Printing Books in China

I read a post about printing books in China at Chicken Scratchings, and this was my response.

If American’s stopped buying products made in China, Americans at home would lose jobs.  Since Wal-Mart has more than ninety percent of their products manufactured in China, Wal-Mart might go out of business or shrink (which might be a good thing).  But many low wage people that work for Wal-Mart in the United States would be unemployed like American autoworkers.

Most Chinese products are manufactured for American companies.  Some of Apple’s products are manufactured outside the country like iPods in China. Try to buy a car, any car, that’s 100% manufactured in the United States.  Does it matter where the jobs go?  They are still gone. People in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, etc. are manufacturing goods that are sold in the United States. China isn’t the only country that does this.  Yet China seems to get all the blame.

Many products may be built in other countries but an American puts them on the shelf, sells them and gets paid for it.

To understand the situation better, I recommend reading China’s Cheap Price Structure at
and/or Doing buisiness in China at

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