Three Hundred Years – Part 5 of 5

When I read the Chinese Constitution, Article 35 does say, “Citizens of the People’s Republic of China enjoy freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of association, of procession and of demonstration.”

However, there are resitrictions to Article 35 when other articles in the Constitution are considered.

Article 1. The People’s Republic of China is a socialist state under the people’s democratic dictatorship led by the working class and based on the alliance of workers and peasants. The socialist system is the basic system of the People’s Republic of China. Sabotage of the socialist system by any organization or individual is prohibited.

Liy Xiaobo and his wife

Regardless of how many in the West sympathize with Liu Xiaobo’s prison sentence, he was sent to prison according to Article 28 of China’s Constitution. Liu had to know what the potential consequences were. After all, the Chinese Constitution is taught in the public schools.

There will always be individuals in China like Hong Xiuquan, Liu Xiaobo and other Chinese activists who would fit better in a Western culture than in China.

The only way to change China is if the West fought an apocalyptic war killing more than a hundred million Chinese then spent three hundred (or more) years brainwashing future generations to adopt Western ways.

This should please American neo-conservatives, since it would create a world they advocate.

See American Genocide


One Response to Three Hundred Years – Part 5 of 5

  1. Don’t worry, after Obama’s turn in the White House is finished the pendulum will swing back to the Republicans, and they will have yet another semi-literate moron of a President who will probably say something stupid under his breath, like “Let’s bomb China !”

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