The Life of Confucius – Part 4/5

His success and radical ideas were making him dangerous enemies.  The three warlords of Lu formed an alliance to get rid of Confucius.

They found the most beautiful girls in the state and sent them to the young ruler, who spent his days and nights with the beauties, and Confucius was forgotten.  Stunned and humiliated, Confucius took his loyal students and left the state of Lu to find another ruler to support his ideas.

Confucius traveling with his students.

At fifty-four, Confucius was tough. From 497-484 BCE, he walked great distances from state to state.

During this journey, he and his students witnessed the suffering of the peasants. He knew that only the nobility could end the suffering, but none of the rulers would listen to him.

It was during this time that Confucius met the philosopher Lao Tse, who warned him to keep quiet or he was going to be killed.

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