Because of China’s Return

I just read Facing up to China, The Economist, February 6th-12th, 2010, and I thought, “Who is the fool (sorry) person who wrote this?”

a) a neo-conservative
b) a Nazi sympathizer
c)  a believer in nation building using the military to shoot anyone that stand in the way
d)  a throwback to the age of imperialism (maybe a born again 19th century citizen of the defunct British, French, Spanish or German Empires)
e) all of the above

If the majority of Americans agreed with the opinion stated in this piece, why the masquerade that we actually care about human life? We should declare that America is the last Imperial Empire that serves corporations spanning the globe looting for profit.

Like Alexander the Great, Americans knew how to win wars once. During World War II, we firebombed cities in Germany and Japan roasting tens of thousands of non-combatant civilians nightly. In one final blow, we dropped nuclear bombs on Japan killing hundreds of thousands in two blasts ending that war. Along the way, we’d send a strong message to the world that we own it or at least the credit card companies and banks that own our government does. The last two sentences in “Facing Up to China” were the only ones that made sense.

The answer to the multiple-choice question is (e).

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