The Flaws of Democracy and Humanitarianism – Part 3/7

Left Coast Voices posted a piece about Liu Xiabo, a leader of the Chinese democracy movement, who won the latest Nobel Peace Prize.

It is a fact that today’s concept of Western style democracy, which Liu Xiabo and the Nobel Peace Prize committee seem to want for China and the rest of the world is seriously flawed.

This flaw was the reason the Founding Fathers of the United States despised democracy, which John Adams, America’s second president, said leads to “mob rule”.

The result of this “mob rule” has led to overcrowded US prisons housing thousands of extremely dangerous felons such as Thomas Silverstein, Ted Kaczynski, Terry Nichols, Richard Reid, and Ramzi Yousef.  Source:

There are more than a hundred thousand inmates in US prisons serving life sentences. About 30% of all lifers have no chance of parole since many are too dangerous to go free.

In addition, the Policy Almanac says, “gangs remain a problem in many areas throughout the nation.”

Then in 2008, Science Daily reported, “a survey of 17 countries has found that despite its punitive drug policies the United States has the highest levels of illegal cocaine and cannabis use.”

These examples show what Western style democratic freedoms deliver.

In China, most of these criminals would have been executed soon after being convicted of the horrible crimes they committed.

It’s true that in China, the execution rate is the highest in the world, but in the US, the murder rate is higher. At least most of the criminals that are executed in China are the bad guys—not honest, hard working victims.

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