Keeping Mao Alive in the West – Part 4/4

As for Bo Xilai, the so-called darling of the Maoists according to The Economist, the weekly rag failed to mention that last year when this Chinese “Maoist” splinter of the Communist Party thought they had a leader in Bo Xilai, he had thirty Maoist hard core leaders arrested and locked up. Source: Serve the People

Bo Xilai may be a leader among Chinese conservatives but those conservatives are not Maoist revolutionaries dreaming of a return to the upside down world of The Cultural Revolution, which would turn China into a train wreck, and most Chinese have worked too hard building a modern, capitalist China to throw all that away.

Maoists have followers as well as critics in modern China. While these supporters of Mao claim that it was during his era that China witnessed mass development in terms of economy, industry, healthcare, education, and Infrastructure, his critics (that have ruled China since 1976 leading to a middle class of about 400 million) hold a different view.

According to them, the history of Maoist China was marked with uncountable deaths, and an extreme economic crisis that damaged China’s cultural heritage.

What is the difference between the Maoists in China that are a minority in the Communist Party and the American Nazi Party in the US? Do we read pieces in the Western media criticizing the US for having an American Nazi party after what the Nazis did during World War II?

In fact, in 2006, reported, “New schoolbooks were about to be introduced in Shanghai that were moving a bit further away from the traditional communist ideology. And in them Mao was actually only mentioned once, and very fleetingly, as part of a lesson on the custom of lowering flags to half mast at state funerals.”

In that interview at NPR, Louisa Lim said, “The official verdict on Mao that the Party came to in 1981 was that he was 70% good and 30% bad. And their mythology about Mao was really that he was a great national hero who unified the country. He sort of threw off the yoke of Japanese imperialism and freed people from poverty, and that any later mistakes were made when he was older and should be weighed up against his great contributions to China.”

If Bo Xilai sounds as if he wants to bring the Maoism of The Cultural Revolution back, he is probably doing what all “good” politicians do (even in the US), and that is telling people what they want to hear to gain support. After all, in 2012, China’s leaders are changing and Bo wants to get as close to the top as possible. That is not a secret.

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Lloyd Lofthouse is the award-winning author of the concubine saga, My Splendid Concubine & Our Hart. When you love a Chinese woman, you marry her family and culture too.

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2 Responses to Keeping Mao Alive in the West – Part 4/4

  1. Terry K Chen says:

    Western media has always depicted Mao as a dictator that only had personal interests a h Mao zedong is regarded as a hero to the chinese people(myself included). He reunited the country and he stood up to western powers who wanted to bully China into submission. He kept his word that he would fight america if they got too close to the Chinese border during the Korean war. It is for these reasons why he is so respected by the Chinese people. Ultimately, he was a jealous man who was scared that other talented individuals would surpass him (But come on, how many people can truly say they don’t like having power?) and he had no idea how to run a country, leading to the cultural revolution and the great leap forward. However, is it ever reported by Western Media that Mao’s daughter currently lives in extreme poverty? Do they ever report that two of his son’s died because Mao sent his own son’s to the frontlines of the korean war? Obviously, he trully believed in his ideals, even if they were flawed. If Mao had been a selfish man that only cared about himself, all of his children would be living in luxury now. There is nothing wrong with Chinese people regarding him as a hero(some of my western friends find it funny that Chinese people do not hate Mao and they always say that brainwashing by the CCP is the reason). He definitely had his problems, but he is not the demon that western media makes him out to be.

    • I agree with you that Mao was not the demon the Western media makes him out to be and I have written some future posts that will appear in the next few weeks that will focus on this.

      Terry K Chen wrote, “However, is it ever reported by Western Media that Mao’s daughter currently lives in extreme poverty? Do they ever report that two of his sons died because Mao sent his own sons to the frontlines of the Korean war? Obviously, he truly believed in his ideals, even if they were flawed.” I admit this is the first I’ve heard of this, which proves you are right that the West ignores anything that does not support the opinions they want people in the West to believe. I suspect this focus on demonizing Mao and making China look bad is a way to make sure America’s military industrial complex will always have an enemy to justify the huge expenditures on America’s military, which more than half of all military is spending on the planet.

      Here are a few interesting facts that “MAY” reveal the real demons on the earth. The US has the largest prison population on the planet. America spends more on military than any country on earth. Americans carry more debt. The nuclear stockpile of weapons is HUGE. China has about 350 nuclear weapons and the US has thousands. The US has several hundred military bases scattered around the world. How many military bases does China have outside of mainland China? America and Europe have generated more pollution than China has since the Industrial Revolution started in England in the 18th century. More than two centuries of industrial pollution in the West compared to China’s last thirty years.

      If you check for dead zones off America and Europe’s coasts, you will find many areas that grow nothing because that pollution killed all life. When we compare these tidal dead zones with China, there is no comparison and China may keep its coasts healthier than American and Europe if it continues to be the leader in Green energy while cleaning up the environmental damage from thirty years worth of pollution.

      How long will it take the West to repair the damage from more than two centuries of pollution?

      Need I go on? If we were to keep score for wars and pollution starting with the beginning of the industrial revolution in England, I wonder how well the West would compare to China.

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