Sounds like China

“But everything I’ve experienced … and heard from journalists there, suggests control over the message has reached obsessive proportions. Even background (anonymous) interviews morph into ‘background with authorization,’ so that a quote from ‘an official’ must pass the review process lest ‘an official,’ should misspeak.”

The West often criticizes China for censoring the Chinese Internet and the media. What they don’t tell us—this is the way it has been for more than a thousand years.

“Chinese media have been tightly regulated since the presses started running some 1,200 years ago …. When Mao Zedong founded People’s Daily as the official mouthpiece of the CCP in 1948, he basically just followed in his predecessor’s imperial footsteps.” Source: Around The Block by Stephani Elizondo Griest

That quote at the top of this post sounded like a  criticism of China, didn’t it?  Wrong.  That quote came from an opinion piece in the New York Times and Roger Cohen was writing about Washington D.C.

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5 Responses to Sounds like China

  1. Love it !
    I just wish I had enough spare time (and writing skills) to wax lyrical myself about American Hypocrisy.
    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

      • No real story, I’m just fed up with America always seeing itself as so self-righteous all the time, and reading so many American blogs that criticise other countries so much.
        The Google episode seems to have brought out all the nutters who think that an American company has the right to dictate policy to a foreign government. I have seen comments such as “Part of the deal when Google went into China was that the Chinese Government would do something about human rights.“. Where was that in the small print ?
        America (the USA) is so good at slagging off other countries for things that may not be perfect there, but they need to look in the mirror a little more (as this post highlights) and put their own house in order first.
        Trying to find any voice of reason at the moment is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
        That’s why it’s so refreshing to find an intelligent, well read person such as yourself who is prepared to stand up and put another slant on things.
        Don’t get me wrong, in a lot of ways I like the USA and many of its people; it’s just that, like Canada, I’m not sure I’d want them as neighbours.

      • I understand and I live in America. I was born on VJ day and my middle name is Victory. I’m a stubborn coot that remembers better times and a healthier America. Winning World War II messed up far too many heads that think the United States has a mandate from god (notice that I did not capitalize the last word).

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