BC)was proclaimed emperor and the republic was no more marking the transition from Republic to Empire. Later the Roman Empire split between the East and West and the Eastern Roman Empire survived more than a thousand years longer than the Italian Roman Empire.

        That is what I see happening to America. When the economy gets bad enough, when crime rules the street and we cannot build prisons fast enough, when we became a police state to the point where we see police patrolling streets with sub machine guns and armored cars and the streets (except for wealthy gate guarded enclaves) are war zones, that is when the people will clamor for a Julius Caesar to guide the US out of the darkness brought on by the chaos of democracy. That is when the US will do away with the Amendment that limits a president to two terms and that is when the Congress will either be abolished or have all of its power stripped.

        The American Founding Fathers (Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, etc) were well educated and knew most of this history and the dangers that could destroy a republic and they saw that democracies usually don’t last as long as republics so they created a limited republic (that had slavery and where women and children were chattel or the property of white men—excluding Jews). The Founding Fathers limited the electorate to white men that owned property/businesses, which was about 10% of the population. The only body that was elected by the people was the Congress. The members of the Senate were appointed by each state and the members of the Electoral Body, which today has more than 500 members, elected the president.

        The Founding Fathers of the US despised democracy where the majority of people decided the affairs of state that guided the country.

        In addition, we see why they despised democracy: the Cold War, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, a military budget approaching one trillion dollars annually, etc. The only reason the US was born with slavery was due to a compromise. If the Founding Fathers had not compromised, the South may have gone its own way or sided with the British Empire. For the sake of unity, the slavery issue was put on the back burner and wouldn’t erupt into flame until 1860 after the election of Lincoln.

      • merlin says:

        Here I was holding out for a futuristic “Dark Ages”. 😛 It’s too bad because the Middle ages of Europe produced numerous inventions and new theories. So what was the Greek middle ages? Wouldn’t that be around the time of Socrates and Plato?

        Your theory on a law for voting is cool. Then if everyone votes, they can’t complain when political corruption happens as they are the ones that voted the person to a government position.

        So India was the first republic? Thank you I didnt know that information. I’m always interested in learning something new about that part of the past. Wasn’t that around the age of the original Sidharta Guatama Buddha (mispell?) If it was, then why would he, the son of a high class noble, jump the wall and run away?

        Also, Rome was an empire, but some would claim we are an empire.

        So THAT’S the “dark ages” you imagine? Well, sounds similar to what I was told years ago that America would be divided. Trying to remember who told me that, they said that SC has always been against the union and they’ll divide again. When they do, more states will follow this time and it won’t be a civil war…just a division into 2 different countries. Some people mentioned that it could become separate in that each state holds the power. We’d still be united, but we wouldn’t be united under congress and a powerful President, as such we wouldn’t be United States of America, just the States of America or something. Anyways, even though your vision of American dark ages sounds dreary, it sounds similar to something I’ve heard and read multiple times….on the history channel and in the pew on Sunday morning in church while flipping through the book out of boredom.

        Crime is everywhere, street gangs have returned, home break-ins are on the rise that I have to lock the basement door to the garage every night, a 12 yr old was whisked to FL and sexually abused 2 months ago and a friend I went to highschool with lost her 15 yr old sister a month ago when she willingly hopped in a car with a known drug king pin. She received a call from a payphone in TX from her sis that said she was drugged at the 24 yr old’s house and taken against her will to TX near the Mexico border. The police took awhile to stir and finally an alert was sent out. My friend told me last week she heard rumors her sis might be on a bus heading home, but I’ve not checked back on that yet. We’ve yet to get the police with assault rifles like in HK and the wealthy living in gated communities. Still your prediction sounds so eerily similar to people on the History channel that interpret Nostradamus or the bible or other philosophers and theorists on the end of the world. To the world, it may not be the end, but to the people living in a location that goes down a toilet it might seem like hell.

        Slavery still exists today, but in a different form. Do most people in America live the American dream? Or do most live in neverending debt? Do we slave away in factories, and earn expensive degrees to be caged in office cubicles like monkeys?

      • If today’s global slave trade is any indication of how far we have slid toward that new dark age, then it is too late to turn around and save republics and democracies.

        Slavery is very much alive and is a growing industry. In fact, the sex slave capital of America may surprise you. It is Houston, Texas where there are more illegal whorehouses than any other city in American, even Las Vegas. According to reports, Houston is where most of the 14,500 to 17,500 trafficked sex slaves that are sent to America end up in Houston as the entry point to the US for this illegal industry.

        PBS Frontline did a feature on Sex Slaves.



        CNN did a special on this growing trade:


        The plight of women and children being sold into sex slavery around the world is being highlighted as part of International Women’s Day. An estimated two million women and children are sold into the sex trade every year, the U.S. research group Protection Project states. Launching a report by the group, U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski described the sex trade as “a repugnant and despicable practice that has no place in the 21st century.”

        A report by the Protection Project, based at Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, Maryland, has documented the rising trends in the sex slave trade. It says more than 15,000 women are trafficked into the United States every year, many of them young girls from Mexico.


        The New York Times did a piece on this topic called “The Girls Next Door”:


        On a tip, the Plainfield police raided the house in February 2002, expecting to find illegal aliens working an underground brothel. What the police found were four girls between the ages of 14 and 17. They were all Mexican nationals without documentation. But they weren’t prostitutes; they were sex slaves


        In addition, according to Abolition Media, there are 27 million modern-day slaves across the world. It is estimated that this illegal industry has profits of $32 billion annually and half of these profits come from developed, industrial nations such as the US. In fact, 98% of the woman and girls that are slaves are in the illegal sex industry. However, every country has a law against slavery.



        PS: half of the pornography in the world is produced in the United States. In fact, you may want to check out the statistics on Internet Pornography in the US. According to Pure Hope, 40 million people in the US are sexually involved with the Internet; 2.5 billion emails per day are pornographic


        In fact, as many as 2.8 million children run away from home each year in the US. Within 48 hours of hitting the streets, one-third of these children (more than 900,000) are lured or recruited into the underground world of prostitution and pornography. The average age of entry of children in this illegal industry is 12 years old.

        Child pornography is one of the fastest growing crimes in the US with a 2500% increase in arrests in 10 years.


      • merlin says:

        I despise it so much, I always imagine working in the organizations in SE Asia arranging stings.

        You said a large chunk of investment comes from the US, reminds me of the film, Taken, in which rich industrialists sit in rooms and bid on girls. In reality, I remember watching a few Dateline shows on businessmen from the US that travel to Cambodia for children, then they return home to their wife and kids. Celebrate their kids birthday, their wife’s anniversary, and then off to another business trip in Asia to ruin another person’s life.

        It’s hard to believe Houston is the top center for the trade in America. I’d imagine it would be a regular Texan whorehouse with Mexicans crossing the border that can’t find work elsewhere and turn to the sex industry. But you’re saying there’s kids and it’s SLAVERY? My friend’s 15 yr old sister has still not come home and it’s been nearly 2 months after she left with that drug king pin. I’d imagine that most of those whorehouses are operated by the same gangs running the drug trade. I was feeling up to grabbing my friend looking for a chance at the Marines, and roadtripping to TX in search of my other friend’s little sister, but if it’s going to be a house of about 30+ gang members each packing a machine pistol of some sort, it would be suicide to try. Not only that, but by American Law I’m not permitted to carry a weapon as I dont have a license, plus it’s illegal to carry the piece I’d need for such an objective.

      • From what I read, Houstin is one entry point that just had more illegal bordelos than other cities but illegal prostitution exists in every city in America as it does in every city in the world unless it’s legal as it is in Nevada.

        This link will take you to a world map that shows where prostitution is legal and regulated by the government and where it isn’t. If this map is correct, you will see that prostitution is legal in Mexico, Canada, most of Europe and in Australia, etc.


      • merlin says:

        Vegas is legalized? Is that why the Hangover film jokes about the dentist marrying a hooker? What stays in Vegas…apparently followed him to Thailand. It’s too bad I heard about the one actor’s fatal car crash right after I got back from China. It’s a great loss for comedy.

        Anyways, noting the few countries you have already listed from the map, Canada stands out. You mention the whole industry online, which I think most studios are in California, but there are a lot of actors/actresses in those films that live in Canada. Just google some big names and you’ll either find them living in CA or Canada.

        Besides the legalized prostitution in Canada, there are other points I’ve noticed about the country. A man in my hometown recently married a Philippine girl from the net. Instead of the expensive cost for an American green card, they ended up meeting in Canada, where she currently lives. I still dont know why he came back home, but the point is it’s easy to marry a foreign spouse in Canada than in the US. I would also assume it’s easy to sneak one across the Canadian border as opposed to the heavily fortified Mexican border. I’ve heard stories of people marrying foreign spouse’s for money and splitting once they’re in the US. I’m beginning to wonder if Canada plays a role in that process.

      • According to Wiki, Nevada is the only U.S. state to allow some legal prostitution in the form of regulated brothels and only in a few of Nevada’s counties—not all of them. Prostitution outside of these licensed brothels, which are mostly isolated in remote rural areas, is illegal, which means if a male picks up a prostitute in Las Vegas or Reno, he might find himself in jail if it is a sting.

        Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_in_Nevada

        You bring up an interesting point for Canada being an entry port for Asian immigrants to the US. If I can find any facts on that subject, I’d like to write a post about it. I’ve also heard of a few Americans being paid by foreign nationals to marry them so they can get into the US and then they divorce without any rancor.

        However, I’ve also heard of lonely Americans being seduced by foreign nationals to marry them then the foreign national divorces them a year or so after getting into the US and takes half of their money in divorce court. Sad! Sort of like getting screwed twice but not wanting it the second time.

    • merlin says:

      Now there’s the missing information! Of course, as I scroll down, probably not the best blog to be reading while at work.

  2. Terry K Chen says:

    Mr. lofthouse, what do you think the Chinese government should do regarding the 1989 tiananmen unrest? It’s unrealistic for them censoring that information forever, but at the same time its not easy to suddenly integrate this knowledge into the education system. They should never have hid the facts from the general public in the first place. It only makes them look like they were the aggressors.

    • One way to deal with it might be to endorse all or some of the 2008 BBC Documentary on the unrest in 1989, and respond to any sections that the Chinese government’s consensus disagrees with.

  3. merlin2010 says:

    I have my own personal experience in China and I agree that sometimes playing the liar card must be done. I was having a hard time trying to run it by mom and grandma. In China, the truth is worse than the lie. If you work without a work visa, you will be punished. Yes, there are many cheats in China that are waiting like hungry wolves to cook the new bunny for dinner. I’ve heard many stories of chinese ripping the carpet out from people’s feet and never helping to get the work visa. IF a person tells police the truth, punishment will be severe for 2 reasons. FIRST, they admit to work illegally which is the main focus of the police. Second, admitting you’ve been cheated will lead into a Chinese court room circus that will cost a lot of money and being foreigner, the foreigner will more than likely be on the losing end. While cops track down the suspect in your claim and the days go on, you gotta spend time in jail.

  4. Terry K Chen says:

    Mr.Lofthouse, I just happened to stumble on these video’s that happen to document the situation at the time. They are in Chinese or cantonese but the point these video’s are trying to make is obvious.

    Honestly, come to think of it, it’s amazing that the Chinese government was able to tolerate these students for two months. Any other government would have dealt with them within the first few days.

    They should have dealt with these students within the first few days before the protests got as big as they did. Apart from that, I think they should not have censored this information. The more you hide things, the more wrong you look.

    • “The more you hide things, the more wrong you look.” True.

      Specially in the West where hiding things is considered evidence of guilt. However, hiding bad news seems to be more cultural in China than a sign of guilt when it comes to the image or reputation you want China to have in the eyes of the world.

      Although, when it comes to graft and corruption by an individual in China, hiding the facts makes sense because in China, a guilty verdict in court may end in a long jail term or an exectution while in the US, a year or two in a minimum security prison might be the worst punishment most receive for graft and corruption and in that type of US prison there are usually tennis courts so the prisoners won’t get bored.

      Minimum security institutions in the U.S., also known as Federal Prison Camps (FPCs), have dormitory housing, a relatively low staff-to-inmate ratio, and limited or no perimeter fencing. These institutions are work- and program-oriented; and many are located adjacent to larger institutions or on military bases, where inmates help serve the labor needs of the larger institution or base.

      In fact, Forbes magazine ran a piece about the best US prisons to spend time in. There’s a slide show. One minimum security prison in Texarkana offers a track as well as a bocce pit, a basketball court and several fields for inmates to use and while in prison they have complete and free medical, which includes organ transplants and heart surgery. In fact, I read about a man that lost his job and his medical insurance so he robbed a bank and made sure he got caught to get into prison for the free medical. If he hadn’t done that, he probably would have died from his illness.


    • That guy in front of the tank would have been run over if an American US Marine had been driving. I served in the US Marines in Vietnam. I know. We were animals.

      If I was driving the tank, I would have run him over. In fact, the Chinese leadership is too soft. If I had been in charge with that level of violence going on, I would have given the protesters a deadline to cease and desist and then given the order to shoot to kill—every one of them.

      I have no patience for anyone that is involved in that level of domestic violence and criminal behavior.

      Humanitarianism has its limits and this is one of those incidents.

      Since when do we allow mobs to kill, injure and destroy while millions of law avoiding people get up, go to work and never behave this barbarously?

      In fact, that scene in front of the tank looks as if it were a set up with a camera located in a high rise where it wouldn’t be detected as if the people behind the camera were hoping the tank would smash the guy so they could release the video to the Western media.

      Of course, when they did release it to the Western media, it was edited so the tankers weren’t seen attempting to avoid hitting the guy. When soldiers are given order, you do as your are told or go to the brig. That is how we are trained.

      They even talked to him when he climbed onto the tank. When they set fire to that armored car, if the crew was still inside, they were roasted alive and never fired a shot.

  5. Merlin says:

    People dont like change. IF you want proof of that, look at all the people running to the government for money for lost loved ones after the earthquakes and the recent train incident. In the US, we sorta accept nature can be harsh. We dont run to Obama demanding he compensate for an earthquake in California that toppled a building on grandma.

  6. merlin says:

    It’s funny that the world considers a PERFECT country as one ruled by a democracy. This is just 20th-21st century thinking. In the past there have been MANY 1 party systems in the form of imperial empires that have managed to exist without problems. Today, when people think of 1 party system of government they think of dictators such as Hitler or 1 govt controlled body of power such as in the former USSR. If you’d like to look deeper into it, to the people of Germany at the time, Hitler was a political hero saving the country from the worst economic crisis while also trying to “peacefully” expand the borders of the country and make Germany a world power. I say peacefully because for the VERY beginning he would go to his neighbors and ask for land. It was the later years that he would use military might to TAKE the land which escalated into WW2.

    To answer your question why is the world in debt and in war with the middle east…the reason is because the US is (was?) the big dog of the world. As a toilet flushes into a swirling vortex down the pipe, so did the global economy. Started with the US, and eventually sucked those linked to the US down with it. The same reason is applied with the war. Many are our ally. When we go to war, we run to our allies and demand they help us since we helped them in the past. So they’ll send a small handful of troops. The problem is, it’s not the mid east we fight, but a religion. Muslims are spread across the globe. There is bound to be a radical at least in every country. So when countries ally and send troops to fight the radical muslims in the mid east, the ones at home see it as a threat and take the opportunity to make a stand in some way, shape, or form. Countries soon find they have 1 little ant causing a ruckus, and they start believing there was a gap in security at the airports. As such, they beef up airport security and send more troops to the war effort feeling they are no longer just a toe in the water but the entire foot.

    As for rioting in China, I’m going to assume that is why the news never reports on the dozens of riots happening all the time in the villages and small cities. They are because of rising inflation and cost of living, yet the wages at the work place are not rising. Also, as a foreigner in a jam, I’m feeling not just the pressure, but I can feel that jobs (even for foreigners) are demanding more requirements and such just to work. I met one Italian boy straight out of college with an MBA. He couldn’t find a suitable job in China that would provide the wage he wanted to pay off college and make a descent living. He told me most jobs at his level (MBA) even require you either be a national Chinese citizen OR be fluent in Chinese. It strikes me as funny that China now is pushing the foreigner out of the picture and taking over the helm. Before, when the supermarkets such as Carrefour and Lotus started in China, it was operated by foreigners. Foreign employees, foreign managers. Now the whole system is chinese. I’ve had plenty of experience working in the retail industry that I thought I could easily get a job there if teaching didnt work out. Well, apparently it’s strictly Chinese ONLY.

    Anyways, I assume the reason nobody reports on these small riots is because the government doesnt want to be bashed to pieces in western media as the decry it as “Look even the farmers and poor in the small villages are now rising up to protest in order to get a democratic system of govt!” When in fact it’s simply inflation. One thing though I agree with is SOON something will change in China. Whether it happens through a massive riot as in the 80s, or as a peaceful govt agreement, I can feel in the 2 years I’ve been here that the country is set for change.

    • “As for rioting in China, I’m going to assume that is why the news never reports on the dozens of riots happening all the time in the villages and small cities.”

      Another reason for unrest is how fast China is changing and modernizing. Building dams, roads, high speed rail–all this development means people lose land and life is changing and history shows us that people resist change. It is difficult to force people to change habits.

      The same thing is happening in Burma. I just read a peace about Burma in a recent National Geographic Magazine (NGM did not call it Burma–I did–because it is easier to spell) where an ethinc minority is fighting to keep its land as Burma’s military government builds dams to generate electricity, which means villagers living as they have for centuries don’t want to change.

  7. Alessandro says:

    Unfortunately, not more funny than how ANY riots in ANY country the west considers “bad” (for a different series of reasons, being not accepting western economic colonialism, USA and allies political meddling, foreign corporations theft and so on) is considered “peaceful protests by civilians”, even when it’s clear as the sun that the “protesters” are well armed and not “shy” in using their weapons (Libya is a perfect example of this)…It’s an old vice/technic of the west to distort reality like this, when it serves its own purposes.

    • Alessandro,

      I’ve read that the largest arms suppliers to the world are private companies in the US and the US government supplying weapons to its allies. The US once armed Saddam in Iraq and then he switched to the Russians and they armed him with even more weapons.

  8. Terry Chen says:

    Very very well said. What you said also applies for the 08 tibetan riots. Its funny how every single riot in China is described as a ‘peaceful protest’.

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