Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” – 2/10

The state of Wu has only 33,000 troops while Chu can field a force of 300 thousand.

Outnumbered ten to one, Sun Tzu could build his defenses and wait for the attack. However, he does the unexpected. He invades Chu.

He doesn’t attack Chu’s main army. Instead, he attacks outposts and weaker targets. When Chu sends an army to fight, Sun Tzu slips away emphasizing maneuver, surprise and deception.

After every battle, Sun Tzu learns more about his enemy.

During another war more than two thousand years later, Sun Tzu’s ultimate secret becomes more evident. In the mid 1960s, the world’s largest super power is fighting in Vietnam—a country smaller than the state of Montana.

The American general sees the battlefield like a chessboard where armies stand and fight. However, Vietnam has no clear objectives to attack and destroy.

The Communist general understands Sun Tzu and uses the Viet Cong in hit and run attacks against fixed US positions.

Sun Tzu said, “It is more important to outthink your enemy than outfight him. In war, numbers alone confer no advantage. Do not advance relying on sheer military power.”

The US commander breaks these rules.

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24 Responses to Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” – 2/10

  1. NN says:

    I think this God Shang Di is the representation of the intellect, male energy (The sky). The time keeper so to speak. It is known in every religion since then.

    Remember that Jesus died on the cross asking why his father (sky) has forsaken him. He was betrayed by the Jewish priests, as it’s known to all. Since then the Romans think that they have no responsibility to this. If Shang Di is the same as JHWH=Jehovah the Jews has not done any wrong.
    It is a culture of death and Jesus was one god send to hopefully guide us in this man made universe and overcome this false knowledges and return to mother earth and not try to reach the skies. Mohammad came then to speak about peace in the name of Angel Gabriel in stead of Angel Michael (opposite to Shang Di). Gabriel is the bringer of peace and balance in to this world. That is why the Muslims say that the money they have is for them after this Age of time (during to some religious nonsense).

    Religion is mathematic and we are all still under one ruler, one god the supreme God. We must either understand the way or deny it and die spiritually, before it gets its first and last word. Denial is a big problem.

    Very well, it will be interesting to see your work and what you have to say about it from the Chinese point of view.

  2. NN says:

    I just came to think of one more thing. You know that the Asian people and the American Natives have some similarities, with the Polynesians between them. If you look at the early cuneiform scripts in Asia, I think it was India you can recognize it with the old Viking cuneiform scripts. There also is old churches in Norway that is highly similar to Asian architecture. I think the Pagan god Oden is influenced by the Chinese god. It also explains the Midgard Serpent that bites it’s own tail. They have had sea handle probably with the Asians AND Egyptians. The Vikings had the map of America an fooled Columbus when he was looking for India.

    I don’t know how else the first Chinese came to live in China. I have read that they came with the people from Korea and Japan. The ancient Japanese people was called Ainu people who in it’s turn comes from somewhere New Zealand. The funny thing is that you can see that the mouth tattoo painting of the Ainu’s is the same the Hollywood character Joker has in the film Batman. Not to forget the influence the Eskimos beliefs had to it all.

    The more you think of it the messier it gets. But you are educated so you might be able to sort this all out.

    One again, feel free to delite.

  3. NN says:

    “The Chinese invented paper, the printing press, the compass, gunpowder, and a lot more while Westerners were still worshiping many Gods in Rome and Greece and Egypt.”

    And the tea the Britt’s drink every day. I think the Egyptians have to fight about the paper now. It’s told they where the first to make paper. Wonder if it was the Egyptian Pharaohs vs. Chinese Emperors from the start.

  4. NN says:

    Oh btw. Feel free to delete what I write, it has nothing to do with your topic directly. Just telling you some things.

  5. NN says:

    The Nazi cross is also many times mixed with Scandinavian Pagan gods because Hitler get influenced of the Vikings god named Oden. But they should not be mixed even if the Vikings was the first ones discovering northern USA and Canada. That mixed up a lot for may in Europe. Finland is somewhere in between as Poland and other nations that got under the super powers aggressive politics violence. In areas there Finnish people lived you can see the Nazi cross in old traditional clothings. We have many times been caused for the crimes during Nazism, of course also because we where forced to be allies with them to survive as otherwise out dying people. Millions of us died during WW2 to famine as the Russians. But we also are some mixture of them of Mongolian heritage far north in Russia. We see things so much differently at this because of our history middle of the mess and living in between the lunatics.

  6. NN says:

    This seem to be the third part.

    Yes, I think you need to tell it from the western perspective. Once again, one can not put the Chinese culture directly in to western either.

    Some old Australian Aborigines has stories from their elders about a coiling snake around that part of the world, far before modern time. You can see the snake under the ancient Chinas gods foot as under Christian Archangel Michaels foot (The guardian of Israel).

    Chang Di reminds of a god name they used in India. It is told that it was the birth of Krishna that was the starting to Christianity. It’s also told that the Aryans from areas near Afghanistan with Tatar (Turkish) heritage crossed the middle east to Caucasus all the way to Armenia. I think they where among the first victims to genocide, don’t know when. Turkey destroys everything after them. Some of these people came across western Russia up to north. The area between Nazis and Soviet. The Nazis used an ancient symbol for the sun that can be seen all the way from Asia to some ancient people in the area of Moscow. At that time paganism ruled in the world. I then don’t know the story about Torah that became the book of the Jews. In modern time the Jews lived a long time in Russia (their history is very messy with Genghis Khan and Tsar’s, difficulties with Christian identity)… I think I stop here.

    There is lot to think of if one wants to get a bigger picture on a larger scale to understand and be able to describe something that everyone can relate to. I don’t know how well Americans know the European history after the Crusades, I have no idea of what they really think of the WW2 and what really happened in Russia. That is an important link to this all. It’s also the area that was a gray area between UK and China.

  7. NN says:

    I happen to find a very simple presentation of Chinas religious history that might help you in some way. I was surprised about what I saw my self. Maybe because I wasn’t aware of the time before Christian age or read anything concerning Chinese religions.

    At least the first part you can find in a different version with the same information.

    • Fascinating. I’ll be doing more research about God in China before God showed up in the West. I’ll use these videos too. Then I’ll write the post hopefully later today. Thank You. It would be interesting to know if the concept of one God started in China then traveled to the West where the Jewish religion learned of it and adopted it making it sound as if they were the first ones God favored.

      After all, the Chinese invented paper, the printing press, the compass, gunpowder, and a lot more while Westerners were still worshiping many Gods in Rome and Greece and Egypt.

  8. NN says:

    I meant Daoism and Ninjutsu and I was for ex. thinking of the “nine levels of power” what includes at least the ninjutsu. I’m not that good with all these Asian names and founders of all the techniques.

  9. NN says:

    You have a very nice sense of humor Lloyd 😉

    Yes, they had their disciplines and as far as I understand they had to be extremely strong in mind and heart. They suffer a lot in silence, it pushes one to its limits and learn living in a hard way. In that way they have the warrior in their soul regardless if they fight or not. The inner fighting is far more difficult to learn and deal with. They have and there actually is certain “spiritual” rules one must follow to be able to come over ones fears for death and overcome ones limits. I wouldn’t say they where godlike, but the way to this power was. I think you understand…

  10. NN says:

    I toke a short look of the first and last videos. Yes, they remind me much of the Mongolians. They are great warriors, but very very cruel. 100% barbarian. They certainly know how to fight, it was their living and culture since ages. They put their very soul to it, that made them very strong and undebatable. Nothing the modern human can practice without committing war crimes. Nice documentary.

    • Thank you. Sun Tzu lived during the warring states period (very violent time in China), which motivated Confucius to struggle teaching people to respect each other while Sun Tzu wrote how wars should be won–by not fighting but if you have no choice but to fight at least you have rules to guide you toward victory.

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