Second China Quiz

The answers may be found anywhere in the first three hundred posts for this blog.  The first person to answer all the questions correctly will win a free copy of either My Splendid Concubine or Our Hart.

This prize will be open until the first person answers all the questions correctly. Write your answers in a comment to this quiz.  Make sure to number the answers so they match the questions and provide an e-mail address for me to contact you. Each question has a link that will take you to where you may find the answers.


1. What does the First of all Virtues mean?

2. What is the Chinese attitude toward health care?

3. What was the life expectancy for the average Chinese person before the Communists won China in 1949?

4. What was the debate on salt and iron about?

5. Chinese Internet users are _____________ as likely to have blogs as Americans. (fill in the blank)

6. (From Similar “Oily” Interests) What is Wahhabism and where does the money come from to pay for this?

7. What happened during Deng Xiaoping’s Beijing Spring?

8.  What happened to Deng Xiaoping’s son when he spoke out against the Cultural Revolution?

9. What vital key does China hold for humanity’s future?

10. How does Communist China treat its minorities compared to the way minorities have been treated in the United States?

11. Who was Faith Dremmer and what happened to her?

12.  What did Peter Hessler say about happiness?

13.  How many of the world’s smokers live in China?

14.  What is the name of China’s Oprah and how large is her audience?

15. What is the difference between China’s labor laws and United States?

16. What did Lin Yutang say about the Chinese and Christianity?

17. What did the first emperor of China consume that contributed to his madness and death? (This answer is in one of the nine linked posts in a series about Qin Shi Huangdi.) Why did Qin Shi Huangdi do this? (must answer both questions for # 17)

18. When the “Cult of the Dead Cow” gains access to your computer, what do they do?

19. Which issue of National Geographic magazine provides proof that Tibet was part of China for centuries before Mao’s invasion and reoccupation?

20. What is the name of the all-electric car being manufactured in a joint effort between Chinese and California partners?


Lloyd Lofthouse is the author of the award winning novels My Splendid Concubine and Our Hart. He also Blogs at The Soulful Veteran and Crazy Normal.

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6 Responses to Second China Quiz

  1. Trey says:

    Why haven’t you had any new quizzes?

  2. Irfan Anwar says:


    1- Piety, Respect the elders.

    2- Prevention is better than Cure.

    3- 35 years

    4- In 141 B.C.E., a new Han emperor sat on the Dragon Throne in China. His name was Wudi. He ruled for fifty-four years. Wudi believed that all people should have the right to buy certain commodities essential to survival and they should not be included in the free-market system. He implemented government monopolies in certain critical areas like salt, alcohol and iron. Prices were controlled so everyone paid the same low price.

    After his death, a national debate known as the “Debate on Salt and Iron” took place. The government monopolies were abolished, and the poor could no longer afford many essentials. The rich grew wealthier.

    5- 5 times

    6- The Taliban, who supported al-Qaida’s goal to eliminate all Western Cultures and create a Caliphate—a throwback to another era, learned their Islamic Fundamentalism from Saudi Arabia’s dominant faith, Wahhabism. Oil money paid for the Wahabi schools that Saudi Arabia built around the world. These schools teach fundamentalist Islamic principles that grow future terrorists recruited by al-Qaida and the Taliban.

    7- During that time, the public was allowed greater freedom to criticize the government, which wasn’t allowed under Mao.

    8- Deng Xiaoping’s son was dropped from a high rise and paralyzed for life

    9- China controls the production to several vital, rare earth elements, and is the only country today that produces europium, dysprosium and terbium.

    10- Yes, human rights violations did happen in Tibet, but most happened during the Cultural Revolution. During Mao’s twenty-seven years as the modern emperor of China, everyone in China suffered. Those living in China during the Cultural Revolution, including my wife, suffered horribly. Thirty-seven million died including some in Tibet.

    11- Faith Dremmer was an orphan left alone by her mom after her birth and at the age of 2 she was adopted by michelle dremmer from Chicago who gave her new life. Unfortunately Faith died in a road accident.

    12- On happiness, Hessler says, “At this particular moment I think that Americans…might be less happy than Chinese people. The Chinese can roll with the punches…. Everybody in China has seen ups and downs; if they get laid off from the factory, they just go back to the village and play mah-jong….”

    13- Thirty percent of the world’s smokers are in China

    14- Chen Lu Yu, a popular Chinese television talk show host who reaches an audience estimated at more than 140 million in China.

    15- China’s employment law system is quite different from the U.S. The main difference is that the U.S. is an employment at will system, which means you can terminate employees at any time for pretty much any reason. China’s system is the opposite. The Chinese system is a contract employment system. … An employee can only be terminated for cause and cause must be clearly proved. … This whole situation makes the employment relationship and the employment documents much more adversarial than is customary in the U.S.

    16- The Chinese, therefore, make rather poor Christian converts, and if they are to be converted they should all become Quakers, for that is the only sort of Christianity that the Chinese can understand. Christianity as a way of life can impress the Chinese, but Christian creeds and dogmas will be crushed, not by a superior Confucian logic but by ordinary Confucian common sense.

    17- Mercury, for longevity or to be immortal.

    18- When the “Cult of the Dead Cow” gains access to a computer, they spy on you through your own webcam and microphone. Imagine what the “Dead Cows” see if that webcam is in your bedroom. Good thing they consider themselves “Dead”.

    19- October 1912 issue of The National Geographic Magazine

    20- The CODA

    • Since Irfan Anwar scored 100% on the second China Quiz, the prize has been claimed and is not available to anyone else taking the quiz..

    • Irfan Anwar,

      Thank you for your patience.

      It took awhile, but I now I have the 712 page harcover copy of “The Concubine Saga”.

      Two cases arrived last week.

      What I’m waiting for now is a special stamp that I will use to identify your copy as a limited edition. Once I have that stamp, I’ll mail your copy to you, and I’m reserving “number one” of the 500 copy limited edition for you.

      Now, I have to find the address you sent me. I forgot where I put it. Sorry. If you send me the address again, that would help. Thanks.

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