Powerful Chinese Women

Empress Wu Zetian founded her own dynasty in 690 and ruled to 705 AD. During the Tang Dynasty, women had more freedom and did not bind their feet. They also contributed in the areas of culture and politics.

The Empress Dowager Tzu Hsi, Orchid, ruled China for half a century (1861 – 1908) but was never officially the emperor. She ruled through her son and then a nephew.

Today, Chinese women have assumed important positions in the government. Female deputies total about 22% of the National People’s Congress, and women make up close to 18% of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. There are more than 230 women holding ministerial or provincial positions. source

Wu Yi, known as the Iron Lady

Among these powerful women are examples such as Wu Yi, who served as vice mayor of Beijing; deputy minister in the foreign trade ministry and as the health minister, where she reshaped the nation’s image in the fight against SARS. Then there is Song Xiuyan, the governor of Qinghai Province. Song is the only female provincial governor in China. Next is Liu Liying, who, as a judge, developed a legendary reputation fighting corruption.

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