The Truth about Gambling and Drug Use in China

Paul Johnson wrote an opinionated essay of China’s Secret Sickness: Is History repeating itself? in The Jewish World Review.

Johnson wrote, “China has secret weaknesses. Its most serious: gambling and drug addiction. China’s new prosperity is already producing a rapid expansion of the country’s international gambling class, not to mention an appreciable increase in the number of drug addicts.”

What Johnson says of China isn’t a secret.

In fact, North America is by far the king of global gambling and drug use — something Johnson doesn’t mention.

From Illegal Drug Trade in the People’s Republic of China, we learn “there are over 900,000 registered drug addicts in China, but the Government recognizes that the actual number of users is far higher. Some unofficial estimates range as high as 12 million.”

When we compare China’s figures with the US, we discover that “an estimated 12.8 million Americans, about 6 percent of the household population aged twelve and older, use illegal drugs on a current basis (within the past thirty days).…” Source:


If these numbers are correct, China and the US have about the same number of illegal drug users.  However, China has five times the people, which mean 6% of Americans are addicted to drugs while less than one percent of Chinese are.

How about Johnson’s claim that the Chinese have a secret sickness for gambling? The answer may be found at Global Economics of Gambling (GEG).

From GEG, I learned that in 2006, revenues from gambling in America were 94.9 billion dollars while they were only 5.1 billion in China.

I have a question for Paul Johnson, “Why are you focusing on China when North America has more of a problem with gambling and drug use than China has?”

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