China Securing Its Future (3/3)

Between 1950 and 1955, Mao said that Korea and Vietnam were the gums to China’s teeth, which meant China was next.

After all, China had already lost more than 50 million people due to the West’s meddling in Asia, which started with the first Opium War.

About 5 million civilians and military died in Korea and another 5 million in Vietnam—started by Western nations that took part in the Opium Wars in China and had carved off pieces of China’s territory.

What are Americans and other Westerners going to think when they read Eric Talmadge of the Associated Press, who writes that China is developing  a missile, the Dong Feng 21D (DF21D), which will be designed to get past the defenses of the most advanced American aircraft carriers at a distance of about 1,500 kilometers or 900 miles from China’s shores? 

Since Los Angeles is more than 5 thousand miles from China’s eastern coast, the DF21D is no threat to American noncombatants.

It’s obvious that all China wants is breathing room and the ability to conduct their affairs without interference from the West which caused so much suffering and death for more than a century.

So far, China only shows signs that they take their security seriously.

If America had lost 60 million people due to invasions and war, wouldn’t the American people feel the same way?

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Lloyd Lofthouse is the award-winning author of the concubine saga, My Splendid Concubine & Our Hart. When you love a Chinese woman, you marry her family and culture too. 

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3 Responses to China Securing Its Future (3/3)

  1. NN says:

    “If America had lost 60 million people due to invasions and war, wouldn’t the American people feel the same way?”

    My answer is yes. Simple as that.

    Just an example so you understand that our past is near as hell one can get. We are the Finnish people, the origins in what we call Finland today. Here is some numbers of killed during civil war only:

    Mars 1940:

    3 463 “red” died in combat
    3 178 “white” died in civil war

    When the “white” won the war 14 604 “red” where executed, many of them without legal proceedings

    11 783 “red” died of famine or illnesses in concentration camps

    90 000 ”red” also children where captured in camps

    In short. 30 000 workers where murdered during and after the Finnish civil war only.

    Wars we had over here (1918-1945):

    *Civil war
    *Winter war
    *Continuation war
    *Lapland war

    In combat we had for example in wan place at the war zones only 1 800 vets. against 35 000-40 000 with tanks (armoured cars) and artillery.

    There is no clear numbers of death during these wars because the people we lost is now on Russian side. But we all know how many lives Stalin was responsible too and Finnish people where only one native people among several. But they attacked the land most of us lived.

    There is no way any superpower can justify its acts and murdering of any people on this planet. I KNOW that you Americans would have died only by heart attack over there where our grandfathers fought. So don’t you even think jonolan that you are some war heroes and blame others to betray. You Americans stink just as the Russians. Death is nothing you want, no human wants to face it or even smell it after that.

    Thank you.

  2. jonolan says:

    Or they’re looking to “secure” the Asia-Pacific region. China is very far from being benign and cannot be trusted by any sane Westerners – well, sane Westerners who haven’t turned traitor to their own nations and cultures that is.

    • What! Are you telling me we are at war with China? Unless the President and the Congress has declared war against China, there are no traitors—just individuals with opinions.

      True, China may have learned its lesson well from a century of wars as the victim of Western nations and Japan. And you are right. I’m sure that China does want to secure that side of the Pacific. I’ve read experts who see no problem to fall back to America’s next line of defense, which runs through the Pacific from Japan to the Philippians. Why not? Then China could be responsible to safeguard the sea-lanes in that part of the world. Isn’t it about time the US lets someone else carry some of the burden? If China wants to, let them. The US still has the rest of the Pacific and huge airbases within reach of China if China decides to do something stupid, which I do not think they are going to do, while China has only one aircraft carrier and no airbases anywhere near the US. I doubt if that is going to change for decades. By then, China may even be America’s twin with a multi-party political system and radio talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh.

      That’s probably one of the reasons why China has a large military.

      However, there are other reasons. China’s military is not used as the US uses theirs. Several hundred thousand of China’s troops are used to build roads and railroads and to be sent into disaster areas where there are floods and earthquakes.

      China also keeps large troop numbers in provinces like Tibet and Xingjian where there are separatist movements that have a history going back centuries. The current government of China inherited these problems.
      Then there is not much love left to lose between Russia and China. Large numbers of troops are kept along the border with Russia.

      If the West had left China alone in the 19th century, the Chinese would still be sitting around writing and reading poetry and painting watercolors and the people would still live by Confucianism. There’s a reason Mao had Confucius house burned during the Cultural Revolution and told the people that Confucius was not acceptable anymore. He wanted to make sure the Chinese would learn to be as aggressive as Westerners were. I hope they didn’t learn that lesson.

      The score is about 350 nuclear weapons in China’s hands and 10,000 in America’s. Why would China want to start a war with the US?

      From the studies I’ve read, between the two, the earth would be destroyed a hundred times.

      Sounds like anyone who supports making China an enemy of the US under those odds is the insane traitor to life on this earth.

      Sun Tzu, who was Chinese, said the best way to fight a war is without armies.

      Since the US is not fighting a military war with China and China owns more than a trillion dollars of US Treasuries while investing about 300 billion in US companies annually, it doesn’t look as if China wants to fight any wars.

      Some of Chinese capitalists and new billionaires are planning to open factories here and manufacture Chinese cars to sell to the American people.

      Then the US has GM and Ford, HP, Apple, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, etc. in China making lots of money off the Chinese middle class who love the American lifestyle.

      Traitors are people who fight for the enemy. How can China be America’s enemy with all these capitalist connections between the two? China and America are more like partners and should act like it.

      It sounds to me as if those who want China to be America’s enemy are the traitors to the open market system of getting rich.

      Marxism is dead and the central government in China is Communist in name only. They don’t even have socialized medicine in China anymore. Instead, China’s health care system is a for profit one like the one was in the US.

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