China was making tofu from soybeans more than two thousand years ago. But mention it to most Americans and it is “yuk” time.  American prejudices for tofu are so strong, most will not taste a morsel.  Horror fills faces and complexions turn green.

That’s why we never mention to the beefy McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, cancer and heart attack  generations that eat at our house that the ice cream we serve is made from tofu or the chocolate pie is made from tofu or that …

They never know the difference. We reveal the truth after they eat and offer praise. Got the idea?

In China, I get up early to go the the nearest market that makes fresh soy juice and I buy it without sugar or sweetener added. There is no comparison. It’s warm. It’s fresh. It’s China. It’s different from the genetically altered, American, factory-farmed soy juice sold in American markets. That stuff is “yuk” and I don’t touch it.

There are thousands of foods that humans eat. Most Americans eat about a half dozen. Maybe soy and tofu is the secret explaining why there are more than 1.3 billion Chinese.

To read more about Chinese food visit I Ate No Dog – I Ate No Cat.

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10 Responses to Tofu

  1. Hi Lloyd,
    It might just be my browser, but the links seem a little messed up and sort of “joined”. I am able to work around it, but please check. Thanks.

  2. Yes, tofu is a great addition even to caniverous diets. Especially if you know how to prepair it. My mother worked at City of Hope in the laundry back in the 1950s, and a close friend was treated at City of Hope for lukemia. City of Hope is a “Great Place”. Thank you for leaving a comment.

  3. Carrol says:

    With all of the Eastern culture at City of Hope, my wife and I learned the benefits of and how to enjoy tofu.
    It is a great addition even to a corniverous diet.

  4. sea says:

    My husband eats meat and, well, adores tofu. I wouldn’t group meat eaters in one group any more than all Americans. Adventurous omnivores enjoy tofu (if well prepared)… and while that ratio may be accurate for strict vegetarians, 2% of the population can’t possibly account for all the tofu for sale in grocery stores and health food stores. I think you can find closet tofu eaters (or open ones, haha) all over the United States, but probably mostly centered around college campuses and on the West and East Coast. Besides the obvious California cities, Portland and Seattle, unexpected places like Boulder, Colorado are centers of healthful foods and eating and tofu is extremely popular.

    It is unfortunate in any country when people are scared to try new things. But- recipes win over more hearts than generalizing statements. 😉


      This link will take you to the results of a survey that showed 2.5% of the American population may be vegetarians. That may not sound like many but that equals 7.5 million people. Now, if all those people shopped at Whole Foods or places like Trader Joes and ate Tofu even once a week or frozen foods with Tofu in them, that’s a lot of money.

      And I’m sure there are meat eaters that try Tofu–some.

  5. sea says:

    Hmm… I don’t think this is quite fair. Vegetarians in America have been consuming tofu and loving it since at least the 1960s… and companies like Amy’s Kitchen have frozen vegetarian dishes with tofu marketed to the healthier American audience. Stores like whole foods or other health food stores have a wide variety of tofu products and they make enough profit that they can continue to stock it.

    Sure, some people don’t think they like tofu- but in my opinion, it is probably just because they haven’t had it prepared well. Tofu is a delicious, versatile food, and my husband and I (both Americans) love it! In fact, my tofu recipes are my husband’s very favorite and the ones he asks for most often. If we were lucky enough to come to your house, I would be thrilled to taste your tofu ice cream and pie, and probably ask for the recipe! 🙂

    Freshly made soy milk is the best, and I’ve made it at home a few times with organic soybeans. A few companies (small) in California make fresh tofu from scratch in small batches and I agree there is no comparison. I also agree that sweetener is usually overused in American beverages. I hope that changes sometime soon!

    Not all Americans only eat a few foods- there are few vegetables, nuts, and beans that I haven’t tried! 😉

    • I’m a vegan (since 1981) and I consume tofu. But vegetarians make up about two percent of the American population and the meat eaters we come in contact with do not take kindly to tofu.

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