America’s Dual Dynasty

In America, the outcome for a Presidential Election is decided by the Electoral College, card-carrying members from the two major political parties. The popular vote does not elect the American president.

Today, the Communist Party acts similar to America’s Electoral College without the hypocrisy of a popular vote. Critics argue the American Electoral College is inherently undemocratic so China and America have more in common than anyone wants to admit.

Read Democracy and the threat of Authoritarianism, to see what I mean.

For this reason, President George W. Bush was elected America’s forty-third president while the popular vote went to Al Gore by more than a million. If American citizens really decided who leads America, Al Gore would have been America’s 43rd President.

Read China’s Modern Dynasty

2 Responses to America’s Dual Dynasty

  1. Thank you for your opinion.

    I believe the Electoral College is a dinosaur and should be abolished.

    I understand that the Electoral College was created because the average person was not trusted to have good judgment, and in some cases that is true even today but more so two hundred years ago. The Electoral College was a way to get around the majority when they didn’t vote the way the elite (literate and wealthy landowners) wanted the vote to turn out. Consider that when the United States become a country, the majority of Americans were illiterate, which is probably the reason the Electoral College was created — illiterate people are easier to manipulate than literate ones.

    The reason the Electoral College hasn’t decided most presidential elections is because most of the time the majority of citizens vote with the majority in the Electoral College.

    And the country would not be ruled by population centers because those cities are still made up of individuals from all political stripes. Much of The West and East coasts may appear to be Democratic and liberal on that blue and red map we see on TV or the Internet during national elections but there are still millions of conservative Republicans–especially in Orange County, California. And Californians still elect Republicans to State office.

    I do have a problem with voters and literacy. “The national illiteracy rate shrank from 20% in 1870 to less than 3% in 1940, with major population divergences appearing in white/black, native/immigrant, and North/South figures.” It is difficult to tell exactly how many people were literate during colonial times because if a person could write their name they were considered literate.


    People should be literate enough to understand the issues so it would be difficult to fool them. It is estimated that 40% of America’s are illiterate or semi-illiterate meaning most of that 40% reads below sixth grade level. That’s why newspapers tend to write to a fifth grade reading level audience because the average reader understands fifth grade vocabulary but gets lost beyond that–and a reason why so many people signed those horrible home loans that brought on the economic crash that took place two years ago.

    If the majority understood complicated political issues, I’m sure that people like Rush Limbaugh would not have the thirty-million ditto head audience that he has.

    Today, voters should be able to decide on their own how to vote instead of have someone else like a political party or talk show host tell them how. The Electoral College is something from history and should be abolished. The scary thing is that to get rid of the Electoral College might mean a Constitutional Convention and there’s no telling what else would be changed and what protections from government might be lost. The reason for the Bill of Rights was to protect American citizens from government since it is well known that power corrupts most elected officials on many levels regardless of the political party they belong too.

  2. I disagree, the electoral college may seem less fair on an individual level, but we rarely see the problems we saw in the 2000 election. So why the electoral college? Because there was a very large worry that immensely large states such as California and New York would garner all the money and attention from Politicians who wanted to win a Presidential election. This is true. Why would you go to Idaho if the population is tiny? But if they have a few electoral votes, you might indeed go.

    It is for this reason that we do not see a country ruled by the population centers. You must admit this would be a very bad thing.

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