Does Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg believe he is a Virtual god?

With amazement, I read a post written by Doug Caverly, a staff writer for WebProNews, about Facebook’s goal to trademark the word “face”.

Doug explains that if Facebook gains control of the use of the word “face” it would only apply to the realm of [t]elecommunication services.  Go to Doug’s original post (use link above) for details.

In my opinion, this is a sign of paranoid megalomania on the part of Mark Zuckerberg.  How can Zuckerberg look at his “face” in the mirror each morning as he attempts to own a word (at least the virtual use) in the English language?

What’s frightening is the “Untied States Patent and Trademark Office sent Facebook a Notice of Allowance, indicating that it doesn’t take issue with the idea,” Doug says.

Are federal government employees in the US that stupid or are they just brain dead?


Sunil R. Nair defends Mark Zuckerberg (on another issue) at India’s Business Blog,  Nair’s conclusion says, “In defense of Mark Zuckerberg, I can say that if I had to do all of what he did to build a great company I could do it without regret and in the same manner that he did.”

I wonder if Sunil still feels that way since Zuckerberg’s move to own the virtual use of the word “face”.

In fact, face is a concept that has been part of Chinese civilization for several thousand years, is still in use today, and has been mentioned on the Internet. The concept of “face” to the Chinese is complicated and is part of China’s culture.  If anyone should own the use of “face”, it should be the Chinese—not Facebook.

Mark, you may have gone too far — again.


Lloyd Lofthouse is the award-winning author of the concubine saga, My Splendid Concubine & Our Hart. When you love a Chinese woman, you marry her family and culture too.

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3 Responses to Does Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg believe he is a Virtual god?

  1. says:

    You must mean Fakebook. God damn he is ugly and I hate his whiny voice. I have never used that site and I never will. It’s crap, filled with nonsense information of all kind.

    • I have no hard-core opinoins about Zuckerberg — The only reason I’m on facebook is that all the seminars I took about promoting your writing on Internet says open a Facebook (and Twitter) page and link it to your Blog and Website.

      I haven’t been over to Facebook for days. I spend most of my time on this Blog.

      I don’t have the kind of page that most have with tons of personal photos. I use Facebook for promoting my writing.

    • says:

      Maybe it is a good tool for that, but I don’t like him and I don’t like his way to do business. He told that you can choose to not show or share your information, but he didn’t say it will all stay on your account for ever anyway. He is perhaps not the problem here, but there is hackers and if he does not let a member delete or close the account it may bring trouble on a place like that for many with sometimes less good consequences. How much he does invest in the security is not known for me. But he won’t do better with that than for ex. NATO 🙂

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