When the Generals Laughed

In the Western media, we often hear about America’s leaders and their concerns for the size of China’s military.

Look at these facts and decide why China has a large military. Then you will know why Chinese generals laughed when they heard about the concerns of America’s leaders.

China’s military often has important roles in disasters like the earthquake that struck Southwest China, and the military must deal with violent, internal strife in Tibet and with Islamic extremists in Xinjiang province. It is no secret that there are Cantonese who, after two thousand years, still want to break from Beijing. There has also been unrest in rural China due to the slow pace of lifestyle improvements there.

Soldier carrying injured Chinese girl after major earthquake

America’s total active military equals almost 1% of the population with close to three million men and women in uniform. America has a dozen aircraft carriers, more than fifteen-hundred navy ships, and almost twenty-three thousand military aircraft.

China has less than .25% (that is less than 1% if you missed the decimal) of its population in uniform—a quarter of America’s ratio with about three million troops. China has one aircraft carrier and a navy that is less than half the size of America’s. China’s airforce has about twenty-five hundred aircraft—a ten to one ratio in America’s favor.

Nuclear Weapons—America has 10,000 and China less than 400.

China’s defense budget was about sixty-billion in 2008 compared to more than five-hundred billion spent in the United States. America is spending closer to seven hundred billion this year while China is cutting defense spending due to the world’s economic crises. The Chinese plan to put the money cut from the defense budget into the private sector. Do you think something like that will ever happen in the United States?

Source: www.Globalfirepower.com

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Lloyd Lofthouse is the award-winning author of My Splendid Concubine [3rd edition]. When you love a Chinese woman, you marry her family and culture too. This is the love story Sir Robert Hart did not want the world to discover.

His latest novel, Running with the Enemy, was awarded an honorable mention in general fiction at the 2013 San Francisco Book Festival.

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4 Responses to When the Generals Laughed

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  2. True.
    The British (and other Imperial powers including Russia and Japan) used similar tactics to convince the population in the UK to support the Opium Wars against China during the 19th century and later during the so called Boxer Rebellion, which in truth was a peasant rebellion because the Chinese peasants were sick and tired of Westerners messing with their culture and country.

    Since World War II and Korea, American leaders (and it doesn’t matter which political party they belong to) have used the same tactics to demonize other nations that are not Christian or Western in thought.

    When the British Empire fell apart, the UK divided their colonies up into countries and created much of the mess we have in the world today (like the strife in Iraq) by mixing tribal or religious groups together who should not have lived in the same country. What has happened in Pakistan and India is another example of British bungling.

    There is a saying—The sun never set on the British Empire because at one point, that little island controlled 25% of the earth’s surface and most of its oceans.

    After World War II, America inherited the mantle worn by the British Empire. After all, America was a British colony at one time, speaks English and is dominated by European Americans. America also shares the same Western cultural foundation, which is Judea Christian.

  3. Joseph Tan says:

    This is a typical “split and rule” type of propaganda used by the British to control almost half the world. Otherwise how could you explained English, with a population say 20 million then, controlled English India (include Pakistan and Bangladesh then) say 350 million, not to mention other colonies as well.

    Use “split and rule” tactics!!!

    Even in my Malaysia, they have divide all the major races, so that unity may not come. But too bad ……

  4. […] Here is the original post: When the Generals Laughed « iLook China […]

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