Free to Lie – Part 2/3

I learned that three presidents caused most of the National Debt we have today: Ronald Reagan, who increased the National Debt more than $300 billion in two years; George H. W. Bush, who added another $700 billion in two years, and the last Bush that increased the National Debt by more than $5 trillion in eight years.

This means that President Obama came into office with a National Debt that was more than 10 trillion and the annual interest payment on that debt was about $400 billion or $1.2 trillion since he’s been in office, and the GOP and the Tea Party make it sounds as if the National Debt is his fault.

How many people in the US think of Social Security as a burden on the taxpayer? I admit, until I read a piece from the AARP Bulletin’s Social Security’s Enduring Truths by James Roosevelt Jr., the grandson of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who gave us Social Security, I thought the taxpayer was responsible to pay for Social Security of the program went broke.

However, I learned that was not the fact, which I will explain in Free to Lie – Part 3.

Meanwhile, did you know that China has a Social Security system?

In fact, China’s social security system is broken down into five distinct categories, which are:

1. Pension
2. Medical insurance
3. Unemployment insurance
4. Maternity insurance
5. Occupational injury insurance

To learn more, visit “China Briefing” and read Adam Livermore’s “Understanding China’s Social Security System”.

Continued on July 14, 2011 in Free to Lie – Part 3 or return to Part 1


Lloyd Lofthouse is the award-winning author of the concubine saga, My Splendid Concubine & Our Hart. When you love a Chinese woman, you marry her family and culture too.

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4 Responses to Free to Lie – Part 2/3

  1. Xiaohu Liu says:

    Ahhh I kind of drifted from the original topic. What I wanted to say going off your point about Chinese SS is, there will never be any media coverage of improvements to Chinese social security because of the aforementioned myth of free-capitalism China. Because if workers find out that conditions and benefits are improving even in a poor country like China, they might have the audacity to demand it at home in the US.

    • Xiaohu Liu said, “Because if workers find out that conditions and benefits are improving even in a poor country like China, they might have the audacity to demand it at home in the US.”

      You may be correct. Even if the US is almost $15 trillion in debt and China has a surplus of money, people at the bottom in the US are so used to government handouts they will probably demand more. And if the government doesn’t give them what they deamand, they’ll just burn down parts of cities–a little bit of Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, etc.

      Isn’t that what is happening in Greece and has happened before in the US? The mob doesn’t care if the government is broke or not, they still want it all.

  2. Xiaohu Liu says:

    There is a real war going on in America, fought by the rich against the poor and the press is one of the organs par excellence paid by the rich to fight the propaganda war. They’ve built an absurd explanation of China’s economic success and it goes (just read any Thomas Friedman articles in the NYT)

    “China is so successful because they are the new wild west of capitalism just like the US was in the last century, where the free market is given rein and allowed to do its thing. The US is in trouble today because the government has overregulated the markets. If the US is ever to rejuvenate, we need more capital deregulation and more tax cuts”

    The enviable result of this is of course, even more of the money is concentrated to the ultra-rich, who are the only ones that really gains from financial deregulation.

    You know I really sympathize with workers in America and understand why they may blame China for their woes, but until they understand who is really selling them down the river, things are going get a lot harder for those folks.

    • Xiahou Liu,

      I agree. Whoever controls the strings to the American media machines, which too many American’s believe is free as if it is not controlled by corporations with political agendas, is mostly selling the American worker a blame game where scapegoats (and China is often one of those scapegoats along with so-called “liberals” and before China and “liberals” there was Japan in the 1960s and 1970s) are offered but not the truth.

      Meanwhile, as a sizeable chunk of the American population continues to swallow the scapegoat misinformation and twisted truths/lies and join groups such as the Tea Party movement, that one percent of the American population that is filthy rich keep getting richer while the middle class in the U.S. loses their homes and jobs along with getting poorer and more in debt to the banks.

      Oh, let’s not forget the Republican Party that is fighting to make sure the rich keep their tax cuts.

      There was a song first recorded in 1946 called “Sixteen Tons” about a coal miner that says, “I owe my soul to the company store.” America is quickly returning to the era of “Sixteen Tons”.

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