The Danger of False Truths – Part 1/3

An “old” friend of mine (both definitions of “old”) sent me two e-mails revealing two individual (but false) truths that he believes.

Of course, he cannot help but be this way since he is an individual that only sees things in black and white (by his admission). He is also a fundamentalist evangelical Christian, and has a political agenda that brands him as a neoconservative, libertarian Republican that admires the Tea Party. He also once wrote in an e-mail that G. W. Bush was one of America’s greatest presidents.

His individual truths are influenced by those cultural, religious and political beliefs.

He sent me a link to Chinese officials stole more than $120-billion and fled overseas, central banks says

“Thousands of corrupt Chinese officials have stolen more than $120-billion U.S. and fled overseas since the mid-1990s – and the U.S. was a top destination, according to a report released by the country’s (China’s) central bank.”

“The report, released this week by the People’s Bank of China, says between 16,000 to 18,000 government officials and executives at state-owned enterprises smuggled about 800-billion yuan ($123-billion) out of China between the mid-’90s and 2008.”

Divide $123 billion among 18,000 crooks over a period of 16 years and about $7.5 billion was moved each year or about $417,000 per crook and if that money came to the US, someone probably paid taxes on it.

This doesn’t even come close to the thefts of those in the the US that brought the world the 2008 global financial crises, which cost the world more than an estimated $40 trillion US and in a lot shorter time period.

Continued on July 22, 2011 in The Danger of False Truths – Part 2


Lloyd Lofthouse is the award-winning author of the concubine saga, My Splendid Concubine & Our Hart. When you love a Chinese woman, you marry her family and culture too.

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4 Responses to The Danger of False Truths – Part 1/3

  1. Xiaohu Liu says:

    Yeah I saw this story too a while back but I think the WSJ’s China real-time report proved it was a hoax of some sort. Very scary how far a lie can get nowadays. If people can believe this out of a sinophobic bias, I’m not sure I feel safe as a Chinese-Canadian anymore.

    This gradual conditioning of the American people by selective news coverage of China, is getting to be pretty uncomfortable. What is making the headlines today about China? Fake apple stores as discovered by some expat blogger. A petty scam, designed to con inland Chinese, turns into another piece of the on-going China storyline as determined by the various news outlets.

    The buzz words of this on going narrative?

    police state, ademocratic, counterfeit, slave labour, political repression, currency manipulation, military threat, etc etc etc

    If an event doesn’t hit one of these topics, it doesn’t make sense to the American news audience, since this is the story-line that the news have conditioned them to.

    Now I don’t know if this is a reflection of a natural bias or some Edward Bernays like manipulation of public opinion, but I tend to lean toward the latter, because I know the American people. they are decent people. I lived in America as a kid, went to middle school there, I had friends, I just can’t credit the American people with this degree of hate.

    • From the research I’ve done while writing posts for this Blog, I learned that maybe 30 to 40% of Americans fall into the gullible, brainwashed Sinophobic crowd and are victims of the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned American about when he was living in the White House. To feed this military industry, a majority of the public must be kept afraid and paranoid, and America must have other nations and/or groups outside of the US to fan the flames of fear.

      Then there is the Politically Correct mob that will tar and feather you on the Internet and in the media if you say anything about one or more of their sacred cows.

      I’ve run into some of these people on other Blogs and Forums and I’ve had a few face to face encounters with China haters in public that reminded me of that guy that shot the Arizona Senator Gabrielle Giffords while killing and wounding about a dozen others.

      As long as America has this war against Middle Eastern Terrorists, China should be left alone to continue its progress to build a modern nation without much poverty and ignorance. In the end, it may be the Chinese that will have more freedom than most Americans that are now prisoners of credit card debt and poor health.


      Then again, urban Chinese seem more like Americans all the time at least when it comes to a consumer obsessed lifestyle of gadgets, gas guzzling cars, fast food and soda.

      I’m even guilty when it comes to some gadgets but not the rest.

  2. Ugh, you really know how to hurt a guy. Clearly the Chinese officials were amateurs. 😛

    • “You really know how to hurt a guy”

      Only when it is deserved.

      And if someone proves one of my posts, opinions and/or rebuttals wrong (using solid facts as evidence leaving no doubts) than I will accept the pain and admit I was wrong. However, the old friend I mention seldom admits he is wrong about anything as if through him speaks the voice of God and often supports himself with the opinions of others.

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